Vizio blames Verizon

I run HDMI from the HD DVR STB to my Vizio. I run S-Video from the STB to a Toshiba DVD recorder. HDMI from the DVD-R to the TV.
The passed through video from the STB to the DVD-R is getting stretched and the set disallows changing the aspect ratio back to pillarbox (original aspect of 4:3).
Is the Verizon STB messing up the signal?
I have SD override set to "off".

kirkunit wrote:
I run HDMI from the HD DVR STB to my Vizio. I run S-Video from the STB to a Toshiba DVD recorder. HDMI from the DVD-R to the TV.
The passed through video from the STB to the DVD-R is getting stretched and the set disallows changing the aspect ratio back to pillarbox (original aspect of 4:3).
Is the Verizon STB messing up the signal?
I have SD override set to "off".
I think just about every manufacturer blames HDMI problems on the other guy's equipment. I like to blame the HDMI design and implementation. It was kinda a rushed technology and has caused problems throughout the industry. 
 Have you checked the relevant manufacturer thread in the "HDTV Forums" at         Sometimes manufacturers provide firmware updates to solve issues like this. In the mean time your best work around is to switch to the Component Video connection instead of HDMI.  
The STB itself does not have a pass through, it doesn't need one, the toshiba dvd recorder should have the passthrough, but what model number is it?  i can look at the manual maybe and see if there is a pass through like that. 

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  • I phone 4s issue with Email , TWC blames Verizon, VZW blames apple, apple blames Time Warner

    I just spend three hours on the phone with Time Warner Cable for my road runner email account help line about My email retrieves to my iPhone but will not send more than one email then puts up an error of user name or password  or not recognized  the TWC server.well...
    I went to a VZW store and a nice man spent hours, i mean hours  removing and re installing my emails account, We sent emails and received all ok,  unill I walked out side, then NO send again, back in I went. NO real solution to this problem of not being able to send.  I learned that in Rochester NY Com canst now owns TWC and servers are being shifted about.  they re programmed my phone, and same thing again.. receive but not send out.. a real puzzle.  MY PC account on same email works fine, just the iPhone will not send.  everyone blames every one else. Any one out ther experience this issue.
    send an answer to [email protected]
    thanks Bill

    This phone ONLY works on wifi. Cellular? Unusable. AT&T says it's the hardware. Apple says it's the network. All I know is I have to rely on this for work, and more than once my boss has gotten angry with me for not reponding to an email or text because I simply wasn't able to receive any signal.
    I never had problems like this with my old 3G. My wife does not have this problem with her 3GS.
    According to that, it's likely an Apple problem, i.e. a problem with the 4S.  That being said, have you tried a few troubleshooting steps...
    Try a reset by pressing the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slider. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.
    Reset Network Setings
    Remove, clean and reseat SIM card
    New SIM card
    Restore from your backup.
    Restore as new, i.e. without your backup
    If these don't work, it is a hardware issue... take it in to Apple and escalate it until you get it resolved.
    Good luck.

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        We are sorry to have lost you as a valued customer ndl9! I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having with trying to pay your final bill. Our best recommendation is the pay my bill link, which should allow you access based on your former phone number or account number. Did you try both? As an additional option, you can reach our automated system from an alternate line by dialing 800-922-0204 and then entering your former wireless number.
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  • Am I the only person having problems with Verizon's refurbished Androids?

