WAD Problem

Hi Experts,
      I have a problem with my web template for a planning layout the input query is allowing me to write data (it is input enabled) but my WAD says query is not input ready and not allowing to add rows  and says "No new rows or columns because the axis is not input-ready". I have got 12 other templates on other input enabled queries which are working fine what could be stopping this template 
Thanks in advance

First please check whether you have implemented the notes
1125651  Ready-for-input status not possible with no data
1114620  No new lines after Note 1063768 & Note 1084602 implemented
1149346  New rows and currencies/units in drilldown
If this does not help please check how many queries are included in your template. Try to execute the queries seperatly in java web. Are you still experiencing the same error?
best regards,

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  • WAD problem: HTML code is disappearing.

    hello all
    When i paste the HTML code into the HTML tabpage of a WAD, and then switching to the layout tab or saving the template, results in loosing the HTML code and no layout is available, only default code is available in the HTML Tab.
    is it a WAD problme? or any other reason for this problem..
    Please let me know, if anybody experianced this kind of problem

    Hi Ravi,
    Did you find any solution for this issue. i have 3.5 WAD template and I embeded a javascript code to display pop up. When I add this javascript code then i am facing the same issue as you described below. The code, layout and overview is disapeearing.
    Could you let us know what you did to resolve the issue?

  • How to trace WAD problems

    Is there any procedure to trace the WAD (webapplication designer)activities/errors etc.... By seeing the Trace file of WAD, i can realize the exact problem of errors..
    Please let me know how can i do this?

    Hi Ravi
    check out OSS 542918
    "A 'trace' file that logs the individual program steps is helpful when analyzing errors. The trace file for the Web Application Designer is in the 'Temp' directory of the respective user (see Windows environment variable $TEMP or $TMP). The file name is: 'WebAppDesigner.trc'. If the program crashes, send the trace file as this will expedite
    Hope that helped

  • WAD: Problems when exporting to PDF with embedded .swf

    I'm using Web Application Designer (WAD) 7 and have created a template with an "Export to PDF" button and an embedded .swf flash file which is an Xcelsius dashboard.
    What i'm trying to do is show the information I want on my dashboard and then export that to a PDF to email out to multiple users who would be interested in the data each month.  If exporting to PDF isn't the best route to get a snapshot of this dashboard out to other users and there's an easier way please let me know, but here are the issues i'm having:
    1) When I have the dashboard showing the information I want and click the "Export to PDF" button, the dashboard reloads as the PDF settings window pops up and gets reset back to it's initial state.
    2)  If I ignore problem #1 and click on 'OK' in the Export dialog anyway after selecting PDF settings, my Adobe Reader pops up but then shows a message saying "The file cannot be opened because it has no pages".  Basically it doesn't see the .swf as being a component to take a snapshot of and print on a PDF. I did try adding a text component just so there was something on the template and I then get a PDF with that text component showing and no .swf snapshot.
    Has anyone come up with a workaround for this?  I've tried using the BEx Broadcaster with the 'Send' option but get the same results in regards to the blank page.
    Thanks as always for the help!

    Thanks for the reply.
    The dashboard is connected to a query in NetWeaver BI to get its data.  So the request of the user is to be able to adjust the dashboard to show the information they need (well say of a certain region) and then take a snapshot of that and email it out to co-workers in Group A.  Then the user will adjust the dashboard to show other data (for a different region we'll say) and take a snapshot to email out to co-workers in Group B. etc and etc.
    I have looked into installing a PDFCreator print driver but that wouldn't be feasible to get it on all machines in the business.  I've also looked into getting it as a .jpeg which would suffice, but am unsure if there is a way to do it with script and connect that to the dashboard when a button is pushed (will look into this).  This seems like a topic for over in the Xcelsius forum now.
    I used the following code within the <body></body> tags of the WAD's xhtml to embed the .swf:
    <object id="dashboard" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,40,0" height="600" width="800" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" >
    <param name="Movie" value="bwmimerep:///sap/bw/mime/Customer/JavaScript/dashboard.swf" />
    <embed src="bwmimerep:///sap/bw/mime/Customer/JavaScript/dashboard.swf" name="dashboard" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" />

  • WAD problem with query variable sequence

    Hi Everyone,
    I have created 3 Queries of which all of them have common but different number of selection variables
    eg: query 1 : A, B,C,D,E
          Query 2: D
          Query 3: C
    I need to display the variables in WAD as displayed in Query 1.But they are displaying randomly.
    For this I arranged the variable sequence of Query 1 in the query designer using the menu path
    Query -> Properties and in the right panel select the "Variable sequence" tab
    But,it is still picking randomly.
    Is there any other option either in Query or WAD Designer?

    try in this way
    keep variables only in query 1
    try if this will help

  • WAD Problem: data below 6th level of Hierarchy is not displaying.

