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I am trying to set up a web repository manager and have issues. I have created the http system, the web site and the web repository manager. I see it when I go to KM Content admin but cannot see any other information on the web site.
When I go to Knowledge Management -> Component Monitor, I see that in the repository manager I have created, the server has a red light saying error startup failed. Any idea how to fix that?
I haven't entered userID/PW in my http system as the web site doesn't require authentication. Am I right?

Thanks for the quick response, Renaud.  I tried the Simple Web Repository Manager, and that doesn't work either -- same issue.  We restarted our portal this morning after the configuration and still no luck.  My next try will be creating the URL iView... however, since this is our QA portal environment, that will be a little more difficult to do on the fly.
Thanks again for your response.  I posted a separate question with my problem to see if I receive any additional suggestions (and so I can award points!
Kindest regards,

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  • SAP Web Repository, how can acess it from outside

    I'm reading this http://help.sap.com/saphelp_sm40/helpdata/en/14/030fc5b63f11d5993900508b6b8b11/content.htm
    and it says this:
    "You use a Web repository (manager) to provide read access to documents stored on remote Web servers."
    This could be really useful to me, but how does this work? I'm able to add objects to it using the transaction SMW0 but how can I get a valid url so that the users in my network can acess these files.
    the only FM I know is 'DP_PUBLISH_WWW_URL' but this generates a kind of links that my browser can't process (something like SAPR3://WebRepository/0123456789/ZMY_FILE?Version=00001")
    How can I do to create valid links to these documents, so that I can open them im my web browser??

    though they have the same name, they are different! The SAP library you mention is about Knowledge Management.
    If you want to generate an external URL for the Web Repository (SMW0), first read Note 865853 - WebReporting/WebRFC obsolete as of NW2004s. I don't know your SAP release, but if you are on a 7.0, you need to "release for internet" WWW_GET_MIME_OBJECT function module via SMW0, and probably activate /sap/bc/webrfc service using SICF transaction. Then you'll be able to access your ZZZZZ web document using URL like this: http://youserver:port/sap/bc/webrfc/!?_function=WWW_GET_MIME_OBJECT&_object_id=ZZZZZ&client=220&language=EN
    Note: DP is only for allowing the HTML browser (and other SAPGUI controls) to access objects transmitted from SAP to the SAPGUI using the Data Provider service.
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  • Index and crawler not working on Web Repository

    Hi Team,
    I'm trying to setup a Web Repository and crawling it for indexing. I've followed the steps from a SAP "how-To" document, but I guess the problem might be the way I'm confuring the web site in EP. I've created a Virtual Directory on my laptop's IIS 5.0 web server and the URL of the web site has been set as http://laptop-ashishk/myWebSite.
    Do I need to set the START PAGE as /index.html (as per the spec it says it's not mandatory)...
    Let me know whether you need any information with regards to this problem.

    They've set:
    meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=2.3, user-scalable=no"
    It's the user-scalable that's the problem. Apple considers the default (per their web coding rules at http://developer.apple.com/iphone/designingcontent.html to be yes.
    I've noticed the same thing.

  • Newly created Web repository not showing up in explorer

    I'm trying to create an index which would finally enable me to search the 'CNN' website (following the 'how to' document : 'HOW TO SET UP A WEB REPOSITORY AND CRAWLING IT FOR INDEXING'). I'm unable to assign the web repository which I  created in an earlier step to the index because it doesn't show up in the repository/folder listing. I can't even see it under 'Content Administration -> KM Content -> Repositories'.
    What exactly am I doing wrong?!

    Hi Karsten,
    - We're on EP6 SP2.
    - Yes, I'm referring to the document you mentioned.
    - Yes, the repository does show up with a green light under KM -> Component Monitor.
    BTW, I was able to bring up the web repository now that I've specified under 'System Admin ® System Config ® Service Config ® Applications ® com.sap.portal.ivs.httpservice ® Services ® proxy ® HTTP-Bypass Proxy Servers' that everything under 'mycompany.com' must be bypassed. I'd originally specified the proxy set up in the TREX configuration, which runs on another (physical) server than the portal.
    I don't really get the connection, but essentially took the cue from the earlier reply I got.
    So, in short, I think the problem is solved at least for the moment.
    Thanks again for your help.