    The best way for me to share my issue, is to submit a copy of a letter I have written to Verizon.
    I have been a loyal Verizon customer for many years now.  I have enjoyed good service until my most recent phone purchase approximately 18 months ago.  I purchased an HTC Android, which did not work properly.  It was immediately replaced with a refurbished phone from the manufacturer, which also did not work properly.  That phone was replaced with another refurbished phone form the manufacturer that did not work properly, but after being given NO OPTIONS, I learned that I would have to live with a partially functional phone. For approximately a year I learned to live with the fact that my date/time stamp would disappear, that sometimes my phone ringer would not work, that I would never get an alert sound when a text message arrived.  The worst part of this phone is that periodically it would dump/erase all my text messages.  Since Verizon could not solve the problem and since Verizon blamed the manufacturer, I had no options, had no choices.  Part of being with Verizon and my crappy phone was forced upon me with a 2 year contract.  I would only have to be miserable for one more year.  Then one day my phone erased some very important text messages. At this point, I had already spent hours and hours and hours with your tech support, and I decided I needed to try and force a solution.  While talking with one of your tech people, I learned that the last phone I had been sent was sent to me with Beta software.  The software was so outdated that the phone was not updating itself.  In fact we could not update the phone manually.  So, the tech person put me into yet another HTC.  That HTC did have up to date software, but I was still having problems texting, date disappearing and other glitchy things.  So, then the next tech person put me into a Motorola.  Leary of droids, I asked for an Iphone but was refused.  The tech person told me that I could use my HTC charger for the Motorola, and that he would not be sending me a Motorola charger for the phone.  I understood.
    So, I’ve been very patient throughout this.  I figured I just had a few more months to get through this misery, wait for my contract to expire, get the Iphone.  Well, I had not idea that the WORST WAS YET TO COME!  So, the Motorola doesn’t charge.  I tried charging that phone for 3 days, and nothing.  So, back on the phone with your tech support.  By the way, whomever reads this letter, I hope that someday you have to go through the tedious phone trees that I had to, only to get to Tech Level 1 which pre-screens, then you have to explain your story ALL OVER AGAIN to level 2 tech support.  Of course, I now realize that Verizon thinks that I have hours and hours of time, that it is more important for me to burn 2-3 hours of my time to save Verizon 10 minutes of their time.  I now realize just what a low opinion the company has of its “clients.”  I actually can’t refer to myself as a client anymore; I think I am one of Verizon’s chumps.
    So, back on the phone, more misery, more trips to the post office.  This tech person could not believe that the new Motorola was not charging, and when I asked her if I could just get an Iphone, she said, “If you are returning a functional phone with the idea that you will get an Iphone, we will charge your for the returned phone.  They will test the phone when it arrives, and if there isn’t anything wrong with it, we will charge you.”  WOW.  So, not only have I not had a phone that works properly, but I have wasted hours of my valuable time on the phone and running to the post office returning phones, but now I am being threatened by your employee who was implying that I am a liar.  BUT WAIT, IT GETS WORSE!   So, she sends me another Motorola, and this phone wouldn’t take a charge either.  DO YOU THINK SHE SHOULD HAVE SENT ME A MOTOROLA CHARGER INSTEAD OF MAKING ME USE MY HTC CHARGER?!  How much money did you save here, $3 for a charger? So the new phone doesn’t charge, and of course now I am back on the phone tree with your tech support. BUT WAIT, IT GETS WORSE! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THE WORST IS YET TO COME?
    So now I’m very angry. At some point, after a company FAILS you over and over, at some point you have to take matters into your own hands.  I figured I am at that point.  I ask again for a Iphone, and they say No.  At this point I figure I may have to file a small claims against Verizon or pay off my contract, something dramatic, something that will solve the problem. I am now writing down employee names etc.  This all went down last Friday, August 24th.  I talked with Deshanee.  Deshanee determines that the problem is the charger, but I explain to her that I have been reassured by two other tech people that my HTC charger is fine.  I told her I was leaving town and needed this resolved.  She said that I needed to go to a corporate Verizon store, and there she would arrange for a manager to give me a charger and charge the phone. Really!   So during rush hour traffic on a Friday, I get to run to a Verizon store and test something that might not work!!!!! Whomever reads this letter (if it every gets read), I hope that someday you have to go through this hell, frantic, running around, not knowing if I will have this resolved before my trip, and the HUMILIATION of having to do a tremendous amount of footwork, wasted time, wasted hours.  You people must really despise your client/chumps to put us through this misery and HELL!  I told  her that that was unacceptable that I wanted to talk to a supervisor.  If I go to a Verizon store during rush hour traffic on a Friday, going on my SIXTH REPLACEMENT PHONE ISSUE, I wanted to know the problem was going to be resolved.  I am not a lab rat to be sent around town for an experiment.  I asked her to get a supervisor and have him authorize me an Iphone. Deshannee reluctantly consulted with a man by the name of Chad (she refused to give me his last name), and he said, “No.”   He did not have any other solution for me other than to run to the Verizon store and test out a new charger.  I had visions of me sitting in a Verizon store for 2 hours waiting to see if a phone would charge.  At this point I am HATING VERIZON.  You have no idea the depth of my anger and resentment towards your company. I wanted to personally talk to Chad, and since it looked like I would have no other choice than to follow my orders from Verizon, I started my way to the Verizon store.  By the way, there is a Sprint store within two blocks of that corporate, Verizon store. 
    So Chad is not available but Denshanee connects me with a very nice supervisor by the name of Mary. Both Denshanne and Mary were courteous and professional, and I do not blame them for anything.  I BLAME VERIZON for not giving them any customer service tools to work with.  After all I have been through, figure out a way to resolve the problem once and for all.  I had to come up with the idea terminating my contract, paying the $200 penalty, Verizon crediting me back the $200, and then I would BUY the ****** IPHONE! I suggested this to Mary, and she said that only the Customer Loyalty Dept could authorize that.  So, after being on hold for quite a while, she came back to me to tell me that the Customer Loyalty Department would not authorize it.  I was left on my own. Since the Corporate Verizon store would not give me a charger for my phone, I had to buy one.  They sold me a Verizon, Universal Wall Charger. More to come on this later. Turns out EVEN THIS ISN’T RIGHT! They should have sold me a Motorola charger.  It has taken me weeks to figure out why I can’t transfer data!!!!   So, I have spent hours on the phone with Verizon tech support to try and figure out why this ****** phone won’t transfer data. Verizon tech support was NO HELP. THEY DON’T KNOW.  So, I had to call Motorola tech support to find out that Verizon’s Universal Wall Chargers are not used for data transfer. If you people were actually trying to drive me crazy, intentionally, I would be afraid for my life.  If this is your level of competence when you are trying?
    I went on my trip and of course, when I arrived in Europe, my phone did not work.  I had to get on your tech support again, and it took 2 hours to trouble shoot the problem.  Even though I had called several times to ensure my phone was international ready, to make sure I had a calling plan and a data plan, no one bothered to fill my requests.  I believe I should record every phone call to Verizon, document everything. So, even after I got on a data plan, I received alerts that I was mounting over $1,000 in data roaming charges.  I had to call Verizon several times from Europe to remedy this.  You people just love making things hard.  I hate Verizon. 
    So, my new Motorola does not transfer data to my computer, for a reason I am not sure of, but Motorola claims I have the wrong USB cord.  I requested a car charger and was denied that today by your tech support person, Vondra.  She said that Verizon only warrants phones, and that we have to buy the chargers and such.  Yeah, of course Verizon doesn’t; that would cost you $3?  So, I called the Verizon corporate store on La Cienega, the store that refused to give me a charger, that made me buy one (one of your tech people did credit me back for that BTW).  I spoke with the manager, Vanessa.  She said that they don’t carry Motorola chargers. They sell the phones, but not the chargers.  I explained to her about the data transfer problem I was having, and she suggested I buy a memory card reader.  GREAT.  So, Verizon’s solution is to abandon the idea of having the proper equipment, piece meal a solution and yes, make me pay for it!
    So, another item, which your tech support cannot solve, is that the phone does not work while it is being charged.   So, I called tech support again, asked to speak with a Supervisor.  I was put on hold for a long time, and the tech support person came back and told me that there were no supervisors available and that one would have to call me back.  I asked her the name of the supervisor that is supposed to call me back, and she said, “Alvin.”
    So, a day has gone by and no call from Alvin.  I doubt he will call.  Your company is obviously going through some rough times.  I am sure that within a few months, Verizon’s incompetence and failings will start to be reflected in your ratings
    I have visited the Sprint store, and I am familiarizing myself with what they have to offer. Early next year my contract expires, and most likely I will leave Verizon. I should take you to small claims court!  Most of all, I so much regret all the people I referred to you, dozens.  I talked up your network, I told everyone how happy I was with the service.  I was your advocate.  No longer, and I am not putting the same effort into letting people know how horrific Verizon has been with me during these last 18 months.  I am counting the months until my contract expires.  I will limp along with this broken phone until my contract expires, just has I have done with all the other defective phones Verizon has provided me with.  For a year my HTC phone ran on the first generation software, and I managed to just use it as phone, nothing much more, and that’s what I’ll have to do with this ****** piece of crap.

