Wake on LAN/Keyboard wake for a K8N Neo Platinum - how do I use this?

I've got a K8N Neo Platinum motherboard that I am using in my home theater PC and I was hoping to enable either the wake on lan or keyboard wake functions so that they could be controlled via a remote control. For now disregard what the overall outcome I want to achieve is... what I want to know is if enabling the WOL and/or keyboard wake function will allow me to turn on the PC from a completely powered down state as opposed to just powering up from a sleep/hybernation mode. I have read people with other motherboards have been able to power up by using their keyboard, mouse or even WOL when the computer is totally shut down. I'm trying to avoid leaving the PC in a sleep/hybernation mode due to electricity usage. Does this motherboard have the ability to power up when the whole system is shut down?
Also, what key on the keyboard is used to wake up the computer? The manual and bios instructions say nothing about what key needs to be pressed to wake it up.

I know you can set various wake options in the bios. Check there!
You can wake up the computer by wriggling the mouse or pressing any key, if the options are enabled in the bios.
Hope this helps

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  • New Bios For MSI K8N Neo Platinum [ 1.55]

    NEW BIOS FOR MSI K8N Neo Platinum !!!!
    BIOS 1.55 FOR K8N
    Apothikeusi/Emfanisi (Greek Language )
    Your CPU temperature is in the safe range. Please rest assured. If you are
    willing to, would you please flash BIOS to the version 1.55 verifying? We
    send it by attachment. As to how to flash BIOS, please refer to the word file
    in the attached file. Please kindly inform us of the results. Thanks for your
    In addition, please enter BIOS to load optimized defaults after flashing BIOS.
    Please feel free to let us know if you still have any further issues or inquiries.
    Best regards,
    MSI Technical Support

    OMG !!!!
    Something is really weird about this bios !!!!
    I can't boot overclocked from bios even at 220 HT, and at the beginning i was REALY disapointed.
    Then i set it to optimize defaults ( and yes i did the whole flashing thing ) and i am now IN WINDOWS with my cheapo Kingston Value that did MAX 230 with problems NOW AT A WOOPING 237 Mhz and still going UP !!!!
    OMG OMG....
    If only i can get it to boot from bios.Seems pretty stable in windows even at 237.
    Really strange guys.I thought 230 was my memory limit....
    Gonna try higher and let you know.
    P.S. this bios seems to like Kinston Ram....Value at least  

  • Which PSU for my K8N Neo Platinum

    Since i have a lousy unbrand 'GYRO' PSU with 18A only on the 12v rail
    I need to buy new one...so i need your help.
    the ones i'm thinking about are:
    Expensive ones ;(
    OCZ PowerStream 420W
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    OCZ PowerStream 470W
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    Antec 550W TruePower
    [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
    Less expensive
    Antec 430W TruePower
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    Which one should i grab? perhaps there are also more good brands and modules..
    Help would be appreciated
    Thanks in Advance,
    System Specs:
    AMD Athlon64 3200+ Newcastle
    MSI K8N Neo Platinum
    OCz EL Dual Channel Platinum 1GB (2x512MB) CAS 2-3-2-5 DDR400 PC3200
    Seagate Barracuda 120GB 7200rpm 8MB Buffer, Native SATA
    One Floppy Drive
    Abit Siluro GeForce FX5200 DT
    Creamware Luna II (my soundcard)
    One CDROM Drive
    One CD-RW Burner (soon to be installed)
    2 generic case fans
    Zalman CNPS 7000A-Cu
    * System Currently not overlocked and never will be.

