Web Dynpro dropdown doesn't work for Adobe Reader 8

Hi All,
I've developed a Web Dynpro project which uses Interactive form.
The form has a dropdown (simple type from WDJ).
The dropdown works for Adobe Reader 7 but doesn't work for Adobe Reader 8 (when I press the arrow to open the list nothing happens).
Do I need to config/install something for supporting Adobe Reader 8?
I'm using J2EE 7.13.

Dear Omri,
Make sure that you are using Adobe Reader 8.1.1.
Thanks and Regards,

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    Irosenth , i first thank for your reply which made me not to use these methods.
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    void PDWordFinderAcquireWordList(PDWordFinder wObj, ASInt32 pgNum, PDWord* wInfoP, PDWord** xySortTable, PDWord** rdOrderTable, ASInt32* numWords)
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    I've tried rebooting the computer, and uninstalling/reinstalling adobe reader.
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    Disable Protected Mode in the Preferences | Accessibility menu.

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    Can this be a configuration error?

    The problem is deeper than that. It's not reader. Now the same form I was creating in LifeCycle Designer ES2 yesterday, with the actions working perfectly, no longer work. None of the actions are working.
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    I used LiveCycle Designer ES2 to create a fillable PDF form, with an email submit button. (uses mailto: to open users Outlook and attaches the pdf automatically)
    The form is viewable by all, but the email button only works if opened with Acrobat.
    Is there a way to have this work with Reader? We obviously don't have Acrobat licenses for every user.
    Any support or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    The problem is deeper than that. It's not reader. Now the same form I was creating in LifeCycle Designer ES2 yesterday, with the actions working perfectly, no longer work. None of the actions are working.
    Could it be realted to me trying to set the default version compatibility to Adobe 7. It gave me warnings, so I set it back to 9.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • APIs for Adobe Reader to get the x, y co-ords,width,height of all elements (text/image) in a PDF doc

    Hi all,
    I have written a Acrobat plugin using  PDFEdit APIs to extract x, y co-ordinates, width and height of all  elements(objects) in a PDF document.
    Now, I wanted to make the same working on Adobe Reader.I have added the READER_PLUGIN macro enabled in Project settings.
    When I re-compiled the code, I got a bunch of errors saying all PDFEdit APIs are not available under Adobe Reader.
    My  objective is to parse through the entire PDF document and get x, y  co-ordinates, width, height of all PDF objects (especially Image and  Text objects).
    Can anybody help me how to achieve this ?

    I know that we cannot obtain the PDEContent of a PDF page from Adobe Reader, as PDEContent is modifiable content and as such it cannot be accessible from Adobe Reader.
    Also, as PDFEdit API's does not work for Adobe Reader, we are trying to figure out a way to achieve this for Adobe reader.
    I am curious to know if the COS APIs can help us in this task.
    I tried to read the stream content using PDPageStmGetToken API. I get the data of this format:
    344.88 0 0 91.44 71.882 41.92cm
    Here, as per PDF reference, I am getting only distance from X Axis and distance from Y Axis. But not width and height.
    Can you knidly let us how to get the image attributes (primarly read only attributes like x and y co-ordinates, width and heoght) with Cos APIs.

  • Does anybody work for adobe in here

    does anybody work for adobe in here or does adobe hope that
    software users will do there job for them like many companies
    do,they sell a product and let people go out and spend more
    cash on books and stuff to learn it(Which makes these companies
    more money by you buying these books) cause every help forum i have
    seen no company member excauly helps people but only people who
    have bought the sofware. so i wracken let adobe get off there
    a.r.s.e and spend time going through forums and really helping
    people with there problem but that would cost money and companies
    dont spend money they only like to make it

    > There's nothing wrong with them
    1. From time to time, they do not synchronize posts in from
    the NNTP
    forums, so we (here) are left shouting into the wind "NO NO
    2. The interface between the two mangles (and then truncates)
    pasted code,
    so that it's impossible to decipher, and with a long post,
    it's just not
    3. The paste link function doesn't pass across the interface
    *at all* - so
    that's why you often see us asking for a link to the page
    even when the OP
    says "I did already".
    4. The EDIT post function doesn't propate those edits to the
    NNTP side,
    frequently leading to rampant confusion.
    5. Question answered option doesn't work for NNTP.
    6. The page refreshes are very slow, sometimes interminably
    7. The interface is busy to the point of significant user
    But other than that they are fine... 8(
    > Ultimately the newsreader messages have to come from and
    go to a forum.
    No - ultimately it has to come from and go to a database.
    These problems
    are not insoluble - they are just not important to the bottom
    line. Ergo,
    we all suffer with them....
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
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    "*mista*" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Agreed that newsreaders are much faster. I am using
    Outlook Express as
    > recommended by you - No complaints there.
    > I still find no reason to trash the forums. There's
    nothing wrong with
    > them.Ultimately the newsreader messages have to come
    from and go to a
    > forum.
    > "Murray *ACE*" <[email protected]>
    wrote in message
    > news:[email protected]
    >>> For someone using dial-up at home etc. the web
    forum would be better
    >>> rather than trying to synchronize and download a
    large number of
    >>> threads.
    >> Clearly spoken by someone who has never experienced
    the delight and ease
    >> of use of a really FAST newsreader instead of the
    bog goofy webforums.
    >> --

