WBS element changed into an account assignment element

Hi Gurus,
Please let me know that how to get WBS element changed into an account assignment element.

In what releation? For depreciation costs?

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  • What is the importance of word account in 'Account' assignment elements

    Automatic 'account assignment derivation' minimizes the manual effort of entering postings in which the 'account assignment elements' can be entered. The values derived appear as default values that you can overwrite if you wish.
    FM account assignment elements, Derivation of FM Account Assignment Elements from CO Acct Assgnmnts.
    These are many place where word account assignment elements is used in sap.
    what is the importance of word 'Account'. What should we understand if word 'account' assignment element wording is used in FM,CO or FI.

    i have tried but no one answers specific question -- What is 'account assignment element'.
    its used everywhere as if everyone understands it in every module.
    for e.g
    FM account assignment elements are not migrated to BCS. Nevertheless, they are crucial to proper migration, since budget data is assigned to these account assignment elements. You have the following options:
    ·  If you do not want use new FM account assignment elements in BCS, you should proceed as follows:
    Migration at fiscal year-end: no specific action is required. See link below.
    Migration during the course of a fiscal year: you should carry out the activation of account assignments for BCS and optionally also define your budget structure.
    ·  If you want to use new FM account assignment elements in BCS, such as the grant or funded program, proceed as follows:
    Now if someone is new to SAP what would he understand with word - FM account assignment elements
    Like in FI we have GL account and in FM we have Commitment item. Two different nomenclature. Why account assignment element is used freely as If everyone else understands it, I would love to understand that how to interpret word account assignment element differently if used in different module.

  • Statistical WBS Element - do we need to set as Account Assignment Element?

    I would like to know if I define the WBS element to be statistical (statistical ticked in Control tab) and would want to have posting.  Do I need to set it as account assignment element?  (I noticed system is not allowing me to post if I do not set it as account assignment element).  I want to make sure the actual cost would be be posted to the WBS element as the WBS element should just be statistical in nature.
    Please also confirm if I always need to specify actual cost center posted if the statistical field is ticked PRPS-KOSTL.

    Yes, so the account assignment should always be ticked if I want to post actual to STATISTICAL WBS Element.  Now I would like to confirm if I always need to specify actual cost center posted if the statistical field is ticked PRPS-KOSTL.
    Also, I understand that if I run CJI3, for statistical Actuals posted, its value type will be 11 - Statistical Actual instead of 4 - Actual.

  • CProject Phase - Account assignment element

    Hi All,
              I am able to assign account assignment element for CProject phase manually.
    I want to do it through program,
    Could you please provide me the BAPI/FM to assign an account assignment element for each phase in XRPM .
    I am assigning WBS as account assignment element.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ashok Kumar
    Moderator message: please (re)search yourself before asking, show what you have done yourself so far if posting again.
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    If cost has been posted onto the subject WBS then the account assignment element cannot be unchecked i.e. it remains greyed out. You wont be able to change it even via CNMASS. The only option left could be to cancel the transactions that led to the cost assignment (please note a reversal means another transaction that only reverses the effect but does not remove the line items altogether, therefore a reversal does not remove the AA indicator).
    Also note that the cost can be both actual or statistical in nature. Even settlement from lower level WBS to higher level WBS leads to greying of the indicator.

