Voice Mail Ports Rejected in CUCM - Unity Connection

Hi to all,
I have a CUCM v9.1 cluster (1 Pub and 2 Subs) with two device pools (DP_Site_A and DP_Site_B), each DP has a call manager group that has the Subscriber for each site as the Primary CUCM Server in order of registration: DP_Site_A -> CMGroup_A ( 1° Sub_A and 2° Sub_B) ,
DP_Site_B -> CMGroup_B ( 1° Sub_B and 2° Sub_A).
The issue that I have is that when I configure the voice ports in the CUCM with either DP_Site_A or DP_Site_B I always get those ports as "Rejected" in the registration status BUT if i leave the DP for the voice ports as default they get registered and actually work fine with voice mails.
My Unity Connection is v9.1 too.
Any ideas about what can be causing this behavior??
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Alfonso,
Can you check these settings in CUC for the "Secondary" CUCM (Sub) server config
to make sure the Subs are listed as part of the SCCP registration;
Step 32 On the Edit Servers page, do the following substeps if the Cisco Unified CM cluster has secondary servers. Otherwise, skip to Step 33.
a. Under Cisco Unified Communications Manager Servers, click Add.
b. Enter the following settings for the secondary Cisco Unified CM server and click Save.
# Table 6-16     Settings for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Servers 
# Field
# Setting
# Order
# Enter the order of priority for the Cisco Unified CM server. The  lowest  number is the primary Cisco Unified CM server, the higher  numbers are  the secondary servers.
# IP Address or Host Name
# Enter the IP address (or host name) of the secondary Cisco Unified CM server.
# Port
# Enter the TCP port of the Cisco Unified CM server that you are   integrating with Cisco Unity Connection. We recommend that you use the   default setting.
# TLS Port
# Enter the TLS port of the Cisco Unified CM server that you are   integrating with Cisco Unity Connection. We recommend that you use the   default setting.
# Server Type
# Click Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
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Try to make it real" 
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  • Voice Mail Port Problem with CUCM 8.5 and Connection 8.5

    Hi im having a very strange problem witch the voice mail ports between a CM 8.5 and a Cisco Unity connection 8.5 , i configured them and they registered and all was working fine, however when i rebooted the servers the ports stayed in status unknown i tried resetting them both sides, re adding config both sides and nothing after hours of trying and deleting and adding the same config it worked again, however we have a power outage today and the same thing happened again status unknown and still i cannot get them to register again. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

    I'm not sure but it could be a DNS issue. Is DNS configured or are you just using IP addresses?  Make sure everything is resolving correctly.

  • Unity Connection Voice Mail ports

    Hi experts
    I hava simple question.
    I have a UCS M3BE server with 2 CPU, as per the link http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/connection/9x/supported_platforms/9xcucspl.html#wp810181 with 2 No's of CPU it supports only 100 ports per Virtual Machine and for the cluster it supports 200 ports.so in the CUCM Voice Mail Port Wizard i shld put figures 200 or 100??,
    i think i shld put voice mail ports 100 on CUCM with name CiscoUM1-VI with 100 ports when selecting ports on CUC-publisher
    then again creating voice mail ports 100 on CUCM with name CiscoUM2-VI with 100 ports when selecting ports on CUC-subscriber

    Hi Jack,
    Can you try installing the cop file from the following link
    Although this bug fix is for installations with one CPU you can give it a try.


    Hello All,
    I am facing problem while replying/forwarding or sending a NEW Voice Message from ViewMail integrated with  IBM LOTUS  Notes 8.5 to the other Voice Mail User Configured in Cisco Unity Connection.The ViewMail Version is 8.0.2 for IBM LOTUS Notes.UC  version is 8.x
    I have attached the file that displays the error.
    From the view mail inbox if i "Right Click" any email and the "Click ON Forward" I am able to forward the Voice Message from the ViewMail to the IBM LOTUS Domino user [ that is forwarding it to EMAIL Account ], but if I try to forward it to unity user is gives "Failure Delivery".
    Now when I double click the individual voice mail message in ViewMail account and then click on "Forward/reply/NewMemo" icon available on the individual voice message window that I have opened ,I get an error as stated below
    "The remote name could not be resolved error in Notes ViewMail "
        where is the IP-Address of my Unity Connection Server.
    Also just for the information I am able to Login into Cisco PCA for alll the users and able to view the Inbox.
    I am able to forward the VoiceMessages between Unity Connection users via CISCO PCA without facing any issue.
    A Quick Help will be much appreciated .......... :-)
    Hasan Jafri

