What are the best memory management actions for the ipad mini retina.

I purchased an ipad mini retina 16 GB. I am concerned with all the capabilities of this device that 16 GB will not be sufficient· So I am asking for suggestions regarding effective memory management techniques·

Thanks. Good common sense advice which I will apply as as much as possible·I dont plan on stroring a lot of videos but with IOS 7 apps are so good that it will be difficult to limit the numbers used. Also I will be using it for photo display but I will move photos regularly to my pc for long term storage

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  • What's the best voice recorder app for an iPad mini?

    What's the best voice recorder app for an iPad mini?

    All of the "Office" document editing applications on the iPad have limitations.  Best try them out to see if they meet your needs.
    iWork by Apple
    • VIEW/EDIT/CREATE Word & Excel files(Office 2007/2008/2010)
    • VIEW PowerPoint, PDF, iWork, Text, .RTF, and more!
    • Send & receive attached supported documents using the built-in Mail app
    • FREE desktop application with your purchase! Compatible on Win & Mac allows you 2-way file sync with a WIFI connection.
    • Open & Edit files within DocsToGo from any 3rd party app that supports the “Open In” feature
    • Supports iTunes File Sharing via USB cable for manually moving files
    Office² HD
    "Office² HD, the most intuitive and straightforward office document editor available on the iPad, makes it easy to open, view, create and edit Word (DOC & DOCX), Excel (XLS & XLSX), and PowerPoint (PPT & PPTX) files right from your iPad!"
    Quickoffice Pro HD
    Create and edit ALL Microsoft® Office -- document, spreadsheet, and presentation formats, as well as view PDF files, on the go. Our advanced file manager lets you manage local files, access Google Drive or other cloud accounts, and works with your iPad email attachments so you can work anywhere, anytime - online and offline.
    nsdjoey presents ways to edit office documents in this web page:

  • Does the iPad mini retina camera app have the panorama feature?

    Does the iPad mini retina camera app have the panorama feature?

    Panorama is only available for iPhone 4S and later, not iPad mini. Instead, you can do panorama photos with applications from the App Store

  • Is the resolution on the iPad mini retina better than any other retina?

    The 1st gen iPad mini had the same resolution as ipad 2. Becasue the mini is smaller than the 2 the pixels were denser.
    So my question is... Is the resolution on the iPad mini retina better or denser than other retina screens found on other devices?

    Try resetting the iPad (hold the home and power buttons down until the Apple logo appears).

  • Will the Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPad mini fit on the ipad mini retina

    I am wondering because I am thinking of buying a new ipad mini retina but the case I like the most is only the original ipad mini. So will the small thickness increase make it not useable.
    I know about the microphone issue on the retina ( there is also one one the back where as there was not one on the back of the ipad mini original.

    For sure? No. Seeing as how no one has seen a new mini in person. However checking the specs there is a .3 millimeter size difference, there shouldn't be a huge issue.

  • Is the iPad Mini Retina screen the same as an iPad Mini screen?

    So my iPad Mini Retina fell between my bed and the wall and one corner cracked. I know right? Stupidest thing ever.
    The crack is not that bad, but I still want it replaced since I bought it 3 weeks ago and saved up foreverrr and it's a shame it cracked
    I want to order my screen on eBay, and I was wondering if I buy a screen for iPad Mini 1 would it still be the same for iPad Mini Retina?

    If you replace the screen on your device, which is under warranty, you will void your Apple Warranty.  Apple will not replace the screen, but they will offer an out of warranty replacement for about 1/2 the cost of the device when you bought it.  At least you'd still have your warranty intact. 

  • Is it normal that the iPad mini Retina iPhone 5S and different color display?

    Noticed that iPad mini Retina color colder than iPhone 5S (warmer colors), is this normal

    Yes, they have slightly different colors, just like the iPad Air and the Retina Mini will differ.

  • Does the iPad mini retina wifi only come with GPS?

    I want to use the wifi mini retina with Garmin Pilot, an aviation app. Does the wifi only version come with GPS installed or do I have to get a 4G/LTE version?

