WD My Book Studio FireWire 800 External Hard Drive & Mountain Lion

I just recently purchase a 2 TB WD My Book Studio FireWire 800 External Hard Drive (model #WDBC3G0020HAL-NESN) to perform backups of my 1TB iMac which currently is running OS X Lion 10.7.5.  The packaging says the external hard drive is compatible with Lion, but I was curious to find out if I upgrade to Mountain Lion in the near future will that cause issues with the external drive or is it still compatible with Mountain Lion?

That is actually the thread that I was looking at earlier that caused my concern.
Is there any way to 100% verify with apple that there are no firewire problems with external hard drives and Mountain Lion before I hook up my new drive and possibly upgrade in the near future.
Also, I have heard good things about both SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner. 
I basically want to be able to boot from my external hard drive partition if I have a major hard drive issue.
Will both of those programs do that for me and will I really go wrong with either one of them?
Thanks again for you repsonses, they have been a big help!

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  • I have a Firewire 800 external hard drive and need to connect to my new MacBook Air.  Where can I get the correct cable?

    I have a Firewire 800 external hard drive and need to connect to my new MacBook Air.  Where can I get the correct cable?

    Apple has announced a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter, but not yet given a release date.

  • Lacie firewire 800 external hard drive not mounting in mac os 10.4.8

    I have a pm g5 Dual 2ghz system ,i have connected an firewire 800 lacie 1tb external hard drive to the system,now the problem is it is not mounting on the desktop shows in the diskutility repaired the disk say's disk volume ok any way to mount the external hd on the desktop

    Hi Veena, Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    And you've tried choosing the volume and pressing the "Mount " icon on the tool bar of Disk Utility?
    Have you shut down your Mac and disconnected your firewire cable from both ends and let it sit about ten minutes then reconnect and try. Also, it is important to disconnect the AC power to your Mac, this helps to reset the FireWire port(s).
    Do you have TTP or DW, both of which you could use to try to mount it.
    It is also possible that you have a bad cable or a bad port, do other FW devices work?
    [email protected]

  • Firewire 800 External Hard Drive recomendations for recording

    Ok so I posted a week or so ago about a bad experience I had with a firewire 800 external drive. Anyway, Im sending it back and getting a refund but I wanted to confer with you guys about a good, but cheaper (under $100 please) firewire 800 drive thats good for recording to. This will be my recording HD. Can anyone recommend some for me? and shooting a link to a place that sells it would be appreciated! ..and the more recommendations the better

    Hi Veena, Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    And you've tried choosing the volume and pressing the "Mount " icon on the tool bar of Disk Utility?
    Have you shut down your Mac and disconnected your firewire cable from both ends and let it sit about ten minutes then reconnect and try. Also, it is important to disconnect the AC power to your Mac, this helps to reset the FireWire port(s).
    Do you have TTP or DW, both of which you could use to try to mount it.
    It is also possible that you have a bad cable or a bad port, do other FW devices work?
    [email protected]

  • New Firewire 800 External Hard Drive and how to use old External USB Drive

    Hi All,
    I have a new LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk hard drive 500 GB - FireWire / FireWire 800 / Hi-Speed USB / eSATA-300 on the way, when it arrives I plan to use it as my Time Machine Backup drive with the FireWire 800 connection. I am currently using a Seagate Free Agent USB 2.0 320 GB external drive as my Time Machine disk. The reason for upgrading is the USB drive is slow slow slow! I am not concerned about the data on my old drive and will just wipe it clean using Disk Utility. What I would like to do is use the old drive to archive iTunes 7.7.1 and Aperture 2.0 music and photographs. Can someone give me an idea how to go about doing this?

    Hi, yes that will copy the whole iTunes..including everything in iTunes..BUT, as you add to your iTunes on the Main HD, with the ext HD I think you will have to manually update anything added. Or dragNdrop the whole thing again.. You could also locate you iTunes music Library & just copy that across..With images once again find your iPhoto library & just copy that across..L

  • SATA II verses Firewire 800 External Hard Drive

    I want to add a 500MB external disk to a 866MHz G4. I have bought LaCie products before and had no problems so I was looking at their offerings.
    The two main choices I see are:
    A. 500GB Big Disk that supports Firewire 800 + Firewire 800 PCI card.
    1. I can connect the disk to my iBook using Firewire 400
    2. If I got a new Mac it will probably come with Firewire 800 so can be used.
    3. Available now.
    B. 500GB Two Big disk (shipping 2/1) that supports SATA II and comes with a SATA II PCI card.
    1. Better access speed (looks like 115MB/s v 75-80MB/s)
    2. The SATA II card will not work in a new Mac as it is PCI/PCIX and not PCI Express.
    3. Cannot connect to my iBook.
    3. Shipping 2/1.
    The price difference is only $30 more for the SATA II.
    I am trying to figure out if the improved performance of the SATA II drive will be significant enough to be the deciding factor. Or is the performance difference not going to be that noticeable and the convenience of Firewire would be a better choice.
    Any experiences/thoughts?
    866 G4 Mac OS X (10.4.4)

