What channel should the latest AE be on?

My AEBS is on channel 149. I've extended my network with a new AE and it says it's on channel 1. Is that correct for maximum speed of the network?

Sure, happy to help. The wall may limit your 5 GHz performance but you won't know unless you try.
Open Hard Drive > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility and select your AEBS
Click Manual Setup
Click the Wireless tab below the row of icons
Click the Wireless Options button
Put a check mark next to 5 GHz name and change the name area if you wish
Make sure that the Wide Channels option is checked
Click Done and Click Update at the lower right to restart the AEBS with the new settings.
You will need to change the name on the setup of AirPort Express (AX) as well.
Select the AX in AirPort Utility
Click Manual Setup
Click the Wireless tab below the row of icons
Change the Wireless Network Name to the exact name of your 5 GHz network on the AEBS.
Click Update. After the AX restarts, power it down for now.
When you log onto wireless with your AEBS, you will need to look for your 5 GHz network name so you can connect to that specific network. Keep your computer close to the AEBS for now to make sure you connect to the 5 GHz network. If you connect to your former network, you will see that it is a 2.4 GHz connection.
Now position the AX where it's needed and plug it in to see if you can get the green light. You may need to move the AX closer to the AEBS than you did before to see if that helps. If you get the constant flashing amber light, that indicates that the 5 GHz signal is not strong enough at the location of the AX for it to extend the signal effectively.
Hope this works for you. Please post back on your results or your questions.

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  • If I want to manually set the channel, what channel should that be?

    I received a tip to choose my channel manually, to get higher speed because of all the wifis in the area. What channel should i choose, and is there any difference wether i choose channel 1 or channel 13?

    In theory, you could use a utility like iStumber or other similar applications to survey the wireless networks in your area, see what channels are being used by those networks and choose a different channel for your wireless.
    Unfortunately, it is just not that simple. Other routers are looking for available channels and changing all the time, as does your Apple router. A "good" channel today may be overcrowded tomorrow or even an hour from now.
    On top of that, many users employ an option to "hide" their network so that its name and channel information is not displayed when you scan for other networks using a utility like iStumbler.
    So, there is a good chance that there are additional wireless networks that you cannot even "see" and it becomes virtually impossible to try to pick an open channel. The whole thing becomes a matter of daily guesswork to try find a good channel.
    Your TC is already programmed to automaticlly look for the best channel available. It's possible that you might be able to find a good channel manually, but which channel to choose? in the U.S, channels 1, 6 and 11 are the most crowded channels.
    Lupunus has an excellent suggestion in that you try the 5 GHz channels since there are very few 5 GHz wireless networks in operation.....for now.

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    Hope this helps.

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    Try this  - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.)
    Check your settings. The iPads have a small switch on the right edge. It can be used as a rotation lock to keep the screen from automatically reorienting itself as you move around, but you need to have the tablet’s settings configured properly. That same switch, right above the volume buttons, can also be set to function instead as a mute button to silence certain types of audio.
    If the switch is set to work as a mute button, you can change its purpose to “screen-rotation lock” by tapping the Settings icon on the home screen. On the Settings screen, tap General on the left side, and on the right side of the screen flick down to “Use Side Switch to.” Tap to select Lock Rotation or Mute to set the button’s function. Even if you set the side switch for your preferred use, you can still mute the Mini or lock the screen. Just double-click the Home button, and when the panel of apps appears along the bottom edge of the screen, flick the row from left to right with your finger. Tap the icon on the far left side of the row to either lock the iPad’s screen or mute the iPad’s alerts, notifications and sound effects. Music, podcasts and video are not muted unless you turn the volume all the way down.
    iPhone: Can't hear through the receiver or speakers
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    Hi Guys, I want to know what Generation is the latest apple TV?  PLZ ASSIST IF U CAN

    Introduced     March 2012 (A1427) March 2013 (A1469)
    Discontinued     --
    Model Identifier     AppleTV3,1 (A1427) or AppleTV3,2 (A1469)
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  • What channel should I use?