    I believe you,  Ihave been a subscriber for over 8 years and over that period of time I have has some phones fail.  This I can accept and understand, however the policy of Verizon of only sending out recertified phones is a joke.  I have had over 10 replacement phones sent out to me an none have actually lasted more that 1 month.  Last year this went on and on, I was able to fix this by upgrading to the samsung stratosphere.   My son's Pantech phone failed and was replaced several  times and to  resolve this, I ended up purchasing a replacement from  Amazon.
    My worked fine at first, then the internet started to get really buggy and hard almost impossible to connect.  I was very hesitant to have them send a replacement because of my experience with the replacement phones, however I had to concede because I could not connect to the Internet.  I was assured that the replacement would undergo a 100++ point check.  It arrived and I was happy with it, however a week later, it stopped charging. I spoke with a supervisor and the options he had for me was 1. keep going thru the warranty replacement process, 2 they will send me a downgraded phone (a 3G, unlike the 4G that I bought) or 3. they will buy it back for ... wait for it...$68. Another supervisor told me then they will have to keep sending out phones, every week if needed.  
    As expected the replacement phone failed again, and out of frustration I called again and they connected me to a manager immediately (my account is flagged because I filed a complaint with the BBB.  And for once I got a helpful person, he told me they could not ship a new phone, but a different brand, the Motorola Droid 4, I said I want to keep the Stratosphere because of the car dock and desk dock, he said they would give me new docks as well.  This seemed like a good deal, so I accepted.  The Droid arrived and I was setting it up, transferred the sim, the 32 GB SD card, contacts and all.  I noticed that the sim was not registering, it showed no data, I tried to remove it and it BURNED my hand, needless to say it fried my SD card with all the data, photos, etc....
    When I was using a basic phone, this was not a big problem, just move your contacts and you are done. With smart phones this is a lot harder, you have to load all the apps and settings again.  My stand is that I am paying $200++ a month for decent service... not even perfect, just decent.  I get defective phones and Verizon is not willing to rectify this.  I spoke with someone from the executive office of verizon and basically her answer was to keep replacing the phones until one works,, buy an new one at full retail price or get it from a third party like Amazon or Ebay....or...get this since I am 5 months away from my upgrade date, they will LET me do an early upgrade to any non apple product, but PAY an early upgrade penalty. 
    Right now I think that I will use one of my phones, BUT I will aside from the complaint with the BBB, I am filing a complaint with the FTC.  I wrote this on the forums a few weeks ago, but of course no one from Verizon will have the [email protected]$ to answer this. 
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  • Disappointed by the 928, Verizon, Nokia, and Microsoft

