Watermarks in Aperture not working for me

I am having an odd problem with Aperture watermarks through the export presets.
When I select "choose image" button after selecting the watermark check box, then select my watermark (which I have tried PSD's, JPEGS, Tiffs with transparent backgrounds, and just about every other format) it does not show up in the little viewer window. The only way that I can get it to show up is to drag my PSD or Tiff files from the finder into the box, where at that time they actually show up.
However, upon changing the Opacity, the watermark that has been dragged into the box from finder promptly disappears. Not good.
When I do not fiddle with the opacity bar and just click OK then try and export, the images come out without any watermark. But all the settings are the same as I left them, just the box is empty, just like when I change the opacity.
I have read about people having problems with aperture 1.5 concerning watermarks, but I am running 2.1.3 and have not run into any people saying that they have problems.
The PSD/tiff files that I am try to import are 5000 pixels long and 500 pixels wide or 10000 long and 1000 high. Big, I know, but I select scales down so it should be no problem, especially when shooting on the 5DII or D3x I can still use these watermarks without having to create new ones just for the bigger guns.
Is this a bug or a problems only I am having?
Should I re-install?
Or just deal with not getting to watermark my images.

What happens if you:
1) Select all/any mutually overlapping bone parts and Pathfinder>Unite,
2) Select all the bone parts and Object>Compound Path>Make,
3) Select everything and Object>Clipping Mask>Make?

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    I have an event in my calendar that was sent by someone that does not work for the company anymore and I am reminded 2 times a week. How do I delete it?

    Tap on the event to open the event. Click the 'Edit' button in the event bubble, then press the 'Delete Event' button at the bottom of the Edit pop-up. It's a little different for events that come through Microsoft Exchange, you tap the event to bring up bubble and click the 'Details' button, and then press 'Decline' to remove the event.

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    I am finding that the external mic on my iPhone 6 works for phone calls and voice memos, but does not work for Siri/Dictation.  When I plug in the earbuds, they work for everything (including Siri/Dictation).
    Was chatting to Apple support who had me reset all settings.  I thought that worked, but realized that after a reset, Siri is off and I was talking to "Voice control" (which works).  When I turned Siri back on, it does not work.
    I have two questions for the community to see if you can help:
    1- I have been assuming this must be a software problem since the mic does work for non-Siri access.  But is that true?  Is there a hardware component that Siri depends on which could be faulty here?
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    Hi, everyone.  I talked to Apple Genius at Apple Store last week, she said it should be a software issue and I needed to reset my iphone 6 plus as a new device and I can not use the backup restore from my iCloud, it was because the microphone bug or glitch can be in the backup also. Ok, followed her advice, erased all contents and set my iphone as a new device , the microphone worked for an hour, but went bad again.  I used "voice memo" app from Apple to test the microphone. It is the best tool since it doesn't involve any provider's network and it doesn't need another person's phone to listen and test.  If you can hear your voice recording clearly, then the mic works.  I tested it 3-4 times a day for a few days now, half of the time the mic doesn't work.  So, set as a new device isn't working. The issue is intermittent and it comes and goes as it likes, so very annoying. I carry my Apple EarPods with me in these past few days ust in case I need to make important phone calls.  Will need to go back to Apple Genius this weekend for sure.  Will give update after the weekend.

  • CALLER ID not working for International incoming calls

    I've a strange issue where CALLER ID not working for International incoming calls, it shows INTERNATIONAL UNKNOWN NUMBER in the phone display, but the number shows correclty in Verizon Call assistant !!!
    Any clue?

    yashshankar wrote:
    I recently  purschased an Online number but the caller id does not work for incoming calls.How do we resolve this problem?.
    You didn't mention what country your Online Number is in.  Not all of Skype's Online Numbers are eligible for use as Caller ID when calling telephones or sending SMS messages.  If your number is from one of these countries (Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Hong Kong, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the US), then it can be used this way.  Otherwise, you can use a mobile number from countries other than Japan or Mexico as Caller ID with Skype, after the number goes through a verification process where Skype sends SMS messages with codes to that number.
    To get to these settings, log into your Skype account here on the Skype web site using the "Account" link at the top of this page.  You'll see a screen that would include your current Caller ID settings, and a link to change that.  If your Online Number is from one of those countries I referenced above, just select it and you're done. 
    Hope that helps!
    Location/Ubicacion: Arizona USA
    Time Zone/Hora Local: UTC/GMT -7
    If this message has adequately addressed your issue, please click on the “Accept as Solution” button. If you found a post useful then please "Give Kudos" at the bottom of my post, so that this information can benefit others.
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    I am not a Skype employee. No soy un empleado de Skype.