    I'm getting lots of interference when I use my iTunes on Airport Extreme. Is it a channel issue? If so, which channel should I use? If not, what do you suggest? Thanks.
    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Hello billmale. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    It is very possible that you may have some form of Wi-Fi interference in the immediate area that is preventing you from getting a good clean signal.
    I suggest you perform a simple site survey, using utilities like KisMAC, MacStumbler, iStumbler, or IPNetMonitorX to determine potential areas of interference...and then, try to either eliminate or significantly reduce them.
    You should also look for other wireless networks in your vicinity and note which have the strongest signal and what channel they are using. Then set your wireless radio channel to at least 3-4 channels away from that one.

  • What Roles should the gwconnector user have in CRM

    Hi Guys,
    I have setup GWConnector etc and have assigned GWConnector user with full admin rights on the CRM system.
    I cannot find any document that tells me what roles this user must have etc?
    Could one of you guys either tell me what they should be - or point me to the right documentation as itu2019s not in the groupware setup guide only the AD stuff?

    Honeslty, that is up to you.  I have customers that start off WLC and AP all in the same subnet, but it is not necessary.  I also have customers that put the WLC mgmt in the 'server' VLAN, and the AP in their own.
    IMHO, I like the WLC to be in 'server' or 'secured' VLAN, then I put the AP in their own VLAN that is locked down to only getting DHCP and talking to the WLC.  that way if someone unplugs an AP and connects something they can't get anywhere.
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  • Whats up with the latest version of itunes. It won't let me down load songs to my shuffle.

    Ever since I updated the latest itunes 10, I,ve had problems with my Ipod shuffle. Itunes syncs with it (all but slowly) but then won't let me replace songs on it. Restored it to factory settings. Tried my partners shuffle. Same problem so I gather the problem is with the latest version of itunes. Anyone else experiencing these problems? If so, any help would be much appreciated. Starting to get severly ****** of with it. Even considering going to another music store.

    Hey B-rock,
    the only messages I get is when I try to download songs from my library. It comes up saying " a number of errors occured when trying to download the music" but it does not tell me what those errors are.
    Initially when my shuffle was full and I tried to replace the songs with new ones, it would go really slowly then show that only four or five songs had been downloaded. When I disconnected my shuffle and played it, it still had all the original songs on it. I tried to restore my shuffle to original factory settings but it would not let me. I then reloaded my original ipod restorer off disc and this has removed everything off my shuffle. I then uninstalled itunes then reinstalled but still have the same initial problems.
    I've got itunes to automatically sync with the ipods which it does successfully but thats as far as it goes.

  • What size should the back-up drive be?

    I'm using a lacie 1TB External firewire drive to back-up my 250gig iMac, I mostly use the mac for email, photos, home use etc. (The drive is almost full, using 230 gig). (Yes I know that's too full and I plan to put in a 500 gig drive). I upgraded to leopard about a month ago and set up time machine recently. There are 17 backups- "lines" in the time machine "star wars" screen- on the external drive totaling 700 gig of data!!
    I have not added any pictures or large files since beginning to use Time machine. Should the time machine backups use that much space? I thought after the initial back-up time machine only keeps record of the changes.? Using CCC I could have cloned the hard drive three times and still have room left!
    Does the large amount of HD space used to back-up sound ok for only a 250 hard drive?

    Many users here recommend that your TM volume be about two and a half times the size of the data on your main hard drive. So, if you have 400GB of data to back up, you should give TM a 1GB volume for backing up.
    But in my experience, how much space you need really depends on your computer usage patterns. My weekly backups go all the way back to January 2008, when I first started. My main hard drive has 115 GB used of 148 GB total. My TM backups of that disk total 168 GB on a 212 GB partition. So I have never needed to have nearly as much backup space as the 2.5 multiplier recommendation.
    I try to manage my computer use so that Time Machine is not backing up files I do not want backed up, and is not backing up stuff twice if I move files to a different location. I rarely work with large files (no photoshop, no Final Cut Pro, etc). When I do have large files, they usually start in my Downloads folder. If I want to keep something I download, I eventually move it to a different location. To prevent TM from backing it up twice and unnecessarily using up space on the TM drive, I exclude my Downloads folder from being backed up. I'll let TM back it up after the download is in its new permanent location.
    I don't really consider it a big deal to not have backups of the contents of my downloads folder. I figure that if my hard drive breaks and I lose all of my downloads, I can just download them again.

