WD Passport Elite Ext Drive and iMacs?

I bought a WD Passport Elite (500GB). It is a portable drive that is supposed to work with Windows and Macs.
I just hooked it up tonight using the USB 2.0 it came with and plugged it into the back of my iMac (10.4.11). The icon shows up in my Finder window and the desktop. I clicked on the installer and it said it installed properly. I also installed the WD Anywhere Backup 2.2.98 app. It walked me through the steps, I chose to back-up almost everything (just lost all of my data on my HD with only CD back-ups on some files so I'm being extra cautious). It showed me that everything seemed to install smoothly, etc. There were several other files and apps included in the folder that loaded as soon as a plugged in the drive, but I'm waiting to see whether I need them--some, I believe, are for Windows.
A window showing "Processing scanned files" and a wheel turning has been running for several hours but the icon within that window shows: 0 stored (0.0 bytes) 465.0 GB Free.
Does this mean that nothing has been going on while this wheel has been going around?
When I click on anything within the window it gives me a dull thunk sound (like "don't bother me now").
The install didn't go as described on the WD website--it said it would load everything automatically once I simply plugged in the ext. hard drive. I did read that sometimes Mac users have to manually install the software and there would be steps to follow, but I didn't see any (except those for the "Anywhere Back Up" app.) However, as I said, I got "installation was a success" messages.
What do I do now? Is there a way to check that everything is okay? Maybe there something in the other apps and files that came with drive that I still need to load--but I'm getting no instructions on what I should or shouldn't install or open. Should I be using a FireWire? (I have a built-in High Speed USB).

You could wait for some other suggestion, but in the time it might take to get one, the zero should be complete, and it sure can't hurt to re-zero a two-year old HD. I'd assume that it probably has some bad sectors by now.
I can only hope this solves the problem for you, as it's my only idea. Assuming that you were using migration assistant, the last time I used it six months ago, I think I recall that it started out at a very slow speed, then picked up, so perhaps it just needs to settle into a rhythm of sorts, or however data transfer works.
It seems to me, the other thing I recall is that the amount of data transferred wasn't visibly updating in real time, that there was a lag - maybe click on the screen to get it to show the updated amount and current speed.?? It's not something I do every day, so it's just something sticking in my mind:)

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    Select Choose library and select the Photo library you copied to the external.

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    After reformatting my 1 Tb WD ext drive and tinkering with the "exclude these items" list, I now get the following error message from Time Machine: "Are you sure you want to back up to the same device your original data is on?"  I've reformatted in Disk Utilities...not sure what I did wrong.  Any help would be appreciated.

    Not sure what you mean by "booted" from it.
    If the Mac OS is installed on the external drive, then it's possible to start up from it, just as you do from your internal drive. Please open the Startup Disk preference pane in System Preferences, and verify that your internal drive is selected as the startup disk.
    Assuming that's the case, then it may be that your TM settings have been corrupted. Turn off TM, then move or delete the file /Library/Preferences/com.apple.TimeMachine.plist. Turn TM back on, recreate your settings, and try again.

  • Clean install on new 1TB hdd, Yosemite keeps freezing when copying data from an ext drive and also from a usb

