Web Service + Table Function Question

I've been reading recently an article
and i was wondering is there any possibility to do the same thing in apex ?
There is a need to use the table function.
Anyone knows how to do it ?
With regards,

Unfortunately, the Web service that the particular article you reference is no longer available. There is another weather service that works for US cities by ZIP code:
The way to interact with Web services in Application Express is either to create a reference manually, or to create a reference via a WSDL. You can use the WSDL above to create a form and report on a Web service in Application Express.

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  • OWB 11gr2  - Web Service Table Function

    Hi ,
    I can import table functions into owb but cannot publish web service. GUI doesn't gives me a option. Is is supported or am i missing some configuration ?
    I tried JDeveloper way of wrapping the table function within a package but still cannot publish web service.

    Hi Suraj
    You're not missing anything, I don't think we support table functions being published as web services.

  • Create Web Service with Function Group

    Hi experts,
    I have 2 question for web service
    1- i want to create web service with function group. My function group is have 2 function modules. I selected function group for web service end point type. And next action i want to select my function group but this is impossible. Because this field is inaktive for value entry. (Img1) How can i make to active this field?
    2- I'm created one bussinness object in SWO1. And assigned ZBAPI... this object. (API METHOD ->ADD METHOD menu). I'm changed oject type's statu for released and created this object. Everything is ok so i can test this object and run ZBAPI method. But i can not see this object type in BAPI transaction. Why i can not see in BAPI transaction my object type ?
    Thank you for your help.


  • Urgent: Web Service from Function Module

    Hi guys, I am new to this area so please help to achieve following:
    I want to show a demo to load data from a web service to BI. I have performed the following steps and don’t know how to process further. Please help me in the sense where do I put the logic to show fields on the web service and ….
    1. I have created a web service data source in BI with four fields (Cal dat, material, amount and currency)
    2. This created a Web Service /RFC FM automatically.
    3. From this FM I created a web service (Utilities – create web service – from function module)
    4. I followed the web service creation wizard.

    releasing and related steps are fine,
    what i want to know is, BW/BI datasource will create a FM, from this FM inturn I will create a webservice.
    Lets say BW/BI datasource has 4 fields account, company, amount & currency.
    I want to enter these 4 values from the webservice which will bring these values to BW delta queue and eventually get loaded in BW.
    For this process do I need to code anything in the FM or any other part of the system

  • I generated web service from function module.Where can I find .wsdl file ?

    I generated web service from function module.
    Where can I find .wsdl file ?
    I want to use .wsdl file in .Net application.

    Hii Cemil Bozlagan,
      All Remote enabled Function Modules in Web AS 6.20 and Above are available as Webservices and the WSDL documents are available in the web service repository at
    Find the respective BAPI.
    Click on the WSDL link in the browser and download the WSDL document and use it as per the requirement

  • Calling Web Service from Function Module

    dear all
    i am new to SAP.
    i have a web Service developed with .net and C#.
    i want to call this web Service from inside a function module.
    how can i do this ?

    Hi Ramzy,
    Please browse through chrome or sdn , there is a lot of documents and discussions, any how find the below URL, which might be helpful.
    Create an SAP Web Service Consumer (calling External Web Service from ABAP)
    Create a Function Module and full the below Code :
    Sample code :
    DATA: http_client TYPE REF TO if_http_client,
          host_str TYPE string VALUE 'www.myservice.in',
          service_str TYPE string,
          path TYPE string VALUE  'my path',
          errortext TYPE string. "used for error handling
    DATA  : wf_string1 TYPE string,
             lw_inputs TYPE string,
             error_text type string,
             subrc TYPE SY-SUBRC,
             lw_outputs TYPE  string.
    CALL METHOD cl_http_client=>create_by_url
        url                = 'myurl'
        client             = http_client
        argument_not_found = 1
        plugin_not_active  = 2
        internal_error     = 3
        OTHERS             = 4.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    *  MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
    *             WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_header_field
        name  = '~request_method'
        value = 'POST'.
    CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_header_field
        name  = '~server_protocol'
        value = 'HTTP/1.1'.
    CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_header_field
        name  = '~request_uri'
        value = 'mypath'.
    CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_header_field
        name  = 'Content-Type'
        value = 'application/soap+xml; charset=utf-8'."'text/xml; charset=utf-8'.
    CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_header_field
        name  = 'Content-Length'
        value = '19000'."txlen.
    CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_header_field
        name  = 'SOAPAction'
        value = 'myURL'.
    concatenate 'data u need sned' into wf_string
    CALL METHOD http_client->request->set_cdata
        data   = wf_string1
        offset = 0
        length = '19000'.

  • Populating Web Service Table Parameters

    Hi All,
    I have a created a proxy for a third party web service. One of the parameters that I have to pass to the web service is a table which consists of three fields. Does anyone know how to reference and populate those fields in those tables using Field Symbols? Please keep in mind these are not some internal tables that I am defining in my code, these tables get generated by SAP when we create the client proxy for the third party web service.
    Thnaks for your help.

    Try to create the web service with the Netwaver developer Studio. Then define the business method, next define the 3 parameters as String and check on array.
    You will be able to loop inside the array of parameters

  • How to get up and run a Web Services/RESTful functionality?

    Hello there,
    The DBAs just completed the upgrade for the APEX 4.2 in our organization. I was asked to work with APEX and build some application. This morning I was asked by my boss to take a look at getting the Web Services/RESTful API Functionality up and running. I am new to this environment. When I check the RESTful Services I found out the are no RESTful Services. What do I do to get this running? as a Developer, I do not have access to any schema or web services. How do I go about making this work? can any one point me to some blog or site that will help me make this work?

