Volume lower on it's own__iPod Classic 80gb 5.5 generation

I have this classic ipod for a long-time. Currently, I am using it in the car with 3.5mm radio cable. Becasue of connecting to the auto speakers, I have to set ipod volume to the maximum in order to have enough volume from the speaker. The weird thing is the iPod always decrease volume on its own to some lower level and every time is different. Sometime is back to the middle of volume and sometime even lower. I change a better 3.5mm ($20) but it still happens. I also updated the firm to the latest. But it's still..
There is only way I know that can treat this problem is lock the screen. But that is not the right way for me since I always change to the next song.
Did someone have the same problem like me?

You have the mid-2010 problem. There's an issue with the graphics module on that machine. There was a program in place to replace the motherboard within 3 years of purchase, but you're probably outside of that. Some folks have supposedly gotten theirs changed outside of that period, so you can try.
What you can do to use it is download gfxstatus from http:gfx.io and force the graphics to Intel. That will lessen the panics at the expense of graphics speed.
You may be eligible for a depot repair, which is a flat rate of about $310. Ask at the Genius Bar. Take along a printout of your panic.

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  • I traded my iPod Classic 80GB at the apple store for a junk one.

    I recently traded my iPod Classic 80GB for a new one because my friends dock messed up my iPod. Then I received a "new one" (notice the quotes). This didn't seem like it was new. I got home and synchronized it to my iTunes. I ejected it properly and all the stuff like that. I picked a song and it played properly but, when i pressed the menu button it did nothing. So, I kept pressing it and eventually got it when I pressed it very hard, which shouldn't happen. I tested all the other buttons and i realized that the menu button didn't work properly, the play/pause button wasn't stable (you have to press it hard and hold it completely still until it turned off or played a song, the next song button didnt work, the iPod could not reset because of the broken buttons and everything was "laggy." (Meaning that the scrolling the volume up and down had a slow, very choppy movements). Also when it would go to another screen it would take about 3-7 seconds to react. When I tested my friends iPod Classic 80GB, it did not do any of this. Just the other day I tried to reset it (holding down the play/pause button and the center button) then all the buttons stopped working. I pressed every single button it did not work. It didn't even reset. Would I get a new one if I brought it back to the apple store?

    The entire point of any warranty is that it guarantees against manufacturer defect for the term of the warranty.  There is no guarantee past the warranty period.  This is the way a warranty works.

  • Ipod classic 80gb wheel lags

    I have an ipod classic, 80gb,and when i scroll the whell up and down in volume, it is not as smooth as it is after a restart.Spesifically the wheel lags in volume.
    I have done the diagnostics test and it passed the test.
    And i have restore it many times..After the restore, it is ok, but after a new sync with i tunes it lags again.
    Any help?
    Thank you very much

    Never mind.
    I updated the software on the iPod and the problem went away.

  • Why does my ipod classic (80gb) connect for a few seconds then disconnect?

    I have a ipod classic 80gb, granted its old, but it has a big memory so I can store my whole collection. Anyway, when I connect it to my PC (with windows 8.1) it will connect for a few seconds then disconnect. It will sometimes start to sync, but then disconnect after a few seconds. My computer is pretty new, Acer Aspire V5. I have tried reinstalling itunes, a new cable to connect it, different usb ports(2) and with and without the pc plugged into the mains, which is when it starts to sync for a brief second. Has anyone else had the same problem??

    The S.I. prefix Giga is used to mean both 1000x1000x1000 and 1024x1024x1024. Computer software typically uses the second version, but using the first number makes the same number of bytes appear bigger when expressed as Gb, so is favoured by hard drive manufactures.
    80Gb10 = 74.3Gb2
    It's a bit like specifying a quantity in gallons without saying whether they are US or Imperial gallons - everybody gets the same volume but one number will be bigger than the other. I could offer you a tank with 10 Imperial gallons of fuel in it - but if I tell you it's 12 US gallons it sounds like you're getting more for your money.
    Once the total size of your library exceeds the capacity of your device all you need to do is create some size limited playlists to determine what goes on the device. Don't sync all movies, sync one or two that you plan to watch soon. Likewise with TV Shows. Limit podcasts to unplayed episodes and finally create a music subset. What worked for me for some time was a smart playlist called Steve's Tunes defined as Playlist is Music and Playlist is not Exclude where Exclude was regular playlist that I would manually add to until Steve's Tunes was small enough to fit. These days I run an iPhone and have a number of smart playlists with ? Gb of most played, ? Gb of highly rated, ? Gb of recently added, ? Gb of essentials, ? Gb of unplayed etc. Each time I sync I get slightly updated selection without having to put any extra effort in.

