Webdynpro for ABAP - interactive Adobe form - drop down lists not working

Hi all,
I'm trying to create an interactive form for a client using webdynpro for ABAP and I've viewed the demo "Create SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe with Web Dynpro for ABAP" by Thomas Jung, but when I implement it the form following similar steps the form is not interactive.
In the properties of the "InterativeForm", I've tried clicking the "enabled" flag both on and off.  I've also tried setting the "displayType" property to both "ActiveX" and "Native".  But none of this worked.
I though my problem might be with Adobe reader so I switched from 8.0 back to 7.0 but this didn't make any difference either.
The system we are using is NW04s WAS 700.  Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the suggestion Dezso.  I've downloaded a newer version of ACF as indicated by the OSS note and installed it.  I'm still having the same issue.
My basic question is what options should I be using in the form and on the InteractiveForm component?  It looks like because of the evolution of the product there are multiple options available.  I recall reading somewhere that as of a certain SP level we should have ZCI (zero client install) available.  The would be our preference.  It will be a support nightmare if each user needed a manual download of ACF.exe installed.
Should I click the "enabled" flag on the InteractiveForm object?  When I create the form should I use the "Native" drop down list or the one from the "Active X" tab?  I would like to use the "List Box" control on the form as well but it is only available in the "Standard" tab.  So does that mean I can't get the selections from a "List Box"?

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    Hi Ashish,
    On Change event of the EMPgrp Dropdown say DD1 for EMPSubgrp DD2 write the code:
    if (DD2.rawValue ne null)
    DD2.rawValue = ""
    And make sure this script runs before the new values in the DD2 are fetched.

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    Follow the steps below -
    1. Drag Form & select Drop Down list for the required field.
    2. In entry list select Static list.
    3. You will get 2 columns over there Value & Description. In value enter key of the field & in text enter description.
    4. Then create Button, select system action as 'Submit' & submit self option.
    5. then in connecting line select 'event as 'Submit' & pass the key of that field. i.e @field_key
    this should work.

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    Hi Duan,
    just to take care of the simple things first - Have you activated the enhancement? (I'm sure you have!) have you put in a breakpoint in the modify_breadcrumb method to see that it is being called at all?
    Is it possible that the method is returning/exiting before your enhancement gets processed?

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    Version in use: 3.15.1 Basic ECC
    Expected minimum version: 3.15.1 Basic ECC
    Version in use: 3.15.1 Basic ECC
    Expected minimum version: 3.15.1 Basic ECC
    Version in use: 3.15.1 Basic ECC
    Expected minimum version: 3.15.1
    Version in use: 3.15.1

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    <script language="JavaScript" src="mm_menu.js">
    Wait - are you using the long-discredited Macromedia "Popup menus"?
    I'm surprised those still work in any browser. You should read this about them -
    It's illuminating....

  • Adobe Forms Drop Down

              I have a requiremnt in adobe forms where i need to add text with a drop down values Yes/No. I created a parameter 'FLAG'  TYPE  QISRSUI_ATTRIBUTE_PARAM in the interface and binded the value 'VISIBLE' in the layout. Just want to know the steps to display 'Yes' and 'No' text in the drop down list. we are on EHP3.
    Thanks for you help!!

    If you know the values which need to appear in the dropdown and those values are always static then you can enter the values as an attribute of the dropdown. in the Adobe Designer, click on the 'Object' pallette and select the 'Binding' tab. Below the binding you can use 'Specify Item Values' to enter the key and text for the dropdown values.
    Hope that helps.
    Derrick Banks
    Banks & Company, LLC

  • Master detail form - drop down list in detail (ADF)

    Been racking our brains for a few days/weeks about this one, and would be grateful for any pointers why this does not work.
    We have developed an in-house application for dealing with risk and chemical assessments.
    The process we have adopted allows users to create an assessment first then they are taken to another form where they are then able to add risk factors/ or chemicals relating to the assessment. The intention is to present the user with the ability to select from a drop down list which contains the chemical names.
    We have been going through the forums and have tried all the examples we can find (all the examples work on our system), but when we try to adapt them to our approach they create an error indicating that they cannot find the values in the entity object.
    Has anyone else come across the same problem or is it that the ADF is not suited to dealing with the master/detail approach and drop down menus.
    The drop down lists are in an ADF table.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Kuba,
    Thanks for the pointer, I think we tried that one early on. For the time being we have opted for using a selectInputText box, and that appears to be working. Well at least it has got us past the deadline for yesterday, now onto the next deadline.
    Thanks again!