    You can consume Web-Services from APEX, but you can't produce. So first ask your boss which web-service you want to implement.
    There are 2 types of web services in general, SOAP based and RESTful. APEX provides simplified API's to invoke both types web-service.
    Identify web-service you want to TEST
    Create ACL for APEX_XXXX schema to access web-service
    Create ACL for Proxy Server as-well, if required
    If web-service is SSL-enabled then configure wallet. See 17.7 Implementing Web Services
    Use APEX API's to invoke Web-Services. See APEX_WEB_SERVICE
    You can process XML response from Web-Service using Using XQuery with Oracle XML&amp;nbsp;DB
    If Web-Service returns JSON data either you can use PL/JSON | Free software downloads at SourceForge.net to process response, or you can process response at client side using jQuery

  • Web Service best practice question

    Hi ! I'm designing a web service solution and I'm trying to figure out the best way to solve a simple situation. I haver some products at my company which need query by consumers, I need some way to let them provide some sort of unique identifier for the product in order for me to return the product complete description. Unfortunately the products are specific to my company and there is no industry standard to do the search (like an ISBN for books). So I'm considering make an adicional service to just return the products database ID in order to enable the consumer make the actual query using this ID. Is there a better way to handle this situation ??
    Thanks everyone !

    services should be idempotent and stateless.
    that means that transitions and workflow should be the responsibility of the client.

  • Web service connection pooling question

    I have a web service running on a Win2003 machine. I am accessing it using a
    client implemented in an EJB. The server is running Weblogic 8.1 SP2. It
    works, but there are three things I would like to implement
    1) Connection timeouts. i.e. If the web service client attempts to connect
    and does not get any response back, such as when you try to access a machine
    at an address that does not exist. Note: I am already using
    setProperty("weblogic.webservice.rpc.timeoutsecs", "2") and
    bindingInfo.setTimeout(2) to set a read timeout (and this works).
    2) Connection pooling. The web service endpoint is reached using SSL, and
    establishing an SSL connection is expensive in terms of CPU and network
    latency. Can I pool a certain number of connections, and then use them when
    I access the web service? This would be faster than creating a new
    connection each time. Currently, I have one line of code that invokes the
    method on my web service and stores the result in an object. Any ideas?
    3) Connection limiting. I want to limit the maximum number of simultaneous
    invocations of my web service by this particular WebLogic instance. Does
    WebLogic allow me to do this?
    Thanks in advance.

    I have used connection pooling in tomcat using a servlets init method to set up the pool, but I am not sure how I could incorporate something similar with my web service. Maybe I'm just confused as to if a webservice is created when it connected to or does it live at the endpoint untill the container shuts down??!!

  • Web service end point question?

    I m using netbeans6 JCAPS enabled. I have a wsdl that has an endpoint like this;
    We created a web service from this wsdl. We named our service like testwebservice. When our class created we check the endpoint and saw that it changed to;
    It added our class name to the endpoint. Is there a way to get rid of this additional name??? We want to keep this endpoint original.(http://abc.com?wsdl)
    any help would be great.

    Hi Eric,
    I can ping the ip of the WLS server, where webservice is deployed on Admin server (port 7001) and osb server (port 8011).
    I can access the webservice from Admin server in the browser ie.
    whereas Im unable to access from osb server port in the browser:
    I can able to open OSB console in my browser which means 8011 port is open
    Is there any configuration missing in OSB server?

  • Web Service Connector Button Question

    from harini_d
    I am using the web service connector component to get some data from Qaaws. However, when I view the flash file i have to keep clicking on the web service button and some other components ( like the country label) in order to populate the chart. Is there anyway that i can skip clicking the web service button.
    I would ideally like to just choose the country and the chart should be populated ( with all the related data from the query from the web service). I want to avoid clicking the web service button. How do i go about this ? Any help would be appreciated.
    Also, whlie selecting ranges for the i/p and o/p values for a web service connector component, I would like to select a dynamic range since sometimes i dont know how many records will be returned by the query. Is there any way to define a dynamic range.
    Thank you.

    I would suggest setting up your model so that when you select a region on the map, this triggers the web service connector.
    Basically, the insert in of the map must be the same cell as the trigger cell for the web service connector.
    Once setup properly, you can then set the web service connector's transparency to zero to clean things up.

  • How do I find a human to talk to about web service API general questions

    I am looking for support
    will pay for time
    [email protected]
    610 278 0633

    Once you visit "Contact Us" follow steps below.
    Select from drop down, I receive a monthly statement then click the > button
    Scroll down to the left corner and click Send Email
    You will see a form to send an email
    If you are still unable to locate the form click the link here: https://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/contact/email.jsp

  • Some question about Web service

    Hi experts,
    I have created a Web service about Function Module 'BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_GETDETAIL'.Now I plan to use Transaction code 'WSADMIN' to create a WSDL.But the display result of IE tell me my host could not be resolved by DNS.I don't know how to solve this question, and which happened based on this question.Is there any experienced experts tell me the solution?
    Thanks & Best regards!

    In your system folder:
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc there is a file hosts;
    Add your server I address and servername in it.
    like:     myserver.com     MYSERVER
    Hope this will resolve the problem. If you do not have authorisation for the same, your network admin will help.
    Renjith Michael.

  • Error while generating Web Service from a function module.

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to create a web service from function module by doing the steps as mentioned in the below document:
    When i save it as an local object instead of generating the Web Service it gives me the below error:
    "Error during activation of Web Service"
    Kindly let me know what needs to be done inorder to resolve this issue.
    I have a feeling that this error may be with respect to some authorizations, in that case how do we resolve it
    Helpful Inputs Awaited.!!!

    Hi Dhawani,
    Hi Pavan,
    Can you please elaborate...how this will help??
    I dont know the specific reason but internally there may some inconsistancy but i faced the same error and i tried with saving it in the package.

Maybe you are looking for

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