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  • What are all the latest technologies in netweaver

    hi friends ,
    i'm new to sap .can any one answer my question.

    Hi! Rajeev,
    Netweaver is a suite of products
    SAP NetWeaver is a set of capabilities that are provided by many different SAP products constructed to work with each other to make applications work together, build new applications on top of existing applications, and lower the total cost of owning applications.
    i guess SAP Netweaver is having around 8 components like SAP Portal,Process Integration,BW,RFID,Application Server are a few components.
    In addition to this we have 3 development tool,among them are NWDS(Netweaver Developer Studio),VC(Visual Composer).
    The various components of SAP NetWeaver work as a part of orchestra. Each is a powerful instrument that can make many different kinds of IT music, but each also has one thing that it does particularly well. Each uniquely talented component has the most value when playing well with others to solve a problem
    Now abt your question--- latest technology in netweaver.if you are talking abt Languages then we can use Java and ABAP to develop an application in NW.
    Hope this will be helpful to you.

  • What VLAN should the management interface be in on a 4400 controller?

    Some documentations put the management interface on a 4400 controller into a regular tagged VLAN. But some documentations put it in an untagged Native VLAN, the tag=0. What is the difference? Which configuration is optimal?

    The answer is "it depends" :-)
    I would not say any particular config is optimal though. If you have an established VLAN for management interfaces, I would use that. However if you put the management interface in the same VLAN as your AP's, AP's find your controllers easier. Otherwise you can use DHCP to point AP's to controllers.
    I prefer to tag the frame as to which VLAN it belongs to, even if that is the same as the native VLAN.

  • I have created a form saved it then attached it to an email and sent it out. The form arrived and can be opened but how is it returned to me once it is filled in. What steps should the person getting the form follow?

    I need help in learning the steps to follow after the fillable form has been filled in and I want to return it to the sender. It arrived as an attachment to an email.

    There are various was to return a filled-in PDF form but many require some detailed information about what product the person filling in the form will be using.
    As noted above the form can be filled out and faxed or snail mailed to you.
    Since Acrobat 3 the form could be submitted to a scripted web page and have the web server perform the tasks necessary to return the data to you.
    Since Acrobat 6 the creator could add special "Extended Form Rights" to the form so users with Reader version 5 or better could save the form and email the form.
    For mobile devices the app the user will be using will determine how or if the form can be returned.
    Do not allow users to use Apple's Preview application on the Macintosh. It will corrupt the form in many ways.

  • What version should the GW 2012 SP2 C1 snapins show?

    I just updated from GW 2012 Sp1 to Sp2.
    All went OK, but I was thrown off by the version of the C1 snapins.
    After installing Sp2, I launched C1 and found that the snapins displayed "2012 SP1"
    I thought that something must have gone wrong with the admin install, so I installed that component again from GW's ./install but it still didn't help..
    I eventually broke C1, and every time I tried to run it with the GW snapins I received the dreaded java errors during snapin initialisation. The only way I could get C1 working again with GW snapins was to remove NOVLc1Linuxjre (rpm -e), NOVLc1 (c1-uninstall.sh), and novell-groupwise-admin-12.0.2-108211 (rpm -e), then reinstall them in this order:
    1. NOVLc1Linuxjre-1.5.0-11
    2. NOVLc1-1.3.6-1
    3. GW2012-ISO/admin/novell-groupwise-admin-12.0.2-108211.i586.rpm
    My issue most certainly was related to the jre version, which needs to the correct one before installing C1.
    But still C1 displays the GW 2012 snapins as "2012 SP1", and another 12.0.2 server shows the same; so is there no update to the snapins for version 12.0.2?
    - Gordon

    gordon mzano wrote:
    > I've since raised it as a bug, as I'm certain others will be caught by
    > this red herring during their post update/upgrade checks.
    This is a known issue.
    Your world is on the move. http://www.novell.com/mobility/
    We know what your world looks like. http://www.novell.com/yourworld/

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