    Originally posted by Styptic
    That Antec issue sounds like nonsense to me...
    I have also a friend of mine which has A64 system with Antec TruePower 420w without any issue.
    Maybe...that dude used different module other than "TruePower" by Antec.
    Antec's work fine and dandy with a64's for the majority of ppl, the issue arises when it is heavily o/ced I don’t mean 220 o/c mine starts to have probs @ about 2800mhz up, the 12volt rail gets taxed and usually shows up in dropping back to desk top and blank blue screens or plain old random restarts when loading the system i.e. bench marking.
    To give you some idea my system would drop to about 11.2v with my msi neo and about 11.6 on the asus, a lad I know has just brought a k8ne asus board with 3200 Newcastle and his is even lower. But with all the o/cing these days more ppls are trying it hence problems all though some really have nothing to do with psu's
    Not a huge issue as most ppls with a64 will never see O/c’s like that
    I think that was over at AnandTech the review on the 64 mentioned the problems
     he was having with antec's when O/Cing
    I should add with antec , my tagan runs sweet as and didn't cost a arm and a leg

  • D-BRacket 2 and keyboard cordless problem with k8n neo platinum

    i have two problems
    the d-bracket2 doesn't work
    when my game controller is on , it isn't recognized by Win XP
    but the 4 leds are green.
    i tried the two connectors and it's the same thing.
    my logitech cordless keyboard doesn't work in the bios
    i tried with the ps2 but the keyboard didn't work in XP
    i check the bios with an other keyboard and the usb keyboard support is enabled
    can you help me ?
    PS: Sorry for my english

    Hi galette,
    Do you have a k8n neo or neo2 ?
    At least some neo2's have problems with ps/2 keyboards. Their users could circumvent this by using usb keyboards.
    I have a logitech cordless desktop myself and for me it works. Perhaps you can borrow a usb keyboard to test it ?

  • BIOS FOR K8n neo platinum

    A while back there was a big post about how to properly upgrade your bios and he had listed every bios beta or official for download.  Anyone have that post? and What is the best bios for the K8n Neo platinum? Im still running on 1.1....

    Quote from: Supershanks on 09-June-05, 04:24:05
    Just the usual bios to bios temp tweak - no worries   
    Have been running with speedfan with a 4C offset think i can dith it now with 1.8 
    Higher or lower?
    Hmmm... My SpeedFan is running with no delta adjustments on the temps. I wonder if there is a discrepancy in what it's reporting & what it actually is after you boot into Windows
    I'd try to go by what the Hardware Monitor says, but temp's always seem to be high when you're in BIOS anyway....

  • K8N NEO Platinum 4 Red LED at Startup

    I installed a new MSI K8N Neo Platinum mainboard in my computer in December 2005, and my computer has been a pain ever since. My problem is 85% of the time when I turn the power on it just won't boot up, I get 4 Red LED lights.  If I shut it off and on half a dozen to 20 times. During one of those times it will bootup normal and work great. Shutdowns are normal. 
    My Family hates this and won't use it. This computer has been nicknamed the MSI Little Witch.  I have had it down to barebones out of case with just graphic card, 1 memory stick, IDE harddrive, keyboard and mouse, it will do same thing.  I've unplugged and replugged everything countless times.  It still does it. I have tried Maxtor, Samsung, and Western Digital hard drives with fresh install of Windows XP Pro, it still does same thing.  I have alternated memory sticks, same thing.  It will warm reboot as long as I don't powerdown, but if I shut the power off it will not reboot until it cools down about 20 minutes.  Then I can go through the same startup problems as I normally have.  I have not done any overclocking.
    Anyone have a fix to this fustrating problem?