    Thanks for all the info:-)
    Both the LaCie external drives I was looking at are stripped RAIDs with two 250GB drives.
    The Firewire 800 drive also has a Firewire 400 and USB 2.0 port so I am assuming that means I can use a standard Firewire 400 cable.
    The LaCie SATA II card comes with the drive, has multiple ports and does claim to support booting.
    I will check on the deep sleep issue with regards to the LaCie 800 card.
    If I were to get a new Mac I would probably replace the desktop machine. I wondered if Apple would adopt SATA II in place of Firewire 800. I seemed to be getting the impression that Firewire 800 has not been very popular but external SATA drives are getting more popular. Plus SATA II seemes to offer better performance than Firewire 800.
    I was intending to use the drive for video editing DV material using FinalCut Pro so disk performance may be more noticeable. That is why I was looking at striped RAID drives.

  • I have a brand new airport extreme. I just ordered a WD My Book Studio 2TB Mac External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 Can I partition this and use one 1tb as a time capsule and 1tb on my desktop of my mac as a wireless hard drive? If so how?

    How would I do this?

    To partition the WD My Book, you could temporarily connect it to your MacBook Pro via USB. Then use the Disk Utility to partition it into two separate partitions of whatever size you choose for each.
    Once partitioned and formatted (I would recommend HFS+), you can then disconnect the drive from the MacBook Pro and attach it to the new AirPort Extreme. The Extreme should now "see" the drive as two separate drives. You would then use the AirPort Utility to share out both drives.
    For Time Machine, you would just need to select the appropriate shared drive.

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    How do you back up a Mac Book Pro to an external hard drive?

    So you might also want to check this out in order to make a bootable drive of your computer:

  • When I back up my Mac Book Pro to an external hard drive not all files are backed up. Can anyone help please?

    When I try to back up my Mac Book Pro to an external hard drive some of the files are backed up but not all files are backed up. I don't understand. Can anyone help please?

    I've used time machine in the past and couldn't get to the bottom of the problem so I've recently downloaded and am using carbon copy cloner and I get the same problem. The files that are missing are just word and number documents. Seems so odd.
    Thanks for replying

  • How to decrypt external hard drive on lion filevault

    How to decrypt external hard drive on lion filevault

    To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Open the OS X Terminal utility and run the following command:
    diskutil cs list
    The output of this command will look like a hierarchical tree. Locate the long alphanumeric code next to the words "Logical Volume Group" (this code is called a "UUID"), and copy this code to the clipboard by highlighting it and then pressing Command-C.
    2. Run the following command to destroy the logical volume group, replacing "UUID" with the alphanumeric string from the first command.
    diskutil cs delete UUID
    When done this will clear the volume and allow it to be formatted and otherwise customized. See the following screenshot for what this should look like (the two commands are underlined in blue:

  • I had to disconnect my My Book USB to G5, firewire to external hard drive

    I had this hard drive formated journaled whatever was recommended and it has been used to drag all photos off my full G5 internal drive which has only a 80GB hard drive. I have added a second internal drive and have successfully formated it and it shows up on desktop. I reconnected another Maxtor 40GB HD and it showed up when i reconnected power to computer after moving desks around for construction.
    Now the 360MY Book external hard drive after connecting power and firewire and usb to G5 does not show up on hard drive. I was using this partioned. On part for backing up with SuperDuper. It does not show up on hard drive. I should have bought a full firewire 500 for photos but this was on sale. I had to write to this forum before. Turning off power, disconnecting the MYBOOK and turning off the computer by shutting down did not work for me. I think as I recall someone wrote to on restarting the G5 holding down two keys like command something C or D or whatever. I have tried various reboots and unconnects and cannot get my backup system working nor access 90 % of my photo collection as I dragged them to a folder on the external drive as recommended to free up space on internal drive. I am back to only 14 GB space on my primary. Please help. I paid twice for home consultants and got burnt both times. Neither guy helped me set up a system of photoshop files on my external drive or recovered my lost files which should have been in .Mac backup on my La Cie or on MYbook in Super Duper. Why do consultants get to charge by hour $100 without results??????? sad switcher.Pcs recognize external drives and don;t lose IPHOTO libraries every time they get to about 12000 images. Very disappointed in the cost of IPHOTO and won't ever use it again. It takes up way to much space and is always lost ( not always by me ....twice by apple store geniuses.