    I purchased the Nokia 928 shortly after the launch date because I wanted to like the new platform - I really did, and at $99 for a flagship smartphone, where could I go wrong? The answer? Nokia 928.
    I'm on my second as of now, the first kept freezing, and I received a replacement. This one, my second, keeps freezing randomly (I've been trying to see if there's a certain app that freezes it), and Verizon's only answer has been to do the hard reboot - which works until it freezes again. I'd also add that the 4G quality is God-awful and almost always in 3G. I blame this on the phone because, next to other Verizon phones in the Delaware Valley, the 928 is the only one with sub-par service when put next to friends' Galaxies, iPhones, and the like. Also, when it is in 4G, it runs about as fast as a 1996 Compaq connecting to AOL 3.0. Verizon's answer? Turn it off and on, or put it in airplane mode. I do this, it works for a few minutes, and then back to 3G or 1996.
    This is a terrible phone. The UI is quite exquisite, but is it worth having when one cannot connect to the data network and always be in worry of freezing? I say no. I blame Verizon because they should have told Nokia to shove this phone where the sun don't shine when they presented it to them, and told them to come back when they had a good product. I'm at the point where I don't even want a new 928; I'd just as rather fork over $500 for a new Android device.
    I've always sided with Verizon through phone contracts for 2 reasons: great customer service, and outstanding coverage. They have failed on both accounts, and I'll certainly be switching to either a T-Mobile or AT&T contract when my current is done with Verizon, or possibly sooner.

    It's too bad you have had a bad experience, my Lumia doesn't have any of these issues.

  • Early upgrade finger pointing: Apple and Verizon

    I think I understand the Apple side if they don't want people buying their product at a discount, then upgrading to the next product at a discount.  Our issue is that we have a contract with Verizon for a feature phone, we need a smart phone due to a new job, and we're a month away from the updgrade date (I know, just wait, but we've been dealing with the work situation since last February).  This would be our first iphone, and we want the 4s not the 5. Verizon says they'll upgrade to any other smart phone, just not the iphone...This is frustrating - Apple staff blames Verizon, Verizon blames Apple.  Anyone been successful in an early upgrade to an Apple product with Verizon?  thanks.

    same here about to get lawyer involved, got on family manage i have sons phone off during certain hours, also on our wife, look at his usage next day and its in middle of night and my own phone has data usage too when i know i was not using. was told smart phones do this and turn off data when on wifi, when i do that i dont get text or other messages needed, what is verizon going to do to fix this. it was never disclosed when got the 5c or any smart phone that had to turn off data on wifi, i though it did automatically, has anyone got help on this is veizon fixing ...if not guess cost me more with lawyer to get out of contract but if going to be charged every month for data we never used then be worth it for verizon to fix this.

  • Just got off the phone with Verizon - don't ever be one week late

    Just got treated like (removed) by verizon wireless.... I've been with this phone company since the alltell days... I have never been late one single time .... I'm late one week.... I get a nasty email, 5 bucks late fee.... That's fine, I mean I'm late right ?  No, the kicker was I called to see if I could make things right and pay by credit card, I get handed over to financial services who tries to get this months and next months bill at once.... Then, asks me if I'm going to be able to make next months payment..... What a bunch of money hungry hacks.... I thought I was using a pay as u go cricket phone for a second.... The great thing is .... MY CONTRACT IS UP .... Don't want my business.... Fine .... I think ill do like the majority of the threads out on this forum.... I'll be happier replacing your ***** with another phone company that'll want my business...
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    What do you mean when you say you "checked to make sure we are covered"? Did you add the Canada plan, or just verify that you could call/text while there? You can make and receive calls and texts, but there is a roaming charge for all of that, also for data if you have a smartphone. You also should get a text telling you that you have established an international connection on each phone you take with you, and then to alert you of roaming charges as they add up. Checking to make sure you had service isn't enough, and you can't blame Verizon if you ignore alerts and didn't research costs and options before traveling. And no, I am not a Verizon employee, shill, or troll. Just an informed customer.