  • Central Autoreaction Method doesn't work for NW 7.10 in SolMan 7.01

    The central autoreaction method doesn't work for the satellite system
    NW 7.10. For systems with kernel releases 4.6D, 640, 700 this method
    works fine and e-mail alerts are coming.
    The configuration steps I've checked:
    1. Configured SCOT. The mail_send job executes every 5 minutes.
    2. Background dispatching job is released: SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP (In
    central CEN/000/DDIC and satellite system SAT/000/DDIC)
    3. Central dispatching job is released: SAP_CCMS_CENSYS_DISPATCHER
    (Only in central system CEN/000/DDIC)
    4. The sapccm4x-agent registered as web service within CEN using
    Create Remote Monitoring for NW 7.10:
    Connection test to SAPCCM4X.<satellite_host>.00 was performed successfully
    5. Created a new autoreaction method by copying method
    CCMS_OnAlert_Email_V2 to the own Z_CCMS_Email_Alert_CEN:
    Function Module - SALO_EMAIL_IN_CASE_OF_ALERT_V2
    Execute Method on Any Server and Only in Central System, triggered by
    CCMS agents
    SENDER (EMAIL_USER) exists in CEN/000 , RECEPIENT - <distr list
    6. Got MTE Classes from NW 7.10 satellite system and assigned this method
    Z_CCMS_Email_Alert_CEN to an MTE-class CCMS_ORAucPSAPSR3 for NW 7.10
    satellite system. The alert is red right now.
    7. The mail_send job doesn't send anything, in SCOT there are no
    sending orders.
    8. Autoreaction status on this alert in CEN in RZ20 - Sent to CEN.
    9. The alert status in RZ20 in CEN - ACTION_REQUIRED. If I execute it
    in manual the alert status changes to ACTIVE, but no email and no
    messages in sending orders in SCOT.
    Please help me to solve this issue.
    Thank you!

    Since you are using RECIPIENT-TYPEID =C i.e. General distribution list, pls ensure to have shared type of list created in SBWP.
    Also pls verify your SCOT configutaion , if apropriate address area i.e. *@abc.com
    Also one point to note that even if you trigger auto reaction method manually via RZ20 , pls check if alert is listed in SOST.
    if yes , that means there is problem in either SCOT configuration or distribution list.
    If alert is not appearing in SOST , that means you need to check auto reaction method parameters;
    Z_CCMS_OnAlert_Email_V2 , here check release section if Auto reaction execution method is checked.

  • The enclosure in RSS feed doesn't work for Itune

    I subscribed to my podcast rss feed to ITune, which was valid and had been tested successfully with other aggregator such as Ipodder, however, it doesn't work for ITune. When I hit "get" button next to my podcast name, I always get "!" sign in front of the name, and when I clicked it, I got error message "There was a problem downloading 'XXXXX'. The network connection could not be made".
    I'm not sure if this problem resulted from the "rewrite" function I used on my podcasting server in order to track the downloading. Here is how it works: When a mp3 file is requested, my web server will redirect the request to another asp.net program to do something and then redirect to the real mp3 file for downloading. Can it be problem in Itune? But I can use this enclosure url to download this mp3, and also the Ipodder works file with this rss feed.
    Any help will be appreciated.
      Windows XP  

    Thanks for your reply.
    However, according to the iTune specs as following,
    Tracking Usage
    Please note that iTunes does not provide usage statistics. Some podcasters have created mechanisms for tracking the number of times that each episode has been downloaded. iTunes does not provide support in how to track downloads, but the following notes may be helpful:
    * 302s will be followed to a depth of 5 redirects and will not update the feed URL in the directory.
    * The URL before the GET-style form values (before the first ?) must end in a media file extension (e.g. mp3). To work around this, the feed provider can alter their URL from this:
    to this:
    Notice how it says load.mp3 instead of load.php. It should be possible to accomplish this via various means, such as web server rewrites. iTunes looks at the extension of the path part of the url, i.e. the part before the”?”.
    The http request redirection is allowed as long as the appropriate file extension such as ".mp3" is used.
    By the way, I tested it with "no redirection" version, which worked fine.

  • Can ABAP web dynpro floor plan manager integrate with adobe flex ?

    Hi All,
    Is it possible to integrate Web dynpro ABAP with adobe flex ?
    Can we integrate the standard ABAP web dynpro floor plan manager screen with adobe flex ?
    Brief about my requirement: I have refer few articals about  ABAP web dynpro is easyely integrate with adobe flex. My client is currently implementing SRM 7.0 for procure to pay process. For your information, standard SRM 7.0 are developed in ABAP Web dynpro floorplan manager. In my client,other processess such as order to cash, resource management etc screen are designed in Web dynpro Java(deployed in SAP EP) to make it more user friendly and good in resolution. My client is very much happy with SRM  7.0 business logic, however not happy with the standard SRM screen. They have asked to redesign SRM screen to make it more user friendly and good in resolution. 
    Thanks in advance. 