  • Display word file from web repository

    I have an application that stores word files in the sap web repository. Now I need to display a word file in webdynpro. There are examples where a word file is displayed by the ui element officecontrol from mime repository.
    How I can get access to word files in web repository and display them?
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    Edited by: Ilya M. on Dec 12, 2010 12:03 PM

    see this thread [SAP Web Repository, how can acess it from outside|SAP Web Repository, how can acess it from outside]

  • Web Repository test?

    I just created a web repository. I do not see any new links at "<i>Content Administration > KM Content > Root</i>".
    How do I test the newly created web repository? In other words, how do I view the web content from within KM?

    Hi Kumar,
    are you sure that the repository wasn't monitored? Did you check the pager if (as it is probably the case) there have been more results than the number which fits on one page?
    And did you mark "Active" for the repository?
    Hope it helps

  • Indexing a Web Repository (CNN Website)

    Hello All,
    Am working to configure a Web Repository for Indexing with CNN site.
    Following SAP document -> https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/77f6aa90-0201-0010-b681-e013540efb3b
    The configuiration is all done as per the above mentioned documetn but its not working.
    Getting exception as:
    Link target is not available
    The target of the link CNN-TECH you tried to navigate to is not available. Its repository might be disconnected or the target may have been renamed, moved, or deleted. Contact your system administrator if you think the target /CNN_WebRepository/CNN-TECH/TECH/ should be available.
    Also cross checked possibilities as mentioned in these posts but no solution:
    Investigations done:
    1. Suspecting this to be a proxy issue, have configured proxy in System Admin-> Service Config -> httpservce
    2. Following this link on help.sap site (Case B), also created HTTP System and user mapping with index_service user - http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04s/helpdata/en/ae/46833ceb3da02ce10000000a114027/frameset.htm
    None of these changes helped me.
    In addition, I am getting similar exception when I configured Web Repository with a Intranet page thinking in this case proxt will not be required.
    Link target is not available
    The target of the link Intranet_Home you tried to navigate to is not available. Its repository might be disconnected or the target may have been renamed, moved, or deleted. Contact your system administrator if you think the target /CWIntranet/Intranet_Home/index.html should be available
    Any ideas?
    Awaiting Reply.

    Hi Ritu,
    I am currently facing a similar issue to the original problem you had.
    I am trying to create a link to some iViews in my PCD but it displays the following message:
    Link target is not available
    The target of the link S&OP Calendar you tried to navigate to is not available. Its repository might be disconnected or the target may have been renamed, moved, or deleted.
    Could you explain how you resolved this issue?  It was working before!

  • Tag base in HTML page from web repository

    We are using EP 6.0 SP10 with KMC SP10 on host http://ep60:55000/. We want to configure web repository for http://example.com.
    We have created HTTP system "ExampleSite" in KM system landscape for web site "http://example.com", created web site "Example" in KM landscape and configured web repository manager "WebSystems" with prefix "/websys" for created web site "Example" with property "External Server URI Handling"="rewrite".
    We were create URL-iView on link http://ep60:55000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.sap.km.cm.docs/websys/Example.
    The problem is following:
    There is no tag <base> in page content when we opening http://example.com directly in browser.
    When we preview created URL-iView page it is opened but tag <base href=http://example.com> is present in HTML page content.
    Thefore all relative links point to http://example.com but not to http://ep60:55000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.sap.km.cm.docs/websys/Example as we need.
    What settings (in web repository, HTTP System or anywhere) disables addition tag <base> to page content?