  • Select All in a table does not work for Drag and Drop

    Hi. I am using Jdeveloper but have also reproduced in
    I am trying to implement drag and drop rows from one table to another. Everything works fine except when I do a Select All (ctrl-A) in a table, the table visually looks like all rows are selected, but when I try to click on one of the selected rows to drag to the other table, only the row I click on is dragged.
    I tried setting Range Size -1, fetch mode to FETCH_ALL, content delivery to "immediate" but nothing works.
    I even have reproduced not using a view object but just a List of beans with only 5 or 10 beans showing in the table.
    Does anyone know how to get Select All to work for a Drag Source?

    OK, thanks for looking into that. I also submitted this service request, which includes a simple sample app to demonstrate the problem:
    SR #3-2387481211: ADF Drag and Drop does not work for rows in table using Select All
    Thanks again for the reply.

  • Form Designed in LiveCycle will not work for End User

    Please Help!
    I am a newbie to Adobe LiveCycle but recognized the utility in the program, so decided to give it a while to try and streamline some of my employer's forms.  After spending too much time learning how to design a form (much to the dislike of my boss), I am finally going to have to ask for some help.  So here's the deal:
    I've designed a dynamic pdf in LiveCycle with two master pages and two repeating flowed subforms.  The first repeating subform is basically an expanding table intended to be used as a photographer's log where they can log each photo taken with the camera.  The expanding table has some code with a button at the top for the end user to enter the number of photos on the photo roll, click submit, and table expands to however many instances of rows are needed for each photo that was taken.  The second subform is basically an image field and text fields used as photo captions/photo compilation pages.  When the end user clicks submit on the first subform to expand the table, I also have javascript in that click event to also create same amouint of instances of the second subform (the photo compilation page(s)).  Each text field for the photo caption on the second subform is populated by the data entered into the photo log table cells.  I was able to find a script to correctly populate those fields for each instance of the table.  Wish I had the form here, but it's at work at the moment.
    My problem is this: I've scratched and clawed to get all of the forms expanding correctly and the scripts populating each instance of the fields correctly and everything works great in LiveCycle preview.  I then saved the form as PDF for use by my field crew personnel (whom all use, at the very least, Adobe Pro 9, but most Pro X).  I sent the new form to them and they move it to their desktop, open it with Adobe Pro, and populate all of the fields and everything works swimmingly.  However, once they save it, it gets all jumbled and they can't even print it.  We even thought we found a workaround by entering all data and printing to PDF, but even that has turned out to not work.  I checked to make sure that I designed and saved the form in LiveCycle for use with the Adobe Pro versions, but still not working for my end users.
    Anyone have any thoughts on my long explanation??  Please HELLLLPPPP!

    The error(s) occur when trying to save the document.  I want each user to tell the first page how many rows they will need in the photo log table, so they would enter however many photos were taken in the box: "Number of Photos on Roll:"  ---> Then click the "Submit" cmd button.  That should expand the table.  Once it expands, it should also add the same amount of instances of the photo compilation page (2nd Page) as there are rows in 1st page table.  Then the user will populate each cell of the table on page 1 with data.  The data entered into the page 1 table cells will populate the text fields (photo caption) in Page 2 once the user clicks on the "Populate Captions!" cmd button in the lower left corner of the table on Page 1. 
    The problem is in the distributing of the form to the user so they can save the form after populating the data.  I did a test run this morning and for some reason it did do the "print to PDF" correctly for 5 photos on the roll (though this has not been happening every time and especially for a large number of pages, ie. 80 photos).  However, after entering the data for 5 rows on page 1 and then populating the 5 photo compilation pages, I saved a copy as "Save As PDF" and closed the document.  Then re-opened the copy in Acrobat Pro X.  The new copy:
    -had 5 additional rows added to Page 1
    -Duplicates of some of the fields
    -Only retained the 1st instance of the Second Page (Photo w/ Caption) and not all fields were populated
    Again, this all works fine in the LiveCycle Preview but not anywhere else.  I do not have this set up to be linked to an external data source (YET) but there is javascript in the cmd buttons.  I also do not want to distribute this form to end users and then collect the data back from them.  I want them to be able to save a copy of my LiveCycle designed form, open in Adobe Pro, populate the data and save as many copies as needed for form production.

