Waiting for apple to deliver your itunes match results - time out -uk

Help me please
I seem to be stuck in a loop that after the gathering of information has finished, the info is sent to apple and then I get 'waiting for apple to deliver your itunes match results' after about 30 or so seconds I then get an error message
'we could not complete your request, the network timed out, blah blah blah make sure network connection is active'  no error code.
I am a windows 7 user, I have comodo fire wall, nod32 and sky broadband.
I have forwarded the ports 80 and 443, i have turned off comodo and disabled nod32, uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled itunes and I am still no further forward.
My internet connection is fine, i can access and download from the itunes store so there should be no issues, genius is on and working and getting results from apple so what is wrong with match?

thanks, unfortunately tried almost all of that already...
You must be able to disable the firewall, even just temporarily.
Did that already, no change
Plug directly into the router and have nothing else running.
no change either if connected via Wifi or cable
I take it that you can connect to the store ok?
yes, iTunes store is working fine - even can download at the same time I am getting the network timeout error
Have you been through the re-installing iTunes motions?
this will be my next step - had hoped to avoid that...

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  • ITunes Match Unable To Get Past "Waiting for Apple to deliver your iTunes Match results..."

    Been trying for days but it just gets to "Waiting for Apple to deliver your iTunes Match results..." and then stops and allows me to press the Start button again to start the match process.  Sometimes I get error -3231.
    I've called Apple and they want $19 to solve the issue even though I paid the $25 for Match.
    I've turned iTunes Match off.  Turned Genius off.  Logged out of my iTunes account.  Quit iTunes.  Restarted. Logged back into iTunes account.  Turn Genius on.  Turn iTunes Match back on and let it go through the process again with no success.
    My library has a couple hundred songs less than the 25,000 max but it is pretty large.  Had the same issue when I tried with a smaller library some time ago.  I've created a new library and have the same issue.

    You should consider rebooting your internet router
    Then try holding option key whilst turning off match. Close iTunes and then reopen. Turn on iTunes Match and select add this computer.

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    Out of the blue, iMatch is hung-up on step 1 and displays this in the progress bar
    "waiting for apple to deliver your itunes match results".  Nothing ever happens after that.  Songs that I have been adding since the beginning are in the cloud and play on all my devices -even thought in itunes it indicated that they are not in the cloud. Anything new I have added to my library appears on my other devices as grayed-out and do not play.  They do play on my PC.
    I have a Dell PC with Vista running the latest version of iTunes.
    I have signed in/out
    Turned iMatch (and genious) off/on
    Deauthorized and re-authorized the PC
    restarted iTunes
    restarted the PC.
    I have no other issues with this machine.
    Support has not been able to help other than claiming it is Apple's fault.
    Thanks, VJ

    I had to restart iTunes.

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    It seems to day I'm waiting all day over and over for my iTunes Match reslts... is there a status page somewere?

    I had to restart iTunes.

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    For the past couple of days I've noticed that the display area of my iTunes has said, "Waiting for Apple to deliver your Genius results…" And it just keeps saying that for hours on end.
    Anybody know why? And/or what I can do about it?

    "But what if I want Genius results? "
    In iTunes, click the black box with the arrow in it bottom right side of the iTunes window.

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    I have around 23.5K songs in my iTunes library, and everything works fine for me before. Now, I am going to rip some new CDs to iTunes, the new songs won't upload to iTunes Match. After I manually clicked "Update iTunes Match". It keeps looping with "Delivering your iTunes Match Result" for the whole night. Even I turn it off, and turn it on again (reset the iTunes Match result), but no luck.
    I do even remove the newly ripped songs, and reset the iTunes Match result. It works without any new songs. But, after I ripped the CD again, it still keeps "Delivering your iTunes Match Result". It's sad.
    Any one has similar problem?

    I have had this problem on a number of occasions recently.
    Usually holding option key (Mac) or shift key (PC) whilst turning off match then relaunching iTunes, turning on match and selecting add this computer works.
    These days I don't usually let the automatic scan kick in. If it does, I stop match then go to "Update iTunes match". Usually works but if I think it is taking too long, I stop match go to "Update iTunes match" again.
    Try deleting tracks again, select  "update genius" then "Update iTunes match". Leave a short time before reripping your CD.