    I have the same problem with my K8N Neo Platinum.  Except mine seems to occur after the motherboard has not had power after sometime.  For example, it happened every time I moved my computer when I moved into and out of my dorm room.  I don't know if its the same "cooling down" time you're talking about, but what usually fixes it for me (at least temporarily) is killing the power to the machine while it is on.  Regular soft resets won't work for many tries, but when the computer is on with all 4 red LEDs i'll flip the power switch on the power supply.  That usually makes it work fine.  Also another thing that seemed to intermittently trigger it is changes to the BIOS.  A CMOS reset would not fix that either.  I would have to flip the power switch and kill the power.  Then after starting it
    up again it would be okay.  I have also tried multiple combinations of different cpus, memory sticks, and video cards.  I also made sure there were no shorts to ground anywhere. 
    Also after a year of solid operation (with the exception of this problem) I started to get Machine Check Exception BSODs in XP.  I think this was because of a possible bad stick of RAM, because that seemed to cause lockups in the way beginning of the Windows setup (where it is loading files such as Windows Executive, etc).  When I removed it and put another stick in, the windows installation would go fine.  But, that did not fix the issue with this motherboard.
    I've had so many problems with the multiple K8N Neo Platinums I have purchased.  This is absolutely ridiculous  I'm extremely POed at MSI for  the widespread K8N series problems.  I am usually very tolerant to companies when they have problems with products because I understand that problems and glitches can easily occur in mass production and design.  It is virtually impossible to make a "perfect" product from the start.  But the lack of response and concern from MSI about this is ridiculous.  MSI did make an excellent motherboard here--if you can get a working one. 

  • Bios from my Msi k8n Neo Platinum (socket 754)

    Wich is the last beta bios  from my Msi k8n Neo Platinum (socket 754) ?
    And where download?

    A thread here , from when 1.56 appeared:
    MSI K8N Neo Plat Beta Bios 1.56
    and when 1.55 appeared:
    New Bios For MSI K8N Neo Platinum [ 1.55]
    Seems to me that the 1.5x series were focused on chipset timings and ram .
    Another thing is that i can boot from a usb pen with this one .(never got it to work with others) .
    Beta bioses don't come with a changelog , they leak out . So any complete
    list of changes is not possible to provide.

  • Msi k8n neo platinum - The 1394 delete from bios device list

    the line where 1394 was is now empty , i try everything i flash the bios and stuff
    no luck for me???
    it look like the 1394 onboard conroller is dead?

    A thread here , from when 1.56 appeared:
    MSI K8N Neo Plat Beta Bios 1.56
    and when 1.55 appeared:
    New Bios For MSI K8N Neo Platinum [ 1.55]
    Seems to me that the 1.5x series were focused on chipset timings and ram .
    Another thing is that i can boot from a usb pen with this one .(never got it to work with others) .
    Beta bioses don't come with a changelog , they leak out . So any complete
    list of changes is not possible to provide.

  • Supports GT780 wake-on-lan and wake-on-usb?

    Does the GT780 support 'Wake-on-lan' and 'wake-on-usb'? Especially the last one is important for me as I will use the laptop 99% with closed lid. So I would like to be able to wake it just by pressing a key on the keyboard.

    Quote from: Stu on 21-August-11, 17:47:35
    Have a look and see what settings there are in the 'Power Management' section of BIOS setup.
    I don't own the computer yet. If the wake-on-lan and wake-on-usb works, I'm gonna buy the computer. But: I did find the manual on the internet (I did my research before posting), but it didn't say anything on wake-on-lan en wake-on-usb. So, I hope somebody from MSI or somebody that owns the computer can answer this?

  • K8N Neo Platinum - Scheduled Wake from Hibernate

    As the title says, should the K8N Neo Platinum be able to wake up from hibernate at a set time? Webscheduler has the ability to set a time for wakeup to record a TV show. On my Abit KV8 Pro board, this worked fine - Webscheduler would wake the machine up from hibernate 60 seconds before the show was scheduled to begin. But yesterday's scheduled recording (using the MSI Neo Plat board) didn't work.
    Before I start investigating this indepth, could I just get some opinions here (based on experience) on whether scheduled wakeup from hibernate does actually work with K8N board? Thanks heaps.
    Also, does the board wakeup from hibernate when pressing a key on a USB keyboard? I have a PS2 wireless adapter for my wireless keyboard and it doesn't do it. Just wondering if a USB wireless keyboard would work better.

    Quote from: jerseydevil1953 on 26-May-05, 08:25:06
    Do you have anything constructive to say?