  • Wake on Demand: Not working for some services, others OK

    I haven't been able to figure this problem out... Wake on Demand for a previous generation Mac mini running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 works for things like a CrashPlan automated backup but does not work for things like remote SSH login or Screen Sharing. In all cases, the services are being originated on a latest generation iMac running Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2).
    While it's not an earth-shattering event to get off my backside and walk over to the Mac mini across the house to press its Shift key to waken the thing, it gets rather old to have to keep doing so, especially since CrashPlan automated backups are taking place while the Mac mini is otherwise asleep (the sleep indicator is slowly pulsing).
    I've been through the Apple tech notes regarding Wake on Demand for Snow Leopard 10.6 and have ensured that AirPort and its network are at the top-most position in their respective lists. Other than that, I'm not sure what else I can do. Wake on Network is enabled in the Snow Leopard Mac mini's network System Preferences and there doesn't seem to be any on/off option in the AirPort Extreme base station (just recently updated to 7.6 firmware).
    Any thoughts... hints... suggestions?
    One final note: this Mac mini is new as of July 2011; just days before the latest generation of Mac mini came out. It came pre-installed with Snow Leopard and, as soon as the users of this mini find software replacements for the old PPC style applicaitons they're used to using, will be upgraded to Lion. However, I feel a bit unsettled in making the move to Lion if I can't get a Snow Leopard feature to work properly. There's no telling if the Lion upgrade will actually fix this behavior or make it worse.
    Thanks in advance.

    I don't think you can wake on network with a closed lid. Try keeping the lid open and putting the machine to sleep. Does it work?

  • DNS not working for some computers

    We have a SRP521W router and is set up with one SSID for wireless. In our office all the computers (5) can connect but only some may get on the internet. I have a laptop I am testing with and it will not connect, wired or wireless.
    I found an article relating to flushing DNS, tried that, no luck.
    I found another that said I should try setting my DNS to and this worked, internet works fine.
    I tried rebooting the DSL modem and router, tried many different things but am not a networking guru so I am just not sure why the DNS is not working for one computer but works for another, connected to same LAN or SSID.

    Though what Don posted is one way to accomplish it, I never add anything to my DNS and it works fine.  Windows DNS, in a default installation, will automatically forward to the root (.com, .edu, .gov, etc.).  So I always just point my workstations
    to my Domain Controller as their DNS and everything works just fine without any additional configuration.
    Guess I'm one of those who won't even trust Google for sharing a DNS, particularly when I have never needed to set up any forwarders.
    .:|:.:|:. tim

  • Thunderbird Mission Control Desktop/AutoConfig not working for some users

    I have the file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\defaults\pref\custom.js"
    It contains:
    pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0);
    pref("general.config.filename", "TMcustom.cfg");
    I have the file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\TMcustom.cfg"
    It contains:
    var promptService = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/embedcomp/prompt-service;1"]
    promptService.alert(null, "title", "testing");
    For most of my users the alert pops up fine when I start Thunderbird, but for a few it doesn't. All of the machines where setup with the same install script. If I log into one of the machines where it's not working as a different user, then it works fine, so I know the files are in the right spot. So why would it not work for specific users? Is there something in the user's Windows profile that could cause it to not work? Or are there any other suggestions?

    As it turns out this was a known bug that was corrected in the recent release of Java 7_65 and Java 8_11. Here is a link to the bug description in the database.
    Bug ID: JDK-8019274 RMI thread can no longer call out to AWT thread for webstart app

  • After Upgradation BPF is not working for some users

    Hi All,
    We have recently upgraded from BPC 5.1 to 7MS SP7.  we are having multi server setup with one application / reporting server (windows 2003 and one sql server 2008 (windows 2003 64 bit).
    Intially before upgradation we don't have any issues with BPF and it worked fine for all users. But post upgradation tasks within the BPF  does not work for other users except for the first two people who first  used it. Other users have the same rights as the ones who can access the tasks.
    when they  click on the link it gets them to eExcel and the right application but doesnt open the package or report assigned to the task. It doesn't give us any errors, on the status bar we get a message finalising but does  not getting any thing.
    Any inputs ??

