Wet Edges brush option in Elements 11?

I'm trying to find the wet edges option which is in a lot of tutorials for watercolor brushes but I can't find any tool options for it.

You are looking at tutorials for Photoshop, where almost everything has more settings than are available in PSE. There is no wet edges, which is why you can't find it.

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  • PsElements10 - Brush Options, Hue Jitter

    I lately installed PSElements 10 (on Windows 7), and i'm observing something i don't understand with the brushes Hue Jitter Option.
    The official definition for Brush Option - Hue Jitter is :
    "Sets the rate at which the stroke color switches between the foreground and background colors. Higher values cause more frequent switches between the two colors than lower values."
    And that's usually how it works.
    Example => basic brush, foreground color : red; background color: green; when hue jitter is at 0, the drawed line is red; when Hue Jitter is >0, the drawed line switches from red to green. No problem.
    But then, i choose a special Brush (the Butterflies, for an example) => The appear in many different colors (not only red and green)
    That's a special Brush (and the Hue Jitter isn't doing anything with this Brush), well ok.
    And finally, i switch back to the basic Brush, and now the "Many different Colors" from the butterflies seem to be inherited by this basic brush, no way to make the Hue Jitter Option work again between foreground and background color.
    Is this a bug ?
    Regis (from France)

    Elements can be buggy from time to time as far as the brush settings go because those brushes were probably made in the full photoshop version, which has more options for varying the colors of a brush (color dynamics).
    In later versions of elements that is the wrong name for that option (hue jitter). It's actually color jitter as it's properly named in photoshop elements 2.
    In photoshop elements if you have the Keep these settings for all Brushes checked, then the options from one brush will carry on to the next.
    (If your using a tablet things may act strange from brush to brush if you have some of the dynamic settings enabled in Brush Tablet Options)
    Also sometimes the settings get "stuck" so you may have to reset the Brush Tool, which is probably what's happening in your case.
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  • Brush Option Error Message

    I have a problem with brush option in PSE7 (which come with Wacom bamboo that bought many years ago and never use it).
    It show me "invalid numeric" (see pic) and I can't do anything, the error message re-open after click "ok", I must go to my task manager and force close it evertime.
    I don't know what happen, so if who know how to fix it, please tell me.
    Thank you.

    Try this
    1. Close Elements.
      2. Launch the Photoshop Elements Welcome Screen and hold down ctrl + alt + shift as you click Editor.
    3. Continue to hold the keys until you see a message box asking if you want to delete Photoshop Elements settings file; click Yes. Elements will open with default preferences.

  • Other Dynamics brush option in CS 5

    Hey, I have CS3 on one computer and CS 5 on another. On CS3 my dynamic brush options have a section called 'Other Dynamics' that allows me to change jitter opacity, but my CS5 does not have that option in the same area.
    Does CS5 not have 'Other Dynamics' for brushes or is it just somewhere else?

    Adobe is following in Microsoft's foot steps they seem to want to drive their users crazy or up the wall  by changing names and locations of things. They don't worry too much about braking actions that might use a menu Item they rename or remove. Try Transfer brush option.



    You have the caps lock on

  • The Pressure is greyed out in Calligraphy Brush Options. Can anyone explain this to me?? NEED HELP

    cant pick it, it was greyed out only Fixed and Random can be choosen from the Calligraphy Brush Options. NEED HELP

    really? so what could i do to make lines likes these in these picture i mean lines that starts thin, then thick, then thin lines like in the picture

  • How to load brush presets below wet media brushes?

    How do I create brush presets below my wet media brushes like I have in this photo. I did it before, but I don't know how? Please help.

    Put hem in
    C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Presets\Brushes

  • Create a catalog of brushes in Photoshop Elements

    Is there a way to catalog the brushes in Photoshop Elements in an automated or simple manner?

    Create your flat image.
    Cut it apart. Put the parts on separate layers. Transform each layer to look like it's being viewed from a consistent angle.
    You might achieve this more easily if you look into the Vanishing Point part of Filters. There are some small descriptions of this in Help.

  • Can't see my Brush Options in PSE4 (WIN)

    Just bought and installed PSE4. I am trying to play around with the brushes, but I can't see where to change the brush options. I was told it was beside the tablet options (in the upper right hand corner), but that is so far to the right there is nothing after it.
    Can anyone help me? Pretty please!
    Thank you!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was the problem...now just getting used to having everything way smaller!
    Thanks again!

