Webii report variable creation

I have a report requirement that i need to create.
The report requirement have to do with creating YTD and MTD booking values for the current Financial year and the previous one.
The problem is that at the universe level, aggregation was done at MTD level and not YTD. Hence, i need to calculate the YTD within the report.
I came up with different formula to do calculate the YTD within the report.
=([Total Booking Value in USD](Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];1))(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];2))(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];3))(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];4))(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];5))(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];6))(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];7))(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];)(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];9))(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];10))+(Previous([Total Booking Value in USD];11)))
But the issue is that when a drill filter is introduce and the report is filter at month level eg February is selected, the YTD values display a wrong result (it actually display the MTD values for February instead of a displaying the sum of MTD from October to January as the YTD)
I use the IF function and the NoFilter function but both of theses did not work
Please, i need help so that when a drill filter is apply, the YTD values will not be affected withing the report

I would suggest you have the aggregation in the universe also done at the YTD level in filters or objects where possible. Then you should be able to just use those objects/filters where needed for YTD.

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    Hi David,
    I have the coding up and running. I have not seen this error before and don't know how to resolve it. If you cut&paste it from the PDF, then maybe some special characters got pasted into the ABAP editor. Try to delete the line and type it in manually.
    SAP NetWeaver RIG

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    Hi Experts,
    Could you please guide me how to build a conditional report variable
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    Hi Gaurav,
    I have a table which has columns and data as follows
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    2009               ATM                     1000                               50
    2010               ATM                     5000                               200
    2010               POS                     1500                               100
    If I build a report and fetch the data for year 2010, report will display ATM and POS transaction amount and count.
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    i would like to know how to make use of bind variables in RPD variable creation . I tried creating in oracle10g by giving a sql query in Initiliazation block . I want to select a column based on a certain user input . For Your information i cannot use ':user' because it by default takes then current user who has logged in .

    If you are solely asking for a variable that would hold the value of username, Yes that is possible. It depends on the type of authentication you are using. Assuming you are using an LDAP server, providing the solution below:
    1) Source the list of usernames in to a external table in the database.
    2) Create an intialization block to populate that value based on user login.
    Ex: select username1 from externaltable where username1=':user' - Data Source
    variablename - Data target.
    Now you can use this in your required init block.
    Hope this answers your question.
    Please award points if helpful.

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    I need to know if it's possible to show in a title of Answer a report variable and, if it's possible, how can I do.
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    Hallo Venkat,
    Thanks for your reply!
    I'd like to have the most recent loaddate in the title, that works fine now.
    However, i'm struggling with the format of the variable, maybe you have a tip how to change that.
    This is what i've done:
    1. Created repository initialization block "get most recent loaddate". This refreshes every day. The query is basicly a select on my loadtable to get the max date from the loadtable.
    2. Then i created a dynamic repository variable "get most recent loaddate" which retrieves from my initialization block.
    When i set default to '31-12-2007' (just for checking), i creates TIMESTAMP '2007-12-31 00:00:00'.
    3. So, when i use the variable in the title, i get all this text. I'd like to just see the date instead.
    Do you have a suggestion how i can set the datatype to date from the variable?

  • Variable creation in TestStand through CVI

    I have one steptype in which during Edit, the new variable has been created. I also saved that sequence. If I close that sequence file with that steptype and reopen the same sequence, the variable created last time was not there. I think these variable are not getting stored with sequence. The steptype building block is created in CVI. Those edit time variable creation is done by means of using “TS_PropOption_InsertIfMissing” functions in CVI. Can you please tell us is there any CVI functions to create variable during edit time and to be saved with the sequence.??

    Once again, Expression Strings, has stumbled another programmer!
    Parameters.DatabaseOptions.ConnectionString is not a string but an Expression String, and your assignment of a StationGlobals.Database ( just a string ) is causing this error.
    Here is what I did to solve your issue:
    1.) StationGlobals ( remove the leading "\" and trailing \"" from the Database string ) it should contain NO leading or trailing quotes
    StationGlobals.Database = Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Persist Security Info=False;Data Source=C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\National Instruments\\TestStand 4.2.1\\Components\\Models\\TestStand Results.mdb.
    2.) In Database Options Callback use the following expression to set the Data Source
    Parameters.DatabaseOptions.ConnectionString= "StationGlobals.Database"
    There are other alternatives as documented in this link.
    Good luck,

  • How to see all the reporting variables in BW

    Hi All,
    Is there any method or table we have in BW to see all the reporting variables
    Thanks in Advance!
    BW User

    check teh below:
    fields are:
    VNAM - variable name, technical name of the variables
    VARTYP - variable types : Characteristic value, Text variables, ...
    VPROCTP - Processing type for query variables : Manual entry/default value, Replacement path, Customer Exit
    IOBJNM - InfoObject

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    Hi all,
    Can any one tell me how to create Reporting Variable in BI. What is the use of Variables in reporting. Also how to create Restricted Key Figure.

    [BI Suite: Business Explorer |http://help.sap.com/saphelp_erp2004/helpdata/en/3f/30ae3d47afd652e10000000a114084/frameset.htm]
    Please search in forum before posting.

  • How to find the definition for variable creation in report painter

    Hi expert,
    How/where I can find information about the variable created in basis key figure in the report painter?
    What is the mean for basis key figure and variable (set variable on/off check ) in the basis key figure?
    Please advice.
    thank you.