    After posting I decided since I rant too much for your taste I would try another time. I ejected the smaller external hard drive and plugged the usb into the same place on my G5 as the one which was mounting and working before ejecting. It showed up.
    The only question remaining is : Now I have no place but USB hubs to connect my other two external hard drives. I read in my NAPP web site of lots of folks with their 500GB firewire externals stacked up and in use with their computers.
    Is there an order in plugging in and powering up an external after all is disconnected. I don't think I did anything different. The Current WD MyBook 360 is back alive. But I still need to get my LaCie firewire Porsche working. I only have two usb ports on the back of my G5 so I must have used my Belkin power enabled hubs before when I had them all working. I only disconnected due to a remodel of this office and it had to be done. Any referals to Apple referance articles on using external hard drives would be welcome. I have been unable to find any. Please disregard prior message today. It was the usb plug into my computer that I hadn't changed in my attempts to trouble shoot. always power.
    I would like a good solid article about dos and don'ts with desktops and laptops and using external hard drives. I have lots of books and have a membership to local MUGG with MacFixit. Thanks for answering.

  • Mix firewire 800 & 400 hard drives

    I am getting a new 21.5". I now have a 20" (firewire 400).
    I have a G-RAID2 with 2 800 and one 400 firewire ports. I also have a G-Drive 400 which I use for Time Machine.
    On the new iMac, I will connect the G-RAID2 with a 800 cable. But then, should I connect the G-Drive into the 400 port of the G-RAID2, or the 800 port via 6 to 9 pin adapter? Or doesn't it matter?

    Just spent quite a while in the Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro discussion group and the video guru Tom Wolsky (I hope that's the correct last name) has pretty much instilled the fear of the Lord in me with regard to daisy-chaining a Canon HV20 camcorder wiith my external Rocstor FW800 drives.
    The safest thing many people say is to connect any Firewire camcorder directly to the computer and not daisy-chain it. Even adamant about removing any other Firewire connections on the same computer using the computers' Firewire ports (Firewire cards okay on Mac Pros) as they share the same Firewire bus. Also strongly recommends turning off Time Machine as well so no interruptions to the time critical importing of video. That means on the iMac, I'll temporarily remove the Firewire hard disks and import to the internal iMac drive. I don't want to risk screwing up the video import or worse, the external hard drives...

  • Any word on a firewire to thunderbolt cable?  Got a new MacBook Pro and can't do any work on it til I can get to my data that's stored on my firewire-accessible external hard drive!

    Any word on a firewire to thunderbolt cable?  Got a new MacBook Pro and no way to access my data because my data is stored on an external hard drive accessible only by firewire! 

    This is really starting to be annoying.  Apple said this adapter would be available in July. 
    Of course we could always buy the Thunderbolt Display.  For $999.  Complete with USB 2 ports.  That's not why we bought your MBP-Retina, Guys.  We expected connectivity -- high speed connectivity -- as you promised.
    I also had an Apple store rep tell me that the adapter would be availble in September.  Hate to say it but it feels like Apple is resorting to selling vaporware.  It's a page out of the Bill Gates play book.

  • I'm attempting to transfer files, address book, etc from an external hard drive to my new Mac-mini using migration assistant.  The external drive is showing up on my desktop but Migration Assistant is not seeing the drive when searching for devices

    I'm attempting to migrate files, address book, maile, etc to my new Mac Mini using an external hard drive and Migration assistant.  I followed the instructions on using Migration Assistant to do this but Migration Assistant is not seeing the external drive, which is displayed on my desktop

    I've been chasing this problem all afternoon. I had to reformat my internal drive on my MBP and reinstall Mountain Lion   Start up assistant wouldn't see my extrnal drive with the Time Machine files on it.  After many tries, I skipped the restore there and let the system boot.  I could see my external drive from Finder and the files looked OK.  I was told to use Migration Assistant and it had the same problem.
    I saw a hint on one of these posts that the icon that you see and is label Macintosh HD is actually your backup disk and it is telling you that it has a copy of your internal Macintosh HD.  I went ahead and told it to continue and it started to restore my apps, settings, and documents.  It's been going for a couple of hours, and is close to being done.  I expect to see my old system restored when it is finished.
    Wish that Apple would put some type of note that it is seeing the backup. That is most confusing and seems to be a problem for lots of users.
    It's been a month or so since your post  Did your get it to work?

  • How to transfer Logic Studio 8 to external hard drive

    Hi folks,
    As I am running out of space on my internal hard drive, I would like to move Logic Studio and all associated files to an external hard drive.
    Please can someone tell me - can I simply uninstall Logic and then install it on the new hard drive? Is there a limit to the amount of times you can install Logic? And if I move everything (including the Jam Pack etc. and plug-ins like VSL & Kontakt) will it affect the playback of previously saved projects?
    Or is it possible to simply drag and drop all the associated files and folders into the new hard drive?
    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    I did not say it will not work, I said it is not necessary! READ!

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