Westell USB 802.11g adapter with an Imac?

I just switched to a new DSL provider who sold me a wireless router and a USB adapter. They are both made by Westell. I have my laptop running wireless no problem as well as anohter machine runing ethernet fine. But I have an Imac running 10.3.2 that I need to use a USB "airport" adapter to connect.
When I purchased the adapter I was told that it would work with OS 10 but now that I got it no where on the insructions does it mention Macs. And the instillaton software is PC only. I went to Westell web site and no help there either.
I called the DSL providers tech support but they were no help and told me to call Westell. They are closed and are only open bankers hours anyway so I thought I would see if anyone has any ideas.

You were misinformed.
The Westell device is not Mac compatible there are no drivers for it.
I would suggest you get an Airport card.
AirPort Card: Compatible Macintosh Computers
AirPort Extreme Card: Compatible Macintosh Computers

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    Can I use a wireless 802.11g adapter with my imac (iLamp)to connect to my snow base station, or bo I need ans xxx.11g /b adapter?

    Sorry - I missed that from the title of your message.
    The answer to that question is no - an exclusively 802.11g USB wireless adapter will not be able to connect to a Snow Base Station. I'd be surprised if this was ever an issue - I don't know of any exclusively 802.11g USB wireless adapters that work with Macs.
    I suggest you avoid use of USB wireless adapters with Macs. Yes some people have used them successfully, but still more people have nothing but grief with these devices. Very, very few USB wireless adapters have any MacOS driver support in the first place.

  • Is my AirPort Extreme base station A1034 (802.11g) compatible with Comcast 50 Mbps internet service?

    Is my AirPort Extreme base station A1034 (802.11g) compatible with Comcast 50 Mbps internet service?

    The WAN port on the A1034 will handle up to a 100 Mbps Internet connection, so you are OK there.
    Wireless on the A1034 is limited to 54 Mbps tops, so things should work OK as long as wireless devices can receive a strong wireless signal from the Apple router.

  • Creating a 802.11g network with Base Station in "802.11n only" mode

    I still have some legacy products running 802.11b/g, and want my Base Station to run in "n" only mode at 5GHz to keep the rest of the network as fast as possible.
    My current strategy is to take an old 802.11g router, put it into access point mode, and connect it to the Base Station with an ethernet cable.
    Unfortunately, this access point seems to fail frequently - connected devices can't find the access point, and rebooting the access point will temporarily fix the problem.
    I'm wondering if an AirPort Express can replace the access point. It can run as "create a wireless network" in a mixed b/g/n mode. I would then cable it to the base station.
    Will this slow down the remainder of the "pure" "n" network?

    I was asking something similar in another thread. What I'd like to do is run my existing b/g AP as it is and enable an Airport Extreme Base Station in AP mode in n-only mode. Supposedly, you can do this.

  • HT2801 Apple Store said that the USB SuperDrive would work with my iMac that already has an internal optical drive to be used as a secondary drive, but I can't get it to work when I plug it in the usb port.

    Apple store said the USB SuperDrive would work as a secondary drive with my iMac.
    After plugging into my USB port, I find it doesn't work.  Has anybody else tried this.

    Which USB Superdrive are you referring to? If this is the one:
    it states it works with Macbook Air, Mini, or MBP with Retina display. If they told you differently, take it back for a full refund and show them their own website.

  • Does anyone know if any usb keyboards will work with a imac g3

    Do all usb keyboards and mice work with the imac g3

    Just a note on PC keyboard function keys.  The windows function keys work but you will get frustrated by the location of the command key.  The 'undo' and 'cut' and 'copy' and 'paste are z x c and v but the command key on a PC keyboard is where the 'control' key is on a mac.  You will be giving the wrong command if you use the mac key location and the PC location is a stretch for your thumb to reach.  There is no harm done by plugging in another brand of USB device.

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    I'm traveling with just an Airport Express 802.11g model and my iPad mini. I want to change the settings on the Airport Express but the Airport Utility for iOS says this base station isn't supported. Do I have any options available to me to change the settings on the road without a computer?

    Yeah, that's what I gathered. Question is, do I have any alternate means of configuring it? For example, a web interface.

  • Can I use a USB wireless adapter with my iMac G4 Flat Panel (it has no Airport card).

    I have just salvaged an iMac G4 15-inch Flat Panel from the skip and now have it running Mac OS X Tiger 10,4. It has a 700mhz cpu, 80Gb hard drive and 512mb of Ram. No airport card is fitted so I was wondering if a USB wireless adapter could be used instead. I have a Belkin F5D8055ea USB wireless adapter fitted and the system recognises the device, this is as far as I have got as I am a complete novice on Apple/Mac machines. Anyone any ideas please?

    If the device is recognised, see if you can located your wi-fi network using Airport Utility.

  • Is there a Usb Optical audio adapter for 2012 iMac?

    I didn't realize that there wasn't going to be an optical audio output until the day I unboxed the iMac. I would like to plug it into my headphones that require a optical ouput. Any help well be appericated, thanks.

