What algorithm is used to Sort Photos?

I've read a LOT of posts asking about the sorting order for photos within an album.
No one has yet to provide an accurate answer about the sorting algorithm/method used. Some people say to use iPhoto (I have a PC so I can't) which isn't an answer. Other people refer to editing some metadata. No one seems to be answering the main question:
What data is used to sort photos?
File Name (alphabetical) ?
File creation date?
File modified date?
Some (hidden) tag like an mp3 has?
It's gotta be something!
What is it?

Well, I figured it out.
It uses the Created Date to sort files.
On my PC, I use a freeware program called AttributeMagicFree
to change the created date and now sorting works as I expect.

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    OK yes Loading apps are faster...But for some reason 4 got latency and lag once in a while compared to the 3GS...its not a zippy...its wierd to explain...but theres a lot of post about it here.
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    Go to the iTunes App Store in the iTunes app on your computer. Type photo into the search window in the upper right corner and you will bring up all sorts of photo apps, free and paid, for enhancing, modifying, arranging, printing and sharing photos on an iPad.

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    Does Excel 2010+ use the Mersenne Twister (MT19937) algorithm for Pseudo Random Number Generation (PRNG), implemented by the RAND() function?
    This has been a nagging question for some time now, with "hints" that it indeed does.  However, a relatively thorough search turns up no definitive documentation.  The most direct indication is perhaps given by Guy Melard [Ref 9] where
    he tests Excel 2010's RAND() function using the Crush battery of tests in TestU01 by L'Ecuyer & Simard.  Melard references a "semi-official" indication that Microsoft did indeed implement MT19937 for the RAND() function in
    Excel 2010, but this reference no longer seems to be available. http://office.microsoft.com/enus/excel-help/about-solver-HP005198368.aspx?pid=CH010004571033.
    The other references below [Ref 1-10] document the history of the statistical suitability of the PRNG and probability distributions in various versions of Excel.  This includes the Wichmann-Hill PRNG implementations supposedly (arguably) used in
    Excel 2003 & 2007 for random number generation.  But still, we have no answer as to which PRNG algorithm is used in
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    Microsoft indicates that RAND() has been improved in Excel 2010; Microsoft states, "...and the RAND function now uses a new random number algorithm." (see https://support.office.com/en-ca/article/Whats-New-Changes-made-to-Excel-functions-355d08c8-8358-4ecb-b6eb-e2e443e98aac). 
    But no details are given on the actual algorithm.  This is critical for Monte Carlo methods and many other applications.
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    [Ref 1] B. McCullough, B. Wilson.  On the Accuracy of Statistical Procedures in Microsoft Excel 97. 
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. Vol. 31 No. 1, pp 27-37. July 1999.
    [Ref 2]L. Knüsel.  On the accuracy of the statistical distributions in Microsoft Excel 97. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. Vol. 26 No. 3, pp 375-377. January 1998.
    [Ref 3]B. McCullough, B. Wilson.  On the Accuracy of Statistical Procedures in Microsoft Excel 2000 and Excel XP. 
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. Vol.40 No. 4, pp 713-721. October 2002.
    [Ref 4] B. McCullough, B. Wilson.  On the Accuracy of Statistical Procedures in Microsoft Excel 2003. 
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. Vol.49. No. 4, pp 1244-1252. June 2005.
    [Ref 5] L. Knüsel. On the accuracy of statistical distributions in Microsoft Excel 2003. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, Vol. 48, No. 3, pp 445-449. March 2005.
    [Ref 6]B. McCullough, D.Heiser.  On the Accuracy of Statistical Procedures in Microsoft Excel 2007. 
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. Vol.52. No. 10, pp 4570-4578. June 2008.
    [Ref 7] A. Yalta. The Accuracy of Statistical Distributions in Microsoft<sup>®</sup> Excel 2007. Computational Statistics & Data Anlaysis. Vol. 52 No. 10, pp 4579 – 4586. June 2008.
    [Ref 8] B. McCullough.  Microsoft Excel’s ‘Not The Wichmann-Hill’ Random Number Generators. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. Vol.52. No. 10, pp 4587-4593. June 2008.
    [Ref 9] G. Melard.  On the Accuracy of Statistical Procedures in Microsoft Excel 2010. Computational Statistics. Vol.29 No. 5, pp 1095-1128. October 2014.
    [Ref 10] L. Knüsel.  On the Accuracy of Statistical Distributions in Microsoft Excel 2010. Department of Statistics - University of Munich, Germany.

    I found the same KB article:
    This was introduced (according to the article) in Excel 2003. Perhaps the references in notes 2 and 3 might help.
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    Combining the three generators only helps if the periods of the 3 are relatively prime (despite what the article implies). Then the period of the result will be the product of the 3 periods. But without knowing the theory behind these generators, I have
    no idea what the periods would be. The formulas for MWC generators fail here.
    Richard Mueller - MVP Directory Services

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    I have a MacBook Pro laptop and am trying to use iPhoto.  I uploaded pictures but they uploaded out of order.  Photos taken from different locations on my trip are all mixed up and I would like to sort them in chronological order.  Things I have tried have been time consuming and often take several attempts before the moved photo "takes" to its new location within the album.  If anyone can provide step by step instructions for this senior, it would be very much appreciated.  Thank you.

    following article tells how to sort photos in iphoto:
    article on smart albums in iphoto as well:
    these should help answers your questions, also in every apple application if you look on the main menu bar they all have a help section that is very useful in getting basic how to instructions.

  • What device can I use to transfer photos from Iphone5s. Don't want to use my computer.

    What external device besides my computer can I use to transfer photos from
    my Iphone 5s.  Do I have to transfer to my computer and then external device?

    Normally the transfer is to your computer, treating the phone as a digital camera. However, you can also enable Photo Sharing. Or use Box.com or Dropbox. Or a 3rd party app such as MyPics that can save them to a Google Picasa site, or Shutterfly that can save them to Shutterfly albums.

  • What software can be used to manipulate photos on original ipad

    what software can be used to manipulate photos on original ipad

    There are a number of photo apps available in the iTunes app store e.g. the free Adobe Photoshop Express can do some basic editing (you won't get anything as sophisticated as Photoshop on a Mac/PC), and with iOS 5 the Photos app will allow you to :
    Crop, rotate, enhance, and remove red-eye without leaving the Photos app
    Though I'm not entirely sure whether that will apply just to photos taken with the iPad or all photos in the Photos app.

  • When dragging photos to desktop, what settings are used?

    When a photo is dragged out of iPhoto and dropped anywhere in the Finder, what settings are used for that implicit export? E.g., what JPEG quality? It seems to export the full size.
    Can't seem to find this documented anywhere!

    In tests Old Toad reckoned that it was equivalent to about 8 on Photoshop's scale of 12.
    Typically when I export via the file menu I select the highest quality. If iPhoto uses something less than that, then I'll stop dragging and return to the file menu export.
    Doesn't quite work like that.
    If you have an edited photo then there is a single generation of compression applied. If you export at any setting other than Maximum the file will be smaller. At maximum the file will quite likely be larger - less compression applied to the data.
    As to which is best to use? Depends on what you're using this jpeg for - but remember this, exporting via dragging gets none of the metadata you've added in iPhoto (Keywords, Location, titles, descriptions etc)

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