Webdynpro Interactive Adobe Forms/Workflows

I have the following steps for my client in their appraisal process.
Manger selects his employee using webdynpro and selects the appraisal form.
Manager and Employee fills Appraisal form / interactive adobe form in the beginning of the year .
It will be sent to the employee UWL through workflow for verification in read only form where he can add his comments in the comments box.Once he agrees with the objectives and submits the form it sits in the UWL of managers.
After six months there will be revision of Objective Setting if required by manager and employee with same as above process.
Objective Setting should be freezed after approval.
At the end of the year, the final appraisal form is agreed with employees and manager an approval from manager should send to the next level line manager UWL using workflows.
I have built the webdynpro application with an interactive adobe appraisal form , but how to trigger the Workflow from the adobe form and what are the steps i need to customize for the above process and store the appraisal form after the second line managers approval??
Are these available in standard workflows provided by SAP? Or do I need customization?
Please help.

Hi Kumar,
Your requirement is achievable by configuring a HR Process by using the HCM Process and Process. Please refer to SAP course material HR 280 for an overview of the HCM process and forms.

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  • Calling Interactive Adobe Form from workflow work-item

    Hi Experts,
    Here is the requirement.
    WE have Interactive Adobe Form developed and now the requirement is to call this form in our workflow as work-item.
    When the work-item agent double-click on the work-item he must call the adboe form.
    Please provide your inputs/suggestions/Solution/Tips.

    Hi Gurprit,
    Thanks for answering my question , appreciated.
    When I am in transaction SWFVISU in the drop-down for the Visualization type I dont see "Adobe Form" .  Whether we need to create an ABAP Webdynpro to call Adobe form.
    Please explain.

  • How to use SAP Business Workflow along with Interactive Adobe Form

    Hi Experts,
    I am working on SAP Business Workflow since last couple of years.
    Now i have got a new Project where client wants to use SAP Business Workflow along with Interactive Adobe Form.
    I am new to Interactive Adobe Form and Portal thing and i really dont know from where to start.
    We have one central system and 2 local systems. when we do create a Material document using adobe form workflow should trigger and notification should go to group of users who can approve or reject it, once they approve it document gets created in central system and replicated to 2 local system through ALE.
    In the Local system they do extend the document to different plants, again workflow triggers and notification will go to Managers inbox for the approval.
    Once the final approval done data should go and store in SAP.
    Now here i have couple of Questions.
    1. In SAP R3 Business workflow when i execute the workitem from the inbox i do get the application screen ( i.e. MM01 MRP View ) , what is going to happen if the same case i have with Adobe form?? is it possible or do we have to design a adobe form and we will have to map the fields with backend application??
    2. Do i have to maintained 3 separate Org Structure for 3 different system or using UWL  i can manage the show
    3. Untill final submit is not done, where the application data is going to be, is there any kind of buffer that we will have to keep it or its there with XML file??
    Please help me out.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Manoj,
    Welcome to ADOBE Forms related Workflow Development. Well, here are my answers.
    1) You can go for either go for ISR based development or WD development with Adobe form. In both the cases you can achieve your requirement. Yes, you will have to design the Adobe form and bind the fields to backend.
    2) Am not clear or your System landscape to advice you in these regards.
    3) Until final Submit/Approval is done, the data can be stored in WORKFLOW CONTAINERS or XML FORM(If you go for ISR based Development).
    Hope this helps.
    <i><b>Raja Sekhar</b></i>

  • Interactive Adobe Forms using WebDynpro ABAP

    I could able to design and execute my interactive adobe form using webdynpro ABAP. Here what i am doing is i am creating context with my structures and table types  and pdfobject of type xstring  and passing the proper inputs in interactive form properties, in template sources i am provinding the interface and form name of my own choice and it is getting created automatically by the system, every thing works fine here and i could able to execute my form from web dynpro application.
    Here my requirement is i have already created structures and table types after that i went to transaction SFP and created an interace and by using that interface i have created form and i have designed the layout. Now what i want to do is i want to integrate this form in my webdynpro appliction and i want to execute it from webdynpro applicaton. When i try to do i am getting short dump, is my approach feasible or not . kindly suggest. If we can achieve this what is the way to achieve.
    Please do send your suggestions.

    When u click on button..u will have to get the data from node which is existing on the Intereactive form and pass it to other view via writing logic in button event handler.
    The data can be displayed in other view as result.
    I hope u got it.
    Provide REWARD points..:-)

  • Validating Input fields in Interactive Adobe Forms with Webdynpro ABAP

    Dear Friends,
    Am new to Interactive Adobe forms with Webdynpro Abap,
    My scenario is, I have few Input fields, i need to handle the Messages when am not entering values in any of the Input Field,
    and raise the message when i click on Save Button.
    I have tried with setting the field as Required in Form itself, but i can't set the Field as Mandatory.
    I don't know how to do, Please give some needed points, as well needed some Script/Formcalc code.

