Web Dynpro Abap - Calling URL in same window

I've created a new ESS type application but in WD ABAP and in the application I'd like to have an Exit button on each view to the ESS overview page and also put in a link on my confirmation page to go back to the ESS overview page.
I've found the link I need and tried a couple of methods to call it, either with an exit plug or using the method
lo_window_manager -> Create_external_window.
but whatever I do, although it opens up a new page to the correct URL,  it leaves the page I was working on open.  I'd like it to basically go back to the ESS overview page (using my URL), but close the window that is currently running, so that only one window is open at a time.  Does anyone know if this is possible.
Pam Laverty

Yes, I had also found some documents on that and set it up to use an exit plug, and while now although it does not open up a new session in the portal,  when the new page comes up it still has the masthead from the original screen as well as the new one.
Meaning you still see the portal header and all tabs on the screen from the original screen and then again on the screen just below we again have the portal header and all tabs showing the new page (from URL)  just below.
Something is still not closing right.  We have portal 7.0.  I see there are come close_window options, but those are only good with 7.1 as far as I read.
Are there anything special that needs to go in the exit plug method so that it simply closes the old screen and brings up the new URL?
Thanks for your help.

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  • [Integration] Web Dynpro ABAP calling Flex in Popup (without Flash Islands)

    We do not intend to install Enhancement Package 1 in a near future.
    Nevertheless, we do have requirements where Flex should be integrated with Web Dynpro ABAP (Flex components embedded or 'attached' to Web Dynpro ABAP applications).
    I would like to open a popup showing a Flex component. Then, the user validates and the Web DYnpro ABAP application is resumed. All this integrated within EP 7.0.
    What, according to you, would be the most effective combination : 
    - Suspend / Resume plug
    - Server-side cookies
    - iFrame (although it is deprecated)
    Given what I have read so far, it seems encapsulating the .swf within a BSP application would be the best shot. Could it be possible to get rid of this 'additional layer' ?
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

    Web Dynpro ABAP
    Define a suspend and a resume plug.
    Retrieve the parameters sent by WDA either by AUTO attributes or the following code
    CONSTANTS: c_resume_name          TYPE string  VALUE `sap-wd-resumeurl`.
    DATA: lt_tihttpnvp                TYPE tihttpnvp.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_httpnvp>       LIKE LINE OF lt_tihttpnvp,
                   <fs_dept_magasin>  LIKE LINE OF t_dept_magasins.
    ** Lecture des paramètres envoyés (par le WD ABAP)
    CALL METHOD request->get_form_fields
        fields = lt_tihttpnvp.
    READ TABLE lt_tihttpnvp ASSIGNING <fs_httpnvp> WITH KEY name = c_resume_name.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      e_url = <fs_httpnvp>-value.
    To return to the Web DYnpro ABAP, call a Javascript function within the BSP using this kind of code :
    jsReturn = ExternalInterface.call("sendBackToSAP", selectedDepartmentsParam, orderParam);
    First, to react to the user action in the Flex component, define a Javascript function in the
          function sendBackToSAP(departements, ordre) {
             fireServerEvent(departements, ordre);
    To fire a server-event (in order for BSP to call the WDA resume plug), I use this declaration :
    <!--  Event used by the Javascript to trigger OnInputProcessing so as to create
                  the server-side cookie -->
           <bsp:htmlbEvent name= "fireServerEvent"
                           id  = "flexAction"
                           p1  = "departements"
                           p2  = "ordre"></bsp:htmlbEvent>
    Last, I simply call the URL that the WDA gives me first :
    navigation->goto_page( e_url ).
    If people are interested in a more detailed presentation, feel free to reply to this post, and I will write a blog about this. Nevertheless, it should become pretty obsolete with the Flash Islands release... 
    Edited by: Guillaume Garcia on Oct 11, 2008 11:13 AM

  • Opening External Window in Web Dynpro ABAP with URL disabled or Hidden

    Hi Experts, I have a requirement where-in we want to open the Web Dynpro ABAP application using tcode WDYID (by passing the application name  and startmode), but the URL of the newly opened explorer should be disabled or hidden. To achieve the same, I have created a component (lets name it PARENT) and inside that in DOMODIFY/DOINIT method have written code to invoke the required WDA (lets name it CHILD) in external window (by using lo_window_manager->CREATE_EXTERNAL_WINDOW) and is successfully able to open the application with URL disable using different parameter of method CREATE_EXTERNAL_WINDOW. But in this case there are 2 window which opens, one is for PARENT view and other is for CHILD. Now I only want to keep the second view (CHILD) to be opened and want to close the PARENT view. When I used EXIT_PLUG to close the PARENT window, it closes both the window. Need your inputs on my approach or if you have any. Regards, Harish