  • Setting flag account assignment element in PS within BADI doesn't work

    I would like to set the flag for account assignement element and billing element in PS depending on some fields of cProjects. Hint 993642 says that can be done in GCC_PS_PROJECT_LABEL. Unfortunately I don't know how to pass some parameters from cProjects to the relevant method.
    For transfering the standard fields I am using (thanks to Matthias) the BADI DPR_FIN_GECCO_ATTR.
    There are several blocks with fields I set. Each block looks similar to (except the field and the value)    
    ls_attribute-data_element     = space.
          ls_attribute-value            = space.
          ls_attribute-field_name_orext = 'WBS_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT_ELEMENT'.
          ls_attribute-fldname_receiver = space.
          ls_attribute-struc_name_copa  = space.
          ls_attribute-field_name_copa  = space.
          ls_attribute-ext_attr_name    = space.
          ls_attribute-ext_attr_value   = space.
          INSERT ls_attribute INTO TABLE ct_attributes.
    In the default method the WBS_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT_ELEMENT and WBS_BILLING_ELEMENT are overridden constant to 'X' like hint 993642 describes. But at least I have no glue how to pass my relevant parameters to the method to be able to set the values in my own implementation of this method.
    So, does someone knows how to pass values to this method?
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    Hi Vanessa,
    I tested the proposal I told you today, and when I came into debug mode in BADI F_EX_GCC_PS_PROJECT_LABEL~GET_WBS_ELEMENT, here is what I obtain in structure ATTRIBUTES_OF_EXT_OBJ.
    Line  | Data_element |    value       |        field_name_orext
    1        |                     |    TEST      |         USER_FIELD_CHAR20_1
    2        |                     |    TEST2    |         USER_FIELD_CHAR20_2
    3        |                     |    TEST3    |         USER_FIELD_CHAR10_1
    4        |                     |    TEST4    |         USER_FIELD_CHAR10_2
    So if you build an enhancement at the end of the method (don't hesitate to copy standard code if it helps), you should be able to retrieve your values, and set the flags as wanted.
    read table ATTRIBUTES_OF_EXT_OBJ
    into ls_attribute
    with key field_name_orext = 'USER_FIELD_CHAR10_2' (actually the name you set on cProjects side, so you might be able to do it as well for WBS_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT).
    Edited by: Matthias BRISSEAU on Oct 28, 2008 2:21 PM

  • Value Blank/space is invalid for account assignment element fund

    I created an invoice with several items linked to funds reservation.
    when the invoice has 2 line items, the payment run is executed without problem.
    when the invoice has more than 3 line items, the payment run is executed with error.
    The message error (message number F6804) is "value blank/space is invalid for account assignment element fund".
    I dont know where i should enter a valid value for fund.
    Thanks for your kind help!

    Hi Chiachen,
    The problem occurred because the functional area is not inherited from the Purchase order during MIRO posting. As a result, error message F6841 is issued.
    There are 2 main programs for the FM derivation:
    1. Function Module FM_DERIVE_ACCOUNT_FROM_COBL
    2. Program LFMCOBLF06
    The latest notes which affects these 2 programs are 1244381 and 1247982.
    Kindly implement these notes using SNOTE.
    During this process, it should also bring in all the other pre-requisite notes. Do not worry if the
    symptoms described in the notes do not match yours. What's more important is to bring the coding in your system up to date. Please retest MIRO after the notes are applied. Let me know the results.
    Check also the notes 17941 and 982511.
    I hope it helps
    Best Regards,
    Vanessa Barth.

  • How do you transfer Albums & their contents from Elements 11 into a later edition Elements 13. Thanks

    How do you transfer Albums & their contents from Elements 11 into a later edition Elements 13. Thanks

    Albums are lists which are stored into catalogs. They don't contain the images, they just keep a pointer to where the pictures are stored in your computer and the order to display them.
    So your problem is with catalogs, not with albums.
    If you have missed the message to convert the old current catalog at installation time, that's not a problem. You can use the menu File in the organizer, select 'Manage catalogs' which will show a 'convert' button. That is also necessary if you have more than one catalog.
    The catalog is not a single file, it's a folder containing the main database, catalog.pse13b as well as other files and subfolders. The location of your current catalog can be found with the menu Help/System Info of the organizer. If you want to use another catalog, the organizer will search for other catalogs and provide a list to choose from.

  • During creation of WBS element How to pass ACCount Assignment field as blnk

    Hi Experts,
    I am  creating of WBS element by using BAPI   ''BAPI_BUS2054_CREATE_MULTI'' .
    during creation, passed the ACCount Assignment field  as blank.
    but when i check that WBS in CJ20n that ACCount Assignment field in coming as checked.    Please suggest me how to pass this field as blank.
    Edited by: Susanta22 on May 9, 2011 6:08 PM

    I have same issue. how you resolved it.