    Hi Pradeep,
    You can validate the fields by using javascript/formcalc logic in onclick event of button.
    Please refer the below links
    Adobe Form -How to make an Input Field Mandatory
    Validate Intercive Adobe Form
    Hope it helps you.

  • OnAction is going timeout - Interactive Adobe form in webdynpro

         I have developed an application with interactive adobe form whenever i click the onaction 'Submit' button it keeps on running and i kept a break point in WDDOBEFOREACTION but no use. the control is not at all coming inside.
    If make the form in invisible mode then every thing works fine it happens because of the form only.
    any idea?????

    roop s wrote:
    > Hi,
    >      I have developed an application with interactive adobe form whenever i click the onaction 'Submit' button it keeps on running and i kept a break point in WDDOBEFOREACTION but no use. the control is not at all coming inside.
    > If make the form in invisible mode then every thing works fine it happens because of the form only.
    > any idea?????
    > regards,
    Hi,There can be many reason for that.
    what does it do onActionSubmit ?
    Have you seen in St22 any meaning full dump  if any in this case?

  • Interactive Adobe Form / Abap webdynpro

    I  have a abap web dynpro application , where user input the data through the screens , at the last screen he has a button ' displaying the data in a PDF form  in display mode ' which is an interactive adobe form . Is there any way we have the abiltiy to make changes to this PDF ( Change Mode Option ) whrere user will have an ability to correct the form and submit . Please give some suggestions and sample code reagarding this .

    I don't understand what the page header element has to do with this.  Your PDF should be running within the InteractiveForm UI element:
    That is the UI element that you need to set the enabled flag on.
    As far as licenses, you need to talk to the person who manages your SAP contract and licenses.  Usage of print forms and SAP delivered interactive forms is part of your base SAP license.  However the usage of customer created interactive forms requires the purchase of an additional license from SAP.

  • Issue with interactive adobe forms in webdynpro JAVA

    hi all,
    I have added new field in interactive adobe form in NWDS and also did required changes to RFC function module which extract the data from database tables. Also, i have mapped the exporting parameter of the function module with newly added field on the interactive adobe form. After all required changes i did manual deployment of .EAR, .XDP and .WDP files in J2EE server (my client doesnt have auto deployment like right click on the project and click on deploy). After doing the manual deploy, i do see new filed on the interactive adobe form, but i do not see any value in that new field. I wanted to know am i missing any other step in deploy or what i am missing.
    FYI.. i also tried restarting the J2EE server, still no use.
    Could any one please help me to resolve this issue.

    You found it? Use "Open" instead of "show" and it will work like ours.

  • Hyperlinks in Interactive ADOBE Forms

    Dear experts,
    I have a scenario of INTERACTIVE ADOBE FORM in ABAP WEBDYNPRO wherein Attachments have to be stored for a given form and these forms would be archived in a shared folder after a complete workflow lifecycle .
    Initially, we implemented the handling of attachments using the 'ATTACHMENT' tab in the ADOBE form itself and storing these attachments as xStrings in GOS. This worked really well until recently where the attachment sizes increased from a few KB to many MBs . The form processing got extremely slow leading to unacceptable performance.
    This called for the approach of using hyperlinks to attachments on a network folder to be added to the form by the users while data entry itself.
    I am unaware as to how can we open a text field to accept hyperlinks which can then be stored ina backend table, so that they can be fetched and updated in the form at a later stage during the subsequent workflow steps?
    Any inputs on this would be of gret help..
    I searched the forum for queries but none were really helpful. Please help me out with this issue..

    Hello experts,
    I am using Livecycle designer version 8.0 and do not have the 'Launch URL' UI element. So I have to resort to using a text field and a button with a script to launch the URL. Something like
    xfa.host.gotoURL(url.rawValue, true);
    This works for a web URL but this is not opening any network shared folders. Is there any way to achieve this?
    Secondly, I want it to open in a new window and not in the same browser window/tab that the form is in.
    Any inputs on this would be really helpful.
    Kind Regards,
    Edited by: Amith Menezes on Dec 21, 2010 6:26 AM

  • Multiple images into a subform in a dynamic non-interactive adobe form

    I want to convert a set of images into a PDF (one page for each image) with Webdynpro. I'm trying with a non-interactive adobe form.
    I followed the tutorial "Dynamic Non-Interactive PDF Form".
    I've got a multiple Context node: 'Images' with a string attribute 'url' for each image.
    In the form, I've created subform1, and subform2 within. I put an image field into subform2, setting its url to: $record.Images[*].url
    and its script to: this.value.image.href = xfa.resolveNode(this.value.image.href).value;
    It doesn't work.
    If I add a field into subform2 binding it to url attribute, I can see some lines with the correct path for each image, but the image isn't displayed.
    It works with a single dynamic image in the page. What am I doing wrong?
    Anibal Pozo.

