What are the tables related to SD in PP relation tables if any

what are the tables related to SD in PP relation tables if any

SAP Production Planning Table
Demand Management
PBED Independent Requirements Data
PBIM Independent Requirements by Material
Repetitive Manufacturing
SAFK RS Header Master Data
S025 LIS -- Run Schedule Quantities
S026 LIS -- Material Usage
S028 LIS -- Reporting Point Statistics
CEZP Reporting Point Document Logs
CPZP Reporting Points - Periodic Totals
MRP Records
MDKP MRP Document Header Data
MDTB MRP Table Structure (no data)
PLSC Planning Scenario (Long-term Planning)
MDFD MRP Firming Dates
MDVM Planning File Entries
S094 LIS -- Stock/Requirements Analysis
RESB Reservations/Dependent Requirements
Planned Orders
PLAF Planned Orders
Discrete Production
AFKO Order Header
AFPO Order Item Detail
AFVC Order Operations Detail
AFFL Order Sequence Details
AFFH Order PRT Assignment
AFBP Order Batch Print Requests
AFRU Order Completion Confirmations
AFFW Confirmations -- Goods Movements with Errors
AFRC Confirmations -- Incorrect Cost Calculations
AFRD Confirmations -- Defaults for Collective Confirmation
AFRH Confirmations -- Header Info for Confirmation Pool
AFRV Confirmation Pool
AFWI Confirmations -- Subsequently Posted Goods Movements
KLAH Class Detail
CABN Characteristic Detail
AUSP Characteristic Values
CAWN Characteristic Values
CAWNT Characteristic Value Texts
KSML Characteristic Allocation to Class
KSSK Material Allocation to Class

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    Hi Ingo,
    I really want to activate Transient Provider. I have ECC 6.0 EHP5 and BO 4.0 but when I try to activate transient provider I receive a dump error.
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    Eduardo: the answer to your questions are that all the flows will be short-lived but if we can make long-lived flows then we might consider developing them. We would need to persist the state of the flow somehow.
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  • What are the lock modes in Lock object

    What are the lock modes in Lock object ?
    what are the divfferences between
    Exclusive , cumulative
    Exclusive , not cumulative
    Could any body explain what happens in each table lock ?
    How the lock consists ?

    Lock objects are used to synchronize access to the same data by more than one program.
    The lock mode controls whether several users can access data records at the same time. The lock mode can be assigned separately for each table in the lock object. When the lock is set, the corresponding lock entry is stored in the lock table of the system for each table.
    There are three types of lock modes
    3.Exclusive not cummulative
    Exclusive lock: The locked data can only be displayed or edited by a single user. A request for another exclusive lock or for a shared lock is rejected.
    Shared lock: More than one user can access the locked data at the same time in display mode. A request for another shared lock is accepted, even if it comes from another user. An exclusive lock is rejected.
    Exclusive but not cumulative: Exclusive locks can be requested several times from the same transaction and are processed successively. In contrast, exclusive but not cumulative locks can be called only once from the same transaction. All other lock requests are rejected.
    please go through these links:
    <a href="http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/a2/3547360f2ea61fe10000009b38f839/frameset.htm">http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/a2/3547360f2ea61fe10000009b38f839/frameset.htm</a>
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  • What are the disadvantages in reuse_alv_fieldcatalog_merge

    what are the disadvantages in reuse_alv_fieldcatalog_merge.
    by using this can we create any number of field headings? is there no limit? explain in detail?

    1. reuse_alv_fieldcatalog_merge have many lititations such as you can not change the sequences of tha column. Suppose in table the fields are f1,f2,f3,f4 and f5. But in display i want the sequesce say f3,f4,f2,f1,f5. Using the fm reuse_alv_fieldcatalog_merge is not possible. But you can do it by manually process by passing the sequence in col_pos field of the fieldcatalog.
    2. Similarly you can give the column length as you wish by 'outputlen' paramater of fieldcatalog.
    3.  you can give the column heading of your own by seltext_m, seltext_l, seltext_s paramater of fieldcatalog. 
    4. You can make a field hotspot by hotspot parameter of fieldcatalog.
    5. you can emphasize a field by emphasize parameter of fieldcatalog.
    6. You can display the sum of a field by do_sum parameters of fieldcatalog.
    there are many more functionality which you can not get by FM  reuse_alv_fieldcatalog_merge.
    What you can do is that use both the FM to filled the functionality of the fieldcatalog  what you get autometically from the reuse_alv_fieldcatalog_merge and for the rest of the functinality you can add the functionality by manually append the fieldcalatog. It is call semi autometic fieldcatalog built.

