Webview for dashboard in cProjects

I have displayed additional fields in the cprojects dashboard by appending the DPR_TS_DASHBOARD_ATTR with customer fields. The fields are now available in the setting for the dashboard so that I can make my own view. But is it possible to create an own webview that then are visible to all users by creating a customer  webdynpro application? It's a lof of work if all the users need to save their own dashboard view.. Any suggestions???
Regards Camilla

Yes this is possible,
cproject (5.0 or higher) supports an interface to a custom WDC.
Your must implement this interface inside a new WDC.
This new WDC is added to config under Cprojects enhancements per project type and
and Cprojects object type eg PHASE, TASK, HEADER.
The details are in SPRO collaboration projects-> enhancements.

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    Hi Sowjanya,
    Official Product Tutorials – SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
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    you can use:
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    There is some sort of "glitch."  Many of have experienced the same problem.  The problem has been reported and, hopefully, will be fixed soon.
    It is not you! 

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    In Dashboard, when you click the Manage Widgets button at the bottom and then you click More Widgets in the Manage Widgets window, you are taken to Apples' official Dashboard Widgets web page at http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard.
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    I took a look and agree that there doesn't seem to be a way so you aren't just blind...unless we both are
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    I suppose apple thinks most people don't commonly associate widgets by there actual name so categories are easier but it seems trivial just to throw in a search function with a nice little preview of each widget.
    Maybe we just didn't look deep enough.

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    Easy enough to find. They are here.

  • Seperate Subject area for Dashboard Prompts

    Is there any way by which we can create seperate subject areas for OBIEE dashboard prompt only??

    Yes we can create separate subject areas for dashboard prompt's alone. Here is a case
    Say we need to create a constraint enabled prompt in our dashboard. So we bring in two dimension columns into the prompt.
    When we run the prompt, the queries across these two dimensions go through a fact table (Because the only way two different dimensions can be joined is through a fact . This fact table is chosen by BI Server intelligently at run time and that can be set through Implicit Fact column also though). In this case there is a chance that some of the dimension rows might get skipped in the constrained prompt as all of the records might not be present in the fact table.
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    Thank you,

  • OBIEE not displaying images for Dashboards of one subject area

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    Note: OBIEE is installed on UNIX for my system.
    Please let me know anyone need any other information from my side.
    One more thing : How can I attach a document to this thread.
    Edited by: Vikas Barsaiyan on 25-Apr-2011 00:00

    U have create new Catalog and deploy that via EM then can see u r latest new catalog. u r telling u have created new RPD and deployed only but u didn't change it default catalog (sampleapplte) so create new catalog deploy it.
    refer below one to create new catalog

  • Best Practices For Dashboard design  through BI

      If I want to create a dashboard through BI7 .what is the best way to suggest the client people. Which way SAP recommended for BI7 Best practices for dashboard design.
    Thanks & Regards,


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    I think that it could be great that you can download widgets for dashboard right from the App Store on Mac OS X.
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    I love widgets and Apple need to do more about them, also by having a new section in the App Store only for Widgets there will be developers who will build better widgets and also you could pay for great widgets.
    I will send this suggestion to the suggestion email from Apple.

    Sounds like a good idea!
    Instead of sending an email, try using Apple - Mac OS X - Feedback.

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    Please check these links for the table names:
    Hope this helps...

  • HT2492 I am using Snow Leopard and the icon for dashboard was removed from the dock.  Does anyone knopw how to put it back?  I have searched Finder, Trash and the Applications folder but i can't find it.  It works when i press F4 so it must still be there

    I have searched Finder, Trash and the applications folder but i can't find where it is kept.  I want to put the icon for Dashboard back in the dock - how can i do this?

    The combo update may replace anything you have inadvertently deleted.
    Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1
    You can reapply it over the top of any previously downloaded version.  I see that your profile says 10.6.8.
    Then software update to pick up any new security, iTunes updates.

  • Xml for dashboard

    I need to know the xml for Dashboard, If anyone could tell where i can find the xml for a dashboard/dashboard Prompt?
    Thanks in advance,

    we can see the xml related to a dashboard through catalog manager or in Dashboard properties through "Manage Presentation Catalogue" under Settings --> My Administration

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