Waveforms not displaying on most tracks

On some projects, the waveforms are displaying as flat or nearly flat lines on most tracks.  As it happens, the tracks I can't edit are the ones I need to edit.  They are all real instrument tracks recorded through a USB - guitar interface.  When I go to flex time I see flex lines but no waves.  Does anyone have any idea what to do about this?

It may be the site you are trying to access is not rendering the CAPTCHA properly.  This might be because of poor coding or slow response from the site.  Try the refresh arrow alongside, or if that does not work, tap on the sound icon: that is usually pronounced slow enough to be able to understand.

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  • Waveform Not Displaying

    The audio waveform is not displaying on the timeline. I have it turned on with optapplew. I dumped all my waveform cache. It even seems like the source video clips do not have it.
    How can I tell FCP to redraw all waveform? OR what is the fix?
    Dual 2.5, 4GB Ram   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Hi Andy,
    it's a slow day at work, the Avid is crashing constantly so we have to shut off the RAID, and what else is there to do for me, lonely in my editing suite, with all the apps but no footage.....
    So there you have it. I'm frustrated. All there is to it.
    Thanks though, at least someone thinks I'm doing a good job.

  • Will not display on most monitors.. very frustrating..

    I purchased my MBA a couple weeks ago and have successfully been able to connect 1 monitor (over VGA).
    I have tried two projectors (neither will work, although it will detect both of them) and it will not connect to my Viewsonic at home (both my other macbook and macbook pro work fine on it).
    It's extremely frustrating.. I'm finding this MBA to be the most flakey laptop I've ever owned.. Anyone have and advice?

    Have you found the solution to your problem? I tried to connect it to my Viewsonic VG2030wm and so far it cannot detect the display

  • Waveform not visible / showing in tracks returned from Audition

    I have a sequence I sent out to Audition to be edited. When I return it to Premiere, it produces a newly added track, but no wave forms are visible. Can't find how to turn them on or why they are not visible. Any suggestions?

    With your Sequence active in the Timeline Panel...
    Sequence > Render Audio

  • Waveform not displaying full

    My waveforms on the timeline are not generating properly, I have missing bits of a waveform in 1 file, it will show part of it but not say the end, THe file is fully rendered, no weird format or different clips none of that a single clip will just show nothing for part of the waveform.  The cure is to zoom into that section fully all the way to the highest zoom then shift z out and it will then show some times but you have to play with it to make it show? why?

    Hi Andy,
    it's a slow day at work, the Avid is crashing constantly so we have to shut off the RAID, and what else is there to do for me, lonely in my editing suite, with all the apps but no footage.....
    So there you have it. I'm frustrated. All there is to it.
    Thanks though, at least someone thinks I'm doing a good job.

  • I am getting audio recording but no visible waveform display on my tracks. How can I view the waveform?

    I am getting audio recording, but the wave form does not display on my tracks; there is just a black line. How do I get the waveform to show on the track?

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    Alan Silvestri - Contact, Predator
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    Silvestri (my fav) can write some seriously dark music.

  • 3D camera track points not displaying correctly

    Just bought a new iMac and am re-installing all of my programs including Creative Cloud programs. I am having an issue with After Effects not displaying all the track points when I use the 3D camera tracker. I get maybe 6-10 points displaying but that is it. They are there because I can still create nulls, solids, shadow catchers, etc... but the points themselves will not display. I have used the camera tracker in the past with no problems at all. Any idea why this would be going on? Here are my iMac specs...

    Try some of your older footage. Some footage produces very few tracking points, other footage produces a lot. Sometimes you need to scale up the size of the track points to see more of them. A screen shot would help us diagnose your problems.

  • Safari on my account does not display images when you open a picture.

    I have Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installed. Safari on my account does not display images most of the time when you open a picture like (www.example.com/example/example.jpg or any other format). If the image does not display, I can drag from the corner, it displays the image. However, pdf does not work at all. I have to choose open in Preview to view the pdf file. I can even show the example:
    Sometimes the images work like right now.
    2. This is the time when the images do not work.