  • What are the Advantages & Disadvantages in Material Ledger?

    Hi Experts,
    What are the Advantages & Disadvantages in Material Ledger?
    Is it there any problem if you run CKMLCP next period 10th day?
    What is the criticality in ML as well as why all are very fearful to implement it?

    One cannot speak of 'disadvantage' in this case... If you activate material ledger, you acieve different valuation logic of the prices in the procurement process. Please, consult composite note 532932 for further info. The intimidation of activation is a result of numerous 'bugs' in previous SAP releases regarding the material ledger documents. Most of these 'bugs' are fixed, but the fear remains

  • What are the setups required to perform any inventory transactions

    Hello freinds .
    What are the bare minimum mandatory setups required in order to perform any inventory transaction

    The steps required are as follows:
    1. Define Location
    2. Define Inventory Organizations
    3. Define Sub Inventory Organizations
    4. Define Shipping Networks
    5.Define Items
    These are minimum steps are required for a Inventory Transaction.

  • What are the all posible combinations of modifiers

    any one know what are the posible combinations of modifiers use with methodsexample
    public static aaa(){}//is correct
    public private aa(){}//is wrong
    i want to know what are the all posible combinations of modifiers use with methods
    can any one help me on this problem
    Message was edited by:

    i search the web couldnt find can any one help...Really?Yes he did. I'm positive.
    Which web did you search?The one up near the roof with the Big Hairy Spider in it.
    Do you know how to search the web?You stare at it and maintain a count of the bugs that hit it, and the ones that go around, right?

  • What are the backend configuration required for photo upload from portal?

    Hi all,
    When i am trying to upload the photo from portal  it is giving error
    can not archive the photo
    we are using portal 7 and  ecc 6.0
    I want to know
    What are the backend configuration required for photo upload from portal
    Can any but help me out

    Are you using the standard iview. If that's the case you need to configure in the backend. Meaning you need to store the photo in the Org management(HR) which the HR functional guys will do. You just need to add the iview to your role.
    Let me know if you require further informationn.
    Award points if helpful.

  • What are the tcodes related to CATSDB table

    what are the tcodes related to CATSDB table

    look at this:
    CAT2                 Time Sheet: Maintain Times                       
    CAT2_ISCR            CATS: Maintain Times (Init. Screen)              
    CAT3                 Time Sheet: Display Times                        
    CAT3_ISCR            CATS: Display Times (Initial Screen)             
    CAT4                 CATS: Approve Data                               
    CAT5                 Data Transfer CATS -> PS                         
    CAT6                 Transfer External -> Time Management             
    CAT7                 CATS: Transfer Data to CO                        
    CAT8                 Time Sheet: Document Display                     
    CAT9                 Data Transfer CATS -> PM/CS                      
    CATA                 Transfer to Target Components                    
    CATC                 Time Sheet: Time Leveling                        
    CATM                 Selection From Time Recording                    
    CATR                 Reorganize Interface Tables                      
    CATSARCH             Archiving Time Sheet Data                        
    CATSWF               CATS Workflow                                    
    CATSXC               Customizing: CATS for Service Prov.              
    CATSXC_CHECK         Check Customizing                                
    CATSXC_COMP_DTL      CATSXT: Maintain Component Details               
    CATSXT               CATS for Service Providers                       
    CATSXT_ADMIN         CATS for Service Providers (Admin.)              
    CATSXT_DA            Display Work Time and Tasks                      
    CATSXT_DTL           Work Times: Detail Display                       
    CATS_APPR            Approve Working Times (Poweruser)                
    CATS_APPR_LITE       Approve Working Times                            
    CATS_DA              Display Working Times                            
    CATS_SELVIEW         Maintain Selection View HRCATS                   
    CATW                 Record Working Time                              
    Regards, Dieter

  • What are the tables  related to Goods receipt details

    Please tell me the GR related data base tables.
    What are the tables  related to Goods receipt details
    Sunil Kumar.T
    Edited by: sunil kumar on Apr 28, 2008 8:49 AM

    If you want to know tables which are related to transaction.
    Use recording through SHDB tcode.
    go to shdb tcode
    after enter name of your zname.
    after for which transaction you are doing recording enter that tcode here migo.
    after press start recording.
    then enter data into fields after at last save and back.
    then it goew to control recording session screen
    after press program for create.
    then enter attributes ,select source code after save your code.
    Using this tables and which fieldsa you are using for perticular requirement.
    this is an easy procedure to know tables and fields.
    USE ST05 tcode by entering single filed into application.
    These two approaches are usefull but go to first one if you knew which data you have to entered.
    Otherwise go to st05.
    *Reward points
    for goods receipt tcode by entering data

  • What are the tables will update while loading Master data ?