  • Adobe LiveCycle Drop Down List which allows typing to filter the values in a Drop Down list

    I have a drop down list in my form with contains a lot of different numbers, text, countries, cities and states, etc.
    I would like the user to either have the option to only use the drop down list or they can type "Zapple" or any portion and have it populate the value.
    Is there a setting or code which I can use which will do this?
    Currently, if the user types the first letter or number it will take them to the beginning of the list (since I have them listed alphabetically/numerically), but I'd prefer they can type beyond the first character and pinpoint the option they're looking for.
    Thank you for any help

    The whole sample will need to be updated. As I said in the email it can be done but it will be complex. This particular sample requires an external xml file. You will need to pull this from data in the form.

  • Webdynpro " How to add values in Drop down list By Key"

    Hi experts ,
    i want to create a drop down list by key, i don't know how to assign values to it ( i.e. add list entries ) . Please help me on this ..
    With regards ,
    Valuable answers will be rewarded ....

    To fix values to the drop down key at runtime in the webdynpro application you can use the following code:
    lr_node_flightinfo TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node,
    lr_nodeinfo_flightinfo TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node_info,
    l_scarr type scarr,
    lt_value_set TYPE TABLE OF wdr_context_attr_value,
    lw_value_set like line of lt_value_set.
    get nodeinfo of node flightinfo
    lr_node_flightinfo = wd_context->get_child_node( name = 'FLIGHTINFO' ).
    lr_nodeinfo_flightinfo = lr_node_flightinfo->get_node_info( ).
    get value set (VALUE = CARRID , TEXT = CARRNAME)
    select carrid carrname from scarr into table lt_value_set.
    clear lw_value_set.
    lw_value_set-value = 'AI'.
    lw_value_set-text = 'Air India'.
    append lw_value_set to lt_value_set.
    sort the value set by the describing TEXT
    SORT lt_value_set BY text.
    set value to context attribute
    name = 'CARRID' value_set = lt_value_set ).
    Here CARRID is a drop down by key field on the screen.
    in The context it is an attribute in the node FLIGHTINFO.
    Please give Reward Points if this piece of code helps

  • Forms Drop down list

    I am trying to figure out how to do levels within drop down list. Are there any suggestions?

    Acrobat/Reader does not support it at this time.

  • Drop Down List not getting populated

    Dear All,
    I have developed a form in SFP which containes a drop down list.The drop down list is to be populated by an internal table field.
    Whenever I am executing the form i can see only the first item in the drop down listand nothing else.
    While debugging i could see the almost 15 entries in the internal table.
    I have mapped a field of this internal table to the drop down list.I am unable to figure out the problem....do let me know which type of drop down list should i use for this scenario....I even tried with java script...but nothing works for me...do let me know??
    Waiting for t

    i guess you have bound the field but not the list elements of the field.
    the content of the field (as result of the selection from the drop down list box) can be bound to a variable.
    But if you want to display your internal table as entries in your drop down list box you have to do some dynamic data binding of the list elements.
    to be able to do this, you first have to activate dynamic data binding in general. Use the way i proposed (--> extras from the toolbar!, options, data binding, dynamic). then the word "list elements" in the object palette of your dropdown list box will be green and you will be able to do some dynami data binding!
    i recommend you this one:
    --> http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/articles/strategies_creating_forms_lc_designer8/strategies_for_creating_form_designs_using_designer8.pdf

  • Drop-down List not function in preview mode.

    Hi all,
    I have created a drop-down list and populated it with a text
    However when I preview the form, the drop-down is displayed without the dropdown arrow and the options (text) are not displayed.
    The drop-down list is the only object on the form.
    If I load a form or xpd of a form created prior today the drop-down list displays and functions as normal.
    Any ideas.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat and then patched to 9.4 and everything is back to normal.
    Go figure!!
    Thanks for responding.

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    I am trying to go to my credit union home page. They have drop down menus that do not work on my Mac with Firefox. They menu works fine on a PC but not the MAC.

    The Cloud forum is not about using individual programs
    The Cloud forum is about the Cloud as a delivery & install process
    If you will start at the Forums Index https://forums.adobe.com/welcome
    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use
    Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says All communities) to open the drop down list and scroll

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    I'm having an issue with the drop down menu when I'm attempting to sign on or auto fill on certain websites. I have checked and indeed Firefox has saved usernames and passwords but it will not show up in the drop down box. When I double click on the box to sign in the drop box opens but everything is blank. If I manually type in the username then the password will auto fill. I have checked all my settings and I'm not in private browsing, I'm saving cookies and I'm not auto deleting anything when I sign off.
    Any ideas on what could be the problem? I have attached a link to see a screen save of the issue.
    Thank you in advance for all your assistance.

    Yes, I was using the form fill feature on the google toolbar. I have been using it for awhile with no problems but I turned it off and now my drop down menu is working properly.
    Thank you for replying!

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