WAD - customize web item attribute values

did somebody know if it is possible to define or customize web item attribute values ?
I would like to define a new attribute value for the attribute IMAGEMAP_PATTERN. At the moment there are just two possible values to select: NONE or FILTER_VAL.
<a href="http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw2004s/helpdata/en/3b/7c97de1bed374ee0000800091c1b0e/frameset.htm">IMAGEMAP_PATTERN</a>
Thank you.
Daniel Junkovic

Hello Elena,
I am working on navigation with maps at the moment. Can you tell me, where to set the parameters "Imagemap_Pattern" or "Influenced_DP_1", please?
I tried it with the html- code of the documentation, but this did not work so well.

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    I have a requirement to change the Web item Info Field in WAD 7.0 (earlier Text Element in BW 3.5). Presentlt there are two property that is Width in Pixel & Height in Pixel i want to have Width in Pixel , Full Width , Height in Pixel & Full Height as present in Analysis  Web Item .
    How to achieve this is it possible for us to do this or not?
    Thanks & Regards
    Rajesh Kumar

    Hi gurus,
    I have found a way to update my title via Javascript using url command :
    I add this line in my url : &item=Table_1&caption=NewTitle
    But it works only if I use this line alone ... if I try to do this with another cmd (merge the two cmd together)
    it doesn't work (only the first cmd is executed) ! Anybody knows something about that ???
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi All,
    Can any one let me know how to customize the web item TEXT ELEMENTS. When we place the web item Text element in the web template, it displays the query details and the info provider details.
    I question is I do not want to list all the list that is displayed in the text elements. I want to see only part of the list....can any one whether this is possible or not..if possible how...?
    Thanks in Advance,

    yes you need to specify the variable name
             <param name="OWNER" value="SAP_BW"/>
             <param name="CMD" value="GET_ITEM"/>
             <param name="NAME" value="TEXTELEMENTS_1"/>
             <param name="ITEM_CLASS" value="CL_RSR_WWW_ITEM_TEXT_ELEMENTS"/>
             <param name="DATA_PROVIDER" value="DATAPROVIDER_1"/>
             <param name="GENERATE_CAPTION" value="BORDER"/>
             <param name="GENERATE_LINKS" value=""/>
             <param name="SHOW_COMMON_ELEMENTS" value=""/>
            <b> <param name="ELEMENT_TYPE_1" value="VARIABLE"/>
             <param name="ELEMENT_NAME_1" value="0H_CCTR"/></b>         ITEM:            TEXTELEMENTS_1

  • How to pass parameter values to a customer exit web item (WAD)

    Hi gurus,
    I have a wad with a data provider and a filter panel filtering that dp by using a variable. There is also a customer exit which saves the values of that variable into a z table.
    How can I pass the values of the filter panel to the customer exit web item?
    Thanks in advance,

    Can you clarify your scenario? Which is the case you're talking about?
    1) You want to pass a parameter from OmniPortlet to a PL/SQL procedure.
    2) You want to pass a parameter from a PL/SQL procedure to OmniPortlet.
    In both cases the most obvious way of doing it is through request (URL) parameters.
    Render a link in your portlet (either in OmniPortlet or using PL/SQL) that invokes a portal page, containing the other portlet.
    Both OmniPortlet and PL/SQL allow you to wire and access page parameters.
    Take a look at the Using Parameter and Events section of the Portal User's Guide and the Parameters and Events section of the Portal Developer's Guide.
    Hope this helps,

  • Need help in WAD 7.0 - anaylsis item cell value as filter to another web...

    Hi ,
    I need help in WAD 7.0
    i have 2 web items, analyis item 1 & 2
    when user clicks any cell value in column xxx of analysis item1, then i need to filter the analysis item 2 values for  column xxx  , for that user clicked value.
    how do i enable this ?

    You can try the nxt approach:
    1. in analysis item A (first) properties define in "behaviour" -> "row selection" = "single with command".
    2. set this command to "SET_SELECTION_STATE_BY_BINDING".
    3. define "data provider affected" = your second data provider for analysis item B.
    4. in "selection binding" set needed variables to binding type "VARIABLE"
    In this case, when you select any row in analysis item A some variables will be populatd from this row and affect on analys item B (dataprovider B).

  • WAD 7: Hide Web Item depending on variable value

    I have two enterprise reports in a web template. The underlying queries have the same variable (calendar month). I want to achieve the following:
    In case the variable is < 4: Show report A, Hide report B
    In case the variable is >=4: Show report B, Hide report A
    Any idea how to do this?
    Best regards

    You should lookup how to use XPATH and Javascript combination. Xpath will let you query the value of the variable in Javascript and then you can use javascript to set the hidden property for the desired web item.