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to figure out why my macbook keeps freezing when I try to drag my data across to it (even small files from a USB).
    I've had to force restart over a dozen times today :/
    I ran EtreCheck and there are a couple of issues (I've no idea what they mean).
    If anybody could share some light into the report below I would be very grateful:
    Problem description:
    Macbook Pro mid 2010, Yosemite, blank new install on 1 TB hdd, keeps freezing when copying data from an ext drive and also from a usb
    EtreCheck version: 2.2 (132)
    Report generated 5/2/15, 4:55 PM
    Download EtreCheck from http://etresoft.com/etrecheck
    Click the [Click for support] links for help with non-Apple products.
    Click the [Click for details] links for more information about that line.
    Hardware Information: ℹ️
        MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2010) (Technical Specifications)
        MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro7,1
        1 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2-core
        8 GB RAM Upgradeable
            BANK 0/DIMM0
                4 GB DDR3 1067 MHz ok
            BANK 1/DIMM0
                4 GB DDR3 1067 MHz ok
        Bluetooth: Old - Handoff/Airdrop2 not supported
        Wireless:  en1: 802.11 a/b/g/n
        Battery: Health = Normal - Cycle count = 2061 - SN = W013358KQD3BA
    Video Information: ℹ️
        NVIDIA GeForce 320M - VRAM: 256 MB
            Color LCD 1280 x 800
    System Software: ℹ️
        OS X 10.10.3 (14D136) - Time since boot: 0:7:25
    Disk Information: ℹ️
        ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB disk0 : (1 TB)
            EFI (disk0s1) <not mounted> : 210 MB
            Macintosh HD (disk0s2) / : 999.35 GB (968.00 GB free)
            Recovery HD (disk0s3) <not mounted>  [Recovery]: 650 MB
        HL-DT-ST DVDRW  GS23N 
    USB Information: ℹ️
        Apple Inc. Built-in iSight
        Apple Internal Memory Card Reader
        Apple Inc. BRCM2046 Hub
            Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB Host Controller
        Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver
        Apple Inc. Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
    Gatekeeper: ℹ️
        Mac App Store and identified developers
    Problem System Launch Daemons: ℹ️
        [failed]    com.apple.mtrecorder.plist
    Launch Daemons: ℹ️
        [failed]    com.apple.spirecorder.plist
    User Launch Agents: ℹ️
        [failed]    com.apple.CSConfigDotMacCert-[...]@me.com-SharedServices.Agent.plist [Click for details]
        [loaded]    com.google.keystone.agent.plist [Click for support]
    User Login Items: ℹ️
        iTunesHelper    UNKNOWN Hidden (missing value)
        Caffeine    Application  (/Applications/Caffeine.app)
    Internet Plug-ins: ℹ️
        Default Browser: Version: 600 - SDK 10.10
        QuickTime Plugin: Version: 7.7.3
    3rd Party Preference Panes: ℹ️
    Time Machine: ℹ️
        Time Machine not configured!
    Top Processes by CPU: ℹ️
            20%    WindowServer
             6%    com.apple.WebKit.WebContent(7)
             4%    Safari
             3%    hidd
             1%    launchd
    Top Processes by Memory: ℹ️
        1.07 GB    com.apple.WebKit.WebContent(7)
        439 MB    kernel_task
        90 MB    spindump
        57 MB    mdworker(5)
        57 MB    Safari
    Virtual Memory Information: ℹ️
        4.54 GB    Free RAM
        3.46 GB    Used RAM
        0 B    Swap Used
    Diagnostics Information: ℹ️
        May 2, 2015, 04:47:31 PM    Self test - passed
        May 2, 2015, 01:39:52 PM    /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/DesktopServicesHelper_2015-05-02-133952_[redact ed].cpu_resource.diag [Click for details]
        May 2, 2015, 01:23:20 PM    /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/com.apple.AmbientDisplayAgent_2015-05-02-132320 _[redacted].crash

    Thanks - I had a 1TB hdd in my macbook for about 12 months but it started playing up a few days ago (I got the question mark folder on bootup) so I bought another 1TB hdd (same model) and started from scratch.
    My macbook is an early 2010... now I'm wondering if Yosemite is a bit too much for it?
    The ext hdd is my timemachine backup, so yes I have used it often and it has my TM backups - and the usb is a new usb which Ive used a few times.
    The issue seems to be when Im transferring files from an ext drive to my mac. I can use it fine and browse (worked find for 45 mins) then I tried to bring my data across.. and it copied a few gig over before total freeze.
    This has happened about a dozen times.
    I keep running disk utility and checking the disk. I also just ran the apple diagnostics tool that came in the apps cd - the hardware apears to be fine.
    I have a 250 gb partition for the OS and the rest is my second partition for data.
    I'm now wondering if I should reformat the first partition, install leopard from the CD, then upgrade to mavericks and leave it at that.
    Any thoughts would be awesome. Thank you for reading and replying!

  • External Hard Drive and iMac Core Duo

    I purchased a new iMac Core Duo and also have a iMac G4.
    I transferred my data from the old computer to the Core Duo with no problems. I have a Maxtor One Touch II external hard drive on the old mac. Everything transferred well including the external hard drive.... everything worked well until yesterday. Something happened, I don't know what. The Core Duo no longer recognizes my external drive, and I can't reload it. I tried to migrate all of my files from the old mac to the new, But that doesn't work anymore either. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have an awful lot of data that I really would like to have again on the new Core Duo.