    Hello Craig,
    After spending sometime on troubleshooting , just for testing purpose I created two new Unity Connection Voice Mail User and configured VMN [VoiceMail for Notes] account on the same lotus Notes.
    Interestingly this time I was able to use Reply & Reply to All option to send the Voice Message via VMN. {WORKING JUST FINE,NO PROBLEM WHAT SO EVER ]
    But still I am NOT able to use Forward option to send the Voice Messages via VMN.
    REPLY WITH HISTORY & REPLY TO ALL WITH HISTORY options are also not working.
    This is error that I am getting
    "Error in QueryServe in CoreUCClasses 213 at line 336:Vmws:The remote server returned an error:(403) Forbidden
    Its 7 MB Recording. I hope you can easily Download.
    Also important point is that i don't see any previous error that was accuring during my earlier testing.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hasan Jafri

  • Unity Connection 8.5 Exchange 2010

    Does the exchange server need to be in the same location as the Unity Connection 8.5 server for single inbox to work?

    In the single inbox design guide here....
    Calculating the Number of Connections for a Connection Cluster
    If both Connection servers in a cluster are in the same location, so they have the same latency when synchronizing with Exchange, you can calculate the number of connections the same way you do for one Connection server.
    If one server in a cluster is collocated with the Exchange servers and the other is in a remote location:
    •Install the publisher server in the location with the Exchange servers. The publisher server should always be the primary server unless the server is offline for maintenance or is unavailable for some other reason.
    Also here in this guide....
    Unified Messaging Requirements: Synchronizing Connection and Exchange Mailboxes (Single Inbox) (Connection 8.5 and Later Only)
    Revised February 22, 2011
    •Cisco Unity Connection integrated with a supported version of Microsoft Exchange Server:
    –Exchange Server 2010 with Update Rollup 3 or later (All editions are supported.)
    –Exchange Server 2010 with Service Pack 1 (All editions are supported.)
    –Exchange Server 2007 with Service Pack 2 or later (All editions are supported.)
    To synchronize Connection and Exchange 2007 mailboxes, you must install Connection 8.5(1) Service Update 1 (SU1), which is available on the Voice and Unified Communications Downloads page at http://tools.cisco.com/support/downloads/pub/Redirect.x?mdfid=278875240.
    In the tree control on the Downloads page, expand Voice and Unified Communications > Unified Communications Applications > Voice Mail and Unified Messaging > Cisco Unity Connection > Cisco Unity Connection Version 8.5. On the Select a Release page, select SU1, and the download buttons appear on the right side of the page.
    –Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 (All editions are supported.)
    To synchronize Connection and Exchange 2003 mailboxes, you must install Connection 8.5(1) Service Update 1 (SU1). For download instructions, see the previous bullet.
    Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite is not supported.
    •Exchange servers and Active Directory domain controllers/global catalog servers (DC/GCs) can be installed in any hardware virtualization environment supported by Microsoft. (Cisco does not provide technical support for message-store servers or for DC/GCs.)
    •The Microsoft Exchange message store can be stored in any storage area network configuration supported by Microsoft. (Cisco does not provide technical support for message-store servers.)