    If you open the popup, it opens as Modal Window, originating from Parent window. Without external window( where you can pass has_location = abap_false ), you cannot hide the URL/Address bar.
    If you want to partially hide the URL( if you dont want to show the full URL with application path), you can create an Alias for the service in SICF.
    Go to SICF, and create an alias for your WDA application; say original URL: domain:port/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/<ZAPPLICATION_NAME>
    This URL you can convert( partially hide) as, domain:port/sap/<ANY_NAME>
    Refer creating Alias in this help: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_sem320bw/helpdata/en/55/361a3c9c004866e10000000a11402f/content.htm
    Hope this helps u,

  • Web dynpro Abap generated URLs - Namespace vs Alias

    We have developped web dynpro abap applications on two systems that both have to be exposed to our external users in production. We would like to provide a unique host for the two systems by using an appliance in front dispatching the request to the correct system based on differences in URL.
    As all generated URLS are in the following format:
    We would like to be able to modify the first tag (/sap) for something else either by renaming it or by adding some other layer in front of it in order to get:
    We thought we could use an external alias on one of our systems in order to change the generated url of that system but it does not work as we expected. When we call our web dynpro application using the external alias, it correctly renames the application bath but all other urls stay the same:
    What could we do in order to have all URLs generated by an ABAP system either renamed or prefixed by something else?
    Thank you very much for your help!

    hi Xiaoming Yang  ,
    i am facing the same error . can you please tell me how you have solved this ??
    Sujay Kulkarni

  • Web Dynpro ABAP call transaction in the foreground

    In Screen Painter/SAP ALV, we can create a screen where for example if you double click on a sales order field it can take you a VA03 transaction by :
    call transaction VA03 ... and skip first screen.
    I am creating Web Dynpro ABAP application that needs to do the same thing where if we click on the field, it will take to VA03 transaction or other transactions.
    Has anyone done this in Web Dynpro ABAP? I have done some research and determine that we cannot call transaction in the foreground? I hope I am wrong.  Any help/insights will be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Phong,
    WDA is generic client to Netweaver connection based on HTTP/S.
    At this stage on a few clients are supported. WEB dynpro client and Browsers...
    SAPGUI connects to SAP using a different protocol.
    No SAPGUI connection is implied by a WDA client connection.
    Therefore  abap statements that invoke screens and otherwise assume SAPGUI
    is connected are not supported in WDA.   eg call screen, call transaction
    You can either
                         a) build your own WDC to front end calls to BAPIs to get the Sales order data.
                        b) open/ exit to the new WDC for Sales Orders in ERP2005
                              see LORD_MAINTAIN_COMP
                           c) exit to the INTERNAL ITS URL for transaction VA03 
                               eg http://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?~Transaction=VA03
                              but getting the skip first screen may require you to call custom tran ZVA03
                               which calls VA03 to skip first screen setting the PID appropriately.
    Hopefully you opt for option a) or b).
    c) can work... I have used it from BSPs but it not pretty.

  • Web Dynpro ABAP calling another ABAP program

    I have a question and just want to know if it's possible or not.
    Is it possible to write a Web Dynpro ABAP program that calls another ABAP program which happens to be an ALV report?
    Rather than re-write the ABAP ALV report, I was wondering if it's possible to call the ABAP ALV report within a Web Dynpro ABAP program and display the results within the Web Dynpro program.
    If it's not possible, then I assume it would be better to re-write the code from the ABAP ALV report in the Web Dynpro ABAP program.

    The ALV report in your classic program is coded to be displayed in the GUI only.
    Your best bet would be to create a Function Module or Method that will return the data to be used in your ALV.  Simply call the Function/Method from your Web Dynpro and then bind the table to the DATA context node of the ALV INTERFACE CONTROLLER.

  • Web dynpro abap : Call an application from another with parameters

    Hi ,
    Could you please tell me how to call an application from another with parameters?
    Thanks a lot

    * Construct the URL
          call method cl_wd_utilities=>construct_wd_url
            application_name              = 'APPLICATIION_NAME'
            out_absolute_url              = g_url.
    * Append parameters to URL
      data: g_par1 = lv_value. " value of your parameter
      call method cl_http_server=>append_field_url
          name  = 'PAR1' " Parameter name
          value = g_par1
          url   = g_url.
    * Call the Application
      DATA lo_window_manager TYPE REF TO if_wd_window_manager.
      DATA lo_api_component  TYPE REF TO if_wd_component.
      DATA lo_window         TYPE REF TO if_wd_window.
      lo_api_component  = wd_comp_controller->wd_get_api( ).
      lo_window_manager = lo_api_component->get_window_manager( ).
      lo_window         = lo_window_manager->create_external_window(
                       url = g_url ).
      lo_window->open( ).