  • Web Item Portfolio in WAD 7.0

    I would like to realize the following with the portfolio Web Item in the WAD 7.0:
    I got a Query which delivers me 3 columns:
    Section1 : x,y, size
    Section2 : x,y, size
    x for x axis y for y axis and size for the size of the bubbles in the chart.
    The Chart presents this correct.
    As a label for every bubble it shows me Section1, Section 2....
    As Label I would like to have the value of the third column(size) presented and not
    Section 1, Section 2...
    Is there a possibility to this?
    Thanks for any help!!

    Hi Holger,
    this is possible with the latest IGS version when using $size in the Format attribute of the Series customzing.
    See note <a href="http://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1064448">1064448</a> for more information on the number formats.
    Best regards

  • Attributes of an InfoObject in a Filter Pane web item.

    Hi All.
      I need the some wisdom
      I have a Web template developed in WAD. 7.0. In this template, we have a filter pane web item for selecting values of the characteristic 0MATERIAL. It works properly but when I open the filter pane the 0material values appear with ALL ITS ATTRIBUTES (around 70) and that is very annoying.
      So, the question: is there any way to restrict the number of the attibutes displayed in the window? I only want to show the material number and its description.
      Thanks in advance

    Hi Montero,
    I also had similar problem earlier , i had solved by making changes in the properties of that particular characterstic.
    That is click on particular characteristic and in properties pane goto advanced tab there you can see Query Execution for filter value selection here try changing to "only posted values for navigation" .
    Hope this helps you.
    Edited by: thulasi ram on May 20, 2008 9:25 AM

  • How to change the size of the web item text in WAD 7.0

    Dear All
    I am quite new to WAD and I am having a problem with changing the font size of a web text item
    I have searched already and someone suggested changing the Design property to  HEADER1 or HEADER2 etc and then I should be able to change the font / size.
    I have done this but to no avail
    I want to have large heading across the top of the web template
    am I using the wrong web item ?
    I know I can key the text directly into the web template and change the font from the menu bar  but I need it in an item as I want to export them through to PDF later
    Would be grateful of any help

    Thank you all for your quick responses (I will award points once this is sorted)
    On the information you have supplied this has opened up yet another new part of WAD that I have not experienced ...TAGs
    Shubhranshu - I have done what you said but as I have never used tags I have just had a look around and found that I can insert Any Tag but not sure if I should be doing that.  If it is inert any tag , I chose FONT from the drop down and cbmAttributes defaulted into the custom tab for the class name but not sure what it wants in the Attributes and CSS Style tab, it won't accept what I am putting which is leading me to believe that I shouldn't be doing it that way.
    Venkat - thanks for the links they will prove very useful.  I've had a look and although they talk alot about the XHTML code for tags they don't actually say how you do it in the editor - I would like to produce one that way first and then see the code it generates for it.  I'm a bit apprehensive with changing the code direct as I don't want to mess anything up.
    Thanks again for your help

  • Approach to customize workflow - setting default values of attributes

    Hello Friends,
    I have a requirement to customize the standard workflow - PO Requisition Approval & PO Create Documents. I want to change the default value of certain attributes in both the workflow.
    Generally workflows are customized through process customization (create a new process by copying the main process (which gets called) and customize it under the same 'Item type' ) but if we just need to change the default value of attributes , do we create a new 'Item type' and set the attribute values or any other approach? If we make the change in the seeded workflow , whichever OU use that workflow will see the changes in functionality.
    The requirement is very common and even Oracle has mentioned that buisness should set these attributes to suit their business needs.One such attribute is 'Is Automatic Creation Allowed' (Should PO be created from iProc requisition without user intervention)
    What is the recommended/best way forward.
    Please suggest , thanks !!

    You can simply update the wf_item_attributes table.
    Set text_default to Y WHERE name = 'CONT_WF_FOR_AC_REL_GEN'           
    Hope this helps
    Sandeep Gandhi
    Independent Techno-functional Consultant

  • Web item for formula variable in WAD

        I have a formula variable in my IP application where user can input the percentage for a function, which web item I should used in WAD to bind the user's input data with the formula variable? The input field item does not have the data binding property.I did it in my last project but can not remember it anymore.

    Basically, in IP you do not need to configure  web item for formula variable, it will automatically pop-up when you run the function, at that time you can input the value for the variable. while in BPS, we need to input the numerical value before we run the function.
    Since the input field web item does not have data binding property, I am not sure it is useful, the data you input has no effect on your processing data set. Anybody has some other idea?