    Hi all the real problem was this...
    The issue was that the wee rubber eye piece around the viewfinder had slipped out of its seat slightly and was covering the sensor for the LCD. I Just checked the rubber eye piece bit  pushed right down till it clipped into place and now not obstructing the LCD sensor as the picture displays both with the LCD auto off enabled or disabled !! simple thing but a massive trap !

  • IPhone iTunes match problem, songs displaying incorrectly or not displaying at all

    I have an iPhone 4, and recently subscribed to iTunes Match.  The list of artists/songs/albums, etc. does not show my content correctly. Some songs aren't displayed even though they have been downloaded, and the alphabetical display is making no sense. 
    I have posted a screenshot:  http://junklogic.com/transfer/photo.PNG
    Despite the categories being alphabetical, you can see that artists under "U" are being displayed under "W" and "X". 
    I also downloaded some songs via the iTunes Purchased Music feature, and they downloaded, but are not displaying. Most recent purchases are not displaying.
    Does anyone have any insight as to what is going on? 

    I thought my email from Apple would amuse, in it they imply I was unable to make it work. Not them. Note no apology whatsoever - it would imply guilt.
    They also threatened me with an effective year long ban if I get my money back. Here's the email:
    Hello David,
    I understand that you haven't been able to get Match working, so you'd like to see about receiving a refund. I can imagine you must be eager to get this sorted out. Edna wanted to make sure this gets resolved, so your case was escalated to me. My name is Adam and I'm an iTunes store senior advisor.
    Please keep in mind that if you cancel your iTunes Match subscription, you will no longer have access the Match features. In addition, if you receive a refund, you will not be able to subscribe to iTunes Match again until a year from the refund date.
    If you would still like to cancel, just reply to this email with the billing address and the last four digits of the credit card on the account. Upon receiving your response, Apple will verify your information, cancel your iTunes Match subscription and issue you a full refund. You will receive an email confirmation in regards to any refund.
    I'm looking forward to your reply and the chance to get this taken care of for you. Apple wants your iTunes experience to be as enjoyable as possible.
    iTunes Store/Mac App Store Senior Advisor

  • Audio waveform will not display

    I just bought a new iMac and have opened a previous FCE4 file with it. The sequence will not display the audio waveform at all... it used to do fine displaying the waveform on my Powerbook G4. I've toggled the preferences to display audio waveform globally and also for the individual sequence, to no avail. The audio does play back, just no waveform display.
    Any help appreciated.
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    First, make sure the track settings aren't too low. If the track height is too small the waveforms won't show. If that's OK then quit the application and trash the waveform cache. If you don't know where that is look in your FCE system settings. It'll be at the bottom of the first panel.

  • Audio Waveforms (On Certain Clips Only) Not Displaying

    Long time forum-lurker, first time poster.
    Here's the situation: The nighttime assistant editor created a sequence of B-roll clips for an editor. On both the editor's and the assistant editor's computer, the audio waveforms for these clips are not displaying correctly. Specifically, the symptoms (on both computers) are:
    - Waveforms do not appear in timeline unless zoomed in to maximum or second-to-maximum zoom. When zoomed out farther than that, the "X"es appear.
    - When viewing the clip in the viewer's audio tab, either by double-clicking the sequence clip or match-framing from the sequence, the waveforms do not appear at all until I zoom in to near maximum level. When zooming out after that, the remnants of the zoomed-in waveforms remain on the screen.
    - The waveforms of other clips display correctly.
    I have tried deleting the waveform cache on both computers, changing the location of the waveform cache and restarting, and deleting the preferences on the editor's computer. I have not tried recreating the sequence from the original clips because the daytime assistant editor has more sequences to create and needs to use her computer.
    If anyone can help me, that would be great.
    Here are the specs:
    Assistant Editor's Computer: eMac running Final Cut Pro 5.0.1 and Mac OS 10.4.something (I haven't gotten a chance to run software update).
    Editor's Computer: Dual Processor Power Mac G5 running Final Cut Pro 5.0.4 and Mac OS 10.4.8.
    Both computers are sharing the same media which is located on our SAN. The Editor's computer (along with two other G5-based editing systems) is connected via FibreChannel. The Assistant Editor's computer (along with a whole bunch of other computers) is connected through our server, which serves the SAN drives as network volumes. Assistant editors create sequences on the eMac and upload the project file to the server, where they are available for the editors to download.
    Power Mac G5 and eMac   Mac OS X (10.4)   SAN: Xserve RAID, CommandSoft FibreJet (not Xsan). Server: Xserve (Intel model)