  • Changing line item account assignment

    Hi all,
    I am attempting to code the functionality of transaction KB61 to change the account assignment of a line item. The BAPI that I am using to recreate the functionality is BAPI_ACC_PRIMARY_COSTS_POST (may or may not be able to do what I want?)
    Does anybody know how to pass the material number (MATNR) through to the line item for being reposted using BAPI_ACC_PRIMARY_COSTS_POST or is there another way to do this?
    Jason Lante

    go through this
    Short text
    Accounting: Post Primary Costs
    Method for posting a document with primary costs.
    Structure DOC_HEADER holds the document header data. Field CO_AREA holds controlling area used for posting. For external number ranges, field DOC_ holds the document number. Fields DOCDATE (document date) and POSTGDATE (posting date) are optional; the R/3 System uses the current date for empty fields. Field OBJ_KEY holds the number and organization of a reference document (10 characters each). Field OBJ_TYPE holds the object type of the sender system reference document. Field LOGSYSTEM is for documents from external systems only. Field DOC_HDR_TX can hold a document header text. Field VARIANT can hold a valid screen variant if one is known. Field VERSION is not useful here; you can post only in version 000 which is set as the default.
    You must specify the transaction currency for the entire document. You can either specify the currency in SAP format in the TRANS_CURR field or in ISO code in the TRANSCUR_ISO field.
    The USERNAME field is a required field.
    Table DOC_ITEMS adopts the document item data. The data consists of:
    Field Name Short Text Optional
    SEND_CCTR Sender Cost Center
    SENDER_ORD Sender Order
    SEN_WBS_EL Sender WBS Element
    SEN_NETWRK Sender Network
    SENOPERATN Sender Network Activity
    SENSALEORD Sender Sales Order
    SENITEM Item Number in Sender Sales Order
    SENCOSTOBJ Sender Cost Object
    COST_ELEM Cost Element
    VALUE_TCUR Transaction Currency Ammount
    QUANTITY Total Quantity Entered X
    POSTQUUN Posted Quantity Unit X
    POSTQUUN_ISO Posted Quantity Unit in ISO Code X
    PERSON_NO Personnel Number X
    SEG_TEXT Segment Text X
    REC_CCTR Receiver Cost Center
    REC_ORD Receiver Order
    REC_WBS_EL Receiver WBS Element
    REC_NETWRK Receiver Network
    RECOPERATN Receiver Network Activity
    RECSALEORD Receiver Sales Order
    RECITEM Item Number in Receiver Sales Order
    RECCOSTOBJ Receiver Cost Object
    RECACTTYPE Receiver Activity Type
    SEN_CALC_MOTIVE Sender Accounting Indicator
    REC_CALC_MOTIVE Receiver Accounting Indicator
    SENACTTYPE Sender Activity Type
    You must enter at least one sender and one receiver object. Fields with *_ISO can also hold quantity units or currencies in ISO code.
    Structure MESSAGES returns all messages. Parameter DOC_NO holds the document number for successful postings.
    Function group

  • Changing G/L account assignment causes reposting of receipt

    I had the requirement to change a G/L account to an new account as of this year.  I delimited the symbolic account assignment and created a new record.  Problem is, if I have to re-post an older trip, the old receipts repost to the new G/L account.  We do not want retro-postings due to this change.
    I changed table view V_T706K - Symbolic account assignment with a new begin date and new symbolic account assignment.  Why does the Posting Run ignore the dates?

    Hi Kenneth,
    As per my understanding if the tripu2019s dates are between the change dates then this problem can occur.
    As per the configuration done (which you can see in expert view), system fetches the data depends on three basis.
    a.     As per trip first date
    b.     As per trip last date
    c.     As per receipt exact date
    So in case if you create a trip of start date 15.01.2010 and  end date 16.01.2010 and insert a receipt of 21.01.2010, it can fetch the config data of new GL account as per config.
    I believe you have delimited the settings. Do let me know for any query.
    Hope it helps you.