  • K8N Neo Platinum - Wake from Hibernate, WOL & MB Backplate - Issues

    What can I say. This board has so many frustratingly annoying issues I'm wondering if I've just made a horrible mistake. I got this board for my HTPC hoping it would prove more stable than my Abit KV8 Pro. But stability has become the least of my concerns.
    1. A HTPC must be quiet. I have a Zalman 7000B AlCu which is excellent. But the CPU mount backplate on the K8N is *glued* to the motherboard! I can't imagine why anyone would think glueing this thing instead of going with the standard method (held in place by the screws) was a good idea, because it's not. Now I have to void the warranty by taking the backplate off to install the Zalman, because even with the Fanmate at the lowest setting, the stock AMD cooler is too loud (in a whiny sort of way).
    If I use a fan forced heater (on minimal heat) to heat up the backplate (this will also heat up the rest of the motherboard), will the glue just melt and the backplate come off cleanly? Or will I be stripping off PCB tracks all over the place?
    2. A HTPC must be ready to wake up quickly to deal with program recording. The Webscheduler program can wake up a PC from sleep to commence recording. But the K8N Neo Platinum can't seem to wake up from hibernate (or when shutdown) with a keypress or mouse click even though I've enabled these options in the BIOS. I use a wireless KB & Mouse, but the receiver plugs in to the KB & Mouse PS2 ports (not USB). This worked flawlessly with the Abit board.
    Any ideas? Having to get up, go to the HTPC, and press the power button just to wake it up from hibernate is stupid.
    3. The HTPC must wake up when somebody tries to connect remotely to the Webscheduler program. I have port forwarding setup on the router. When I connected to the HTPC remotely using my previous Abit KV8 Pro board, the HTPC would wakeup (from hibernate) and within a short time I would be connected. But allowing the MSI board network to wake the PC results in the thing waking up every minute or so (I assume it's either router activity or some other quirk of the MSI board). This didn't happen with the Abit board.
    How do I set up the board to behave like my Abit KV8 board did?
    4. In fact, there seems to be so little in the way of power management options in the BIOS that I'm wondering if perhaps the BIOS is half cooked or something. I have version 1.4 (so LiveUpdate tells me). Would a BIOS update help? LiveUpdate says I can download 1.6.

    Quote from: Supershanks on 23-May-05, 13:59:17
    i've no particular interest in wake up technology but my neo platinum wakes up immediately i touch key or mouse, always has so i guess i'ts not bios based.
    Is this wake from S1 or S3 state, or wake from hibernate? As I understand it, the PC is off when it is hibernating. The BIOS options only provide for the ability to wake up from sleep using the mouse/keyboard. There are no options to turn on the PC using the mouse/keyboard. I know the nForce3 250GB can do it, because I have a Soltek K8AN2E+ board in my other machine, which does allow me to wake from the off-state.
    At the moment, continuous pressing of keys and clicking the mouse does absolutely nothing. It wakes the machine up from sleep (non hibernate) but not from hibernate or power off.
    Do any MSI reps frequent these forums? Can they tell me specifically whether the MSI Neo Platinum does have the ability to turn on the PC using the mouse or keyboard, as opposed to merely waking it up from sleep? If this board cannot do this (and it would be one of the very few that can't), then it's useless to me. Having to walk up to the HTPC machine in the lounge room just to turn it on is counterproductive.