    I think my new iMac just fried my external Lacie d2. I kept my iphoto library on the d2 and was working in iphoto and suddenly photos started disappearing. When I rebooted, the drive was fried. Disk Utility couldn't repair it.

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    I bought a used iMac G4 1ghz and wanted to transfer the files from my dead iBook that I had backed up to a Buslink MFW20 firewire drive. I hooked it up and expected it to just work, but nothing appeared. I checked the cable, it was fine. I shut down, unplugged, the hard drive, then replugged it, and turned on the iMac. That didn't work either. I reset the PRAM and that didn't work. It doesn't show up in the Disk Utility. But if I use System Profiler and click on the Firewire section it shows up there, so the computer can see my drive, it just can't mount it. I started up in single user mode and tried a fsck just for the heck of it.
    The Buslink drive has all its lights come on, and none of them blink to indicate an error condition. I don't have another computer here I could try it on, although I'm thinking of installing Ubuntu PPC on my spare partition and seeing if that can recognize and mount the drive.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    I would not install Linux. If you want to see if it's something caused by the iMac G4's current system, start it up using your Mac OS X installation disc, the one for Tiger if you are currently running Mac OS X 10.4.11.
    When you get to the first Installer screen (after language selection), go up to the menu bar and select to run Disk Utility. Connect the drive (if not already connected) and see if it appears in the Disk Utility sidebar. If it does, there is obviously something not right with the current system on the iMac. But you can use Disk Utility to make a disk image of the external drive and save the image file on the internal drive. Then, you will have access to the files in the disk image when you boot normally.

  • How to keep entire photo library on ext drive and only slideshows on laptop

    I recently did an erase/install upgrade to Tiger on my g4 powerbook laptop. My previous iPhoto 4 library is safely backed up on an external drive. I would like to keep the entire library on that drive and import new photos only to that drive and edit on that drive. I would like to have a second iPhoto library on my laptop that only contains slideshows that I have created on the external drive. I received mixed opinions at the genius bar: One guy told me that I would end up with a big mess and another guy told me it would be straightforward and easy.
    So this is what I think I need to do:
    1. Open iPhoto '08 on my powerbook (it wants to upgrade the library even though there is nothing currently in it. Is it OK to let it upgrade?)
    2. Open it again while holding alt/option and ask it to create a new iPhoto library on the external drive (should I name it something unique?).
    3. Drag my backed-up iPhoto library folder (its contents) into the new iPhoto library on the external drive (I imagine it will want to update them as well).
    4. When I want to move a slideshow over to my laptop, export a copy of the slideshow to a laptop desktop folder (so it sends copies only) and then move them into my laptop iPhoto library (I have no idea whether the slideshow order and settings would be preserved).
    I hope my thinking is right and would appreciate any comments or suggestions?
    I am concerned that when I connect my camera to my laptop, it will want to open the laptop iPhoto library and import there instead of to the external drive library. How do I get the pics from my camera to the external drive library?
    Again, thanks!

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Regarding Step 3: do not import the old library into the new one. You'll get the modified files as regular files and lose your keywords, tiles, albums, slideshows, etc.
    What I would do is put your full library on the external HD. Then create a new library on your PB. In the primary library create an album with the pictures you want for the sideshow. Then use the paid version of iPhoto Library Manager tocopy that album from the external HD library to your PB library. Unfortunately you cannot copy over the slideshow settings or the music used. You'll have to have your iTunes library on the PB and set the slideshow settings once your have the photos on the PB.
    The alternative is to export the slideshow as a QT file and copy that to the PB and run with QT player.
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto (iPhoto.Library for iPhoto 5 and earlier) database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger or later), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 6 and 7 libraries and Tiger and Leopard. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.
    Note: There now an Automator backup application for iPhoto 5 that will work with Tiger or Leopard.

  • Best setup for external hard drive and iMac?