    It is possible to insert Adobe Flash islands in Web dynpro. You could take a look at the following link for more information on how to implement this:
    Adobe Flash Islands in Web Dynpro ABAP

  • [kde] "Only show tasks from the current desktop" doesn't work for max

    I have two monitor setup (laptop + main monitor) and I would love to use "Only show tasks from the current desktop" option in KDE Task Manager but for some strange reason it doesn't work for me. Well, it works but only partially - for restored/unmaximized windows. When I maximize one it appears on the Taskbar on both screens. Is this normal? May it be due to the fact that I've placed Taskbar on top of the screens?

    Did you miss this bit
    "Graphics : 1 GB NVIDIA Quadro 600 (1DP & 1DVI-I) (1DP-DVI & 1DVI-VGA adapter) (ELGA13) 1"
    And the final image clearly states the type of Graphics Card he has
    Photoshop CS6 GPU FAQ
    Tested video cards for Photoshop CS6
    Adobe tested the following video cards before the release of Photoshop CS6. This document lists the video card by series. The minimum amount of RAM supported on video cards for Photoshop CS6 is 256 MB. Photoshop 13.1 cannot display 3D features if you have less than 512 MB of VRAM on your video card.
    Important: This document is updated as newly released cards are tested. However, Adobe cannot test all cards in a timely manner. If a video card is not listed here, but was released after May 2012, you can assume that the card will work with Photoshop CS6.
    Adobe tested laptop and desktop versions of the following cards. Be sure to download the latest driver for your specific model. (Laptop and desktop versions have slightly different names.)
    nVidia GeForce 8000, 9000, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 series
    nVidia Quadro 400, 600, 2000, 4000 (Mac & Win), CX, 5000, 6000, K600, K2000, K4000, K5000 (Windows & Mac OS)

  • What Apple app works for adobe flash player?

    On christmas i bought my iPad 3G+wi fi, my first dissapoint was to play in internet adobe flash video in two  sites www.tuparada.com and www.integridadysabiduria.org, appstore recommends some apps equivalent to adobe flash, i tried  Skyfire ($4.95) but it doesn't work, and i lost my money because Skyfire said  they can not refund because Apple doesn' has policy refund, anyway my core cuestión is : how can i play  internet vídeos which request adobe flash player.?

    I think Apple   should probably have to take most seriously this problem,  because this kind of video is high popular , besides retailers do not quote the warning that we will not be allowed to play this type of video
    Enviado desde mi iPad
    El 02/01/2012, a las 13:52, Apple Support Communities Updates <[email protected]> escribió:m
    Apple Support Communities
    Re: What Apple app works for adobe flash player?
    created by King_Penguin in Using iPad - View the full discussion
    There is no guaranteed solution for the iPad as flash is not and probably never will be supported.
    Apart from Skyfire there a browser apps such as iSwifter, Puffin and Photon which 'work' on some sites, but judging by their reviews not all sites.
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  • The wifi at my school isn't very good. And I can't send iMessages through it. It works for some apps like score center and my radar app, but doesn't work for other apps like clash of clans and iMessage. How can I get it to work on that  wifi network

    The wifi at my school isn't very good. And I can't send iMessages through it. It works for some apps like score center and my radar app, but doesn't work for other apps like clash of clans and iMessage. How can I get it to work on my school wifi. I have an iPhone 4S on AT&T and iOS 7.04

    In a roaming network, your "main" router is the device that would require port mapping/forwarding to be configured in order to access the IP camera from the Internet. This router is also the one that would be provide the private IP address for the camera which you will want to be a static one.
    So as you described your network, the IP cameras should be getting an IP address or you assigned it a static one and this is the address that you would enter in the Private IP address (or equivalent depending on the router used) field when setting up port mapping.
    If you are not able to access this camera from the local network, then this should be troubleshot first.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I know this may seem trivial, but for some reason I am having trouble drawing rectangles on an Canvas. Either I get that the Graphics object is null or the objects just don't show up. Any suggestions? Any help would be very much appreciated. Here are

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  • Would like to turn off or on password ? When at home I leave off till I want to turn. Is this do able?

    Would like to turn off or on password?  When at home I leave it off till I need to turn back it  back on for security.  Is this possible?

  • af:table 无法取得正确的值

    各位大侠,想请教个问题: 我们现在一个系统是用ADF框架作的,在OVS_Server.jspx页面中,有一个<af:table value="#{backVS.serverList}" var="row" rows="20" ...> 里面来放置一个server list. 每一行都是一个server对象,其中该对象包括的属性里,有一项是 serverID, 但问题是从OVS_Server.java 中对该属性的操作,会出现时而取错值的现象: selectedServer = (VirtualS