    Hello Experts,
    I am executing a template in the portal and while giving selections for particular 'cost element' in the selection screen, the message is coming saying no records available.
    There are 9 levels of hierarchy and up to 6 levels the data is coming properly but for the remaining three levels the data is not coming although records are present for the other three levels as well. While the same query with same selection is working fine in RSRT/ Analyzer.
    Please help me out.
    I am new to WAD also please let me know if there is any settings for dispalying hier. node in WAD.
    Thanks in advance.

    If you just want to display the Hierarchy Level (not filter or sort by it), try just turning on the display of the attribute on the query and/or report, instead of making it a navigational attribute.
    Hope this helps...

  • WAD - Problems with Filter

    Hi Friends,
    I have got the feedback from our user about new web applications implemented with WAD 7.x.
    Almost everybody does not like new filters.
    That is why I want to ask if it is possible to change layout of the filter or use somehow the old ones (I think in BEx Analyzer it is possible to change layout of the filters).
    Two things are particularly uncomfortable:
    1. If we want to go into the filter, at first we have to choose "edi"t (really unnecessery), In the old version it was better.
    2.I can not find possibility in filter inside to "Select All" position. Do you know maybe some workaround.

    Dear Erwin,
    This "Edit" option will allow you to change the values of Characteristic or KF.Either you can select the value for a characteristic through Dropdown or select "Edit"->Selector dialog->Select the values.
    And Selecting all the values in the values in the selector dialog is not possible with Web report,You have to select one by one.
    As you said,this is not user friendly.

  • Any fixes for drag and drop not working in WAD with IE9?

    I have exactly the same issue as is described in WAD Problem - can't modify and Drag&drop in Web App Designer (WAD) doesn't work but unfortunately I don't have the option of going from IE9 back to IE8.  Has anybody found a fix for using drag and drop in WAD with IE9?
    Edited by: Jason Muzzy on Jul 22, 2011 1:09 AM

    Hi Jason,
    Thanks for replying .
    But I am facing this isssue in Web Application Designer. The link which I have shared shows the behavious of cursor while dragging and dropping
    Drop not allowed ("blocked traffic" sign)
    Drill across (arrow pointing to the right)
    Drill down (arrow pointing down)
    Exchange dimensions (exchange icon)
    Add to filter (add icon)
    Remove from filter (remove icon)
    Reorder list (reorder icon).
    This issue I am getting in Web Application Designer itself.In WAD 7.X ANALYSIS TABLE do we have any option from which we can disable drag and drop of cells because it is destroying the view of report output .
    In WAD 7.X we have option of Activate Navigation in ANALYSIS TABLE but if we disable this our context will get disable and it shows the default Browser context menu.We have not provided any such options so that its original layout will retain back .
    The solution they have mentioned to Disable Drag and Drop is not available in WAD ,its available in Analyzer.
    Please let me know if you have found any solution for this.

  • Run Time Error 521 in WAD

    I was hoping someone could help.
    I am using WAD accessed through BEx (Excel V10)
    BW Machine is accessed through SAP GUI 6.20 via Citrix Program Neighborhood V7.1.
    The problem is that sometimes when I am cutting and pasting HTML from one Web Template to another, I get a system crash..... <b>Run-time error '521' Can't open clipboard.</b>
    I don't get this error anywhere else. Unfortunately I am the only BW bod who accessed WAD in this way.
    I'm not sure really if this is a WAD problem or a Citrix problem. Anybody got any ideas how to fix this.

    We are talking about a small .dll.
    No need of installing the OS again. I will say, ask your Windows administrator to look for it. He might look for it on MSDN or may be he will contact Microsoft for it.
    Most probably it might be 10 minutes job.
    Why don't You look for runtime error 432 in microsoft(MSDN) website.
    and even if you reinstall Windows XP, I guess it won't resolve the issue. there are couple of issues I heard with XP and SAP applications.
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            Keerti Vemulapalli

  • Hide or show ratios in a query depend of the entry variable

    HI gurus,
    I wish hide or show rates depending if the user choose a entry variable. For example for 2008 dates take three ratios and for 2009 others.