  • Difetti che ho trovato nel mio iPod Classic 80GB

    Salve a tutti, ho da poco comprato il nuovo iPod Classic da 80GB, vorrei dirvi che mi aspettavo qualcosa di meglio,
    - Lo trovo Lento;
    - Non posso credere che non sia possiblile disabilitare lo screensaver (orologio + Stato della Batteria) durante l'ascolto, i tecnici di apple devono inserire l'opzione per disabilitarlo;
    - Dovrebbero trovare una soluzione alla possibilità di "regolare" il volume di un brano (-100%...0..+100%) direttamente dall'iPod;
    - Sarebbe interessante poter vedere qualche informazione in più sul brano che si stà ascoltando se ho inserito i tag...
    sono a conoscenza che ci sono altri post che trattano di questo argomento, ho voluto mettere però un post in Italiano per permettere a chi non conosce l'inglese di esprimere il proprio dissenso su questi punti, anche perchè il supporto tecnico non risponde a domande poste in italiano.
    "I Translate my post in english..."
    Hello, I recently bought the new iPod Classic (80GB), I'm not really that happy about it,
    - It think it is slow;
    - I can not believe it is impossible to disable the screen saver (Clock+Battery Status) when listening my music, Apple Engineer must create the option to disable it.
    - I would also like Apple Engineer find a solution to the possibility of "adjusting" the volume of a song (-100% ... 0 .. +100%) directly from iPod ...
    - I would like to see more information on that song listening if I entered other tags from iTunes...
    I know that there are other posts that deal with this topic, but I wanted to make a post in Italian to allow those who do not know English to express their dissent on these issues, given that technical support is not responding to questions posed in Italian.
    Sorry my bad English.
    Thank you.

    *technical support is not responding to questions posed in Italian.*
    Apple "technical support" does not respond to any posts in any language because this is a user-to-user forum.
    If you want to make suggestions to Apple, go here -> http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipod.html
    given that technical support is not responding to questions posed in Italian.
    You have only 1 post.

  • I-Trigue 3000i for IPod classic 80GB?

    I have a question regarding the i-trigue3000i before I maybe go and buy it.
    I read that it supports some of the ipods, but does it support "IPod classic 80GB"?
    Can I still use my IPod with that system ?

    All the items/function that you have listed is going to work with your unit connected to the speaker. Audio function meaning that you could only play music with it but you will not be able to use the A/V out.
    From the website:[*]Wireless remote controls iPod players as well as the system. Features include power, volume, track selection, menu selection playback mode, mute. Hope this helps.

  • IPod Classic 80Gb intermittent problems

    My iPod Classic 80Gb is starting to become a bit tempremental especially when used in the car but also at home although right now it is playing away fine through my hi-fi system. What happens is that seemingly at random the Apple logo appears on the screen and the device resets itself which is quite annoying when you're driving along. This iPod is now 6 years old and has the original battery and so the problems I am having might be due to the battery getting old.
    In the car I am playing it through a Parrot MKi9200 bluetooth car kit http://www.parrot.com/uk/products/hands-free-car-kits/parrot-mki9200/ which connects using the 30 pin connector although I could also use the 3.5mm jack but that doesn't display the song being played on the small LCD screen. At home I am playing it mostly through the 3.5mm jack to RCA (phono) into the aux input on my amplifier.
    My iPod is synced with iTunes quite often as I'm always adding more music and the battery seems generally to be well topped up. There are times when I've been on a long car journey when the iPod obviously stops because the battery has gone too low but the majority of journeys in the car are short ones around town when the battery isn't getting too low. When the battery has gone too low it takes a while to get the iPod going again as the battery has to be charged before anything happens, whereas these freezes when the Apple screen comes up are short things which the iPod recovers from fairly quickly.
    What I am trying to work out is if a new battery would solve the problems I am having or whether there might be something else needing replaced as well. If it was just the battery then I'd probably replace it but if it is more than that then I'd rather put the money I'd spend repairing it into a new iPod. Having said that I've heard that you can put a solid state hard drive in an iPod and I'm wondering if Apple will be releasing an iPod with a large ss hard drive as I think I read the current iPod Classic was to be the last in the line.