    •Exchange clusters are supported.
    •To access Exchange servers in more than one forest, you must create at least one unified messaging service for each forest. Connection supports a maximum of 20 unified messaging services per Connection server.
    •Depending on the number of voice messaging ports on each Connection server, the path of connectivity must have the following guaranteed bandwidth with no steady-state congestion:
    –For 50 voice messaging ports on each server—7 Mbps
    –For 100 voice messaging ports on each server—14 Mbps
    –For 150 voice messaging ports on each server—21 Mbps
    –For 200 voice messaging ports on each server—28 Mbps
    –For 250 voice messaging ports on each server—35 Mbps
    The bandwidth numbers above are intended as guidelines to ensure proper operation of mailbox synchronization. For information on bandwidth requirements for Connection clusters, see the "Requirements for a Cisco Unity Connection 8.x Cluster" section. Additional conditions such as network congestion, CPU utilization, and message size may contribute to lower throughput than expected. Call-control and call-quality requirements are in addition to the guidelines above and should be calculated by using the bandwidth recommendations in the applicable Cisco Unified Communications SRND at http://www.cisco.com/en/US/partner/solutions/ns340/ns414/ns742/ns818/landing_uc_mgr.html.
    •The default Connection configuration is sufficient for a maximum of 2000 users and 80 milliseconds of round-trip latency between Connection and Exchange servers. For more than 2000 users and/or more than 80 milliseconds of latency, you can change the default configuration. For more information, see the " Latency" section in the "Single Inbox in Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 and Later" chapter of the Design Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 8.x. at http://www.cisco.com/en/US/partner/docs/voice_ip_comm/connection/8x/design/guide/8xcucdgx.html.
    •Users must be assigned to a class of service that is enabled for using single inbox.
    •For each user configured for single inbox, an email client that is configured to access the user's Exchange mailbox. For full single-inbox functionality, we recommend that you use Microsoft Outlook and install Cisco ViewMail for Microsoft Outlook. ViewMail for Outlook is required to:
    –Review secure Connection voice messages by using Outlook.
    –Compose, reply to, or forward synchronized voice messages by using Outlook.
    Other email clients can be used to access Connection voice messages in Exchange, but users will not have the functionality provided by ViewMail for Outlook.
    For information on Connection support for Outlook, see the "Requirements for Accessing Voice Messages by Using Cisco ViewMail for Microsoft Outlook 8.5 and Later" section.
    •For users who are configured for single inbox and SpeechView transcriptions, the message in Exchange is not updated with the transcribed text. You can configure Connection to send a notification message that contains the transcription.
    •When message expiration and single inbox are configured, the .wav file is not deleted from the message in Exchange. Voice messages in Connection are still removed from user mailboxes and are replaced with a recording that tells the user "This message is expired."
    Specifically teh bandwidth requirements. Typically it's always best to have Exchange as close as possible to the CUC servers for performance to be ideal but this should give you some guidelines.