  • *UPDATED 7/15/04* Complete guide to bioses, drivers, and needed files for the MSI K8N Neo Platinum

    Complete newbie's guide to bioses, drivers, and needed files for the MSI K8N Neo Platinum:
    Last Updated: Thursday July 15th, 2004
    (In order of date released.)
    1.1b3 - (Download)
    - Pre-1.1, given to reviewers to use in their reviews and benchmarks.
    - Less stable, but supposedly you get slightly better overclocks.
    1.1 Official - (Download)
    1. This is AWARD BIOS release
    2. This BIOS fixes the following problems of the previous version:
    - Memory always run DDR 200 when install single side DDR on DIMM2 & DIMM3.
    - Windows 2000 can't format the RAID IDE HDD when plug in Promise 378 controller.
    1.2b5 - (Download)
    1.2b7 - (No Download Yet)
    1.2b10 - (Download)
    - First attempt to fix false temperature readings. Fixes it for some people with Newcastle cores and doesn't fix it for anybody with Clawhammer cores.
    1.2b12 - (Download)
    - Second attempt to fix false temperature readings. Fixes it for some people with Newcastle cores and some people with Clawhammer cores.
    1.3b1 - (Download)
    - Another attempt to fix temperature problems?
    - Possibly fixes cold boot/power light issues?
    1.2 Official - (Download)
    1. This is AWARD BIOS release
    2. This BIOS fixes the following problems of the previous version:
    - System can't resume from S3 sometimes when install USB device.
    - Support K8 Sempron CPU.
    - Turn off keyboard LED in S3.
    --Quick Guide for flashing BIOS, provided by MSI--
    1. Create a MS-DOS boot diskette, then copy the the .exe and the bios file to the floppy disk. Both of these files can be found in the package you downloaded.
    2. Press "Delete" and go to BIOS setup while computer bootup.
    Check BIOS advanced features and see if BIOS flash write control is enabled
    (This option must be enabled. If you can not find this setting, it means the BIOS can be
    3. Boot from MS-DOS boot diskette and get a:\> prompt.
    4. Type "", then press ENTER
    5. The flash program will then ask "Do you want to save BIOS?", please press "N" for no. The when you see Press 'Y' to program or 'N' to Exit, please press "Y" to continue.
    6. After flashing complete, remove floppy and reset the system .
    7. Press DELETE or F1 when prompted at first reboot after flashing.
    8. Load BIOS optimized defaults, then save settings and exits.
    Drivers & Needed Files:
    (Note: All these drivers are for Windows XP.)
    Leaked Nvidia nForce3 Chipset Drivers Version 4.40
    (Please use at your own risk, these are LEAKED drivers. Password for the .zip file is "ocworkbench rules". Also, you will need to rename the WinXP_2K folder in IDE to either WinXP or Win2K else the installer doesn't pick it up.) Thanks for the link Wonkanoby!
    *NEW* Leaked Nvidia nForce3 Chipset Drivers Version 5.03
    More leaked drivers? Seems some parts of the drivers are older and some are newer.
    1. Windows XP Service Pack 1A (Web Install) -or- Windows XP Service Pack 1A (Full Install)
    2. Microsoft DirectX 9.0b (Web Install) -or- Microsoft DirectX 9.0b (Full Install)
    3. Nvidia nForce3 Chipset Drivers Version 4.24
    4. AMD Athlon 64 Processor Driver Version
    5. Nvidia Video Card Driver Version 56.72 -or- Omega Nvidia Video Card Driver Version v1.5303
    (The Omega drivers are third party drivers optimized for gaming, most prefer these over the standard Nvidia drivers.)
    5. ATI Video Card Driver Version 4.7 -or- Omega ATI Video Card Driver Version 2.5.51
    (The Omega drivers are third party drivers optimized for gaming, most prefer these over the standard ATI drivers.)
    6. Onboard Sound Driver (Realtek AC'97 Audio Codec) Version A3.61
    It is HIGHLY reccomended that you install the drivers/needed files in the order listed above. Please note that there are two #5's because you either install one or the other depending on your video card, do not install both of them.
    You will come across a problem here though. You can't install the chipset drivers without installing the Windows service pack and DirectX first, but the Windows service pack and DirectX installs need the internet to download files and you won't have working internet until you install the chipset drivers. Here's what I did to get around this. Instead of downloading the web install versions of Windows service pack and DirectX, download the full version and and put them along with all the other drivers on a backup hard drive or burn them to a CD, this way you will have all the drivers you need when it's time to install them and none of them will require the internet to download files.
    Another note when installing drivers. Apparently the Nvidia chipset drivers also come with drivers for the onboard sound, but people seem to agree that the Realtek onboard sound drivers are better. When you are installing the Nvidia chipset drivers, just be sure to uncheck the box for sound drivers when it asks you which drivers you would like to install. Now you can safely install the Realtek drivers without any chance of conflicting sound drivers. Thanks for the tip Wonkanoby!

