What happen when we connect Two PC with IP from Same subnets

Scenario 2nd : What happen when we connect Two PC with IP from Same subnets. PC1 - PC2 - on a two different L2 Switch on different vlans which are connected via a LAN cable.
All ports are access ports
Interview Question : No More Info.
Q.1 Will they communicate If yes what will be packet/frame flow.
Q.2 If not where will be the packet/frame drop. ? Why.
I need step by step if possible plz how the packet moves , vlan taggings n all internal works that happens behind .. plz 
thnx in advnce ....

Hi Abhishesk,
The PCs should communicate each othet.
Since there is no trunk port involved, there is not tagging involved.
Since both the PCs are into the same subnet. PC1 will not need default gateway for the communication with PC2. So PC1 will start with sending ARP request for PC2 MAC address.
 Since all the ports in SW1 are in same VLAN, the ARP should reach all ports including the switchport where SW2 is connected to.
Sw2 has got a complete different access port on ALL the switchports. Sw2 will receive the ARP from Sw1. Remember that there is no tagging for the frame. Hence Sw2 will again send the ARP packet to all the ports which belong to same VLAN wherein the packet is received. ie, Sw2 will send the ARP packet to all the ports in Sw2. PC2 will also get the the ARP.
The ARP reply will make it way back using the same logic.
Now both the PCs can start the actual packet exchange.

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    “The same applies for a DC ”
    As for replicating virtualized DC (Personally,  I do not suggest to replicate DC , even though it can be replicate ), please refer to following link:
     "In short, Exchange does
    not support the Hyper-V Replica feature.  Exchange has a long history of supporting virtualisation from
    Exchange 2003 onwards.  It is fully supported to install Exchange
    2010 or
    2013 as a virtual machine on Hyper-V, but using the Hyper-V replica feature is not supported.
    For details please refer to following link:
    I assuming that the "Remote DR site" and the primary site both have public IPs .
    Based on my knowledge  you can not access replica site VM  directly after a disaster , maybe you need to rebuild primary site and replicate VM back .
    Best Regards
    Elton Ji
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

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    Just try it and you will see:
      1  create table test_table as
      2  select rownum/(case rownum when 5 then 0 else 5 end) as rn
      3  from dual
      4* connect by level < 10
    SQL> /
    select rownum/(case rownum when 5 then 0 else 5 end) as rn
    ERROR at line 2:
    ORA-01476: divisor is equal to zero
    SQL> desc test_table
    ORA-04043: object test_table does not exist

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    Okay...so what do I do? After this it goes to "stopping services", but says it is unable to do that. Then when I open I-tunes it says that the part of the program where the computer connects to the ipod was not installed correctly. this is soooo frustrating. my brother's had an ipod shuffle for about 2 years so itunes was already installed. i was just trying to update it so my ipod video could be read.
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    Sorry no but here is some info anyway,
    We increased MaxPermSize from 192 to 512
    We also increased min and max JVM Heap size to 768 and 2048 respectively.
    Since then I think we have not experienced this problem more than once.
    We also have one server with the default parameters and it seems to work fine.
    I believe that size, and number of simultaneous request/responses have an impact  on this.
    We will now install the latest updates and after that decide whether to start logging jvm activities or not.
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