What are the default values for "default if unwired"?

How do you know what the default value for an object will be...if using a "use default if unwired" with an event case?
Is there a listing somewhere of what default values will be?
Thank you,

tst wrote:
Personally, I would highly recommend disabling this on every single tunnel coming out of an event structure (with the possible exception of the tunnel going to the loop's stop terminal). If you use this option, you are almost guaranteed to forget to wire a required value into a tunnel at some point in the future when you add a new case.
More generally, I think that this option should not be the default for these tunnels. You can see more about this here and I would suggest voting it up if you agree with it - http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Outp​ut-tunnels-from-event-structure-should-default-to-​...
VERY much agreed!  Disabling the "default if unwired" option makes absolutely certain that you have considered the correct value for every case.
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    As far as enhancing the CLI, it will of course be enhanced when new firmware releases provide new features. As far as making it more IOS-like, best to my knowledge, no.  The only other supported CLI on the SB switches are on the SX500 series and SX200E series which the CLI are all consistent. If you bought a SX500 series the commands are nearly identical minus the different feature sets.
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    Have a look at include LBTCHDEF.
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    The value is the value entered into the "Export Value" option when the form is created. You can use the Acrobat JavaScript "exportValues" property to get the array of values for the same named check boxes. And if you know the 'widget' of the check box, you can use 'isBoxChecked' method to check if a given 'widget' is checked. More information is contained in the Acrobat JavaScript doucmentation.

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    ,p_attribute2 in VARCHAR2 default NULL
    ,p_attribute3 in VARCHAR2 default NULL
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    ,p_party_id in NUMBER default NULL -- HR/TCA merge
    ,p_event_id out nocopy NUMBER
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    From the menu bar, select
     ▹ System Preferences... ▹ Network
    Click the Assist me button and select Assistant. Follow the prompts.

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    From the menu bar, select
     ▹ System Preferences... ▹ Network
    Click the Assist me button and select Assistant. Follow the prompts.

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    There r no any default password for Application Manager,
    However userID is applmgr and if I have to create a password for applmgr I would do that as welcome or welcome1 so the applmgr user can change it when he/she log on first time as needed.

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    There is not a user PUBLIC. There cannot be a user PUBLIC. Users and roles share the same name space so if there is a role PUBLIC, there can not be a user PUBLIC.
    The catalog table user$ contains both roles and users. The usage is determined by the TYPE# column - 1 = user, 0 = role.
    select user#, name, type# from user$  order by 1
    [email protected]:pncl# /
         USER# NAME                               TYPE#
    ========== ============================== ==========
             0 SYS                                     1
             1 PUBLIC                                  0
             2 CONNECT                                 0
             3 RESOURCE                                0
             4 DBA                                     0
             5 SYSTEM                                  1Try it yourself and see.
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    these are whats on most models but they would vary by region and operator
    some others would have extra or even less
    If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks.
    Now using the Lumia 1520

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    You can check the fields of these tables via SE11
    Purchase Document Date  -  EKKO-BEDAT
    Item Description  -  EKPO-TXZ01
    Net price per item - EKPO-NETPR.
    Rich Heilman

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