We have Mac OSX 10.3.9 on a 750MHz iMac, "graphite". Is there any possible way of upgrading FROM Firefox ?

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That is, can we download and work successfully with Firefox 3.6 ?

You can not upgrade, Firefox is the last version that works on OS X 10.3.9, later versions of Firefox require at least OS X 10.4

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    Is there any possible way to transfer OS9 Outlook Express emails to Mac Mail?  I have mail I would like to keep, but can't find any way to transfer that doesn't involve loosing something or make it very difficult to access.

    Some older links to info and solutions that may not work if you can not run classic.

  • Is there any possible ways to get the MAC address?

    Hi guys:
    I am writing servlets on the server side. Is there any possible ways to get the MAC address when a HTTP request come in? Thank you very much for any helps.
    all the best!

    It is usually impossible to get the MAC address of the maker of a HTTP request in any programming language or system.
    At best, you can get the MAC of the closest intervening router, firewall, whatever.
    Are you sure you mean the MAC address? MAC looks like this: 8:ab:f0:0:71:bb:90 (Ethernet), or 01-23-45-67-89-ab (Token Ring), etc, depending on your network type.
    In contrast, an IP address looks like this: If you want the IP address, check out the javadoc for HttpServletRequest and ServletRequest. Caveat: load balancers, web caches, proxy servers, etc will mask the "true" peer's address. Don't do anything silly like try to use the IP address for security or authentication.

  • My mac is from around 2005. is there any possible way me to put os x mountain lion onto my mac

    my mac is from around 2005. is there any possible way me to put os x mountain lion onto my mac

    Unfortunately not. My late 2006 iMac just missed out also.

  • Is there any possible way to see all Log-in information I have used one the web-page (not just passwords, but also a logins used)?

    Hi all,
    The problem is:
    I have been using site at different times from different accounts, and I have used autologin thing.
    But when last time I opened the site, for some reason Mozilla automaticly logged in with my very old account.
    For some reason in Security -> Passwords - I see only 1 "Login" detail for this site.
    Is there any possible way to see all Logins (login information) I have used on this site to log-in?
    May be some file folder is recording them?

    If a password is filled then that can only be done if the password is saved in the password manager.<br />
    If only the name is filled then that can be done by form fill.
    *Form History Control: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/form-history-control/

  • Is there any possible way I can dual boot Windows with OSX 10.7.2 on a MacBook Pro 15' from 2006?

    I am new to this forums.
    I have searched about dual boot win/mac, but couldn't find a clear answer, so I decided to post this now.
    I run a MacBook Pro 15' from 2006 (Intel based) and have upgraded it to OSX 10.7.2 Lion.
    I have tried to install windows 7 on a small (20GB) partition by using Bootcamp, but then I've received a notice saying that there was no windows support software available. However, I did install Windows 7 Professional by unchecking that box. After the installation I have downloaded the windows support software and tried to install it but then I've received a notice saying that I can't install it on this machine.
    Could you please give me any suggestions on how to dual boot win/mac, if it is possible at all using this machine? And how to safely go back to where I was before (with a single mac OSX 10.7.2 partition)?

    This problem has been solved as I just needed to download Boot Camp 4.
    Can I delete this post?

  • Are there any POSSIBLE ways to connect/sync my iPod Touch 5G to my iTunes 10.6.3(25) on my MacBook running OSX 10.5.8?

    So, I bit the bullet. I've always wanted to upgrade to the iPhone 5 from my existing iPhone 3Gs, before I do so, I sort of got the iPod Touch 5G first.
    Now to the main question,
    "Is there any virtually possible way to connect my iPod Touch 5G 6.1.2 to my iTunes 10.6.3 running on my MacBook with OSX 10.5.8?!?"
    I'm still lucky that my iPhone 3Gs still can run on 5.1.1 and sync nicely with my current mac, but I need a new phone. I already have a desktop workstation and I still do have all my data/etc on my laptop.
    Or must I have to buy Snow Leopard (if it's still available) and upgrade my old Mac's OS to do so? If so, is it still worth while to purchase SL, or would it be abandoned very soon since it's also considered "old"? and getting a new laptop is quite expensive too as a solution.