    Hi Snoopyathome.
    You have the inccorect cable for the classic 80/160. The cable you have is described on this link: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wa/RSLID?mco=B5F 4A608&fnode=home/shopipod/ipod_accessories/cablesdocks&nplm=M9765G/B .
    This is the incorrect cable for the classic. The cable you purchased plugs into the earphone jack and can be used with previous versions of the iopd, including "ipod with color Display" and "ipod with video". This exclused the classic 80 and classic 160.
    The proper cable can be found at this link: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wa/RSLID?mco=4D7 9909E&fnode=home/shopipod/ipod_accessories/cablesdocks&nplm=MB129LL/A .
    When I went to the ipod store here they tried to sell me that cable you purchased. Luckily, I had already been to the website to look for info about connections. I use the mb129ll/a with my classic 80 and it works perfectly.
    The mb129ll/a also works with previous ipods listed at the bottom of the page on the link I place here.
    Good luck to you.
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  • IPod Classic 80GB - "iTunes library cannot be saved you do not have enough access privileges for this operation" It says it has synced but it hasn't. Help please I am not very tech minded

    iPod Classic 80GB. Message reads ' iTunes library cannot be saved you do not have enough access privileges for this operation'.  It says it has synced but it hasn't. Please help, I am not very tech minded.

    See this article about troubleshooting the error message regarding access privelages.  It may be preventing your iTunes library from being able to save/retain music you have recently imported to it, which may explain why no new content is being added to your device.
    Trouble adding music to iTunes library or importing audio CD

  • How can I get an album from my iPod Classic 80GB onto my refurbished MacBook Air?

    Hi there
    I have a new to me refurbished MacBook Air and an old iPod Classic 80GB.  I've somehow managed to get my music off my iPod onto my laptop apart from one album which doesn't seem to have copied across.  Please could anyone tell me how to do this?  On my ancient iBook, back in the day, you could just drag music across to copy it but that doesn't work here.  I've looked on Help about backing up, but it's a bit cond=fusing as the set up isn't the same the Help section mentions, although I must have managed to back up to have the rest of my music on my laptop at all.
    Also, please could someone explain syncing to me?  I've looked on Help, but i still don't know what it means.
    Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm not that clued up technically, thought trying to educate myself bit by bit now I have my own laptop.
    Thank you in advance.

    Ps Just to add a bit more information, I just realised there are loads of albums on my iPod I don't have on iTunes on my laptop.  I wonder if the ones that /are/ on my laptop got there are there because there got there via me having the same apple id.  I don't know if that's a ridiculous suggestion, but thought I'd better mention it. 

  • My apple ipod classic 80gb says there is no music - anything on my ipod, but says it only has 37gb free. Then i try and plug it into my pc with iTunes on (i've set it to do not automatically sync devices) but it still freezes every time. can't restore.

    my apple ipod classic 80gb says there is no music - anything on my ipod, but says it only has 37gb free. Then i try and plug it into my pc with iTunes on (i've set it to do not automatically sync devices) but it still freezes every time. the only way to unfreeze it is by detatching the ipod or resetting with menu/centre (until it loads up again, where it immediately unfreezes and comes up with a load of messages saying "cannot read iPod" and when i try and restore it by pressing menu/centre button while it's plugged in, it says "cannot restore as it is being used by another program" or "error 1415". Any ideas how to sort this out? hope i haven't majorly screwed it up. thanks.

    Sorted it out. If anyone has this problem i reccommend visiting http://forums.ilounge.com/ipod-classic-ipod-5g-video/237546-ipod-classic-80gb-fr eezes-itunes-need-restore-plz-help-2.html#post1403546 there's some pretty good advice on it. have to go into control panel and re-format iPod into NTFS file. good luck.

  • I have a ipod classic 80Gb version 1.1.1 pc , but I can't sync with iTunes . Please give a solution.

    Dear sir,
                    I have a ipod classic 80Gb version 1.1.1 pc , but I can't sync with iTunes . Please give a solution
    Yours faithfully

    Hello Vineesh
    Try out the troubleshooting assisting below to get your iPod Classic to start syncing again properly.
    iPod classic Troubleshooting Assistant
    -Norm G.

  • IPod classic 80GB suddenly stops showing on iTunes both on explorer and finder (I use windows 7 and Mac OSX) Any help?Tried everything nothing works!!!