  • CS4 drag-resize brush option problem

    In CS4 the drag-to-resize brush option should display as red (the brush preview default color) but no color shows up. Nor with the drag-to-set-hardness shortcut either. Both shortcuts work. I cannot see the hardness change on screen but a quick check of the brushes indicates that it did indeed work. Just no color indicator for either shortcut.
    Vista 32 Ultimate SP1, Dell M1210 laptop with 4 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400, 320 GB drive.

    John, some info please. Are you using the right mouse button plus Alt key? When changing the hardness, I have to hold the Shft key first and then the Alt key before I click and drag with the right mouse button. I am using Vista Ultimate 64 but that shouldn't make any difference. When some of these little irritants pop up, I usually restart PS and delete the preferences to see if anything changes. Just a suggestion.

  • Trouble with brushes in photoshop elements 7.0

    My photoshop elements 7.0 worked perfectly fine until about a week ago, when all of my brushes (plug-ins and defaults) started acting strange. The image below shows what it looks like.
    I'm working with only one layer here (the background), using the same hard "brush" from the defaults for both the erasor and the brush (the erasor is working normally and that's why i'm using it to compare with the brushstroke). There shouldn't be a difference between the stroke with the brush and the erasor, and there wouldn't have been a difference if i did this a week ago, but still, as you can see, something is not right here... It hasn't got anything to do with the layer opacity or the opacity of the brush/erasor, because they are all set to 100%. I did notice, however, that the first time this problem appeared, the space between the brushmarkings in the brushstroke was set to 25% in the brush settings. Now, everytime i restart the program, this brushsetting seem to be the new default setting for all of my brushes! I can't draw like i'm used to anymore because all of my brushes are so messed up. Does anyone know what's the problem with my photoshop brushes?

    Your brush flow isn't set to 100%.
    Select the brush as the tool then press and hold in the alt key (opt if on mac). While the alt (opt) key held in, press the 0 (zero) key. Your brush flow should now be set at 100% flow.
    Reason: Brush flow is available as an option in Photoshop. In Elements, the option is not shown on the options bar but the function is still present and can be called up using the shortcut keys...brush tool + alt (opt) + number key. This setting is sticky...whatever flow rate you set with the shortcut acts as default for all brushes and is considered a user preference for all sessions.
    Here's a video about the this undocumented shortcut:

  • Enhance specific areas with Smart Brush | Learn Photoshop Elements 10 | Adobe TV

    Easily add some “wow” to specific photo areas using Smart Brush, which lets you paint on 1 of 100 effects and patterns. Smart Brush includes 30 new options in Photoshop Elements 10.

    Actually the picture I wanted to work with need cropping and some red eye removed but I was not able to get even that far

  • Brush Problem in Elements 8

    I am upgrading to Elements 8 from an earlier version on my Mac. The problem I have encounterd is that when I use brushes for painting or erasing the effect does not extend to the full size of the brush tip outline on the screen. For example, if I select a 17 pixel circular brush, it only paints about a 10 pixel cirular area in the center of the brush outline. This is not how the brushes functioned in my earlier version. I have tried all of the options in the Preference Panel, and Tool Bar, to no avail. Any suggestions? Or. is this just how it works in this latest version? If so, I don't get the logic of it. [ iMac w/ OSX 10.5 ]

    In the pse8 editor, go to Edit>Preferences>Display&Cursors
    and check Normal Brush Tip and see if that helps.

  • Smart Brush Tool bug - Elements 9 on Mac OS X

    The Smart Brush Tool gives an error while using the High Contrast Red Filter.  After a mask is defined, the error appears in the Adjustments window, "This is an Adjustment Layer that was created with the full version of Photoshop and cannot be edited in Photoshop Elements.  Obviously this is a bug since I used Photoshop Elements to create the Adjustment Layer - isn't Layer Masks a new feature of Photoshop Elements?

    No, actually that's not a bug. There are a couple of conversion styles that adobe used to bring over things that are normally only available in photoshop. You can't do anything with those particular options except to apply them. The B&W tool in Quick Fix is also like this.
    I agree that it's a stupid message to have chosen.

  • I am not getting the dialogue for any of the photomerge options on elements 13?

    I have just downloaded elements 13 as an upgrade because I want to use the photomerge options.  I have watched the tutorials and they show a dialogue box on the right to choose brush size etc.  That is not coming up on my program and I can only do 'guesswork' to make a merge happen.

    I have just downloaded elements 13 as an upgrade because I want to use the photomerge options.  I have watched the tutorials and they show a dialogue box on the right to choose brush size etc.  That is not coming up on my program and I can only do 'guesswork' to make a merge happen.

Maybe you are looking for

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