    HI ALL
    while changing the plant in sales order  LINE ITEM FM  accounting assignment is not changing accordingly FOR THE PARTICULAR LINE ITEM.

    solution found.
    Mala k reddy

  • OBYC changes in automatic account assignment

    I've a question.
    We have configured automatic account assignment under BSX in OBYC with say, GL1.
    Now we observed that, it has changed to GL2 by mistake. Now we need to set it back to GL1.
    Will system automatically assign all the transactions to the changed GL (i.e from GL2 to GL1), meaning the old transactions as well, or we need to pass a JV for the rectification of the balances to the correct GL.
    Please advise.

    What must be the rectifying action for this?? Since this is a huge balance and Finance dept is not allowing to pass a JV with such a huge balance for audit reasons.
    Plz suggest from MM side what can be done coz reversing and re-posting the whole thing is not possible since its time consuming activity.

  • Activate account assignment element Fund

    Dear Gurus
           We already used this FM since 2000 because of the need business, we activated the rating element Ado (fund). Now we have to reassemble the balance in the table BPJA to be written to the Fund for fund center and commitem item . We update the applications purchases through the transaction and fmvt FMCN, but unfortunately the table Total (bpja) is not being updated. Anyone have any solutions ?
    We are in ECC 6.0 EHP4.

    Thanks Eli
          We are migrating to the BCS. My biggest problem and that was element to activate the fund. purchase orders as we have old where the classification was only used ado Fund Center and Commit item. With this need to reclassify the old order with the element fund.
         We reclassify the applications, but even so we used transaction fmbv BPJA the table is not leading the fund (Geber)
    PS. Do you have any SAP notes or document that mentions that the Former budgeting is discontinued?

  • Not able to change delivery address in PO having account assignment cat M

    Hi All
    We have a scenario where we are creating SO then a PR is getting created from this SO and finally buyer is converting Preq in to PO (account assignment is M as it is against a customer order), now by default the delivery address in PO is coming to that of customer address , but we want to change this delivery address to that of a location where some assembly work will be done. But system is not allowing us to change the delivery address, as soon as we change the address system overwrites it with the original customer address.
    Please provide your valuable inputs.

    Thanks Jurgen for providing the OSS information though still as per the note Delivery address field should be in display mode but we are able to edit the delivery address but after pressing the "Enter" key system overwrites it with the original customer address. Anyways point is we can not change the delivery address in PO in such case.
    Now I am worried how to handle the below scenario , it would be great if you can provide some inputs.
    Our client is selling big equipments to customers and an equipment consists of many components. Now when a customer order comes , sales team punches the SO in the system where BOM explosion happens and it creates Preq (because all components needs to be delivered to customer, 3 PDS situation), Buyer converts Preq into PO (account assignment M and there comes SO info under account assignment in item details of The PO).
    All the components under an equipment comes from different supplier but for some compeonents instead of direct shipment to customer we need them at an isolated location where some assembly work will be done and that assemled thing will be then delivered to Customer. So to communicate to the supplier that the component needs to be dlivered at some other location and not to the customer location I was trying to change the delivery address as by default for such orders customer address comes in the PO.
    Any pointers how to map this business sceneraio.

  • Account Assignment Gp. Change in Sales Order At Item Level

    Due to Some Changes in Material Account Assignment Gps. , I want to Change A/C Assignment Gps. at Item Level in the Sales order it self . as there are so many pending sales orders with Old A/C assignment gp. I tried through MASS updation , but Item level A/C assignment field is not avialable . Pl. help to solve this matter

           I explain you the process that where the actual field is this.
          First Go on T.Code MASS --> Select Object Type : BUS2032 ---> F8 (Execute) --> Select SD document: Business item data : Table Name :MASSSDPOSVBKD ---> F8 (Execute) -- > Choose Selection Field (Square Check Button at Footer) ---> Select AcctAssgGr Field from Pool to Selection criteria --> Select OK.
          Hope it will help you.

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