    Hello everyone.
    I have bought an (admittedly used) iPod classic 80GB on New Year's this year.For the better part of this month it was working beautifully.I was lucky that I got it.But just a week ago,it started bugging out.It would mount on iTunes and I would drag and drop music and videos on it but could only do it one at a time or it froze.This continued on for a couple days then finally yesterday it won't show on itunes at all.I tried resetting it,changing usb ports but it still wouldn't show except on plugged devices on ''Computer'' and on Finder (I have been trying to make it show on my macbook as well with no luck either)
    I ever resorted to trying to remove completely and reinstall iTunes.still won't show and unfortunately for some reason whenever I try to reinstall it now on my windows 7 it says something about it ''missing a key'' and stopping the installation.
    Can anyone offer me any solutions?I am growing pretty desperate here as the last time i managed to do a ''drag and drop'' to put my videos and music in it,any movie I dropped into the iPod,even though it shows on the device,it won't play at all -.-
    PS.The ipod had been updated and formatted on my windows 7 if that helps any....
    PS2.I had restored my iPod twice both on Windows 7 and on my MacBook when the freezing issue had happened when i plugged it in on my PC.It is currently updated and formatted on windows
    PS3.iPod is on disk mode already and now still can't reinstall itunes 11
    SOS Someone help me Offer me some solutions other than the ones I've already tried??

    I am still having the problem. I have noticed a pattern to the seemingly random freezes.
    The iPod is stopping to Sync at almost predictable points during the sync. The first stoppage occurs around the 1.9GB part of the sync. This has not always been the same file but it is always around the same place.
    When I sync in small chunks the freeze occurs at almost the same place every time. As soon as it freezes, iTunes is toast and the entire computer needs to be restarted.
    Anyways, the freeze happens around every 2GB's of data transferred. It does not have to be in one chunk, it is almost like it is happening on the iPod. Like the iPod is kicking itself out of the sync at certain points along it's hard drive or something. Once it freezes and I restart the computer, I can transfer another 2 GB before it freezes again... then restart, repeat. Finally I was able to load up the 14.8 GB I had in my iTunes. Several hours later... not sure if I should take the iPod back or not. If it is the iPod and that fixes the problem great... but if it is my machine, I get another 3-4 hours syncing and restarting my computer. Wheeee!

  • Ipod Classic 80gb won´t work with apple universal dock and remote

    I own 2 ipods a 5th generation 60gb and an ipod classic 60gb. I've just bought an apple universal dock with remote and the original apple component and composite AV cables. I connected the universal dock to my TV via the composite cable, with my ipod 5th gen I can watch videos on the TV and control the ipod with the apple remote but when I connect my ipod classic to the universal dock it will charge but I can´t get any video out or control the ipod with the remote. It's as if the ipod classic doesn't recognize the universal dock and it keeps showing the connect the video accessory screen, even when i tried using the apple component AV cable. I dont think the problem is with the universal dock because it works fine with my Ipod video 60gb, but with my Ipod Classic 80gb the remote control and video out won't work at all, i can´t even control the playback of audio playlists. Does anyone know why that is happenning? Please help me!

    I have the Classic 80gb also...same probem. I retuned the Apple Universal Dock and purchased one that was half the price. Pluged it in and it works perfectly! So my advice would be to save some money and get products that work.

  • Please tell me which Ipod dock adapter is compatible with the Ipod Classic 80GB?  They no longer make this particular Ipod and I need the right dock adapter for my Panasonic SC-HC25 stereo system I recently purchased.

    Please tell me which Ipod dock adapter is compatible with the Ipod Classic 80GB?  They no longer make this particular Ipod and I need the right dock adapter for my Panasonic SC-HC25 stereo system with universal dock for Ipod/Iphone I recently purchased.
    You can also send my answer to [email protected]
    Thanks in advance for all who will help.

    refer to this Apple support Article, on Universal Dock which retail at $59 at Apple store.
    Look through the compatible list chart and see which 80GB model are you using, either ID 9 or 10. you can order through Apple Online Store.
    Have a nice day!

  • How come my ipod classic 80gb wont show up on my computer or itunes

    can anyone tell me why my ipod classic 80gb wont show up on my computer anywhere

    Hi lllaass,
    Do you know of any solutions to restore my ipod touch generation 1 or 2 I think.  Itunes says it cannot restore and now it won't work?  Do I have to go to an apple store or do you have any advise?

Maybe you are looking for

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