    Hi, All. Sorry for tardy reply.
    Now i'm attempting to use "HTML Filter" (from repository filters in Content Managenment Configurator) for reset base tag.
    Unlike "HTML Stylesheet Filter" working fine (LINK tag is appearing in content of HTML repository documents),
    "HTML Filter" doesn'n work (browser display "500 internal error"). This error possess when we use "HTML Filter" for native CM repository (for example: documents).
    I find following error in knowledgemanagement.0.log file:
    #1.5#C000AC140312000500000002000012240003F737312F4F50#1116241350578#com.sapportals.wcm.protocol.webdav.server.WDGetHandler#irj#com.sapportals.wcm.protocol.webdav.server.WDGetHandler#System#0#####Client_Thread_7##0#0#Error##Plain###Exception while applying filters: null - com.sapportals.wcm.repository.ResourceException: Exception while applying filters: null
    Displaying pages from repository without "HTML Filter" works fine.
    My filter has following properties:
      Base Tag      = http://test.base.tag/
      Extensions    = htm
      MIME Types    = text/html
      Paths         = /**
      Active        = checked
      Priority      = 99
      Repositories  = documents
    I'm not use properties "Base URL", "URL Handler Class"
    What is a reasone of the error?
    Did anybody find a solution to remove/reset base tag?

  • How to set up Web Repository in KM

    Hi ,
    We are using SP21 in our Enterprise portal 7.0.
    Could you please give me the steps, how to set up the Web Repository in KM.
    Thanks and best Regards,
    Manoj K

    Hi Manoj,
    Check below document links -
    hope it helps..

  • Subscription for a web repository

    Hi Experts ,
    I am using EP 2004s , I have created a web repository and activated a subscription service for that.
    Unfirtunately I am not able to receive any subscription notification emais , I can receive the subscription email for the repositories created inside the portal.
    As per my understanding from sap help , for a web repository we should receive subscription notification emails once crawler detects the changes .
    I have schedule the crawler accordingly so that it can detect the changes .
    Can anybody through some light on , on which basis crawler considers that this document has been modified ?
    Any advice , points are assured .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Amit Kade

    Hi Amit
    The following snippet is taken from the description of Subscription Event Mapping:
    Subscription Event Mapping
    A subscription event mapping maps events sent by a repository manager onto events that are meaningful with respect to subscriptions to resources...
    As you can see, the Subscription Event Mapping handles events send by a repository manager, but since no events can be send from a Web Repository (as far as I know), you are actually not performing any mapping, and thus it does not work.
    I was once told by SAP support that "Send events" does not work for a WebDAV repository, unless the changes/event was triggered from within the KM framework. Since a web repository isn't more closely integrated into the KM, my guess is that a web repository does not support "Send events" triggered from outside the portal either.
    With "custom built" I mean that "Send events" (and thus notification emails) might work if you develop a custom web repository manager, that can handle a very good integration between a website and the portals KM.
    Kind regards,

  • Error while crawling web repository

    Hi Experts,
    System in use - EP 2004s
    We have a web server which has number of documents on that server. I have created a web repository for this web server . Repository is working fine , but while crawling it has indexed about 20000  documents and given some errors for 600 documents.
    Errors are like :
    1. Crawler error
    2. TREX preparation error
    and when I search for the indexed pages it gives search result but when I click on html version it gives an error message 'No index service found'.
    Any suggessions !
    (Points are assured ..)
    Thanks & Regards,
    Amit Kade

    Hi Tamil,
    Thanks a lot for the help ! But I have already set everything correctly as per the sap help .
    TREX is indexing the documents but as I mentioned not indexing all the documents and I cannot view the searched documents in HTML format.
    One observation : It is not indexing large documents (Greater than 10 - 12 KB).
    Any suggessions !
    Thanks & Regards,
    Amit Kade

  • Simple Web and regular Web Repository errors... Need Help

    Hello all!
    We're running into a problem with Simple Web and regular Web Repository managers in our QA portal environment.  These repository managers work very well in our Dev portal, but now that we're trying to implement them in QA, of course they aren't working.  :-\
    I set up a specific web site in our Web Repository manager.  However, when I navigate to the repository's folder in KM, it just hangs. When I go to the Component Monitor and look at the Web Repository manager, the server is in red. The Status is "startup failed" and the specific error is:
    "2008-01-07T19:47:48Z: GET /WhitePages/Spider: com.sapportals.wcm.WcmException: sending request to: http://hostname.company.com/ request uri: /WhitePages/Spider Connection timed out:could be due to invalid address (java.net.SocketException: Connection timed out:could be due to invalid address)"
    When I try to set up the same web site in the Simple Web Repository Manager, I receive the same error.  However, we shouldn't need a proxy configured because this is an internal web site.
    This works in our Dev environment, so what configuration should I be looking at specifically?  Any tips from anyone?
    Thanks in advance to everyone!