    Originally posted by RLiu818
    Originally posted by Deviation56
    Originally posted by RLiu818
    You CAN install the nforce drivers BEFORE installing SP1.  The only requirement to install the nforce drivers is DX9.
    So is SP1 still recommended to install before the nforce drivers?
    The installer still reccomends to install it beforehand for full USB 2.0 functionality... I would have put what you said in there but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.  
    oh.  IIRC the installer just says USB 2.0 will be fully functional after SP1 is installed.  So after you install SP1 you go into device manager and u click update driver and it will auto search and update the driver.
    Simplicity-wise, i guess its pretty much equal.  It might take less preparation to just copy DX9 full onto a CD and install that first, then nforce driver, then right away you have yoru internet connection.
    but i dunno.. i guess i will try it your way this time when my RMA"d board comes.
    i will be fomratting and doing a fresh install later on today and will let you know if i come across any problems

  • Turn on PC with keyboard [K8N Neo Platinum]

    Is it possible to turn your pc on by pressing a button on your keyboard? I have a friend with an old pc (1,5 ghz P4), and he claims that he can turn his pc on that way.
    So technically I'm asking you if you know how to do that. Is there a BIOS option in which you can configure the keyboard button on which your computer will respond and go on automatically? That would be very handy.
    My motherboard is the K8N Neo Platinum with a 3000+ socket 754. He has an ASUS motherboard.

    Check the manual. It should be an option in the bios. I have it in my bios for my board, but when I helped someone put together their machine with a K8N Platinum 2, I didn't see this as an option in that bios. It may be that power on by keyboard and/or mouse is not an option for your board.

  • New Windows XP 64bit, but no drivers for K8N Neo Platinum

     I have a MSI K8N Neo Platinum with an AMD 2800+. Just received the new Windows XP 64bit edition after attending a trade show in Houston. Used Partition Magic to make a separate partition on my SATA 400GB HD, knowing there was possibly going to be a problem. This is the final release, retail packaged, not the Beta.
    The only drivers found was for my MSI Nvidia 5600 AGp video card. No other audio, Nvidia chipset or board drivers are plug & play. Onboard LAN isn't even found.
    Any drivers out yet? I figure i'll have to wait. Can't get updates either bacause it won't detect onboard LAN or a Linksys or 3Com PCI card I tried also.

    There most certainly are nVidia drivers.  The only thing that there aren't drivers for currently is the onboard sound.  This, combined with lack of driver support for my peripherals (webcam and printer) are why I haven't made the switch.

  • Msi k8n neo platinum ps2 keyboard problem

    Hi. I'm having issues with my msi k8n neo platinum motherboard. I've read about 50 posts on these forums regarding the supposed ps2 keyboard issues with recent msi boards. However none of them seems to address my current situation.
    Like many  others, when I power up my system the cpu fan spins for like 3 seconds then everything comes to a halt.
    I tried many things to get my system to boot and the only thing that works is plugging my ps2 keyboard into the ps2 mouse port and moving the ps2 mouse into a usb port with an adapter.
    It seems there's no hope for fixing the problem other than RMA'ing, but I thought I would add to the pile of complaints stacking up against the MSI boards.

    if u had read the threads a little more u might have found a solution that seems to have worked 4 many - a usb keyboard usb Keyboard if u go this route dont forget to enable usb kb in bios
    Edit: This Thread Summarises the situation PS2 keyboard/mouse causes random shutdowns or doesnt work      

Maybe you are looking for

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