What are the best practices for audit report for SharePoint 2013 farm ?

I am looking for the best practices for audit reporting in SharePoint 2013 farm.Can anyone please provide me checklist/tools/guidelines on same ?
your help will be much appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,
Dipti Chhatrapati

This is quite open ended question. A sharepoint farm should be well maintained as per :
1. Microsoft's recommendations on : Topology, Hardware and Software requirements, Operational procedures and most important Capacity guidelines:
2. Organisation's IT policies and procedures : Farm Configuration, Workload and monitoring
3. Industry best practices
I would suggest to start thinking over these lines and create a plan for your Sharepoint farm.
You can then create powershell scripts to run these reports at certain frequency to find the changes, any deviation from the standard and health of the entire farm.
Hope this helps!!
I LOVE MS..... Thanks and Regards, Kshitiz (Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.)

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    I would also recommend downloading a utility such as TinkerTool System, OnyX 2.4.3, or Cocktail 5.1.1 that you can use for periodic maintenance such as removing old log files and archives, clearing caches, etc.
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    bumping up (I hope doing so is allowed.)

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    John Sefton

    I appreciate the responses, however this is not the information I am looking for.
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    Example: are their tools that I can install that will monitor the size and response time of the database and alert me if there is degradation in performance?
    Are there specific periodic activities I should be doing to garuntee that my database will continue to function that way it is supposed to?
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Maybe you are looking for

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