    This works for 4G iPod and iOS 6. However, it may not work for the 5G because of the Lightning cable. The Lightning cable has active componets and thus it may need OSX 10.6.8 or later to work.
    ios 6 and macosx 10.5 on a pre intel...: Apple Support Communities

  • HT4623 I do not have the software update option to update my iPad to ios5, is there any other way to update?

    I can not seem to update my iPad. To use certain apps I need ios5, however I do not have the software update option to do so. Is it possible to update my iPad any other way?

    If you have an iPad 1, the max iOS is 5.1.1. For newer iPads, the current iOS is 6.1. The Settings>General>Software Update only appears if you have iOS 5.0 or higher currently installed.
    iOS 5: Updating your device to iOS 5 or Later
    How to install iOS 6
    iOS: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    If you are currently running an iOS lower than 5.0, connect the iPad to the computer, open iTunes. Then select the iPad under the Devices heading on the left, click on the Summary tab and then click on Check for Update.
    Tip - If connected to your computer, you may need to disable your firewall and anitvirus software temporarily.  Then download and install the iOS update. Be sure and backup your iPad before the iOS update. After you update an iPad (except iPad 1) to iOS 6.x, the next update can be installed via wifi (i.e., not connected to your computer).
     Cheers, Tom

  • I have an iphone 4 and i know that i cant get siri but is there any possible way that i could get siri anithing would be great, i have an iphone 4 and i know that i cant get siri but is there any possible way that i could get siri anithing would be great

    I know thati have a iphone 4 and i cant get siri but is there any way possible that i can get something similer to that and turn it on from settings. Please tell me there is a possible way.

    You cannot get Siri on an iPhone 4. You can install the Google search app, which has voice recognition, but it can only search, it cannot control the phone. The iPhone 4 does have Voice Control, which is only for basic phone functions.

  • Is there any possible way I can use the keyboard controls/shortcuts of Microsoft on the Mac version or PhotoShop?

    I am very used to using a PC for Photoshop and just recently changed to Mac. I tried plugging in a different but the keyboard shortcuts arent like Windows version

    shldr2thewheel wrote:
    Since you have a mac, learn how to use Photoshop for Mac and stop thinking about Windows.  Time to let go and learn how to use programs for Mac.
    This is pretty horrible advice. 95% of Photoshop works the same on Mac and PC. Almost all of the keyboard shortcuts are identical except that Ctrl becomes Command and Alt becomes Option (same key anyway). The menus are all the same.
    shldr2thewheel wrote:
    Also, when using PS on a Mac, their is no option to enable "windows keyboard mode" in OS X. I know, I have used PS on a PC and currently use it on a Mac.  You have no option but to learn how to use it on a Mac.  If you are comfortable with Windows, purchase a copy of Windows and run it in Boot Camp or a virtual machine and purchase a copy of PS for windows. Then when in Windows, I believe you can use MS shortcuts.
    This is also (mostly) incorrect advice.
    If you look in the Keyboard system preference, and you click Keyboard Shortcuts, you will find a shortcut called "Move focus to the menu bar." Once this happens, you can type ahead to menus and commands, much like the alt menu shortcuts in Windows. If you wanted to open the Duplicate command, it would be Ctrl-F2 to activate the menu bar (edit that shortcut if you don't like it), then type I and Enter to drop the Image menu, then type D and Enter to open Duplicate. If there were two D commands, you would type ahead until the letters are different. You can use the spacebar instead of Enter, and Esc does the same as Windows. I just tried all this in CS5 and it works fine. The advantage over Windows is that you do not need to memorize the alt shortcuts, because it's based on the command name you want instead of an arbitrary letter in the middle of the name.
    As jasdril said, you can simply edit the direct shortcuts too. But in most cases there should be no need to because as I said, most are the same anyway.
    In short, there is plenty of keyboard-driven flexibility there for anyone willing to adapt just a little tiny bit.
    The second advice that is not so good is recommending a Windows virtual machine. That'll slow down Photoshop, in addition to using up a lot of RAM and CPU that Photoshop really needs. The Mac version of Photoshop being native, would run at a proper speed.
    The last possibly bad decision in this thread is TTro787 deciding to take the Mac back to the store, ignoring a quarter century of history of the Mac as a well-established graphic design and photo workstation. If you don't think the Mac is going to work well for Photoshop, it isn't going to be because of the Mac... the Mac is not just for Starbucks posers. Too many smart scientists (who want to use the Unix-based OS) and competent designers use Macs.
    In short there is a whole lot of intolerance and assumed differences in this thread by both Mac and Windows zealots, which is too bad. Photoshop is mostly the same on Mac and Windows unless you're trying really hard to make it not work.