  • Verizon has failed me again.  How I am not surprised.  Beginning to think they really don't even care any more.

    ordered phone on 9/18 6 plus gold 128g.  suppose to ship 10/28. then on 10/17 order was cancelled by them for reasons they cant explain. So re order phone on 10/25 shipped date of 11/14 and of course nothing again.  For all I know they cancelled it again.  I don't know what has happend to Verizon but this is just unacceptable and not what I expected from them.  But at least I know what i get now which most likely will be leaving for a company that maybe gives a ****.  Thanks a lot Verizon.

    Problem here is you admit you cannot afford the service.
    And you want to blame Verizon for losing a job because you have no cell phone.
    If your job depends on that phone I would pay it on time every time if you need a job to pay your bill.
    No other service is going to treat you any different. And if you cannot afford Verizon's monthly invoice how are you going to afford new devices, activation fees, possible security deposits on any other cellular carrier? You can't.
    Also if you made an arraignment to pay and then decide you cannot do so, why should Verizon extend you service or credit, or why is it you want to use the service and data and not pay for it as agreed.
    Get a prepay phone. Its evident the cost is too high for you to afford on post pay.
    Good Luck

  • Its been a wonderful run with Verizon Wireless, but all good things always come to an end :[

    Dear Verizon,
    I'm not sure if anyone would ever read this, but we've been a Verizon Wireless customer for over 10 years... I remember back in the day, my friends would have their phones from Cingular, T-Mobile, or Sprint and they'd always complain about their service coverage. With my head held high, I'd often let them use my old LG flip phone with "switchable" front/rear camera. It wasn't nearly until 6 years later I entered the era of data munching smart phones. Granted back then we had Verizon's unlimited data plan, and I loved it! I'd sit and watch youtube videos and tap at my phone screen for hours in a day. But all good things come to an end, Verizon started to end their unlimited contract, while our family held strongly to ours for another year or two; the ultimatum was given. Either keep our grandfathered data plan and never be able to upgrade our phones. Or be able to upgrade, but lose our data plan... Sadly we were assured by countless representatives that the average users rarely exceeded 2 GBs in a month, and thus our family agreed to let our existing plan go for the newer 'shared' tiered data system. It has been our greatest regret with Verizon, and for the last year or two we've been constantly keeping tabs of what we viewed on our nicest phones, how long we video chatted with friends. It feels that my phone hasn't been used the same ever since, and I frankly hate it. We've been using over our monthly limit for months in a row. In our family we share 20 GBs a month, but for the last couple months we had to extend it to the 30 GB a month plan, and the price is so unjustified.
    I'm sad to say, that I'm no longer proud of Verizon's services anymore, it's been a great run. And its strange that those same friends that used to go to me when their phones no longer have data, it seems that I end up asking them to view content more than I should to preserve what precious data I have left...
    Thanks for listening,
    Jordan P.

    The great thing about humans is we have something called choice.
    To keep unlimited data or to get a subsidize device at 1/4 the cost of paying full price at $700 or more.
    You could have paid full price and kept unlimited data. But you did not. Even though by paying higher for data overages each month would have been better spent on buying the phone outright.
    You could have now bought tge phone on the 12 month payment plan and also kept unlimited data. (not syre how long ago you got the new devices, I think it was before the new payment plan came into affect)
    Again it is something that was your choice. You really cannot blame Verizon for business decisions. Most other carriers are going the way of full device payment via different offerings, Companies like Sprint and T-Mobile have unlimited data and lower monthly costs but their build outs are not usually as large as Verizons coverage. Again its a choice, you have to either go to one of the other carriers for their offerings or stay with Verizon and choose what is more important to you.
    Good Luck

  • Verizon with iPad Air 2

    2Just picked up my new iPad Air 2 and when trying to set up my cellular data account, the only options are AT&T, Spring and T-Mobile.  I was told by Apple that the new iPad would work across all networks.  What gives?

    Your iPad Air 2 will work on Verizon.  The catch is that Verizon will not support the new "Apple SIM" that came with the iPad.  Blame Verizon, not Apple......though the Apple Store sales folks should know this.  What you have to do is take your iPad Air 2 into a Verizon store, tell them you want a Verizon SIM card, and have them activate the device.  Verizon will NOT give you a SIM card at the store if you do not plan to activate the device immediately.  I know this because I just bought an iPad Mini 3, and walked out of a Verizon store 30 minutes ago.  I did not have the device with me, so the Verizon store manager would not give me new Verizon SIM.  I complained to the manager that I did not want to have to come back in again with my device.  He said I had the option of calling up customer service and Verizon would ship me a SIM.  I assume though that they will charge me a $35 activation fee and start billing me immediately prior to shipping me the card. 
    The Apple SIM is a great idea, but the carriers are not supporting it in the manner Apple had in mind.  AT&T is locking the SIM down once you activate on their network,  T-Mobile is doing the same if you activate in store.  The SIM will not be locked on T-Mobile if you activate from your iPad.  Verizon will not support the SIM in any manner.  That is why you must get a new SIM directly from Verizon.  I am not sure what Sprint's policy is.
    Good luck!