  • Web Dynpro Java timesheet to Web Dynpro ABAP timesheet  what changes needs to be done from EP side

    Hi All,
    We are moving Web Dynpro Java timesheet to Web Dynpro ABAP timesheet.
    what changes needs to be done from EP side?
    I have made Web Dynpro ABAP iView calling Web Dynpro ABAP timesheet and linked it with page.
    But It is showing an error 'Web Dynpro Application CATDATARECORD does not exist'.
    Please suggest what other changes needs to be done.

    Hi Anurag,
    I have added new Web Dynpro ABAP iView to the same page in which Web Dynpro JAVA iview was added and made ABAP iview visible.
    And this page is already assigned to role.
    How should I link this ABAP iview so that it get replace by the Web Dynpro JAVA iview.
    And the  application name (CATDATARECORD) is correct and Web Dynpro JAVA is using the same application.
    But now we want new time timesheet for that what changes needs to be done?
    Please suggest.

  • Window Navigation In Web Dynpro ABAP

    In one of our requirements we would have to make use of the suspend plug in Web Dynpro Abap. Would anyone happen to have any other information on this topic. Is there a sample program available which demonstrates the same?
    The requirement is that, I have to call an external window (output screen) from my present screen (input screen). While this external window is active, the calling window (input screen) should be disabled. When the external window (output screen) is closed the input screen should be enabled again. I have read that suspend/resume plugs can be used for this. However, I have not been able to figure out how to use them.
    As a starting point, it would help if I can find out how navigation between two windows (not views) can be achieved.

    You can enable and disable a view at least programmatically by binding the enabled property of all elements to one context variable and setting this to false when you navigate and back to true when you come back.
    With these special plugs I haven't worked at time.

  • Problem in calling abap editor with the program name in Web Dynpro ABAP

    I have to caal ABAP Editor screen with the display of program after clicking a button from web dynpro abap application.
    I am able to call the ABAP Editor initial screen, but i want the editor display screen with a program.
    How to do that?
    Please find my code below:
             URL TYPE STRING.
            LV_PORT TYPE STRING.
    V_TCODE = 'SE38'.
    *Call below method to get host and port
           HOST = LV_HOST
           PORT = LV_PORT ).
      CONCATENATE 'http'
      '://' LV_HOST ':' LV_PORT '/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/?sap-client=&transaction=' V_TCODE '&OKCODE=SHOW'
      INTO URL.
      LD_URL = URL.
          URL    = LD_URL
          WINDOW = LO_WINDOW.
      LO_WINDOW->OPEN( ).
    Now, how to pass my Zprogram name into the URL.
    I need to get the editor screen with the display of the program.

    Hi Kiran,
    Please find my code below:
            LV_PORT TYPE STRING.
    *Call below method to get host and port
           HOST = LV_HOST
           PORT = LV_PORT ).
      CONCATENATE 'http'
    '://' LV_HOST ':' LV_PORT '/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/?&transaction=se38&RS38M-PROGRAMM=Y2PSOLTREE&~okcode=shop'
      INTO URL.
      LD_URL = URL.
          URL    = LD_URL
          WINDOW = LO_WINDOW.
      LO_WINDOW->OPEN( ).
    Here,, Y2PSOLTREE is the program, that should show in SE38 screen.
    I used the above code, but still it is showing the SE38 initial screen.

  • Calling adobe form from Web Dynpro ABAP

    Hi Friends,
                        This is the following error, which i got when i tested my application. Calling adobe form from Web Dynpro ABAP.
      WebDynpro Exception: ADS: Request start time: Tue Nov 16 14:00:22 YEKT
                        Can some one tell me how to solve this....

    Please refer to this same link in forum
    WebDynpro Exception: ADS: Request start time, start Interactive Form
    WebDynpro Exception: ADS: Request start time

  • How to call custom themes for Web Dynpro ABAP Application?