    No. It's form scripting. In any case I'm working with Webdynpro Java.
    I tried this code in table 'initialize' event.
    for int=0 upto $record.nImages do
    Table1.Row1[int].ImageField.value.image.href = $record.Images[int].url;
    Table1.Row1[int].Cell4.value.#image.href = $record.Images[int].url;
    Cell4 is a static image.
    In 04SP9, it show always the same image in the image field (first column), and alternating image in cell4 (second column).
    In 04sSP6, it shows always the same image in all the rows in both columns.
    Any idea? I didn't find any OSS related.

  • Error while Uploading Interactive Adobe Form

    I have been given a template Interactive Adobe form by Adobe which i have to upload in SAP. I created a test interface and form then i am trying to import the template into the layout. I get following error -
    " Can not Load: "http://dldtc00.wdf.sap.corp:5800/sap/bc/soap/wsdl11?services=test&sap-client120&sap-user=ag&sap-password=d01&. Check that path is correct and that the file is a valid WSDL file."
    Could you please tell me why am i getting this error and how to fix it?

    I too got the same error:
    WebDynpro Exception: The ADS call has failed. You can find information about the cause in the error.
    I refered the link provided by you for testing the ADS configuration and it displayed a 2 page report.
    Is that mean that there is a problem in my form?

  • Contradiction form error in non interactive adobe forms.

    HI All,
    I am woriking on a non interactive adobe forms generation program in ABAP.
    The program uses a variant and generate pdf forms for all the list items on the varient.
    Note: I am not using Webdynpro its the normal pdf generation.
    The problem I am facing is that when the varient has a list of more records at some point of time it generates the contradiction form error and terminates. if I alter the varient so that the list is minimal then there is no problem with that.
    I know that the Contradiction form error occurs when the pdf generation is open and there is another request to open a new form before closing the previous call. but when the varient has minimal data there is no problem with that, my assumption here is the data volume or such which causes the problem.
    Does somebody came accross such an issue earlier or if you have a solution approach please do share it with me.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Sai Krishna.

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  • Help for Interactive ADOBE form

    Can anybody tell me the example of Interactive ADOBE form usin web dynpro in ABAP? I am getting stucked at mapping between the two contexts. PLease guide me. And also the next step for Interactive form. After mapping betwwen form and web dynpro context.

    For further questions, check the follow
    Improving the Performance of Adobe® LiveCycleu2122 Designer Forms(scripting)
    Interactive Forms Based on Adobe Software: Overview
    Adobe Interactive Forms
    Taking interactive forms to next level
    Introduction to Adobe PDF Library SDK(PDFL SDK)(Simply scroll the document)
    Creating Interactive forms in webdynpro for java
    PDF-Based Print Forms/SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
    Date Objects in Adobe Designer
    Checking and Testing a PDF-Based Print Form

  • Problem in Webdynpro and Adobe form with signature field

    Hi experts!
    I have a problem with Signature Field in Adobe Form showed in a Web Dynpro Abap.
    During the execution I fill the Signature field correctly but when I push any other button of the Webdynpro, the Adobe Form shows me the next error.
    After click OK, the webdynpro is hang and not respond.
    Any idea why not respond?

    Hi friend,
    Its not like that the Adobe created using SFP is non interactive.
    We can create interactive forms using SFP transaction using java code.
    I think it will be the problem with ADS just check with your basis people i think they will configure you the settings which works fine.
    To check whether the settings are perfect you can try executing the standard programs FP_TEST_00 and
    FP_PDF_TEST_00. If it works fine then some other problem exists else check with your basis team.
    Just check this and revert me if you have any issues. I will help you
    Sri Hari

  • Interactive Adobe form is opening slowly on portal

    Dear Experts,
    We have an interactive Adobe form with java script events to populate the date dynamically in the approval process. We do not have time taking issue in development and having issue in production. The form opened visually but we are getting a message like Downloaded 10.52 of 265B : https://prdix100.com:1100/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/asr_process_execute/"
    Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?

    Hi Rene,
    seems as if your system is on a low support package...
    If you go on to SP10 which should be there shortly, then you can also use ZCI in addition to ACF...
    Can you check your ADS configuration? See the relevant section on Adobe integration in http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw2004s/helpdata/en/43/e86de5008b4d9ae10000000a155369/frameset.htm
    Regards, Heidi

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