  • Is there ANY possible way to back up my Macbook (2009, running on OSX 10.5.8) using Time Capsule using a cable/not using the internet? I'm willing to come in-store to do this if necessary!

    Time Capsule/Time Machine were working fine until about 1-2 years ago when my family started having troubles with the internet provider (AT&T). While on a 2 hr long phone conversation with them trying to fix it, they changed the wireless key code or whatever so Time Capsule could no longer connect to the network (icing on the cake - they didn't even fix the issue). And it had been so long since I had initially set up Time Capsule that I didn't know how to set it up again.
    Situation is a bit more complicated now because I'm living on campus in another state, and the campus wifi is very slow/goes in and out a lot. They don't recommend connecting routers to their network bc they say it will make it even worse.
    It just makes me really nervous that I haven't backed up my laptop in a couple years. I have thousands of priceless photos and years of hard work that I would very much like to keep safe. I paid all this money to have an external drive and am dying to continue using it! It just doesn't make sense that I can only use it wirelessly - there must be another way. I'm desperate to back up my laptop and will come to Genius bar if necessary to resolve this issue!

    This can be done easily with ethernet.
    Please follow the instructions strictly.
    To make it easier I want you to do this overnight so you can turn off all your current connection to the internet.
    Just go to the airport fan in to the top right and turn airport off.
    Get ethernet cable and connect the laptop to the TC lan port.. ie <-> ones.
    Press and hold the reset on the TC for about 10sec. until the front led flashes rapidly.
    Open the airport utility.. go to manual setup and change the wireless to off. (so other people around you cannot join your network of one).
    Ignore all the errors.. they won't stop the backup working.
    Go to the TM and reselect the backup target disk as the TC.
    It should start after 2min and run through to completion.
    That is it.. for a backup of many GB it might take a few hours.. so make sure the laptop has power plugged in and the sleep is off.. (on early ones I think this is needed but I am a late arrival to the scene).. sleep doesn't affect later OS.

  • Is there any possible way to set your itunes to just show the album name without the songs included in the album in artist view. and then be able to select the album to expand all the songs. this would be ideal as I have many albums under certain artists

    I use to use windows media player. The layout was great. It would have icons (one of the album artwork inside the folder) for the artists. you could click on the artist and it would have the icons for all of the albums (similar to itunes) however it would not have all the songs included in that album listed underneath or within it. you had to click on the icon for the album to go into that particular album to view the songs. In my personal opinion this was much easier to search for a particular album especially if you had many albums under one artist as I do. I collect live concert recordings for several particular bands. It would be really nice if itunes would allow you to contract the songs names within each album under artist view and have some way to exand them or open a seperate album folder when clicking on the album name through artist view. is this even possible. does anyone know a way to allow this is happen. you would make a serious music collector very happy. I know this is a crazy request but for people who are serious music collectors like myself with over a TB of music it is much easier to consolidate each individual album under each individual artist for faster searching/viewing needs

    You are describing an iTunes problem, not an iPod touch problem. Try posing in the iTunes forum.