    Don't know what's going on, but tell us the format of
    the audio.
    It's the audio track from a video clip. All video on this project is DV NTSC. The audio is 48.0 Khz, 16 bit, 2 mono channels.
    Also, try copying
    one audio clip to a local drive and see if the
    problem persists.
    Copied one of the offending clips onto the desktop. Dragged it into the project. Opened it in the viewer and hit the Audio tab. Whaddya know, the waveform appeared.
    I cut a chunk of it into the sequence that is full of clips whose waveforms don't work and turned on "show audio waveforms". Waited for a long time and I still just got the Xes unless I zoomed in really close to the new sequence clip.
    But then I cut a chunk of the newly copied clip into a brand new sequence, turned on audio waveforms in the timeline, and they showed up.
    I don't know if any of this will help to solve my problem, but hopefully it will give someone an idea. I've got an editor who says he's used to editing from waveforms and needs the ability to see them. (Unfortunately, copying media to local drives is not a viable workaround. The media must stay on the SAN.)
    Power Mac G5  

  • CC 2014 not displaying waveforms on timeline or viewer

    Having reluctantly upgraded to PP CC 2014 I am noticing that the waveforms of .R3D files do not display properly in the timeline or the viewer. Sometimes the waveforms are displayed correctly, sometimes not. There is inconsistency even within the same timeline.
    Is there a new setting that needs to be enabled here or is this another one of those dreadful Adobe bugs we're getting so used to?
    Running on Mac Pro 2013 - 2.7 GHz 12-core 64 GB RAM OSX 10.9.4

    Hi Xebedie,
    Did you import via the Media Browser or File > Import? Try the Media Browser.

  • FaceTime HD Camera (Display) not working with most applications

    The Thunderbolt 27" LED Cinema displays built in camera is not working with most applications. The camera does not work with FaceTime, iChat, Skype and Google Talk. FaceTime says "There is no connected camera", even though there is. Weird thing is it DOES work at http://www.testmycam.com. I can't get it to work with any other flash based apps, just testmycam.com.
    My MacBook Pro 17" (late 2011) built in camera works perfectly with everything.
    Things I've already tried:
    - Shutdown
    - Restart
    - disconnect/reconnect
    - removing power from display
    lame, lame, lame. $1k monitor, flippin' webcam doesn't work.

    I think I have found the problem. I decided to go page by page through the forums and found this argument when running a Java program through the console:
    So it would be like:
    java -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true SwingSet2
    That works flawlessly, so it has to do with direct draw (So it's either DirectX or my video card drivers which are up to date).

  • Ipod will not display track and artist name when i play a song

    ipod will not display track and artist name when i play a song... i cant see the the volume display to adjust it eiether. Everyting shows up in the menus just not on the now playing screen.... any suggestions?

    Try restoring your iPod. Just be aware that restoring will erase the hard drive, reload the software and put it back to default settings. Once the restore is complete follow the on screen instructions and it should connect to iTunes and give you a prompt to automatically update your library onto the fresh installation. If you want to update manually or using selected playlists choose no and it will default to manual mode and you can choose whatever setting you like: Restoring iPod to factory settings with iTunes 7

  • Radio Stations and CD in drive does not display tracks in iTunes

    My iTunes will not display the stations when I open the radio and when I insert a cd there is no text. Itunes recognizes the cd however nothing is displayed. I have had this problem once before and someone had me delete a registry file. Can anyone assist? Thanks!

    Is your iTunes able to get the internet connection it needs? Without this, you will not get either the radio stations or the track names for a CD in the drive.
    Perhaps soemthing has changed tyour firewall settings and iTunes has been blocked.

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