    You need the 4G/LTE version. The WiFi version does not have GPS.

  • HT3476 which is the real tonnage - capacity of the ipad mini retina 64gb?

    i bought the ipad mini rhetina 64gb and when i opened it i saw that the tonnage - capacity is 56,60GB
    by the way i bought it totaly closed with gelatin and packed with all apple details from apple store. but i discover when i opened it that the battery was charged 85% and the itunes was already inside the ipad without me have downloaded it before.
    pls inform if i have bought brand new ipad mini retina or it is second hand??

    The difference between the advertised 64 GB and 56.60 GB is taken up by the operating system since that storage space is not available to the users. Also, some of the difference is doe to how GB is advertised and repotted
    How Mac OS X and iOS report storage capacity
    BTW, this is the Mac Mini (desktop computer) forum

  • What are the true min spec's for PRE7

    I have been using PE7  with mixed results on my Sony 1.8 GH moble centrino laptop with 2 gig of memory running XP. When importing Jpeg video from a Sony flash memory camcorder the problem is centered around the low on memory issue. I seam to get this more frequent when editing in the native Jpeg format  (smaller file size) than if I convert to DVI( larger file size ) I'm not sure I get this. I am just doing standard def video for play back on a 42" plasma or 178" projection home theater. The footage looks great and the DVDs come out fine but the low memory problem gets to be a pain. I have considered moving to a mac as I'm just doing home videos in standard def  and would like to have the system be a lot more stable while doing the creative stuff (adding effects & teaking transitions ). The big reason I have not made the switch is I have been using Premiere for a long time and many versions and like being able to have many layers of video ( multiple tracks for effects and video layering ) and being able to pretty much do anything I can think of in ways of effects and transitions with graphics and effects layered over top of them. Sorry for the long winded description but my question is simple ( maybe ) what is the min spec for a laptop to produce standard def DVDs with respectable previews, stable operation and no low on memory errors. I would way rather stay with a PC and Premiere to produce my family videos as all the PC software I already own but would like to know how much of a laptop I would need to upgrade to to make PRE7 run clean. I know more is better but you can get a pretty respectable laptop for $700 and can easily spend up to $2000. Would like to be able to run PRE7 clean but would also like to be aimed more toward $700 than $2000.

    will I have to live with some system house keeping and a few crashes or can I expect to run mostly clean ( no crashes ) with a Core Duo 2.0 ghz system with four gig of memory.
    The biggest limitation that you will face is with your I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's. The rest should be fine.
    What happens with most laptops is that they have one HDD. NLE work requires a lot of HDD access. When your OS (including the Page File) and the NLE needing to access the media files, plus the files that it writes to the Scratch Disks. All of this is happening at the same time, and something has to give. Something needs to come at the end of the line. If that happens to be the NLE, then it could well crash.
    The first thing that I would do is clean out the Boot.ini and Startup w/ MSCONFIG to get rid of the "junk," that is not needed. Next, I'd turn off all AV, spyware sweepers and pop-up blockers. Last, I'd run a program like EndItAll2 to stop all other unnecessary Processes. Then, and only then, would I launch the NLE. During this time, I would refrain from anything involving the Internet, or my POP server, and would also not do things like use iTunes, etc. Remember, we shut down our AV and the other protective programs, plus programs like iTunes want to bring a lot of other applets along for the ride. The former exposes you to all sorts of problems (I do this, and I am behind a hardware firewall), the next just uses up resources. If you also want iTunes, buy an iPod to listen to, while editing.
    Now, when I wanted a laptop to do editing, the first concern was for one that would allow me 3x SATA II HDD's. I managed to also get a Quad-core processor, and had to bargain to get a full 4GB of RAM and XP-Pro (the 4GB option was only available for Vista and I did not want that).
    Now, on my laptop, editing to/from a FW-800 2TB external (so I can also take the Project to my workstation), I am editing an 8 hour epic in PrPro. While I do not use PE so much, I've done quite a few Projects, just for this forum. I've never had one crash and a few of those were over 2 hours of SD (DV-AVI Type II) footage. Never hiccuped, crashed, or even ran slow. I use PrPro most of the time, because it reminds me more of my cine days. PE4 (my version) is a bit too automated, and "prettied up," for this old guy. I'm also a control freak, and want to do everything pretty much by hand. I seldom like "big button" solutions, 'cause I want to do it frame by frame.
    Also, I often have PrPro, PS, AI, Encore and a word processor open at the same time. With 3x HDD's and similar specs to yours (OK Quad vs Duo-core), I can do almost anything that I want. Still, without the bloatware and the other detritus.
    Now, will PE7 work on your laptop w/ HD material? Much will depend on how clean your computer is, what the exact format of your HD footage and how patient you are with working with this.
    Good luck,