  • Verizon Scam Sales

    Had just about enough.
    Some time back, notified Verizon to keep their neighborhood sales people away from my door.
    What do I see this evening? Two  Verizon FIOS hucksters.
    Why don't I want them here?
    About a year ago, they showed up here with a story that DSL was being dropped and we needed to get signed
    up for FIOS. We thought it might be a good deal, and signed up.
    Only come to find out when I called in to get some more info, the whole story was bull**bleep**.
    DSL wasn't going anywhere. We didn't "need" FIOS. So I cancelled it, told them not to install anything.
    That went real well. They  cameout anyway and laid the fiber in my yard. When I told them to get lost
    and take the **bleep** fiber with them, they left the coil hanging at the interface box.
    And what do I hear tonight? DSL is going away and we need to get hooked up on FIOS.
    Hey Verizon reps. If your reading this, guaranteed the FCC is getting an ear-full as well.

    Hate to say it but eventually those door-to-door salesmen will be right. See:
    Articles like the above have been appearing for the last few years on many renowned technical sites. Areas where the copper is old and beat up are going to see DSL services no longer offered. Areas where FiOS is installed are going to see the DSL network struggle to provide bandwidth at night as seen in many threads throughout the Internet once FiOS shows up, and anyone who calls in reporting chronic DSL trouble are most likely going to be pushed to FiOS. Can't blame Verizon for doing so since copper's getting real expensive to maintain (plus it likes to get stolen!), on top of biting billions of dollars of investment being rejected by many. Any area not getting FiOS with chronic DSL troubles will most likely see a worse off wireless product.
    Bearer of bad news, but if they eventually do force you to Fiber, see if they'll let you have their super secret package that is priced exactly the same as DSL but delivers more speed. If they can give you that, get it, but don't let them remove the copper connection from the pole to your home. That's still mandated to be there. Been waiting for years to get rid of my DSL yet FiOS has not shown up yet.
    The first to bring me 1Gbps Fiber for $30/m wins!

  • My EMAIL account on Apple ID site is still wrong, from 2008!

    On 12 January, I was trying to FIX problems I had with my iMac Password, so I could download the latest Adobe installer - but I had no problems with passwords etc until 2 days ago. The password I've used didn't work. (I had to change it on Verizon for mail problems in Oct 2014)  SO I called Support [& was disconnected 6 times!] - Here are my Problems - in order of my frustration:
    1. NOW when I turn on my iMac, it does NOT go to MY computer Screen ! But rather it goes to some dumb grey screen;where I must type in MY password to get in (This happened after a second tech who said it would not remain that way; not good for me, nor my husband or daughter to have to do.) The Second call Tech went into my computer - She must have reconfigured my preferences & I can not find out how to change it back to go right to go right to my screen, without using a password to get in [which is a pain-in-a-neck when anyone here needs the computer]
    2. Support (first call) had me DUMP the whole Keychain into Trash to create a NEW password. [we were disconnected half way through, but I did ask if I should empty the trash & did so - wish now I didn't - there are NO passwords nor sites, etc in Keychain, only Apple stuff.)  Since that call ALL my PASSWORDS are GONE! Mail & iCloud etc. though I can get into password protected web sites?
    -  Both Support techs told me that "all my previous passwords would still be there - intact  on the computer" - they ARE NOT!
    3. So I went on line today - to check my Apple ID & iCloud info:
    * First, it still has my old 2006 17" mac serial # listed, - but thee is nothing  the one I'm on - "2012 mac Lion". [I downloaded & tried Maverics, but it messed up the apps I had installed & I reverted back to Lion via Time machine.]  I had this same problem in 2010
    * Second, & worse, it still  shows an Email that I haven't used, & actually had changed in 2008 when I switched to Verizon, from a local server.
    . . . When I went in to change the email  & try to change / add my present email it says:
                    Email address is already verified for another Apple ID.
    I HAVE NOT USED that old server since 2008!!! it was on my old 2006 Snow Leopard mac !
    I bought this mac in june 2012 - but have been trying to figure this whole mess out since 2008, when I changed mail servers. Verizon blames Mac, Mac blames Verizon & I'm left having multiple & frequent problems with both!
    Can anyone tell me
    1 How to change my actual Email addy (supposedly according the the on line Manage Apple ID - I have 2 different ID's via the same Name, ID, and Email address - on line? WHY can't I combine, get rid of one, or? You'd think that when it's sent & returned, someone would notice & figure out it's wrong.
    2 How to get back to getting into my screen, without that first (& superfluous - since only 3 people use it & it's a HOME computer, not a business that needs extra protections) screen?
    3 Please, HOW - if you dump a whole app - keychains - into the trash & secure Empty - does the computer "retain" passwords that were just dumped?
    My next step is to go to the Store folks to fix all - Call support messed me up & so far, Community forum has just said nothing above can be changed … so has Apple become more like Micro-Swift that I got rid of - so I could have My computer My way?
    Anyone up for this one?