    As far as I know such type of problems are common in repositroy managers.
    They work on one and don't on the other.
    Possible reasons could be the connectivity and access issues.
    As u r saying that it is an internal website pls chk connectivity of the QA system with the webserver.
    Check ur Repository manager's configuration once again in Sys Admin.
    Last option is to create a new Web RM in QA.
    I know it is irritating but doesn't takes much time right.
    i hope this helps.

  • Web Repository clarifications

    I am an sap newbie
    I am creating a web repository in KM.  This is the scenario I want:
    I want all html pages contain within a website (ie. http://www.xyz.com) to be stored in the repository.
    So I created an HTTP system to http://www.xyz.com and then I configurate a Website with the HTTP system, with a start page of /main/index.html and a system path of /main
    I then created an index and so forth.  However, when I try to access the repository, I could only access the start page.
    Any pointers?  Or was my concept about the repository incorrect?
    Points will be generously awarded.

    Thanks for your reply.
    yes I have followed all the steps in the link.
    I have created an HTTP system with server URL http://www.xyz.com, a Web Site to the system (with the same system ID) with /main/index.html as the start page and /main as the system path.  I then configurate a cache, and created a Web repository manager with the Web Site and cache I just created.
    I gather that all documents of the website, with URL beginning with http://www.xyz.com/main will be stored in the wb repository once I have accomplished the steps above?
    However, when I try to access the web repoistory via KM Content, I can only see the Web Site, and when I clicked on it, I arrived at the start page http://www.xyz.com/main/index.html.  How to make it such that all the resources beginning with http://www.xyz.com/main will appear in the web repository?  I have created an index and configurate the crawler, but still the same. 
    And what's the difference between a Simple and a Standard Web repoistory?  I have read the sap documentation and still don't get it
    Thanks, points will be generously awarded

  • How to see properties in details dialogue in a web repository

    Hi everyone
    I have set up a web repository that uses a number of web property extractors to extract content from meta tags into predefined properties. The funny part is that I can use these predefined properties in my search scenario, but I'm not able to see the properties in my details > properties dialogue. Is there any special configuration that needs to be done in order to see these properties when one is using a Web Repository Manager?
    I have configured a property group in "Property Structures"-configuration that contains all predefined properties and added this group to "all_groups". But still I dont see the predefined properties even though there must be something in them when I can use them in my search. And just to specify: I cannot see the predefined properties at all - its not just the content that is missing.
    Any help will be rewarded!
    Best regards,
    Martin Søgaard

    hi sap2008,
    abaper only can help u abt this
    refer this

  • GuiXT.ini profile using the Web Repository

    Does anyone run GuiXT using the guixt.ini file from the Web Respository (ie zguixt.ini.txt).
    If so, are you able to list the contents of both the guixt.ini file on the SapGui directory (where you tell GuiXT to Ignore the Registry and SwitchTo using SAPWP:zguixt.ini.txt file as the profile)
    and also the zguixt.ini.txt in the Web Repository please?

    Have found solution thanks.

  • SAP Web Repository

    I want to create a new HTML template and make an entry in the table WWWDATA. For that I want to view the existing templates.
    1) SAP Help mentions something called the SAP Web Repository. How do I access it (which transaction).
    2)Also once I create a new template will an entry be made in WWWDATA and WWWPARAMS table.
    3)Can I use this template directly in code using function module WWW_GET_SCRIPT_AND_HTML?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Jayesh,
    You can also check out my informative (if somewhat lighthearted) blog which demonstrates some of its functionality:  /people/brad.williams/blog/2005/05/02/the-mystery-of-miraculix
    Hope you enjoy

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