Website will not accept Firefox 4; also,can't tell whether any connection is encrypted--how do I get back to earlier versions( my 3.6 file is corrupted)?

I bank by the internet. I upgraded to Firefox 4.0, and my bank indicates it does not accept this version of Firefox. Also, I was using 4.0 to order some products over the internet, and noticed that the "padlock" indicating a secure(encrypted) connection is not present on the 4.0 version--so I did not complete my order.
When I tried to reload my previous version(3.6), I got a message that the file was corrupted(possibly because I upgraded to 4.0). I didn't have these problems before I upgraded to 4.0--how do I get a clean version of Firefox 3.6( your website only offers 4.0)?

In Firefox 4 you no longer have the Status bar that showed the padlock in previous Firefox versions.
You can click the "Site Identity Button" on the left end of the location bar to see the padlock.<br />
See: [[Site Identity Button]]
A click on the "More Information" button will show details about the connection.<br />
The background color of the "Site Identity Button" on the left end of the location bar will change color (blue or green) and show the domain in case of a secure https connection.
* Hover the Site Identity Button then to see "Verified by xxxx"
* Click the [[Site Identity Button]] on the left end of the location bar to see the padlock
* Click the "More Information" button in that pop-up to see additional information about the connection.
You can find Firefox 3.6.x here:

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    Thanks for that advice @randers4.
    I linked through and submitted my info as a "topic not covered" in the iCloud section. After entering the serial number of my MBP it turns out I wasn't eligible for technical support (though I don't think this is hardware related support) and the final suggestion was to take my computer into an Apple store. I called my local Apple reseller and asked for assistance. The customer service rep was very nice but unable to help, so suggested I call Apple Support on 1300 321 456. I did so and, again, spoke to two very polite and helpful customer service people (I was transferred to security services). I didn't have to be on hold to speak to either rep for more than a few seconds! After trying a few different things, he worked out what was happening...
    So, to cut a long story short, to solve the problem in my OP, all I had to do was log out of iCloud in my System Preferences and log back in using my current Apple ID. [Edited to add that I had to sign out of everything I was currently signed in to with my Apple ID before logging out and in again.]
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    Restoring an iPad from an iTunes-generated backup should not require an Apple ID password.
    Did you encrypt the iPad backup? If so, then trying to restore will require entering the encryption password.

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    Yes, I could play cd's. Through the process of my drive failing I learned that cd and dvd use separate lasers in the drive mechanism. The second sign I noticed was I could no longer burn dvd's, both iDVD and Toast would just stop doing anything before the disc was done. It got progressively worse to the point that as soon as I inserted ANY dvd it would spit it right back out. I hope that your problem isn't the drive failing, if it isnI hope your under warranty or Apple Care....I don't have any idea how much it would cost to have it replaced.

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    This may be similar to a question I posted about [ recently] either my answer there; or someone else's, in due course may help. See also [[The program must close to allow a previous installation attempt to complete]]

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    READ the article from which the thread was started and follow the step by step instructions to resolve the issue.

  • How do I get back my older version of Firefox? The new version sux.

    I loved the older version of Firefox. I also had a Yahoo toolbar, a MyYearbook tool bar and a Stumble Upon extension. When I "upgraded" to the new 4.0 Beta version, all of those disappeared.
    I got a notice that said the new version of Firefox is not compatible.
    If it's not compatible, then I don't want it, but I seem to be stuck with it. How do I get my older version back again??

    If you resaved the file and changed its name it is wherever you saved it to.
    If you changed the name of the open file then that is your only copy.
    You can go back to previous versions by various methods. In Pages 5 it is:
    Menu > File > Revert

  • I don't like Firefox 4!! How do I get back the older version???!!!

    I've lost features that I had and used frequently. I tried to get info and found suggestion that customizing toolbar by dragging buttons/icons to toolbar would work. I did that for Refresh. Stop, Print, and Home, but the Stop and Refresh don't work. I've lost the down-arrow that was next to the Forward and Back buttons; the down-arrow at right side of URL bar does not take the place of the arrow I've lost.
    I've found statements from others who do not like the new version and want to go back to previous version, BUT THERE WAS NO INFO ON HOW TO RETURN TO 3.6.?

    To downgrade to Firefox 3.6 first uninstall Firefox 4, but do not select the option to "Remove my Firefox personal data". If you select that option it will delete your bookmarks, passwords and other user data.
    You can then install the latest version of Firefox 3.6 available from - it will automatically use your current bookmarks, passwords etc.
    To avoid possible problems with downgrading, I recommend going to your profile folder and deleting the following files if they exist - extensions.cache, extensions.rdf, extensions.ini, extensions.sqlite and localstore.rdf. Deleting these files will force Firefox to rebuild the list of installed extensions, checking their compatibility, and reset toolbar customizations.
    For details of how to find your profile folder see

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    Well, two thoughts.
    The battery has completely discharged and will take overnight to recharge, so don't expect much in an hour.
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    If your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad is Broken
    Apple does not fix iDevices. Instead they exchange yours for a refurbished or new replacement depending upon the age of your device and refurbished inventories. On rare occasions when there are no longer refurbished units for your older model, they may replace it with the next newer model.
    You may take your device to an Apple retailer for help or you may call Customer Service and arrange to send your device to Apple:
    Apple Store Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775 or visit online Help for more information.
    To contact product and tech support: Contacting Apple for support and service - this includes international calling numbers.
    iPod Service Support and Costs
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    The flat fee for a battery exchange is, I believe, $99.00 USD.

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    The only previous version that is still supported with security updates is Firefox 3.6.x.
    All other versions from Firefox 4 till the current Firefox 9.0.1 version are security and stability updates and add new features. It is not recommended to downgrade to such a version.
    You can install the portable Firefox 3.6.x version to access websites that do not work with Firefox 5+.
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