  • Voice Mail Device Status is Unknown

    My Voice Mail Port: CiscoUM1-VI1 has a status of Unknown, with the IP registered as (Unity)
    I'm at a loss as to why its at this.

    If it's just 1 port and you've already tried resetting it countless times, chances are you'll need to reboot Unity to get it registered again.
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  • Unity Connection transfer to external number plays music on hold continuously.

    We found an issue when transfer external calls out of Unity Connection (9.0 and 9.1) that the Music on Hold continuously plays and never connects the call.  
    The outgoing calls are going out SIP.  The call does get placed and does connect to the external number but it is promptly dropped as the transfer does not complete.  The calling party only hears hold music.
    Through testing we found that this only happens when the call goes out SIP.  We also found that the issue is resolved when changing the Transfer Rules from Release to Switch to Supervise Transfer.  
    Would we need to change each User's Transfer Rules to Supervise Transfer or is there another way to release the transfer?  Is this a bug?

    Hi Jennifer,
    Your issue seems to be as below.
    Problem 2. Call is Connected and then Disconnected
    The call is connected and then it is disconnected. The call transfer is successful when an internal extension initiates the call whereas the call fails, if the calling side is from PSTN.
    Call Flow
    PSTN>H323 GW>CUCM>Unity Connection Call Handler (Any Caller Input - Transfer to Alternate Contact Number)>External Number or CTI RP with CFA to External Number.
    Core Issue/Call Flow Analysis
    Here is an analysis of the call flow and the common problem for a failed call transfer:
    The First call leg is a H323 Fast Start, from the Gateway to the CUCM. CUC receives the call and transfers the call back to CUCM. CUCM in turn places the first call on hold and initiates a new call to the PSTN.
    The second call leg is a H323 Slow start. Finally, when the call is answered, the CUCM or the Gateway does not send H245 capabilities. This causes a timeout and the call is disconnected.
    By default, Wait for Far End H.245 Terminal Capability Set (TCS) check box is checked. As a result, CUCM expects the far-end H.245 TCS before it sends its H.245 TCS. If this checkbox is unchecked, CUCM must initiate capabilities exchange.
    In order to resolve this problem:
    Uncheck the Wait for Far End H.245 Terminal Capability Set (TCS) check box.
    Make a change on the gateway so that the gateway initiates capabilities exchange.
    Enter these commands in order to configure a change required on the gateway.
    conf t
        voice service voip
              h225 start-h245 on-connect

  • Voice mail probs

    Have 3500 classic, when I press the 1 button it goes to voice mail dials No 121 but no connection. Contacted o2 said voice mail No is 901, dialled 901 all fine yet 1 button still calls 121. Have tried speed dial settings but won't let you access the No1 to put in 901. Any ideas?
    Go to Solution.

    Did you originally get your phone from another operator and subsequently switch to O2 keeping that phone?
    If so, it could be that the branded firmware installed in that phone has hardcoded 121 as the voicemail number and you cannot change it. If this is the case there is no solution.
    This said, the speed dial settings is not the place to set the voicemail number. Elsewhere in the menus you will have a "Voice mail" application that you can open and in which you should be able to set the voicemail number. If you still can't it's because of the branding issue described above.
    Message Edited by grschinon on 20-May-2009 09:29 PM
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  • Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???

    The design and installation/configuration documents hint that a speech to text service can be set up for Unity Conneciton 8.  However, the documentation is extremely sketchy at best.
    While the docs state that it's an external service, they don't give you a clue as to where you would go to get it if a customer wanted it.
    If we assume a customer is asking for Speechview, where does one get it?
    My personal belief is that this should be better addressed in both UC design and configuration guides, but since it isn't, does anyone know?    

    In order to use it all you need is this:
    Requirements for Using SpeechView Transcriptions
    The SpeechView feature—which provides transcriptions of voice  messages—is supported with Cisco Unity Connection version 8.0(2) and  later.
    •Users must have SpeechView User  licenses.
    •Users must be assigned to a  class of service enabled for using SpeechView transcriptions of voice  messages.
    Not sure what you mean by " where you would go to get it"
    You only need to meet the requirements and follow the configuration guide.
    SpeechView Transcriptions of Voice Messages in Cisco Unity Connection  8.x
    Configuring Transcription (SpeechView) in Cisco Unity Connection 8.x
    Overview of SpeechView in Cisco Unity Connection 8.x
    Revised April 2010
    When the SpeechView feature is enabled, Cisco Unity Connection uses a  third-party external transcription service to convert voice messages to  text. When a voice message arrives, it is delivered to the mailbox of  the recipient with a blank text attachment. When the completed  transcription is returned by the transcription service, the text  attachment is updated with the text of the transcription, or with an  error message if there was a problem with the transcription. Only the  first 500 characters of a message transcription are provided, so longer  messages are truncated. However, users have access to the original  recording in its entirety.
    Connection sends the audio portion of a voice message to the  transcription service, without details about the sender or recipients of  the message. Communication between Connection and the external  transcription service is secured by using S/MIME over SMTP.
    To use SpeechView, users must belong to a class of service that enables  transcriptions of voice messages. Members of the class of service can  view the transcriptions of their messages by using an IMAP client that  is configured to access their Connection messages. The original voice  message remains attached to the transcribed text message.
    You can also configure an SMS or SMTP notification device for users so  that Connection sends transcriptions to an SMS-compatible phone or an  external email address; users can configure SMS or SMTP notification  devices for themselves if they have access to the Connection Messaging  Assistant web tool. The original voice message is not attached to  transcription messages sent to notification devices, but the device can  be configured to include the phone number that users call to reach  Connection, so after viewing the transcription they can call Connection  to listen to the voice message.
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  • Unity Connection Voice Mail Issue

