Warnig: Resource Conflict - both devices are added

What is the solution for this:
Warnig: Resource Conflict - both devices are added
NON-ACPI device: PNP0C01
memory: 9FC00-9FFFF, 7EE0000-7EF7FFF, 7EF8000-7EFFFFF, 7EC0000-7EDFFFF, FFF00000-FFFFFFFF
ACPI device: PNP0C01
memory: 9FC00-9FFFF, E0000-EFFFF,40FFC00-7EFFFFF

I got the same message every time I installed Solaris 8 yet it didn't hinder the installation nor the OS to run. But I am interested in some in-depth-info if somebody knows about.
regards, E. Sanio

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