Volume too low on download from itunes store how to fix

My download from itunes store won't play on my ipad at a decent volume.  How do I fix it? 
Actually, I suspect the download itself is too low and fuzzy.  How do I reload?

If you are having a problem with a song you downloaded from iTunes, you can report it to an iTunes worker and they will redownload the song for you for free.  Go to the song you bought and find where it says "report a problem".  Click on that, and you can explain your problem to an iTunes worker.

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  • HT1349 I have suddenly lost the whole of my iTunes library, with the exception of music that I have bought and downloaded from iTunes Store.  It was all there yesterday and I haven't altered anything, as far as I know!

    I have suddenly lost the whole of my iTunes library, with the exception of music that I have bought and downloaded from iTunes Store.  It was all there yesterday and I haven't altered anything, as far as I know!  I hope it's something quite simple?
    Apologies, but none of the communities listed seems to fit this question - so I'm taking pot luck!

    For music that you've purchased from Apple that are on your iPhone you should be able to copy to your computer's iTunes via File > Transfer Purchases. Also if you are in the US then you should be able to re-download past music purchases for free : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2519
    For your own music that you've copied, then if you haven't got a backup on, for example, external drives or CDs/DVDs then you could see if any of the utilities mentioned in this old post still exist and work

  • HT1491 Don't remember the answers to security questions to download from iTunes Store?

    Don't remember the answers to security questions to download from iTunes Store?

    Click here and search the article for '2 out of 3' without the quotes; in the case of forgotten answers, this generally involves either a message being sent to your rescue email address or contacting the iTunes Store staff directly.

  • TS1398 Not able to download from iTunes store

    Not able to download from iTunes Store after making purchases.

    elaborate more, what happens when you try to download?  Any error messages?

  • How do i move music from iphone to pc - not all downloaded from itunes store?

    how do i move music from iphone to pc - not all downloaded from itunes store?

    iTunes includes an option to transfer content that was purchased from the iTunes Store from an iPod or iPhone, but this is for content that was purchased from the iTunes Store only.
    With your iPhone connected and without syncing, at the iTunes menu bar go to File and select Transfer Purchases From - the name of your iPhone.
    This is one of the reasons why maintaining a backup of all your important data (including your iTunes library) stored on an external drive used for backup purposes only, or on other media such as CD or DVD is so important.

  • Downloading from iTunes Store freezes Macbook Pro

    Whenever I activate a download from iTunes Store (either restart available downloads or try a new one) my computer freezes. No force-quit, no clicking with cursor. Only thing to do is hard restart. Everything is up-to-date (iTunes 8.0.2, Mac OS X 10.5.6) so I don't see that as the problem.
    Anyone with similar problems? More importantly, anyone know the fix?

    The solution with me was:
    Disconnect your internet connection open Itunes, wait for a minute and then connect again to internet and you will see that know it doesn't freeze, I know it is a really stupid solution but it works with my computer.
    After making everything (verify disk, permissions, etc...) this was the only solution.

  • Having installed culturealley (learning spanish) from Itunes Store, how do I get it to play on my Windows p.c.?

    having installed "culturealley" I.e. learning Spanish lessons from ITunes Store, how do I get this to play on my Windows p.c.?

    Apps from the iTunes App Store can only be run on a compatible iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

  • I'm recieven charges for a magic piano app every month from itunes store how do i cancel the supposed service?

    I'm recieven charges for a magic piano app every month from itunes store how do i cancel the supposed service?

    There are instructions on this page for managing and stopping auto-renewing subscriptions : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4098

  • HT2729 if i buy a movie from itunes store how can i put it on my new ipad

    if i buy a movie from itunes store how can i put it on my new ipad

    Assuming it's in a supported format (which is likely), simply sync your iPad to iTunes on your computer.  Make sure you have specified that you would like to sync movies on the "movies" tab on the top right of the iTunes display (when your iPad is plugged in and its row highlighted).

  • While trying to purchase through a game in my iphone it says ( cannot connect to itunes store ) how to fix this?

    while purchasing something from my iphone ( it says : cannot connect to itunes store ) how to fix this?

    Hello Emamoe,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing when making an in-app purchase on your iPhone.  I found a couple of articles I recommend for this issue.
    First, I recommend using the steps in the section titled “Troubleshoot issues on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch” in the following article (the article title refers to the iTunes Store, but the steps are relevant for the App Store as well):
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    If the issue persists after following the steps in that section, I recommend continuing with the steps in the section titled “Isolate the issue: (Mac OS X, Windows, iOS)” in the article below.  This section will help you isolate the network issue that could be blocking you on those apps:
    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • How do I Download from Itunes store using the Apple Lossless format?

    I use my music on a home sterio and import locally from CD's to Windows using the Apple Lossless format only, to achieve the Highest quality sound. However, When I buy from Itunes store I can only get AAC format, which is low quality. How can I get Itunes to give me only Apple Lossless format?
    Your help will b e appreciated.

    I do agree with what i have been said. I am a musician, i think AAC is definitely medium-low quality. I bought this year lots of AAC 256 for Itunes. I have been surprised. SO many times i need to go to the equalizer to counter-balance the weakness of this file format.
    I advise you to do the following. Import a CD using Apple LossLess and then import a CD using AAC 256. You will see a HUGE difference.
    Now i start to buy CD again in order to get the music Quality. Then i import my CDs to Itunes using Apple LossLess (920Kbps). You will ear that on Snares and Rides. Bass will sound more natural. Bass, Medium, Sharp will more balance with each other. You will hear instruments with more clarity especially when there are a lot of instruments. Because of that, you will not need to raise up the volume.
    But more than anything... you will gain VOLUME in your files.
    In general over the internet all the online music stores including Itune doesn't provide HD quality. AAC 256 is not enough. A track bought over Itune Store should weight 30 megabytes, not 5. And then you would decide to compress it or not.