    2 How to get back to getting into my screen, without that first (& superfluous - since only 3 people use it & it's a HOME computer, not a business that needs extra protections) screen?
    Resetting Password
    1. Shut down comp & wait a few minutes.
    2. Turn on & at the same time hold down the “command” & “R” keys.
    3.  Next screen….. In the menu bar click on Utilities (NOT OS X UTILITIES)
    4.  In the drop down menu, click on Terminal.
    5.  In the terminal pop up small window:  Type exactly—> resetpassword 
    Hit return key.
    6.  Reset password window will pop up.  Follow the onscreen instructions to reset password.  Make sure you select the admin account to reset the password.
    7.  You can ignore the “keychain” pop up windows, which is what I did.  Does not affect anything.
    You can do the keychain stuff at your leisure.
    8.  Quit out of everything & restart your computer.
    9.  Enter your new reset password.
    Once you are back on the desktop, you can go into System Preferences>Users & Groups.  Double check to make sure auto login is enabled.
    Also, check out the following User Tip:  Reset the user password in OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite
    I bought this mac in june 2012
    My next step is to go to the Store folks to fix all - Call support messed me up & so far
    If you have AppleCare & same is still active, suggest that you call Apple Customer Relations - 1-800-275-2273.  Ask politely & firmly that you want to be transferred to Customer Relations.  Tell them exactly what you stated in your post.
    Be sure to tell them that you have an iMac.  Why?  Because, under AppleCare, iMacs qualify for HOME tech repair/support when warranted.  No need to lug an iMac to a repair facility.

  • Since you don't allow emails any more – I suspect because of the numerous complaints with your service and the way you treat people that you don't want documented, I am calling and I want this call recorded for future reference. I have been a long time fa

    Since you don’t allow emails any more – I suspect because of the numerous complaints with your service and the way you treat people that you don’t want documented, I am calling and I want this call recorded for future reference.
    I have been a long time faithful customer of vzw and although the past year I have been late on payments many times and really couldn’t afford your exorbitant prices for services lots of other companies offer sometimes three times cheaper than what you charge, I have hung in there trying my best to meet my obligations.
    This month has been no exception. You don’t know the background; the whole story of people’s lives. I know you could care less because all you care about is the profit-the money that comes in.
    I was told when I agreed to pay my bill on the third per the recorded message that I had 14 days to pay…you cut me off anyway. The phones are not the tissue; your suspending my service means I cannot work. I may lose my job…how do you justify that? In any case? The least you could do would be to keep 4986 on and cut the phones off. But no. You refuse to compromise and meet the basic needs of your customer. What does that say about your company? I tried to call back on three separate occasions to tell you I couldn’t pay because of unexpected expenses but couldn’t get out of the automated system…sadly couldn’t get to a real person which also speaks volumes to me.
    All this tells me this is a company I don’t wish to be affiliated with any more. As soon as I can, I will discontinue service with you…I know you could care less. I will honor the remaining portion of the contract but that’s it. You don’t deserve my business. I am a good, hardworking person who, at the sacrifice of myself and my needs, always pays her bills…albeit late at times. I realize others tell you stories and lies to justify themselves. That’s not me. If you knew what I had been through the last 7 yrs you would marvel that I am  still on my feet…don’t judge too quickly. You could be wrong…and in my eyes you are by doing this to me.
    God will see us through this extremely scary time of that I have no doubt. No thanks to your company and lack of understanding and mercy. I am doing the best I can. Sadly you are not.
    See I have choices. MANY choices of providers for services you offer. I don’t have to be treated like this. I don’t have to succumb to your coldness and callousness. I intend to choose better (and cheaper). If your company doesn’t get the “people factor” back you will be sorry.