    Are you sure that those users have installed BPC 7 SP7 clients on their machine? Meaning that you uninstalled 5.1 clients and installed the new client from http://servername/Osoft?
    If yes, you should maybe run a client diagnostic on the machines and also check the Management Console for any error messages.
    Hope this will drive you to a potential solution.
    Best Regards,

  • Outlook autodiscover is not working for some users in coexistence

    We are doing exchnage 2013/2010 coexistence
    Most everything is ok BUT outlook autodiscover is not working for some exchange 2010 users now that 2013 is in the front!!!.  We end up creating the profiles manually.  It has affected some but not all the users.
    I followed the instructions here but it didn't help.
    Using outlook 2010, 2013, patches, .... didn't make a difference
    Would you please help?
    Thank you

    If it is affecting only few handful of users i could suspect a mailbox corruption and would recommend to move mailbox and see the results.
    Also you can try below
    You need to set the values MaxFieldLength, MaxRequestBytes & MaxTokenSize to below on Exchange 2010 CAS servers as well as Exchange 2013 CAS servers
    Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP\Parameters
    Name: MaxFieldLength
    Type: DWORD
    Value: 65534
    Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP\Parameters
    Name: MaxRequestBytes
    Type: DWORD
    Value: 16777216
    Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Kerberos\Parameters
    Name: MaxTokenSize
    Type: REG_DWORD
    Value: 48000 
    Just reboot the servers once its done and you will be good to go.
    Remember to mark as helpful if you find my contribution useful or as an answer if it does answer your question.That will encourage me - and others - to take time out to help you Check out my latest blog posts on http://exchangequery.com Thanks Sathish

  • Software Update Point Switching is not working for some Clients

    Hi there,
    I found nothing similar here and I hope this is the right section.
    I´m running ConfigMgr 2012 R2 where one of the Site Systems from one of the Primaries is located in an untrusted Forest in a perimeter Network. The Site System there has the MP, SUP and DB Roles. In general it works great. The Systems in that untrusted Forest
    get the SCCM Agent pushed, see and can install published Software packages and receive Windows Updates. But there are a few systems where everything works, except Windows Updates.
    So I had a deeper look at what is happening and found out that the SUP switching is not working for them. They always try to contact the SUP from the Primary, which they cannot reach (this is intended).
    From how I understand SUP switching as described here
    the Windows Update Agent tries to connect to a SUP every 30 minutes and after 4 failed attempts he will try to connect to the next one until he finds one which works.
    As I said before, this seems to work for most systems in the untrusted forest, but some do not make any intentions to switch the SUP.
    So my next step was to find out from where the Update Agent can get the information of the available SUPs. I think they either don´t receive the information that other SUPs exist, or if the Information is there, they don´t realize that there´s an error and
    make no attempt to switch.
    I used the System Center Support Center to gather all Information from some of the systems with that problems (Log Files, WMI information, registry information, policies etc.) but I cannot find where SCCM or the Update Agent store the information which SUPs
    are available in my environment.
    I´m sure the problem is on the Systems which fail to connect to the right SUP and not in the SCCM infrastructure itself, because for most of the systems everything is working just perfect. Unfortunately in the Blog Post above there´s also no information
    where this information is stored and how it is obtained by the clients. In the comments there´s even one post which describes the same problem I have here, but there was no answer. I hope someone can point me into the right direction, because I´m stuck currently.
    Things I tried additionally to all the log file / WMI / registry sniffing:
    Removing the Software Distribution Folder and restarting the Windows Update Agent
    Removing the WindowsUpdate Registry folder in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Windows section in the Registry and restarting the Windows Update Agent.
    Tried to reset the WUAgent with wuauclt /Resetauthorization additionally to the steps above.
    I also tried to manually set the WUServer and WUStatusServer Keys in the registry to the new Server, but as soon as the next Update Scan cycle runs, the value is set back to the URL of the Primary Sites SUP
    Is someone having additional ideas? It seems to me older systems are more affected (which were configured for a standard WSUS before SCCM 2012 was deployed) than newer ones which were installed when SCCM was in place already. But I don´t know what else to
    "reset" on those machines without reinstalling them.