    OK. WAD problem !
    Basically you need to use some HTML expertise to resolve this issue.
    Creat a new template with Radio button or a dropdown button which will contain the available values what user can select.
    something like as follows:
    o 2008
    o 2009
    Now this can be done using java script.
    You will have two different templates. One for 2008 query and second for 2009 query. Run them and get the URL of the reports.
    Then in the HTML on the "onSelect" event, put the URL.
    So if user selects the 2008, on the next page, you will see 2008 query and if they select 2009, then you will see 2009 query.
    - Danny
    Edited by: Danny Matt on Jul 10, 2009 3:08 PM

  • Problem with Variable screen in WAD

    Hi ,
    I have a problem with variable screen in WAD , in the varable seen it is displaying only Key , it is not giving any description , but in BEX is is displaying both Key and Description , can any only have an idea why is this happening . this is occuring only for one variable , rest are working fine .

    Hi Abraham,
    thsi could be a problem from the specisic setting of the infocube. Please check the BEx Settings from the infocube. You can find them by the following steps:
    - search for the infocube
    - doubleclick on the infocube
    - choose an specific infoobjekt
    - right mousebutton and click "specific dataprovider settings"
    - check if the right entries are set
    Hope this will help.

  • Problem with variable in wad

    Hello Guru's
    i had a problem in WAD. we have report in which i have to create a variable for positing date so that the end user can give posting date and execute the report for that particular week. if i execute the BEX report it's working fine.where as if i execute the report in wad. i couldn't see the variable for posting date. it gives output directly. may i know what the problem.

    For calling up the variable screen, in your template you can use
    This command allows you to call up the variables screen again for the current page.
    Also, as Ajay mentioned you have to change the variable options to 'Mandatory: Initial value not allowed'.
    Hope this helps.

  • Problem in Export to Excel in WAD

    We are facing problems while using the "export to excel" feature in WAD.
    While displaying the report in WEB or even RRMX, the display is fine for all fields of the report. However, when i use the export to excel feature from WAD, the fields with length of 24 characters are not displayed correctly.
    It is displayed as "1.4E+23" (this feild displays numbers), whereas the number should be "140000000000000001232007".
    Please can someone tell me what the possible problem could be.
    Thanks in advance

    Take a copy of template 0ANALYZER, it will have all the components which have the web analyzer.
    Check the below link for the same:
    Hope this helps........

  • Problem in WAD: export to PDF all the tab panels of a TabPage

    Hi all,
    I have a problem with WAD and export to PDF.
    My template (schema):
    Group -->
    Container Barraher --> Button Group
    Container Form --> Tab Pages -->
    TabPanel1 --> Container1 --> Analysis1
    TabPanel2 --> Container2 --> Analysis2
    TabPanel3 --> Container3 --> Analysis3
    My problem:
    The button exports only the Analysis we are seeing (the TabPanel which is opened) but I would want the button exports the three Analysis. Is it possible?
    At the Button Group --> Command Export --> Data Binding --> Web Items:
    Thanks a lot in advance!

        Can you remove the Data Bindings and see if you use the Default if PDF is working ?.
    Another way also might be is to save the Same Template with a new Name, then  Keep only the Data Providers and the Analysis Grid.
    Back on Main Template in the Button Group use this new Template as a Print Template.
    Hope this helps.

  • Problem in saving the WAD template

    Hi gurus,
    I am getting a probelm while saving the WAD template;   error occurred in the BI components on the SAP J2EE Engine

    Hi Karanam,
    Maybe you should check with your BASIS team on the error. Could be a problem with ABAP - JAVA configuration settings on your BI system. If you are on Netweaver BI 7, below notes on compatibility may help:-
    1013369 - SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI - intermediate Support Packages
    1163789 - NetWeaver 7.0: BI Java Synchronized Patch Delivery Strategy
    1011241 - Patches for NetWeaver 2004s BI Java Support Package
    1072576 - FAQ: BI Java Support Packages/Patches
    1327345 - Patches for NetWeaver 7.01 BI Java Support Package
    1391286 - BI JAVA corrections for SAP EHP1 for NetWeaver 7.0 (7.01)

Maybe you are looking for

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