    Yes, I have. I have Astro A50's and the mixamp needs a optical cable. Is there a usb optical adapter that I can plug into the iMac?

  • Will Airport Express 802.11g network with a new Dual Band Airport Extreme?

    Bob Timmons I need your help. I have a older Airport Express, can I use it to extend my wireless network to the far reaches of my house by linking it to my new Airport Extreme 802.11n?
    There must be an article on this somewhere.

    Welcome back!
    If by "older" AirPort Express, you mean it is a "b/g" version, you'll have to use the WDS setup options on both the new AirPort Extreme"n" and the AirPort Express.
    Unfortunately, two negative things will occur when you setup WDS:
    1) Because WDS is a "g" technology thing, the entire wireless network will drop down to "g" wireless levels. So, you lose any advantages of "n" speeds with your new router.
    2) The bandwidth on the entire wireless network will be cut 50%.
    Bottom line, you will have a "g" wireless network operating at half of it's capability. That's a tremendous loss of performance for a bit more wireless coverage, but you may disagree.
    WDS is difficult for most users to set up because it is very easy to make a mistake. Look over this post to get an idea of what is involved with this. There is also a link to Apple's instructions in this post, but the step by step by expert user Tesserax is easier to follow.
    I do not recommend WDS, but it's your call.

  • Belkin 802.11g wireless USB2.0 with Snow White G3 - A question...

    Will the Belkin 802.11g work with an iBook model M6497 snow white iBook running OSX 1.2? I have been hunting around the forums and net trying to find out if it would work and can't find out if it would work or not. We are on a tight budget and can't afford the current prices for the original airport card.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
    Rich and Lily in Philly
    G3 iBook Model M6497   Mac OS X (10.2.x)   Burnt out Ethernet card, tight budget - any help would be great.

    Looking at the accessories for Mac portables, there is no USB adapter compatible (most likely due to there being no Mac driver). The Ethernet bridge seems like the only option, though it's out of stock at the moment, but seeing that you have a non-functioning Ethernet port, I guess that'd not work very well.

  • Does the apple usb superdrive work with an imac?

    I have a new iMac and was surprised I couldn't burn a cd because there is no disc drive! Can the Apple USB Superdrive be used with the iMac? The product details do not mention compatability with an iMac, only MacBook Pro & Mac Mini.

    According to http://www.apple.com/mac/compare/ it's compatible wtih the new iMacs.

  • Will 2800-400 BIOS update enable 802.11g wireless LAN?

    I recently bought a Belkin 54G cardbus wireless adapter for use with my Satellite 2800-400, which has a Windows ME OS.
    The setup software wouldn't install a driver, even though ME was said to be supported.
    I wrote to Belkin and they told me that it was because the laptop BIOS didn't support 802.11g wireless and that I should update the BIOS. I updated to BIOS version 2 but it didn't make any difference.
    I don't know if Belkin's instructions were on the right track or whether they were they just pushing the responsibility as far away from themselves as they could.
    Please can anyone tell me if my laptop does support 802.11g wireless, with or without the BIOS upgrade?

    > Hi
    > Im not 100% sure if your notebook supports a
    > wireless LAN connection because I dont found any
    > informations about it.
    Thanks for the reply. the notebook does support wireless LAN because I can get a 802.11b card to function OK.
    > But as far as I know its not
    > necessary to update the BIOS therewith the Wireless
    > card works.
    Well it's done now so there may be other benefits. Not 802.11g wireless though it seems.
    > I recommend to contact the service partner. They have
    > more detailed informations about this unit.
    Thanks I'll try to find and contact a service partner.

  • Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter??

    Can you use the Apple " usb to ethernet " adapter with the airport express?

    The USB port on the AirPort Express will only support a compatible printer, so using a USB to Ethernet adapter would not accomplish what you want to do.
    If you add a simple 5 port Ethernet switch to the AirPort Express, one port will be used to connect to the Express with an Ethernet cable. You will then have 4 Ethernet ports available for devices.
    Any major electronic/computer store will have what you need. Netgear or Cisco-Linksys make quality products.

  • Anyone know a USB wireless adaptor compatible with 10.5.2?

    I have a Belkin F5D7050 adaptor, got all sorts of issues with it, I've set my mac up on the net and a wireless network through it, using a Ralink driver, it works but every so often the mac crashes.
    So, need a new adaptor or better drivers! Had a search around but can't find much. Any suggestions?
    Much appreciated.

    To expand, Airport is a Mac OS X structure, Apple normally rename boring tech to something more cool e.g
    Airport = 802.11b
    Airport Extreme = 802.11g
    However, with that in mind Apple do write their own drivers to support chipsets they actually use, hence my recommendation of a BroadCom equipped card.
    As for installation, simply open your case, remove one of the blanking plates on the PCI slots (one screw), push the new card in and then the screw can go back. Close the Mac, start up and it should be seen automatically.
    Refer to your manual for location of the PCI slots.

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