  • WAD: Background-Image when dropping Web-Item

    Hi specialists,
    I've got the following issue:
    As soon as I drop an WebItem into (let's say) a div-element, the WAD adds the following items to the XHTML-Code of the div-Element:
    oheight="423" owidth="714" height="423" width="714" iwidth="714px" iheight="423px" src="file://C:/my documents/myname/local settings/Temp/bw/tmp_mime/gen_prevgenbmp377.png"
    and the following into the div's style-attribute:
    BACKGROUND-IMAG E: url(file://C:/my documents/myname/local settings/Temp/bw/tmp_mime/gen_prevgenbmp377.png);
    Can anybody explain this behaviour ? What are this background-Image (which seems to be a dummy-image) and the non-standard attributes used for ?
    So far I always needed to remove this attributes/style-element manually after inserting a new web-item - which is quite inconvenient... - Is there a way to disabble this

    You don't convert code from Spry.  You eliminate Spry and start over with a better Menu.
    If you have a budget to work with, Project Seven's Pop-Menu Magic3 is a good investment and it's mobile &  touch screen friendly.
    jQuery Superfish (free)
    jQuery MegaMenu 2  (free)
    To answer your first question, you want a persistent indicator.
    Making a persistent page indicator on site wide CSS Menus
    Nancy O.

  • Customize Analysis web item

    Hi All,
    I have to customize the Analysis web item by adding an extra column for user to put in comments for each row and the comments should be saved.
    Is there a way to do this using Modification parameter in the parameters for Analysis web item or using Custom Extension web item ?
    Can you please suggest how it can be done?
    We are on BI 7.0 and we don't have the above mentioned 2 options in our WAD . But read the documentation on the help portal and thought there is way to do it. Our basis team is working on it to get those 2 options available in WAD.
    Please let me know the steps to achieve it.

    Also chk these links whether this could be of any help :

  • WAD binding using "Web Item with ManualInput"

    I am using a formula variable in a fox to get an user entered number. I have Input Field web item in the web template and I am trying to pass the input value from this item to the formula variable using "Web Item with ManualInput" binding type . But, the user entered value is not getting transferred to the fox.
    While other variable types work fine, seems to be having issues with this binding type for formula variable. Any help in resolving this issue is much appreciated.

    Hi all,
    please try following procedure to pass the entered value from WAD to FOX:
    Within the command "exec_planning_sequence" (or planning function) do the following data binding:
    variable: {technical name of your formula variable}
    variable type: "item-input"
    web-item: {technical name of your input item}
    Should look like this in XHTML (assume the formula variable is called Z_IM_TEST_MMEVE_001):
    <bi:command type="EXEC_PLANNING_SEQUENCE_SIMPLE">
    <bi:param name="VARIABLE_VALUES" type="ORDEREDLIST">
      <bi:param name="VARIABLE_VALUE" type="COMPOSITE" index="1">
       <bi:param name="VARIABLE" value="Z_IM_TEST_MMEVE_001" text="Z_IM_TEST_MMEVE_001">
       <bi:param name="VARIABLE_TYPE" type="CHOICE" value="ITEM_INPUT">
        <bi:param name="ITEM_INPUT" type="COMPOSITE">
        <bi:param name="ITEM_REF" value="INPUT_FIELD_TEST">
    I implemented the same thing successfully and received the entered values in FOX correctly. If it does not work just post a description of the problem appearing.

  • GIS - Realize Drill Down with the Web Item "Map" (WAD)

    Hi experts,
    can somebodye tell me how to realize a drill down (on mouse click) on the web item map (Web Application Designer) ? To drill down in a map from a country to a region for example. I need the function "filter and change drill down" on mouse click.
    Thank you.
    Junkovic, Daniel

    I am just copying your answer, you gave in another thread, to limit the search time for other users:
    italics What worked was another possible way, e.g. to maintain the SAPBWKEY in the Arcview software delivered by ESRI. Using the Arcmap -application.
    -Rightclick on the respective layer, then 'Open Attribute Table'
    -Press Button 'Options': Add field. Name = SAPBWKEY, 'Type' depending on your characteristic
    -Next Step: Editor ( a menue you need to load into ArcMap) --Start Editing
    -Then again: Rightclick on the respective layer, then 'Open Attribute Table'
    -Now you can maintain values for the SAPBWKEY
    -Editor: Stop Editing (save changes)
    Rightclick on the respective layerData-Export data
    The last step exports the modified shapes files, which can then imported to your info object.italics

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