What are the new versions of  Forms

Hi All,
I worked on Forms4.5/Reports 2.5 and i am having good idea on the development side. After that i didn't worked on the forms side and didn't upgraded myself on this technology.
Can any body help me in knowing what are version which came from forms4.5 ?
what are new enhancements ?
what is ment by application server ?
when i am looking at the oracle site it is giving much on java side than this forms side. is oracle going to continue forms technology ?
what is java techonoly used in the application server ?
help me in know this

this probably is teh wrong place for a new features tutorial, but the latest versions of Forms and Reports are 10g (Forms 9.0.4). Before that and between now and Forms 4.5, we had Forms9i (9.0.2), Forms 6i (6.0.8), Forms 6.0 (6.0.5)and Forms 5.0.
Similar for Reports except that there has been Reports 3.0 where forms had 5.0
Documents can be found at otn.oracle.com/products/forms
Finally, no, Forms is not going away.

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    Versions 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 are actually patched version of APEX 3.1. As such, they don’t introduce new features, but mainly fix bugs from the main release. If you want to learn specific details about these versions, you should read the readme file attached to the patch set files (on metalink).
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    The information can be found in Release Content Documents (RCD) Published by Oracle.
    Please refer metalink note 404152.1 ... download "Customer Relationship Management Family RCD (zip, 3.2 MB)"
    You will find istore specific details in r12_mkt_sales_rcd.zip

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    The information can be found in Release Content Documents (RCD) Published by Oracle.
    Please refer metalink note 404152.1 ... download "Customer Relationship Management Family RCD (zip, 3.2 MB)"
    You will find istore specific details in r12_mkt_sales_rcd.zip

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    Each release of Oracle has many differences, and Oracle 10g is a major re-write of the Oracle kernel from Oracle 9i. While there are several hundred new features and other differences between 9i and 10g, here are the major differences between Oracle9i and Oracle10g:
    Major changes to SQL optimizer internals
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    AWR and ASH tables incorporated into Oracle Performance Pack and Diagnostic Pack options
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    and you need to refer oracle documentation for sql, plsql references where you will know particular enhancements made...
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    Where you read RoboEngine in those topics, that is the name
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    Don't think WebHelp Pro is a must have. Many people produce
    perfectly good professional help using plain WebHelp. You have to
    decide if you do need the extra features. The Pro output no longer
    contains the natural language search that you will see referred to
    in those topics.

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