    I have a weird Unity Connection Voice Mail issue and would appriciate any help i can get. Many thanks in advance.
    I have Unity connection 7.0 and CUCM 7.0 integrated in a lab enviroment and here is what happens.
    When I place a call internally say from 2001 to 2002, things work as expected, 2002 rings and it goes to voicemail where I can leave voicemail and listen to it from 2002.
    However, if I place call from the PSTN to the same number 2002 (or any other number in other sites etc) the call again rings in 2002 and goes to voicemail, unity cnx plays the greetings for 2002 and says record your message as usual. Everything up to point is fine, then when the time on the PSTN phone is showing around 14 seconds into the call unity starts playing, "to send this message press one", if I press one nothing happens.
    I have rebuilt unity and cucm, even just configured the bare minimum in the lab and still getting the same result. I tried calling from E1 connection and T1 connection but with the same results.
    I have run out of ideas...
    Here is a call trace from an internal call:
    CallData, 1, CallerId=2003, CalledId=2002, RedirectingId=2002, Origin=16, Reason=4, CallGuid=8B7859FD6C16417A9A07F507418DD25B, CallerName=, LastRedirectingId=2002, LastRedirectingReason=4, PortDisplayName=PhoneSystem-1-001
    Application, 1, 2003, AttemptForward
    State, 1, 2003, State - AttemptForward.cde!Dummy
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [NULL]
    Application, 1, 2003, PHTransfer
    State, 1, 2003, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [TrueEvent]
    Application, 1, 2003, PHGreeting
    State, 1, 2003, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
    Display, 1, 2003, Call answered if needed
    Display, 1, 2003, Playing greeting for Subscriber:  hq2
    Display, 1, 2003, No DTMF received
    Display, 1, 2003, Playing greeting for Subscriber:  hq2
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [RecordMsgEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - PHGreeting.cde!RecordMsg
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [NULL]
    State, 1, 2003, State - PHGreeting.cde!RunEditMsg
    Application, 1, 2003, -->MessageEditing
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!CheckMsgMenuOpt
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [EditMessageMenuEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!PlayEditMenu
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [HangupEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!CheckMsgLength
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [ManyEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!SendMsg
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [TrueEvent]
    State, 1, 2003, State - MessageEditing.cde!ConfirmSend
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [HangupEvent]
    Application, 1, 2003, <--MessageEditing
    State, 1, 2003, Event is [HangupEvent]
    Display, 1, 2003, Idle
    Display, 1, , Dialing (MWI) '2002'
    Display, 1, , Idle
    and here is a trace from an external (PSTN) call
    Trying, 5000 ... Open
    CallData, 1, CallerId=911, CalledId=2002, RedirectingId=2002, Origin=16, Reason=4, CallGuid=CA3DFD90846C4FE7B0D68298A7698287, CallerName=PSTN Emergency, LastRedirectingId=2002, LastRedirectingReason=4, PortDisplayName=PhoneSystem-1-001
    Application, 1, 911, AttemptForward
    State, 1, 911, State - AttemptForward.cde!Dummy
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    Application, 1, 911, PHTransfer
    State, 1, 911, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo
    State, 1, 911, Event is [TrueEvent]
    Application, 1, 911, PHGreeting
    State, 1, 911, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
    Display, 1, 911, Call answered if needed
    Display, 1, 911, Playing greeting for Subscriber:  hq2
    Display, 1, 911, No DTMF received
    Display, 1, 911, Playing greeting for Subscriber:  hq2
    State, 1, 911, Event is [RecordMsgEvent]
    State, 1, 911, State - PHGreeting.cde!RecordMsg
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    State, 1, 911, State - PHGreeting.cde!RunEditMsg
    Application, 1, 911, -->MessageEditing
    State, 1, 911, State - MessageEditing.cde!CheckMsgMenuOpt
    State, 1, 911, Event is [EditMessageMenuEvent]
    State, 1, 911, State - MessageEditing.cde!PlayEditMenu
    State, 1, 911, Event is [HangupEvent]
    State, 1, 911, State - MessageEditing.cde!CheckMsgLength
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    Application, 1, 911, <--MessageEditing
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    State, 1, 911, State - PHGreeting.cde!AfterMsg
    State, 1, 911, Event is [NULL]
    Display, 1, 911, Idle