    Just purchased a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB external HD for my Mac OSX 10.5.8. Would like to use it to backup all my pics/writing (I am a writer/photog), videos, and music - about 400 gigs worth at present. As an analog person, I am confused as to how best I should format the drive:
    option 1 being to use drive with Time Machine (just now heard of it),
    option 2 to use drive for storage and backup (what's the diff) using Memeo software,
    option 3 to use for storage by reformatting with Disc Utilities.
    This, no doubt, is easy language for most of you, but Japanese to me, a Nuyorican.
    Again, I mainly would like to have backups for what's on my iMac, in case that dreaded day comes and it goes kaput. What would be the best option for me to simply transfer everything, unplug it and put it in a safe place? And if and when I do that, could I, two years, months, weeks later, plug it back in and add what pics or whatever I've accrued to it and replace it in that safe place once again? Looking for what is most practical for the safe keeping of my precious files.
    Hope my old tactile-inclined *** is making sense.
    Appreciate any and all assistance here. Thanks in advance.

    I have to agree with JG, I'd strongly recommend using Time Machine as your primary backup. BTW there is a forum specifically for TM that has a FAQ section and if you need it (most never do) a troubleshooting section. You can find that forum at:
    Many people like myself believe in redundant backups, in other words 2 is better than one. If you decide to go that route you will need a second external HD and then use software like SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner. What these applications do is create bootable clones, so if your iMac's internal HD dies you have a bootable clone that you can use to run your machine until the internal HD is replaced. Dual backups are also good if one backup's HD dies.
    Below are links to 3 articles I found in MacWorld magazine, what they are is backup strategies of 3 individuals to give you some ideas so you can figure out what is best for your needs.
    Operating any computer without a backup plan is a recipe for disaster. Many people put their digital life on their computer (photographs, music, movies etc..) without a backup and then cry and moan when their computer dies. These days there is no reason one shouldn't be backing up their computer.

  • Western Digital Passport 250Gb external drive and MacBook Pro

    Has anyone with the 15" 2.2ghz 120Gb hd MacBook Pro able to connect this Western Digital Passport 250 GB external drive to only 1 USB port and has it working?
    I intend to buy both of these hardwares, but was told that I may need to get the extra Y-cable that can connect to 2 USB ports of the MacBook Pro since only 1 USB port may not have enough power to work the WD external drive? The WD drive comes with only 1 "standard" USB cable.

    I've got the 120GB passport and it's worked when I plugged it into the right-side port. But I prefer my connections on the left (to keep room for my mouse) so I got a powered Kensington Dome hub that I run thru my left USB port and have plugged the HD into the hub and that also works.

  • How to copy or move photos from IPhoto library to WD My Passport Air ext drive ?

    How do you Copy or cut photos from iPhoto library to WD My Passport Air external hard drive?

    Open iPhoto, select the photo you would like to move, choose File > Export from iPhoto's menu bar and follow the instructions.
    Repeat for additional photos.

  • I am trying to back up my iPhoto library to a WD Passport external hard drive and wondering how to do this

    Hi. I am putting my Mac desktop into storage for almost a year and I want to back up my iPhoto library onto a WD My Passport to keep with me and also if I can on to the Airport Time Capsule.
    How can I do this successfully? I have about 15,000 photos on the desktop. Or would I be best to us iCloud? Is it expensive? How do I tell how big my iPhoto library is?
    How do I know my backups have worked?
    Thanks for any help I might receive.

    Apple have specific instructions for moving the library.. follow it and make sure the library is working by then opening it from iphoto.
    iPhoto '11: Move your iPhoto library to a new location
    http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/01/25/how-to-safely-move-your-macs-iphoto-li brary-onto-an-external-drive

  • External Hard Drive and iMac issues

    When I plug in my external hard drive to my macbook pro, it works great. But when I plug it into my new iMac, it shows up as read only? What can I do to rectify the situation without reformatting the hard drive?

    Hi jsncrwfrd182,
    If you are having an issue with being unable to access an external hard drive because of permissions, I would suggest that you troubleshoot using the steps in this article - 
    OS X Mountain Lion: If you don’t have permission to use a disk
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • Cannot drag files to the ext.drive

    bought a ext.drive for back up, it is an My Passport 1TB
    if I drag or copie and paste any file or photo to the ext. drive and delete it from my computer it will then also delete it from the ext.drive
    hope some one can help, returned 1 ext.drive already, but have the same problem with the second drive
    Thank you,

    Click on the HDD icon on your desktop.
    That will generate the image.
    Use SHIFT COMMAND 4 and this will produce a cross hair.  Position the cross hair on one corner of the image and sweep it to the opposite corner.  This will generate the image on your desktop.
    In the reply panel, click on the camera icon:
    This will produce this pane:
    Drag the image on your desktop in to the box next to 'Browse', and then click on the 'Insert image' button in the lower right hand corner.

