What are they mean for the colors which are present in RPD

In RPD we will find different colors right side to the databases,tables like green ,sky blue , marked as red in middle , yellow , given sysmbol like Stop with red color. Please any can give me brief idea for what they are indicated in different colors
Thank you

Thank you..
Yes i am asking about Colors to icons in RPD,in phsical layer , presentation layer, BUsiness model layer
There are colors for icons like blue , yellow, etc...
what are they mean with the color
can you tell me please about this

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  • How can I get INSTID_B for the documents which are stored using Store Business Document functionality

    Dear experts,
    I had activated the functionality of Store Business document and successfully stored documents in external server.
    My client have a custom function module which is used to send emails.In that FM they used SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1, SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 function modules.They passed Instance Ident(SRGBTBREL->INSTID_B)(eg: FOL33000000000004EXT39000000000026) as export parameter to the FM 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1' and get the attachment details and content.
    Here my problem is I do not have entries in the table SRGBTBREL for the documents which are stored using the Store Business Document functionality and without INSTID_B I am unable to use the FM 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1' to get the document details and content. Please help me to find INSTID_B for documents which are stored using Store Business Document functionality or please let me know if there is any other way to use FM 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1' for documents which are stored using Store Business Document.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Kiran,
    You can use the following method to get the information. For example if you want to get BO documents for a customer
    CALL METHOD cl_binary_relation=>read_links
         is_object           = ls_lpor
         it_relation_options = lt_relat
         et_links            = lt_links.
    then fill  ls_por-instid with a customer number (KUNNR), ls_por-typeid = 'KNA1' and ls_por-catid = 'BO'.
    Table  lt_relat should contain a line option  for each document type (for example 'I' 'EQ' 'NOTE', 'I' EQ 'ATTA', 'I' EQ 'URL', ...
    In table lt_links you will get your information.
    Maybe some other methods of class CL_BINARY_RELATION may also solve your issue.

  • I phone apps, are they just for the iphone?

    i phone apps, are they just for the iphone?
    Can I use iphone apps on my imac?

    No, they won't work.

  • HT201272 I have numbers and pages on my iPhone but cannot seem to transfer them to the mac I purchased today ? Are they formatted for the iPhone only ? They appear to be downloaded but I cannot find them on the MAC - where should I look ?

    I have numbers and pages on my iPhone but cannot seem to transfer them to the mac I purchased today ? Are they formatted for the iPhone only ? They appear to be downloaded but I cannot find them on the MAC - where should I look ?

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    The apps you have purchased for your mobile device will not work on a computer. You will need to download the appropriate versions on your Mac from the Mac apps store.

  • Excel 2007 throws "this action is valid for the products which are currently installed" while i try to open .txt file format.

    We have Windows 2008 r2 TS, on which we have MS office 2007 Standard installed. There are almost 50 users on this particular machine.
    The problem is we get an error message when we try to open a .txt file in Excel (Right click on .txt file--> Open with --> Excel). Error message is as follows  "this action is valid for the products which are currently installed".
    Previously this was faced by all users so we completely reinstalled it, which worked, except for 1 user.  Currently i have recreated the profile for that particular user but that also didn't helped.
    A drag-drop approach works but user don't want it that way.  
    Now am clueless in terms of where should i look into. Any help would really be helpful.
    Amol S

    Hi Amol S,
    As per the description, I understand that you are trying to register .dll files in your computer now.
    I suggest you to go through the following article to know more about registering .dll file.
    Refer to the Link:
    Unregister or Register DLL or OCX files:
    The Regsvr32 tool is a command-line utility that can be used for registering and un-registering OLE controls like DLL and ActiveX (OCX) controls in the Windows operating system. If you find
    that some of your Windows functions are note working properly, you may need to register your
    dll files.
    Register dll file
    To register a dll or
    ocx file, open a command prompt windows as an administrator, type the following and hit Enter:
    regsvr32 “path & filename of dllor
    Unregister dll file
    To un-register a dll or
    ocx file, open a command prompt windows as an administrator, type the following and hit Enter:
    regsvr32 /u “path & filename of dllor
    Note: This will register or unregister the
    dll file.
    Hope this information is helpful. Please do let us know if you need further assistance, I’ll be glad to assist you.

  • Edge and Next are good for the corporations but are they good for the consumer?