    Sounds like one way audio from PSTN to your Unity Connection, couple of things to check:
    1. ensure your protocols are bound properly on the GW, i.e. SIP/H323/MGCP
    2. Make sure IP routing is OK between Unity and the voice gateway

  • Unity Connection Voice Mail Only- NO MWI template

    I am deploying a site with 8,000 mailboxes.  4,000 of those users are voice mail only without a telephone and will NOT require MWI.
    I can manually remove the MWI setting from each mailbox, but I am looking at either a BATCH CSV setting or a TEMPLATE that I can turn OFF mwi when creating the users.
    Any ideas?

    Hi there,
    This setting change is available via Bulk Edit
    Bulk Edit> Messages> Disable MWI functionality for this user
    Bulk Edit changed in 8.x from where it was accessed in 7.x.
    Here's a clip that speaks to how this is run now. You first search and select all
    the users you want to change and then choose Bulk Edit;
    To Edit User Account Information in Bulk Edit Mode (some editing from original > this example
    is for Caller Input settings but you'll see the point)
    Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, on the Search Users page, check the applicable user check boxes, and select Bulk Edit.
    If the user accounts that you want to edit in bulk do not all appear on  one Search page, check all applicable check boxes on the first page,  then go to the next page and check all applicable check boxes, and so  on, until you have selected all applicable users. Then select Bulk Edit.
    Step 2 On the Edit Caller Input page, change settings as applicable.
    Note The  Status message at the top of the Edit Caller Input page tells you how  many user accounts are being edited. Also note that the page is  populated only with the fields that you are allowed to edit in bulk  mode, and that the fields available for edit also depend on whether all  of the user accounts reside on the local server.
    Step 3 If applicable, set the Bulk Edit Task Scheduling Fields to schedule the Bulk Edit operation for a later date and/or time.
    Step 4 Select Submit.
    Step 5 If  applicable, continue to change settings for these user accounts on the  related pages available from the Edit menu. As you make changes on each  page, select Submit before going on to the next page to make additional changes.
    Try a couple of test users first to come up with the exact plan.
    If you prefer you can also use Bulk Edit via .csv
    As a test here I tried the Bulk Edit and chose;
    User with Voicemail > Users referenced in this CSV file > Next
    This then allowed me to browse to an existing "basic" .csv that I had
    used to create a test user recently when playing with BAT. In this .csv
    I had one user named Bob Uncle with DN/ext 5126. So when I used this method
    the Bulk Edit tool (smart puppy ) selected only Bob Uncle for my edit choices
    and I was able to change the Disable MWI functionality for this user
    Again, please try manipulating some test users to perfect
    your methodology.
    I have attached the test .csv I used
    Attachments: buncletest Mailboxes.csv.zip (255 bytes)
    "Show a little faith, there's magic in the night" - Springsteen

  • How to set-up voice mail to email on Unity Connection 8.6

    Hi all,
    I need to set-up voice mail to email notification on a Unity Connection 8.6 MCS78XX server.  I've read several existing threads related to the subject, but have had somewhat of a difficult time finding a posting that provided a simplified approach with either or both of the options listed below.  I'm hoping and asking to receive a response (or responses) that will break it down.
    The intent is to either:
     A) Have new voice mail messages sent to end-user's e-mail inboxes as .wav files.
     B) Have notifications be e-mailed to end-user's inboxes whenever there is a new voice mail.
    Cisco Unity Single Inbox is not the preferred method at this point.
    I thank you all for your input and assistance!