  • ITunes Match and Time Outs

    Why does iTunes Match time out so much. It seems like I have to put in my password word in every 15mins. Does anybody have a way to stop having it time out. Thanks!

    It is the way you configure your pay elements.
    the standard process doesn't pay for the balance
    You need to handle using your formula

  • How long must I wait on Apple to deliver iTunes Match results?

    I have tried three times the following:
         I have started iTunes Match and it runs and then after about two hours stops and I get "Waiting for Apple to deliver your iTunes Match results...". The first time I waited about 6 hours. The second time was over night - about 10 hours. Now I have waited 3 days and it still is waiting!!! I renewed iTunes Match a month ago. Since iTunes 12 Match has been working for sh*t! Now I am angry having just paid for something that again is not working!!! PLEASE Apple help!

    It all depends on the amount of songs that you are trying to upload and your internet speed!
    When I first signed up for iTunes Match it had over 600 songs to upload which took about 6 hours.
    Make sure you are on the latest version iTunes also.
    If that does work just completely turn disable iTunes Match by clicking Store > Turn Off iTunes Match > Turn On iTunes Match
    iTunesMatch has been very buggylately whichis Apple's fault.
    Hope this works!

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    Hello having major issue with Apple TV, have searched the forums over the last week but can't find a solution that works.
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    Anyone got an ideas on what to do when the restore doesn't work?

    Best to take it to Apple

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    in restoring process,"waiting for ipad" is written in itunes after that it get stuck

    iPad: Unable to update or restore
    iTunes: Specific update-and-restore error messages and advanced troubleshooting
    If you can’t update or restore your iOS device
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    Unless I misunderstand the question, you can't do what you're asking to do. Apple doesn't allow you to bypass their store and host public apps on a website. The exception is an enterprise app, which requires an Enterprise account with both Apple and Adobe. This type of enterprise app can be distributed only within the company. If that's what you want to do, you can learn more here:
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  • "Waiting for Apple TV..." - trying to restore

    Had my ATV2 for a couple of years, never had a problem with it.
    Either out of the blue or because a friend was pressing buttons randomly (although don't know how), the ATV started flashing quickly.
    Grey blank screen, doesn't respond at all.
    So I bought a Micro USB cable to restore the software.
    Plugged the ATV into my MacBook Pro (only Micro USB connected, not power or HDMI) - running latest OSX 10.8.4 and latest iTunes 11.0.5.
    iTunes recognised the ATV and showed the "Restore Apple TV..." button
    Downloaded the latest ATV restore update.
    Then I get the following messages in iTunes:
    "Extracting Software"
    "Verifying update with Apple"
    "Preparing Apple TV for restore..."
    "Waiting for Apple TV..."
    And that's where it hangs.  I've tried multiple times and left it for hours and hours.
    Just says "Waiting for Apple TV..." and won't progress further.
    I've tried plugging the power cable in, I've tried pressing Menu & down, and Menu & Play/Pause for 7 seconds.  This often brings up an error 9 or error 1600 but nothing gets past "Waiting for Apple TV".
    Unless anyone has any ideas, I'm seeing a call to Apple Service or a new Apple TV.

    Just the future shop a couple towns over. It was a gift from my brother so I don't have the receipt. I just scheduled a call from apple care tho...Maybe they can ship me a new one or something.

  • HT4914 Does the music upload limit of 25 000 songs to iCloud is aside of the 6gig limit offered by iCloud for stocking/saving data or is it the same? Will I have to pay for an storage limit update for iCloud because I take iTunes Match?

    And will I have to pay for an update storage limit for iCloud because I take iTunes Match?

    No, your iCloud storage is seperate. I have 42GB of music in my itunes match account and I still have almost all of the 5GB of storage space free. You only have to pay for itunes match once and as long as you don't have more than 25,000 songs in your itunes, you are good to go.

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    how much is it for apple to reset your ipod?

    No need. You can do that yourself.
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    You can restore from a backup if you have one from BEFORE you set the restrictions passcode.
    Also, see iTunes- Restoring iOS software.

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    Each region has little differences that need to be changed and setup in order for it to work on your phone correctly. Just need to sit and wait...
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Red V52.0.007
    Hit the Kudos if I helped!

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