  • Extremely slow download from Itunes store when on NAS

    Hi All,
         Since the latest Itunes update 10.6 I've been experiencing extremely slow download from the store. Set up is as follows (with all the latest firmware and software upgrades done on everything)
         ITunes DB and XML locally stored on HDD
         Itunes Media Folder stored on NAS DNS-323
         DNS 323 NAS hardwired to network by 1000 Gb LAN Connection
         Cabled Internet connection at 60Mbps
    There is no issue running Itunes from the NAS to MAC / APPLETV and other devices across the network wirelessly or hardwired, except when downloading purchases from the ITunes Store. One HD tv show takes 4 hours to download and averages 1Mbps speed.
         After running some test with various configuration it seems that the fact that the Downloads folder located within the ITunes Media folder (now stored on the NAS) is causing the poor download speed. When the Download folder is local on a HDD  it's got no problem reaching 60Mbps.
         Unfortunately there is no way to tell ITunes to keep the Downloads folder local and the ITunes Media folder on NAS, it always stays within the Itunes Media folder no matter where this folder is located.
         Permitting Itunes to keep the Downloads folder locally while downloading files and transferring the files to the ITunes Media folder (wherever it's located) once it's fully downloaded might be the simple solution to this common problem.
         How about testing this out Apple!

    I have some information to add to this.  I've been seeing these problems for quite some time since I started downloading in HD.  My library is rather large so I too decided to use another drive.  My case is different though I have and extra 2 TB internal drive and my media folder is on it.  This rules out all Wifi, network, or USB bottlenecks as a cause of the problem.  I have noted a few oddities about this behavior and I will mention them here although I am not sure what they mean.
    1.  If I set up a long list of downloads it seems to crawl on all downloads.  If I kill the "apple push" process the top two seem to speed up.  I have to maintain the list and only enable two downloads at a time to get anywhere near reasonble speeds but this method is great for one or two downloads at a time.
    2.  I was curious about this problem after watching it download for hours on a 24MBPS connection for just a few shows.  When I did yet another search I finally found this thread so I thought checking something out might be interesting.  I set up some HD movies to download on my secondary system that only has one hard drive.  Although not at full speed they began downloading much faster.  Three movies are all downloading on the single drive system faster than the one alone on the system with the Itunes media folder on a different drive.
    Both systems are hard wired to the internet. 
    Finding this thread made me very curious I was wondering if there would be a performance boost if I uninstalled Itunes, and re-installed it on the media drive.  I really wanted that drive to be storage only but it makes me wonder if it would give different results or the same problem from not being on the OS drive.
    Both systems are running Windows 7, and both are able to download streaming content, large files, or movies from other sites relatively instantly.

  • How is it possible to cancel (not suspend) a video download from iTunes Store (iPad under iOs 6)? (I do not have sufficient storage space on my iPad)

    I am facing the following difficulty with my iPad (model MD369NF/A) under iOs 6.1.3.
    I have bought 2 videos on iTunes Store, but I do not succeed in downloading them: an error message mentions that iPas does not have enough storage capacity.
    As a matter of face, when I look at the way the storage is used, I find “Others” for around 10 Go (is there some king of reserved space for the downloading of videos from iTunes Store?), and only a very small number of Mo available.
    I would simply like to cancel the downloading of the 2 videos, and hope that it would free the "Others" storage space (in the hypothesis that "Others" is space reserved for videos once downloaded), but I do not manage to do it. I can suspend the downloading, but I do not see how to cancel it.
    Would you have a solution to propose ?
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Hey Nicolas36,
    Thanks for the question, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    The following article outlines issues with free space, capacity, and a large amount of "other" space. You'll want to connect your iPad to your computer with iTunes to follow the steps:
    iOS: 'Not enough free space' alert when trying to sync
    One symptom of this issue will be displayed in iTunes where the Capacity indicator for the iOS device will report a large amount of "Other" disk usage for the device. To resolve this issue:
    - Turn off the music or photo sync option in iTunes for the device.
    - Click Apply to sync the changes to the device.
    - Turn the music and photo sync options for the device on again.
    - Click Apply again to try to sync the device to iTunes.
    Matt M.

  • The apps that are downloaded from itunes store are not getting installed pls help

    I am currently using the latest version of itunes. And i am using an iphone 3g ios 4.2.1 version. And whenever i am downloading any of the free application from itunes store from my pc the application is getting download properly and when i try installing it on my phone it gets installed but after installing there is a process of finishing sync when that appears the mark from that application disappears on its own and the app is not installed on the phone.
    Please help me
    Thank you

    Oooft thanks for rapid responce!!  It is same account as purchased app, defo compatible (3 of them used to be on ipod then disappeared)  and this is only computer I've ever used with ipod.  I also did a software update just incase and tried dragging and dropping them into device but it won't let me!!!!!  I will try the restictions thingy!

  • HT4528 songs downloaded from itunes store is not appearing in itunes on any device

    The songs purchased from my iphone itunes store are not appearing in my music library on itunes and I can not get them onto my ipod.

    Hello bradrahaman,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with your purchased songs.  You can download your previous purchases from your account on the iTunes Store on your computer. 
    Use the steps in the section titled “Download previous purchases on Mac or PC ” in the following article:
    Download past purchases
    Additionally, you can enable Automatic Downloads on your computer so that in the future items purchased on your iPhone will automatically download to iTunes on your computer.  Use the steps in the section titled “Enabling Automatic Downloads on your computer” in the article below:
    iTunes Store: How to enable Automatic Downloads
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

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