    I need to change the appearance of Web Dynpro ABAP application. So far I followed below steps,
    1.     Created theme folder u2018testngou2019 (SE80->MIME Repositoty -> SAP->PUBLIC->BC->UR->nw5->themes -> u2018testngou2019 ).
    2.     used program BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS to dowmloaod content of  u2018sap_tradeshowu2019 (SE80->MIME Repositoty -> SAP->PUBLIC->BC->UR->nw5->themes -> sap_tradeshowu2019) to desktop.
    3.     Modified the themes using Eclipse Theme Editor.
    4.     used program BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS to upload modified themes to MIME repository u2018testngou2019  (SE80->MIME Repositoty -> SAP->PUBLIC->BC->UR->nw5->themes ->  u2018testngou2019) .
    My current URL is like http://server.name:XXXX/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hrrcf_a_startpage_int_cand?sap-client=XXX.
    Now I want to know how custom themes called for Web Dynpro ABAP Application.
    Is my approach correct?

    Hi Naddy,
    What you used is one way and even I failed when tried that method,
    Instead go to SE38 - WD_THEMES - and you need to upload the zip file and you need to follow a folder structure.
    it is case sensitive, atleast the zip file.
    Make a zip file by name "Project.zip" -
    Create a Folder Project and have the below folder structure,
    1  data - all the properties files and also the designinfo file, below is the code
    2  themes - (to get all the files download the theme from portal and you will have all the folders)
       2.1  ur
         2.1.1 name of the theme
   ur - all the css files (would be good if you can get the files from the server.)
    3  war - empty folder
    designName=**** name of the theme
    Once done create a zip file and click on Start Import and give the path and will ask for transport request, it will take a while to upload once done as mentioned in the use the parameter sap-ep-themeroot="path"
    This will resolve the issue.
    reward points if helpful

  • How can I call a java object from Web dynpro ABAP application?

    I made Web dynpro ABAP application and posted it to SAP EP.
    For certain business purpose, we need to call external 3rd party java object using 3rd party's java api in Web dynpro application.
    Is there anybody who experienced this kind of java interface issue?
    I know Web dynpro Java environment can fully support this kind of requirement. but regarding Web dynpro ABAP, I couldn't find any clue for this.
    Any comment or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
    Raymond, ABAP Consultant

    if you have jco configured, then you can make calls to java api from ABAP .
    check out this weblog.

  • Calling a smart form on click of a button in web dynpro abap

    Hi experts,
    I have a requirement like if I click a button in a view i need ti generate a PDF through smart form.
    Is this possible. If so please tell me the way..
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Sharma,
    Create Interactive form in your view, create one node say PDF_SOURCE under this one attribute PDF_SOURCE of type XSTRING.
    Bind this to IF form Datasource and pdfsource.
    in your button action write code to call your smartform
    using FM  CONVERT_OTF and attach_file_to_response
    *convert to pdf
      call function 'CONVERT_OTF'
          format                = 'PDF'
          bin_filesize          = lv_bytecount
          otf                   = ls_job_output_info-otfdata
          lines                 = lt_lines
          err_conv_not_possible = 1
          err_bad_otf           = 2.
      loop at lt_lines into ls_line.
        lv_string = ls_line.
        export mydata = lv_string to data buffer lv_buffer.
        import mydata to l_xline from data buffer lv_buffer in char-to-hex
        concatenate l_pdfstring l_xline into l_pdfstring in byte mode.
      call method cl_wd_runtime_services=>attach_file_to_response
          i_filename      = 'ZWTY_PACKINGSLIP'
          i_content       = l_pdfstring
          i_mime_type     = 'BIN'
          i_in_new_window = abap_false
          i_inplace       = abap_false.
    also check this..
    Call smartform in web dynpro abap

  • Absolute URL IMAGE UI control in Web Dynpro ABAP fails

    I would like to display a .jpg from the Internet, either using a URL or an RFC Destination as the source.
    The "Web Dynpro ABAP Development in Detail" manual says that this can be done using only the Source attribute of the IMAGE UI control (see page 114) - that is,
       create an RFC Destination G-HTTP entry for the URL,
       type in that RFC Destination as $NAME$
       append any further extension of the URL as "/path in lower letters"
    I can enter an RFC Destination (ex., $UBERORBS$) which points directly to a single image file via its host/path and it is displayed in SE80's Layout Preview, but nothing displays at runtime.
    If I try to extend an RFC Destination's path to point to that image file (ex., $UBERORBS_BASE$/uberorbs_44pence.jpg), the image is also displayed in the Layout Preview, but not at runtime.
    Is this a bug?  or something wrong with our implementation?  We are at SAP_BASIS 700 level 0006.
    (Also, if the Source entry is not exactly correct, SE80 aborts following the entry with STRING_OFFSET_NEGATIVE.)

    Here's another piece of information.
    I am able to use the test app WDR_TEST_UI_ELEMENTS to display at runtime the $UBERORBS$ RFC Destination-absolute URL image.
    So, does this mean that there is a critical setting within my Web Dynpro component which must be set properly to permit this?

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