    Ok so I have never paid full price upfront for a phone!  Ever since my first phone from VoiceStream I have opted for what ever phone was "free" because way back then (I blush as I type) I actually thought the phone was "free!!!" Ah, to be naive again!! But as we all know the phones never were nor will they ever be free. 
    However I say programs like Verizon's Edge and AT&T's Next are good for the corporation if they weren't they would not exist.  The first reason I say this is because Edge and Next allow the cellular service provider to easily recoup the entire cost of the phone in a clear way unlike with subsidized phones that muddy the profit water.  For example, the Verizon 64GB iPhone 5s retails for $849.99, currently with a two year contract you pay $399.99 for that 64GB iPhone 5s.  The EFT for that phone is $350 (minus $10 per month of post paid service).  If you on the 15th the day after you got your phone you paid the EFT but kept service you only paid $749.99 for that $849.99.  Sure you still pay for service but you can leave when ever and Verizon cannot say hey you owe us $100 more for you phone.  Its yours and they can't take it back and the only way Verizon will get that $100 back is though another customer  that subsidized a much lower cost phone that at the completion of that contract Verizon will  more than recoup the cost of that lower priced unit. To top that off you could turn around and sell the phone for $800 go back to Verizon or another provider buy a $450 phone and break even.  I'm not suggesting that people do that or that it may prove to be a big hassle for some that went through all the trouble.  Its just a point to show that subsidized phones make the profits less clear for the service provider to see at first glance.
    Second reason these programs are good for the corporation is they allow the service providers to get a better grasp on the true cost of maintaining their networks and providing us the consumer access to their networks.  Third reason it good for the corporation is the people that feel the need to upgrade every six months to a year are required to pay at least 50% of the retail cost of the phone at the same time they must surrender that device in exchange for the new device.  So the service provider then has the phone refurbished certified to be in "like new condition" and sell it again potentially making more than retail cost when the profits of both sales of the same handset are factored together. 
    That being said what will the impact of programs like Edge and Next have on cost of future cellular service plans and smartphones?  Over time will the service provider give us the best per line access fee (not likely but maybe)? Or will people upgrading their smartphones at faster intervals cause the cost of the smartphones to drop over time? What are your thoughts?

    Go to the link I provided and click on "Check upgrade eligibility"

  • App-specific passwords: are they required for the iOS versions of iMessage and Facetime?

    I was recently prompted to generate app-specific passwords for iMessage and FaceTime on my Mac. The process went reasonably smoothly, but after doing this I wondered whether I'll need to do the same on my iOS devices.
    The Apple Support page Using app-specific passwords - Apple Support offers no clues about which Apple apps require them and on which devices.
    As a test, I tried signing out of iMessage on my iPhone, and signing back in with my regular Apple ID password, not an app-specific one. This worked fine, therefore I assume the iOS versions of iMessage and Facetime do not need app-specific passwords.
    On the other hand, I've read some of the articles which state that the iOS versions of iMessage and Facetime will require app-specific passwords:
      http://arstechnica.com/apple/2015/02/apple-extends-two-factor-authentication-to- facetime-and-imessage/
    Does this mean that app-specific passwords have simply not been "rolled out" to my devices yet, and we'll be prompted to generate app-specific passwords on iOS at some random time in the future?
    If so, that's a problem for non-technical users in my household on whose behalf I look do setup and security. It will effectively mean iMessage will stop working for them, until I can take a look at the issue. This is not always something that can be done quickly if we're in different locations.
    If I pre-empt the roll-out by visiting https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage/security and generate and install an app-specific passwords for them anyway, before the prompt appears, will this work?

    So far the app specific passwords were only required for 3rd party apps, not for "Apple apps". Not sure why you cannot use trusted device verification for iMessage and FT like on the App store or iTunes. or on Apple TV.
    Having to generate a different  app specific password for every device that uses iMessage or FT is a pain, but I guess the powers that be at Apple feel it is more secure.