    Manish, if I may... I read the 2nd thread and it mentions the addition of the Exchange IP address under the smart host field... and it appears that the Exchange will also need the IP address of the Unity Connection server for relay...
    question: under the Unity SMTP config options --> Server --> SMTP Domain --> can/should this be changed over to the Unity's IP address in an environment where the Unity Server's name is not resolvable?  The Unity Server in this case is not configured with DNS...  please advise
    Thank you again!

  • Jabber for Windows and Unity Connection Voice mail out of sync

    Hello all,
    Now that Jabber is pretty much part of every install you begin to notice some trends. One trend that I have noticed happening across several of customers is complaints about Jabber and the Voicemail server getting out of sync. It’s never really been a wide spread issue but it has be noticed by several of my customers enough so that I’m reaching out to see if others are experiencing the same problem. Here are the symptoms, a person sitting at their desk they have a physical phone, and a windows PC running Jabber 4 Windows. They miss a call and the MWI lamp gets lit on the phone but not on Jabber. When you click on HELP / Show Connection status, you see all green checks, and Voicemail shows connected from Jabbers standpoint. When you exit the application and come back in, then it sync’s back up just fine. I have never seen it happen myself, but to be honest I’m never at my desk enough to even notice if my phone lamp is lit.
    Anyway has anyone had similar issues? If so is there a fix?

    User logged in Jabber and do not log-off/sign-out for more than 24 hours and then jabber does not receive new voicemails from Unity Connection. User will be able to receive voicemails from other interfaces like Outlook, TUI but voicemails will not show up in Jabber.
    User does not sign out from jabber for more than 24 hours since last log on.
    Sign out from jabber at-least once a day and sign-in back so that subscription will not expire in Unity Connection database.
    Voicemail does not sync if Jabber left logged in for more than 24 hours
    Can be fixed, depends on releases, TAC offered me a fix in version 10.5(1)ES29

  • Voice mail issue with CUCM or CUCME

    I want to know a basic information regarding voice mail configuration in CUCM or CUCME.
    With the very basic configuration of CUCM or CUCME without any unity or unity connection, is it possible to have basic voice mail features with the system. Say, I have configured call manager server with voice gateway connected to PSTN. Now is it possible to have voice mail for the system without cisco unity or unity connection configured.
    Same goes for CUCME. We have CME bundled router configured. Can we configure voice mail with unity express without having separate license?
    Please help ,e to get the answer for this query.

    Hi Amer,
    Thanks for your help. Is this same for both CUCM & CUCME?
    For welcome greetings, I have configured its-CISCO. in the VG. Can you please guide me about basicAA.tcl script, i want to give it a shot.

  • Cisco Unity Connection 8.6 not getting CLID information from CUCM 8.6

    Currently Running:
    Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6.2
    Cisco Unity Connection 8.6.2
    when any outside caller leaves a voicemail, the caller number information is not being sent to unity.
    example, I call with my cell phone, 817.555.1234 to my Cisco 7940 phone and it shows the CLID information that i am calling with. iDivert to voice mail, Leave a message. Playback message and just the default message information from Cisco Unity.
    we currently upgraded from CUCM 6.1.3 and Unity 5. before i could press 9 and get the caller information.
    I have viewed the "Playback Message Settings" and selected "After Playing Each Message, Play" and selected Sender's Information. and also selected "Include Extension and Sender's ANI"
    upon playing the VoiceMail after the message i get the default message "From Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System"
    I also have the message relaying to my E-mail and I get the same in the subject line.
    "Message from Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System (Unknown extension)"
    This tends to be a big deal with the Sales team as customers will call and say "Call me back"
    But any Internal Calls show the correct information, proper greeting, extension information even on the relay to e-mail.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Found another post that referenced Cisco Bug ID CSCti37610.
    CUC plays message is from Unity Connection Messaging system
    Symptom:Before message playback, Unity Connection plays the message is from Unity Connection Messaging System instead sender's ANI
    Conditions:Problem was observed on Unity Connection cluster and appropriate services are not rebooted after changing the SMTP domain name
    Restart the Unity Connection servers
    It should have been fixed in 8.5 but we did change the SMTP domain name on 8.6 and now see the problem. Will schedule a reboot and see if the issue goes away.

Maybe you are looking for

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