    Thank you very much for your response. I must have missed that one by looking through numerous Logfiles. In this, there´s indeed a list of all available SUPs. So according to the LocationServices.log the machine should have a choice.
    The WMI Key however, contains just one entry and this is the URL of the Primaries SUP which is not reachable in the untrusted forest. Is it OK that the WMI entry includes only one entry? If yes, what process is putting the results from the LocationServices
    into WMI? It seems like the Windows Update Agent is feeded from the WMI Key then. If this is the case my problems seems to be the "communication path" between these two components.
    Is this the job from the SCCM Agent, the Windows Update Agent or maybe some third component I´m not aware of? I wonder how I can fix this.

  • My apple id is not working for my iPhone activation. Please help me.

    my apple id is not working for my iPhone activation. Please help me.
    i'll just restore it.

    Not working in what way?
    Only the Apple ID that was used to enable "Find My iPhone" on the device can be used to bypass Activation Lock.

  • LSMW For Converting Open Sales Orders (not working for more than 1 item)

    I am using following standard object for Open sales orders .
    Object               0090   Sales documents                   
    Method               0000                                     
    Program Name         RVINVB10                                 
    Program Type         D   Direct Input                         
    Its not working for more than 1 line item.
    For more than 1 line item its giving Error saying that
    '102122                         V1                   845
    Print parameter SAPML2 1 is not defined
    Can anybody help me out in this regard.
    Thanks in advance.

    hello, friend.
    i will still research the subject.  but the first thing that comes into my mind is t-code VA05.  with this, you have the option to change the Plant en masse.  so a possible workaround is for you to list a number of sales orders using VA05.  you then sort the line items by Plant.  choose all items with the same plant, change the plant via mass change... then change back to the original plant.  hopefully, the new settings should apply.
    do test a few sales orders by doing this for a larger scope.

  • MAM application is not working for some users

    Hi All,
    Tha MAM application is not working for some users.Different users have different workcenters other than that I dont see any other change. When I run MAM30_090_GETLIST in the backend I can see the no of customized users.But I cant see same no of users in the MEREP_207 table for the Syncbo MAM30_090 and strcture id TOP in the middleware. There is a data when I checked under worklist monitor for that user. But neither the MAM application nor MAM data is downloading to that device.
    If I use different user on the same device I can see the MAM application and MAM data.
    What could be the wrong in this case. Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Mobile Client:MI 70 SP 15 Patch 0 Build 200802280918
    Middleware:SAP NetWeaver 2004s with Patch leve 15
    Backend:SAP ECC 6.0
    Application:MAM 3.0
    Thanks and Regards,

    from your description the source of your issue is quite obvious: some of the MAM users configured in spro are not configured properly.
    For T01 SyncBos the number of TOP records in merep_207 MUST be the same as number of headers returned by an appropriate getList FM in the backend.
    You need to solve this before you can go any further.
    Reason why a record is not recorded in MEREP_207 - getdetail failed for whatever reason. So execute MAM30_ML_getdetail for each of the users that is not replicated in the middleware and check if there are errors in RETURN table. If there is no error - one of the common reason for replication fail is when there are records in item tables that have duplicate primary keys.
    Larissa Limarova

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  • When I click on "rent" in the iTunes Store nothing happens.

    When I click on "rent" in the iTunes Store nothing happens. I am signed in with a current credit card number. Any ideas what I should do? Thanks!

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    I did a search but could not figure it out. Imovie launches, but when I click any button to start or reopen project it crashes. I have not used it for years. Already ran disk utility and repaired permissions and verified disk I have no idea how to re

  • Why does Creative Cloud keep signing me out

    I am attempting to download (since Tuesday) my Adobe Pro Subscription.  Each time I attempt to download the subscription, I am prompted to sign in.  Each time I sign in I am immediately signed out.  I made sure the login name and password are correct