  • How to stop doing LIV for the goods which are rejected during quality check

    My client requirement is
    1. System should not allow doing LIV for complete quantity entered during GR, but it should be as per accepted quantity after quality inspection has been done.
    For. ex. Vendor sends 100 quantity of item X. GR will be done for these 100 in system under quality inspection stock type. Now during quality inspection, 80 have been accepted and 20 have been rejected. Now while doing LIV system will propose amount for 100 quantity and not for 80. My client wants system should propose for only 80 and not for 100. How to do it?
    2. Vendor performance report based on the above indicating total quantity accepted, rejected and supplied for a material for a given period.
    We do not intend to use QM module.
    My suggestion for above is,
    1. Do the GR as GR blocked stock - movement type 103 for 100. Then transfer 80 to unrestricted stock under movement type 105. Return 20 to vendor under movement type 124. If done this way system will propose amount only for 80 during LIV.
    2. Create Z report to capture the above for vendor performance report.
    Is there any other way by which above can be achieved? Is doing GR block stock for all the receipts correct?
    Your suggestions are welcome.

    Hi Satish,
    The scenario can be mapped as per your sugestions. I don't see any issues with that. The process can be defined for selective vendors.

  • HT2493 What does it mean for the icon of a new folder to have a red X next to it?

    I just created a new folder, and added files into it. It seems to be fine, so I can't see any reason for there to be a red x on the left edge of the icon. Thanks for any help.

    red x on the left edge of the icon.
    Folder or icon?  If icon which one? 
    Can you post a screen shot? 
    Which Snow Leopard version are you using? 

  • What do they mean in the directions by the root of my thumb drive

    i think it means pu it in first but at this point who knows?!?!

    thank you, so why the heck can't I get this thing to install? I get stuck at the where do you want to install windows part , but theres no advanced drive options.

  • Are BT Aware of the measures sky are prepared to t...

    Now im sure there might be grounds for a complaint on BT's part, but are they aware of the picture SKy are painting on their "Accounts cancellation" line of their service?
    I cancelled my sky account a few days ago and after having to endure a 20 minute phone call while the person on the end (desperately) tried to keep me with sky, the following was mentioned which are just untrue.
    Firstly they mentioned I wouldnt get any programs that I watch at the moment such as Kids, LOST (finished), 24 etc... when I stated I could get them (while an older series) they stated how this was not true. THey also didnt seem to be able to grasp that 80% of what we watched was on Freeview channels (hence why we want to stop sky!)
    The icing on the cake was that I would not get certain channels, now as I stated to them BT Vision is not that sort of TV, something they couldnt understand.. lol
    To top it all, the person then stated, I would loose the ability to record my TV programs if I got BT Vision, now you and I all know, BT Vision "is" a pvr which allows recording of Ondemand and Freeview content. It was at this point I threatend to report them for lieing and misselling.
    there must be something BT can do about this, as I am sure its encouraging (misinformed) people already set on leaving sky to think twice and remain with them..

    I agree and I am about to ditch sky as I have had nothing but trouble with them. For Years and years they have took my money and there has been no real alternative to sky. Here are a couple of reasons for me wanting to go elsewhere. I even have BT vision and sky at the same time at the moment.
    They sent me a flyer offering multiroom for £5 for a year which all in all is very good. I phoned up and ordered and multiroom was setup (we already had the additional box), I confirmed that it was £5 a month for the year.
    My bill arrived and I was charged £10, quick call to sort this out I thought. Anyway to cut a long story short I was called a liar and told that was not an offer available and anyway there was nothing on my account. I was not happy as I could prove nothing as the flyer had gone
    A few weeks later my wife came across it so at my expense and time I photocopied it and set it in, they then gave me 6 months instead of 12 for £5 and no apology which is not a surprise.
    I have also been previously without broadband to 4 weeks as I was told my equipment was faulty, every time I called I had to go through their basic checks!!! I've spent 20+ years in electronics and comms (I have a rough idea!!!) Eventually they agreed to get BT out and bill me if it was my end. Surprise, the fault was with their equipment in the exchange!
    To top it all I paused the F1 yesterday and went to unpause 15mins in (ok I missed nothing!) and they digibox just reset itself!!! This has happened 8 or 9 times now as well as losing all the programmes when the box gets upset and a full reset is required. Only once or twice a year but what is the point of having a box to record stuff that you need to wipe to get it to work again!!!
    Sky are in my opinion don't not see customer service as something that should be even considered as a priority. Have some of the worst technical support I have ever seen (I have to say though that there are a few good ones!) but in general poor to very poor.
    So on to BT, I hope that the sky sports package is good as I want this and I'm happy to pay around £20 a month even if it was more than I pay sky. I hope they make a good package for any new HD content in the future as I do like sky's HD just skys arrogant attitude of we have the best and no one is close will hopefully be their downfall as I'm sure lots of people are looking to BT and the likes to provide a real alternative. Now its 50% of the way there but getting better so keep going.
    My thoughts!