    Hello Experts,
    What are the tables will update while loading Master data ? And requesting you to provide more information about Master data loading and its related settings in the beginning of creation infoobjects. 

    It depends upon the type of Master data u r loading....
    In all the master data loadings, for every new value of master data an SID will be created in the SID table /BI*/S<INFOOBJECT NAME> irrespective of the type of master data.
    But the exceptional tables that get updated depending on the type of master data are.....
    If it is a time Independent master data then the /BI*/P<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated with the loaded data.
    If it is a time dependent master data then the /BI*/Q<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated with the loaded data.
    If the master data is of time Independent Navigational attributes then for every data load the SID table will get updated first and then the /BI*/X<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated with the SID's created in the SID table (NOT WITH THE MASTER DATA).
    If the master data is of time dependent navigational attributes then for every data load the SID table will get updated first and then the /BI*/Y<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated with the SID's created in the SID table (NOT WITH THE MASTER DATA).
    NOTE: As said above, For all the data in P, Q, T, X, Y tables the SID's will be created in the S table /BI*/S<INFOOBJECT NAME>
    NOTE: Irrespective of the time dependency or Independency the VIEW /BI*/M<INFOOBJECT NAME> defined on the top of /BI*/P<INFOOBJECT NAME> & /BI*/Q<INFOOBJECT NAME> tables gives the view of entire master data.
    NOTE: it is just a View and it is not a Table. So it will not have any physical storage of data.
    All the above tables are for ATTRIBUTES
    But when it comes to TEXTS, irrespective of the Time dependency or Independency, the /BI*/T<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated (and of course the S table also).
    Naming Convention: /BIC/*<InfoObject Name> or /BI0/*<InfoObject Name>
    C = Customer Defined Characteristic
    0 = Standard or SAP defined Characteristic
    * = P, Q, T, X,Y, S (depending on the above said conditions)
    Thanks & regards

  • What are the tables/view used to Compute Dependecies Report

    what are the tables/views we have in APEX, which is used to create the Compute Dependecies Report
    Home -> Application xxxxx > Application Reports > Shared Components > Database Object Dependencies

    Hi Scott,
    thanks for the quick response.
    So my question is then...
    I want to create a APEX Report which will give me the following information.
    1. Application and all the Pages associated with it, which I am getting from apex_applications and
    apex_application_pages. This is OK
    2. List of all the Database Objects (Table/View) which the individual page is using, I mean relation between Page ID and database object. HOW to get that???.....(I want for each individual page, the list all the database objects (tables/views), which that page is using)

  • What are the main tables of SITs?

    What are the main tables of SITs? How can I find out the tables related to SITs?

    PER_SPECIAL_INFO_TYPES: This table holds the definitions of SITs that are available to each Business Group. Each special information type is a user defined structure for the personal analysis key flexfield. The name of the special information type is the same as the name of the corresponding key flexfield structure.
    PER_SPECIAL_INFO_TYPES_V : This table has the Employee's SIT info. A supplementary view used to simplify forms coding
    PER_SPECIAL_INFO_TYPES_V2 : A supplementary view used to simplify forms coding.

  • What are the other tables in B2 cluster

    hi experts,
    what are the other tables like ZL table in B2 cluster..and what data is stored in them.

    Results related to a time evaluation period in cluster B2
    Personal work schedule
    Time evaluation result
    For each day
    Generation of quota entitlement
    Time evaluation result
    For each day
    Transfer pool
    Time evaluation result
    For each day
    Time balances for each day
    Time evaluation result
    For each day
    Cumulated time balances
    Time evaluation result
    Time evaluation period
    Time wage types
    Time evaluation result
    For each day
    Variable balances
    Time evaluation result
    For each day
    Cumulated variable balances
    Time evaluation result
    Time evaluation period
    Time evaluation result
    For each day
    Time pairs
    Raw data/time evaluation result
    For each day
    Core night work (relevant only for the German country version)
    Time evaluation result
    For each day
    Results related to a time period in cluster B2
    Time Dependency
    Copy of infotype 2003
    Absence quotas
    Copy of infotype 2006
    Copy of infotype 2001
    Copy of infotype 2002
    On-call availability
    Copy of infotype 2004
    Copy of infotype 2005
    Attendance quotas
    Copy of infotype 2007
    Time transfer specifications
    Copy of infotype 2012
    Different payment
    Raw data
    Pointer to table entry
    Cost distribution
    Raw data
    Pointer to table entry
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