    Problem here is you admit you cannot afford the service.
    And you want to blame Verizon for losing a job because you have no cell phone.
    If your job depends on that phone I would pay it on time every time if you need a job to pay your bill.
    No other service is going to treat you any different. And if you cannot afford Verizon's monthly invoice how are you going to afford new devices, activation fees, possible security deposits on any other cellular carrier? You can't.
    Also if you made an arraignment to pay and then decide you cannot do so, why should Verizon extend you service or credit, or why is it you want to use the service and data and not pay for it as agreed.
    Get a prepay phone. Its evident the cost is too high for you to afford on post pay.
    Good Luck

  • Class action lawsuit regarding Android 2.2

    If there were a class action lawsuit filed against Verizon regarding the lack of support for upgrades of the Android OS, would you join it? Essentially it would be based on promises and claims made by sales reps at the stores during the decision process of buying the phone and by phone reps that the Samsung Fascinate was to receive the Android 2.2 update "any day now".
    As it stands, people who purchased the Fascinate are paying full price for the data package just the same as other Verizon customers who purchased phones from competing manufacturers (Motorola and HTC). However, people who purchased the Fascinate are not getting the same access or experience as the customers who purchased phones from these other manufacturers.
    If I purchased a less technically capable phone than the HTC Incredible or Motorola Droid X, I would not expect the same software updates. However, I was told that the three phones (Incredible, Fascnate and X) were all in the same class and all ran on the same version of Android (2.1 at the time of purchase). Being a Black Berry Storm user before and having been limited on my browser experience, I had been following the progress of Android and I had heard that Android was to receive an update that would allow for Flash capabilities which was a huge deal. It was one of the main reasons I switched from Black Berry to Android. I was told that all three phones would be receiving the 2.2 update "very soon". This was in October of 2010.
    Due to the Adobe Flash capabilities provided by the Android 2.2 update, Fascinate users are being limited on their browser usage but are not being compensated in ANY way for this lack of access. Also, other Samsung products contracted through Verizon are already come with the Android 2.2 software installed.
    Personally (and I don't think I'm alone), I feel cheated by both Verizon and Samsung for not providing what was promised, all the while, people who purchased the Motorola or HTC handsets, have received their updates as promised and are receiving more browser access but paying the same amount that I am. Upon calling Samsung, the rep did not hesitate to blame Verizon for the lack of support.
    So the question again is... If there were a class action lawsuit filed against Verizon, would you join it? There may never be one, and many attorneys may say it would be a waste of time, but would you join? I know I would.

    I am totally disagreeing with you. When you're purchasing a car, dealership is clearly asking telling you that car is sold AS-IS and you even being asked to sign a letter of release form that states that car is being purchased with whatever option currently existing on the car and unless specifically specified no additional accessories or parts are coming with it. BUT and notice it is a capital letter also say NO PROMISES, VERBAL, WRITTEN, OR OTHEWISE BEING MADE TO OFFER IN CONJUNCTION WITH THIS SALE.
    And that it what you are signing.
    In Verizon case, verbal promises of Froyo availability were made by Verizon sales, tech, and sups left and right. It is time to make those companies to be accounted for their actions.
    About 3 weeks or so I spoke with one law firm in San Francisco in regards to that matter and they were willing to open the class action case against Verizon. I was quite busy in the past and hadn't have a chance to speak with them again. I will try to make up some times next week to come see them again and proceed with a case.

  • Is there a customer loyalty department who will listen to a problem and not just try to stall by suggesting another factory reset?

    I've had an issue with my HTC one since I received it almost a year ago.  Both verizon and HTC have had me troubleshoot the device extensively, even though all indications are that it's not specifically my device, as my wife and a co worker have the same issue.  It has to do with conference calls, and not being able to hear one or more people on the call...other attendees sound fine, but there's always one or two who's voice fades out and trails off to the point of being unintelligible.  This, unfortunately, is a large part of my job, and I have to resort to a non-verizon phone to dial into conference calls.
    I would like to stay with verizon, but you guys really are making it difficult.  Everything's great, as long as we don't complain, but after being a customer for over a decade, you can't even give me an early upgrade?  I think I'm due in October, but this issue has been going on for almost a year...
    This same issue has been reported with HTC One's on Sprint as well.
    HTC refuses to do anything about it, and pointed me to Verizon.
    Verizon refuses to do anything about it, other than swap out the phone for the same model (which won't help)...or sell me a new phone at full price, because I am not eligible for an upgrade yet!  How is this good customer service?
    Is there anyone there who cares about customers, and has the ability to think outside the box, or is empowered to help avoid a very negative c-sat issue?

    What do you want Verizon to do? They did not screw up your device HTC did. And the issues are cross carriers, and across many makes of devices. So shall we blame Verizon wireless for every single operating system update? I hardly think so.
    If consumers, you will note I did not say customers beat the phone maker up over the device failures, they will deflect to Google for the updated software. Hardware with software are supposed to work together. However sometimes it does not.
    Also Verizon has opted not to grant early upgrades. Its their policy and it is their business. We as customers have the option of leaving for another carrier if we feel service is bad.
    Then should I look for the same complaint on T-Mobiles forum? Sprints? Or even AT&T? They are all seeing the issues but are in the same pickle as Verizon customers.
    Good Luck

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