  • Problems trying to store iTunes on external hard drive and back up iPhone to internal hard drive?

    I have been tirelessly trying to relocate my entire iTunes function to an external hard drive to free space on my laptop. I have migrated the iTunes library (from the 'My Music' location on laptop) to ext hard drive and also reinstalled iTunes, asking to save all files during set up to the ext drive (not in default 'Program Files' on laptop). I have also pointed iTunes to the library's new location on the ext hard drive. I did this after reading a recommendation on here that it is better to have both my library and all other iTunes files in the same place.
    One of the problems is when I have moved the library, it has for some reason created two iTunes folders on the ext drive with different music in each, but the library database file is only available in one of them, and I am not sure if all the music from both folders is available in iTunes.
    Another huge issue is that when I have tried to back up my iPhone to the computer (as recommended to do after migrating the iTunes program to another location), it is not letting the process complete; I get an error message saying it cannot save to the computer. It seems the location of the back ups (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup) isn't compatible with the new location of my library etc (on my ext drive)and from searching the internet for a solution, it seems you can't change the location of where back ups of an iPhone are stored.
    So, does anyoine know if there is a fix-all solution to these dilemmas? Or should I just keep my library on one drive and the iTunes program on my int drive?
    Thanks in advance

    I'm sure I'd successfully tested the command line version of the move instructions at one point, but I'm getting the same "access denied" error when I try. Maybe "Move" doesn't like working with folders when the path contains sections with hidden or system flags. Anyway herewith version 3 which I've just tested works as described...
    Relocate iOS device backups
    Assuming you're running Windows Vista or later you can use the following steps:
    Using Windows Explorer move the current Mobile Sync Backup folder from C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup to your chosen location, e.g. as  X:\Backup where <User> is your Windows user name and X: is your preferred drive.
    To make iTunes look for the data in the new location open a command prompt by hitting the start button and typing CMD<Enter> in the search box that opens up, then type in this command and press <Enter>
    MkLink /J "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup" "X:\Backup"
    If your external drive has a different letter or you already have a folder called "Backup" then edit "X:\Backup" accordingly.
    If you're still running Windows XP you can use Junction (cmd line tool) or NTFSLink (shell ext). In both cases you move the existing folder to a new location, create an empty folder where the old one used to be, then use the tools to get the operating system to link the two together and silently redirect any file operation on the old location through to the new one.
    Note that while this method works for iOS device backups it cannot be used to redirect sections of the media library. iTunes will break the connection the first time it tries to write a file to the target folder.
    What happens when you want to sync the device? If you're getting a warning about erasing and reloading the device with media from the current library then something is wrong. If you moved the library files correctly and then reconnected them to iTunes this should still be the "home" library of the device and it should sync as if nothing had changed. If not then revist the make a split library portable post for advice. See also Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device if for some reason you accidentally erased the original library files and all backups thereof.

  • Use drive on iMac for Macbook Air time machine backup

    I have an external drive hooked up to my Imac and want to use it for backing up my Mac Air via time machine.  Is it possible?  I can see the drive and Imac in finder...

    See #22 in Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Portions of my library are not showing up in itunes

    On my mac, only 1/5th of my library is visible in iTunes.  My entire library is available on my desktop PC. Match is on.

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    Hi everyone, We are getting ready to upgrade our AIX 5.2 - 64bit Oracle systems to Oracle I noted that there was also a single CPU patch available (CPUOct2008_p7375644_10204_AIX5L.zip), as well as a large list of interim patches fo

  • Help with Raw Files

    I'm using an Imac with 2.1 Ghz PowerPC G5 processor, running OS X 10.5.8 and Photoshop CS2.  I just bought a Nikon D300s and would like to work with raw files.  Adobe tells me I need CS5 which means I would need to buy an new computer.  Is there anyw

  • Materials on ESS Customization

    Hi gurus, Does anyone have any documents/materials that help guide on how to customize ESS/MSS business packages in NWDI? I'm struggling to find any guide or examples that are specific to ESS/MSS customization in NWDI. Thank you.