  • Im looking for the best stylus available for the ipad mini retina. for creative design

    I am a designer and would like pressure sensitivity if available. I have seen the pogo connect which looks great but does it support the mini retina yet? Or the best alternative? I will be using paper and Adobe ideas. THANKS!

    I agree with Miklos - the 53 is nice at first, but is awkward and heavy. It has a huge rubber tip and is stiky on the screen. I like the amPen Hybrid Stylus on Amazon. They are under 8$ and are a great quality stylus that actually works! They have the fiber mesh tips that can be changed out when you want a fresh tip. They also come in a variety of colors. Was able to get a stylish black on for myself and a pink one for my wife and daughter. We also got a 5 pack of the tips they sell so we ould have extras when we need them. The stylus tip is the best part though. It is soft and glides nicely on the screen. It is not stiky and clingy like the rubber tipped stylus pens you see these days. Link incuded. They even have free shipping! Can't beat that for under 10$

  • How do I make the type smaller for PDF's in iBook for my iPad Mini Retina Display IOS 7.4

    How do I resize the type in PDF's to make it smaller ? to read on my iPad mini. At the moment it looks like 20 point.

    I don't believe that you can decrease the font size for PDFs in iBooks.

  • Is eduction pricing available on the iPad Mini Retina?

    Ive looked at the Apple products on eduction pricing at my University, the only iPad that seems to be avalible under education is the iPad 2 and iPad Air.

    Not for individual purchasers, if that's what you mean, no. There is no educational discount for individuals or on single quantities for any iOS device or iPod. Schools purchasing in quantities of 10 or more can get a discount on most if not all iPad models, at least in some countries.
    If you're purchasing for your school, check the education Apple Store, or contact your Apple account executive. If you're purchasing for yourself, you'll need to pay full retail unless you can find a dealer who offers a discount or can accept a refurbished unit.

  • Low in signal for my iPad Mini retina with Airport Extreme

    I have an issue with my Airport Extreme. As  my room is pretty far away from my modem causing a very low signal, so i decide to get an Airport extreme to boost the connection. My Mac Book Air is working fine with full bar WiFi connection whereas likewise for my iPad and iPhone 6, they keep getting disconnected and buffering issue. Can someone please help me to solve this issue? I have also downloaded the Airport Utility.

    If you want to "extend" the network using a wireless connection between devices, one of them.....your AirPort Extreme, for example.....must connect to the modem using a wired Ethernet cable connection and provide a wireless network signal.
    Then, you will need to add another Apple router.....and AirPort Express, for example.....to extend the network. The AirPort Express will connect using wireless with the AirPort Extreme.
    Another way to say the same thing is that if you want to "extend" the network, you will need two Apple AirPort devices to do so.

  • Reading ebooks on the iPad mini retina does it work outdoors?

    I am about to buy an ipad mini with retina display. I would like to know how well this works as an ebook reader, especially outdoors.

    Backlight screens such as on the iPad do not work well in bright sunshine. They get washed out. If you plan to use your reader outdoors frequently, you may wish to instead consider one of the "e paper" based readers such as the standard Kindle readers (not the Kindle Fire) that operate by reflected light rather than a backlight. If you have an Apple Store or dealer near you that opens directly to the outdoors rather than being in a mall, visit one and ask one of the sales associates if they can show you how the iPad's screen looks outdoors so you can judge for yourself.

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