  • When setting up yahoo e mail what info are they asking for in the description block

    When setting up Yahoo e mail on i pad2 what information are they asking for in the description block

    It's just a name/description so that you can identify the account in the Mail app. If you have more than one email account set up on the iPad, then that is the name that appears and which you select when switching between them - so it just needs to be something so that you can identify which email account it is so that you know which one it is that you are selecting/viewing

  • What are the frequencies all versions of the iPhone 6 and what are they used for (e.g. GSM, 3G, LTE, WIFI, Bluetooth,etc...) provided with channel numbers per frequency

    what are the frequencies all versions of the iPhone 6 and what are they used for (e.g. GSM, 3G, LTE, WIFI, Bluetooth,etc...) provided with channel numbers per frequency.

    Click here

  • HT204053 How do I create an Apple ID for my kids which are linked to my Apple ID so that they can make purchases without me having to tell them my user/password?

    How do I create an Apple ID for my kids which are linked to my Apple ID so that they can make purchases without me having to tell them my user/password?

    Welcome to the community.
    Unfortunately, you cannot do that. The first hurdle that you are going to face, is that mobile devices, by virtue of being prone to loss, will always require that a password is entered before a purchase of any kind is made.
    If your concern about the password, is related to your privacy in regard to your mail, contacts and calendar information rather than their acces to make purchases, then the best solution would be for you to use another Apple ID for iCloud.
    Apple have called the whole cloud thing iCloud, there are a number of features under the iCloud umbrella, some of which require their own login. iTunes is one of these, another is what Apple have unfortunately also called iCloud too.
    You can use the same Apple ID (account) to login to both iCloud and iTunes, but you don't need to and often users will login to each service using a different ID.
    The part that you need to remember is that the services available when you log into iCloud are completely different and unrelated to those when you log in to iTunes. Your iCloud login enables mail, contacts, calendars, find my phone, Back to My Mac, Documents & Data sharing and photostream, it does not affect any of your iTunes services.

  • Time contraint for wage types which are the subtypes of the Infotypes.....

    Dear Sap folks ,
    Anybody can explain that "what is the role of "Time contraint"(Once / Sev.Times) for wage types which are the subtypes of the Infotypes like IT0015 and  IT0014 (V_T512Z).
    Thanks & Rgards
    Maria Carlos Perera

    any wage type marked with once can be maintained only once for that specific period and several times means it can be there more than one time.
    For example, IT0015 wage type XXXX has value once. You are booking this wage type on perticular day say 12.06.2011 then you cannot book same wage type XXXX on 12.06.2011. But you can book this on any  oteher day of that month. if its several times then you can have several entries on same date.

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  • Two Apple ID Accounts, One Computer

    I am in charge of our districts 28 iPads.  I set up one Apple ID account for the iPads and want to sync all the same apps to all 28 iPads.  I also have an Apple ID account for my personal use.  When I go to iTunes and log off my personal Apple ID acc

  • I need a Windows 8.1 driver for SM Bus Controller on a HP Pavilion 17-f208ng

    Can you please tell me where I can download a Windows 8.1 driver for SM Bus Controller on a HP Pavilion 17-f208ng It's the only device that Windows 8.1 can't find a driver for - I've tried to update the driver software in Device manager for it and it

  • Can't set up and share a hard drive

    I ' ve just purchased a new Airport extreme, I've set up the network ok, I pluged an external drive to  the airport extreme, when to Airport utility disks, enable file sharing, secure  sharing disks: with accounts and I don't know what to do next? Pl

  • Keyboard support for AR 9.4.1 in ubuntu

    I'm running adobe reader 9.4.1 in my ubuntu desktop. I would like to make annotation on pdf files by highlighting texts in different colors. Of course I can achieve this by several clicks, but I prefer to do that more efficiently. I explored a softwa

  • 5th Generation Airport Extreme - Wifi Slow, dropping connections

    I just upgraded my 2nd generation Airport Extreme to a refurbished 5th generation I purchased from Apple.com I duplicated the configuration of the old one, as I have a static IP address and what not from my ISP. Also, I have a few port mappings for o