  • I have an iPod touch, and an update was suggested for my iPod. After the update, all my pictures and videos were wiped. I need some of those pictures for a science lab due in a few days. Is ther any possible way for me to get my pictures back?

    Help! I just lost all my pictures by doing an update and I NEED them for school. How do I get them back?!

    - If they are in an iPod backup then restore from that backup. See the restore topic of:
    iOS: How to back up
    - If they are in the iTunes backup then get them from the backup by:
    Recover iPhone, iPad or iPod photos from backups with Picturescue
    - If you used PhotoStream then try getting them from your PhotoStream. See that topic of:
    iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer
    - If they were synced to the iPod then you have to get then from where they were synced from.

  • I have Mac OSX 10.5.8, how do I update my OS?

    I have Mac OSX 10.5.8 on a 2007 iMac. I am trying to figure how to get Lion as my operating system. Can I do it online or do I need a CD?

    Upgrading to Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion
    You can upgrade to Mountain Lion from Lion or directly from Snow Leopard. Mountain Lion can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for $19.99. To access the App Store you must have Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or later installed.
    You can purchase Snow Leopard contact Customer Service: Contacting Apple for support and service. The price is $19.99 plus tax. You will receive physical media - DVD - by mail.
    Third-party sources for Snow Leopard are:
    Snow Leopard from Amazon.com
    Snow Leopard from eBay
    After you install Snow Leopard you will have to download and install the Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1 to update Snow Leopard to 10.6.8 and give you access to the App Store.
    You can purchase Lion contact Customer Service: Contacting Apple for support and service. The cost is $19.99 (as it was before) plus tax.  It's a download.
    Be sure your computer meets the minimum requirements:
    Apple - OS X Mountain Lion - Read the technical specifications.
    Macs that can be upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion
      1. iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
      2. MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
      3. MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
      4. MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
      5. Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)
      6. Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
      7. Xserve (Early 2009)
    Are my applications compatible?
    See App Compatibility Table - RoaringApps - App compatibility and feature support for OS X & iOS.
    Am I eligible for the free upgrade?
    See Apple - Free OS X Mountain Lion upgrade Program.
    For a complete How-To introduction from Apple see Apple - Upgrade your Mac to OS X Mountain Lion.
    Model Eligibility for Snow Leopard and Lion.
    Snow Leopard General requirements
      1. Mac computer with an Intel processor
      2. 1GB of memory
      3. 5GB of available disk space
      4. DVD drive for installation
      5. Some features require a compatible Internet service provider; fees may apply.
      6. Some features require Apple’s MobileMe service; fees and terms apply.
    Lion System Requirements
      1. Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
      2. 2GB of memory
      3. OS X v10.6.6 or later (v10.6.8 recommended)
      4. 7GB of available space
      5. Some features require an Apple ID; terms apply.

  • HT4623 I dont have that software update in my itouch. Is there any other ways to download the ios 5

    I plan to upgrde my itouch's software, some says i would see software update at the settings,general but i saw nothing. Is there any other way to upgrade my itouch to ios 5?

    To update
    The Settings>General>Software Update comes with iOS 5 and later.
    Connect the iPod to your computer and update via iTunes as far as your iPod model allows
    iOS: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    A 1G iPod can go to iOS 2.2 via iTunes and iOS 3.1.3 via
    Purchasing iOS 3.1 Software Update for iPod touch (1st generation)       
    A 2G to 4.2.1. Requires iTunes version 10.X. If a Mac it requires OSX 10.5.8 or later. With OSX 10.4.11 you can only go to iTunes 9.X which gets you as high as iOS 4.1
    A 3G to 5.1.1  Requires iTunes version 10.5 or later
    A 4G to 6  Requires iTunes version 10.7 or later. For a Mac, that requires a Mac with OSX 10.6.8 or later
    Identifying iPod models
    If you iPod has cameras it is a 4G then:
    iOS 4: Updating your device to iOS 5 or later
    You need iTunes 10.7 or later onthe computer

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