    Hi chinks ,
    Thank you for the prompt reply.
    My question is how to display the plan data for fiscal year 2012 with the version 6 without explicit/hard code to input version 6 when user just only key in the fiscal year 2011?Any method or variable can be done in report painter which do not appear in the input screen?And How ?
    I have try include the variable for version in the column but it appear in the selection input screen where i do not want the version to be appear in the selection input screen where everytime need to remember which version.
    I also have try to include the version in the column without variable and I need to key in the value version 6 which  this is hard coded where I can't analyst for plan data for budget 2011 where it required me every time need to change the value in report painter for version 5 in order to be able to view the plan data for budget 2012.
    Please help.
    Many thanks.

  • Variable creation for my report

    hi all,
    i have to create a variable for a characteristic (navigational attribute), and add it as optional selection criteria. but when i had done this, i am not getting the prompt window to enter the values for that particular variable in the BEx analyser.
    Its urgent , plz help me

    May be u forgot to drag the variable into the rows or columns. Check it and let us know..... If u did check that box then it will definetly ask for the input...

  • Report Variable F4 help performance issue

    I have a BI report on DSO >> Multiprovider.
    When i choose F4 Variable help it takes around 2-3 minutes to display the data for selection.
    Currently XXXX chars is with -- Only Posted Values for Navigation. I have tried the below options but could not see any improvement in variable f4 help performance.
    -- Only Values in Infoprovider
    -- Values In Master Data table
    Could someone please suggest if you have faced the similar issue.

    Hello Ashok,
    Ideally you should never built a report based on a DSO, this is because it stores data at a line item level. The way the filter works is that looks at all records (SIDs) lying in the range of selection in the info provider and then displays the filter pane after it populates the records.
    There can only be 1 check in this case, is to check if your DB statistics are up-to-date. The DB statistics decide if an index is to be used or not. So check for the DSO active table and all related SID tables in transaction DB20. Check the date of creation of the statistics, if it's too much in the past, then the DB does not effectively use the indices and hence it takes time.
    You can use program RSANAORA to recompute the statistics.
    Ansel D'Souza

  • Need help for report Variable to restrict the key figure value...

    Hai gurus,
    Now i have data in the cube as follows...
    Reuisition     HR INTW date     LM INTW DATE     TEL INTW DATE     HR Count     LM Count     TEL Count
    a1              01.01.2010     02.01.2010             01.04.2010                 1                1                 1
    a2              02.02.2010     03.02.2010             02.02.2010                 1                1               1
    a3              03.03.2010     04.03.2010             03.03.2010                 1                1               1
    when i execute the report it shd ask the prompts with Date interval as in the below...
    HR INTW date
    if i dont give any interval in the variable prompt it should display all the recors as follows
    Reuisition     HR Count     LM Count     TEL Count
    a1               1                  1               1
    a2               1                  1                     1
    a3               1                   1             1
    If i give LM INTW DATE interval as    01.01.2010 to 31.02.2010
    then it should display all the other counts as in the output_1 , but for LM count for a3 it should show 0.
    Reuisition     HR Count     LM Count     TEL Count
    a1               1                  1               1
    a2               1                  1                     1
    a3               1                 0                  1
    that means wherever i restrict the data depending on the variable that only that interval key figure value shd be in the report..
    for this scenario, which variable i need to use... and how i need to restict the KFig value in the report...
    Right now i am getting like this but it is restricting the records,,, where it should not restrict the records...in the report..
    Please guide me for the same...
    If any concerns about the scenario please let me know...

    hi chowdary ,
    could you tell me the var. creation in detail and  with which reference object i need to create ...
    whether i need to take LM_DATE / 0DATE while creating variable...
    and i kept this variables it in filter section, based on the LM_DATE Object.
    i have tried both.. y'day when i take 0DATE it giving me some results...
    But at the same time it is restricting the records..
    i think it could be a problem with var.. properties?
    need more inputs pls.

  • Re: Report painter - Creation of Profit center report (New GL enabled)

    Hello all,
    I am trying to create profit center report using report painter. I am trying to create formula variable to show the cumulative values for the elements assigned to the profit center. 
    I want to get values for cumulative period ie for eg if i give 12 as period on selection screen i want to get the cumulative value for per 1 + per 2 + per 3+ per 4 + ......... + per12.
    I did the following for getting the cumulative values for period.
    1. created Formula variable ZPER01 with formula '#S006'
    2. created formula variable ZPER02 with formula IF 'ZPER01' > 1 THEN 'ZPER01' + 1 else 17.
    3. IF 'ZPER02' > 1 THEN 'ZPER01' + 'ZPER02' + 1  ELSE 17
    3. continued the creation until ZPER16 with formula IF 'ZPER05' > 1 THEN 'ZPER01' + 'ZPER02' +
    'ZPER03' + 'ZPER04' + 'ZPER05' + 'ZPER06' + 'ZPER07' + 'ZPER08' + 'ZPER09'+ 'ZPER09' + 'ZPER10' + 'ZPER11' + 'ZPER12' + 'ZPER13' + 'ZPER14' + 'ZPER15'+ 1 ELSE 17
    Could you pls help me with your inputs.
    Many thanks.

    You can copy your Report Writer or Report Painter reports from Profit Center Accounting to new General Ledger Accounting. This is possible for standard reports as well as your own reports. A corresponding tool supports you in this.
    In classic Profit Center Accounting, you have standard reports or your own reports that you want to copy.
    To be able to use the Report Writer reports or the Report Painter reports in new General Ledger Accounting, you need to have assigned the scenario Profit Center Update to at least one ledger in Customizing for Financial Accounting (New).

Maybe you are looking for