What happened to list view in calendar with iOS 7

It seems like my favorite view is now longer there. Am I missing something?

The only way I have found to deal with the calendar is to click the search icon in the corner of the calendar window and you get a list view of each day. It's better than nothing

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  • What happened to "list" feature in calendar on iPhone 5 when I got upgrade to ios7

    What happened to 'list' feature on iPhone 5 calendar when I downloaded IOS7

    They changed it slightly. To access the closest you will get to the list view from the older iOS is to go to the magnifying glass in the upper right portion of the calendar screen. You cannot add appointments from this view however.

  • What happened to list view in iCal? Sync broken?

    Since turning on iCloud I can't find list view in iCal. Also, repeated sync with iTunes did not move new events from Mac iCal to iPhone.

    The only way I have found to deal with the calendar is to click the search icon in the corner of the calendar window and you get a list view of each day. It's better than nothing

  • What happened to list view?

    The new iTunes doesn't give me list view anymore without album covers. I know have to scroll about ten times more screen space to get through my track list. Arrrgh! How do I get it back to the normal list view?

    In the list view, the first column is the artwork that you can either show or hide by clicking on the little triangle in the leftmost column heading to expand or close it. Also achieved by selecting "Show Artwork Column" or "Hide Artwork Column" in the "View" menu (or pressing ctrl-g).

  • List option in calendar with iOS 7

    I want the old list option in calendar back in iOS 7. Is this possible? BTW, I agree with the opinion that the colors in iOS 7 were designed by a clown. Disgusting. Newsstand icon is particularly awful.

    It doesn't bring back the entire list so don't be fooled!
    You have to type a letter in the search window and if your appointment doesn't have that letter in it, it won't show up! 
    I want my list view BACK!!!

  • What happened to the labels in Contacts with iOS 6?

    When I choose to add a new contact in my Contacts list, the contact label options are the following: mobile, home, work, home fax, work fax, pager, assistant, car, company main, radio.
    My custom labels are gone, and the option to "Add Custom Label" is not there, either.
    However, when I choose to edit a current contact and try to choose a contact label, the options are as follows: mobile, iPhone, home, work, main, home fax, work fax, other fax, pager, other.
    I also have my custom labels and the option to "Add Custom Label."
    Has anyone else noticed this? If not, try it. You'll see what I mean.
    Battery drainage with iCloud auto-syncing/backing up in the background, iPhone vibrating when choosing an alarm sound, and this...
    How many more bugs does iOS 6 have?

    Look for my posts.
    Back up everything to iCloud. You will have to restore your device, but do NOT "Restore from Backup." You will have to "Setup as New [iDevice]" and then use iCloud to retrieve all your data.
    It's a little inconvenient, but this actually fixed the Contacts labels and battery drainage problems.
    There's some glitch with a direct update to iOS 6 through either Wi-Fi or iTunes. Those are the two problems that this method fixed, at least for me.
    I don't know what other bugs are present in iOS 6, but those were the two that bothered me the most.

  • Setting list view in calendar

    I was very disappointed when I lost "list view" for Calendar on IOS 7.0.  But when I upgraded to IOS 7.1, I noticed the old "list view" was back for Calendar.  A welcome change.  But now that has changed again, I get what is called "combo view", a half screen of graphic calendar and the bottom of the screen lists the day's events.  For those of us who liked the simple list view, this is really annoying.  Is there a way to get it set once again to "list view"?

    kabaker wrote:
    Icons on top are return to multi-month view, see today's events ,Search and Add event.
    What you call "See Today's Events" is the list view button.  If you are viewing the month, then this button will show you "Today's Events".  Tap it again to stop showing "Today's Events", then you can tap on a day to go into that day view and tap the same button at the top listed in the graphic as "View list of events."  There you will see the list view.
    Source: http://help.apple.com/iphone/7/#/iph3d110f84

  • List view in Calendar is gone.  Can it be re-established with iOS7?

    Can teh list view in Calendar be set up in iOS7?

    Open Calendar and tap the magnifying glass icon. There's your list. Now you can scroll down and get the details of the appointments you have next week and beyond. You may also be wondering about the Week view – this is accessed by turning the iPhone on its side and viewing in Portrait mode, the same way as it worked in iOS

  • IPhone calendar + List View All Calendars option (MobileMe)

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to fix a problem, which maybe there for some time already, in the iPhone Calendar. I'm using MobileMe to sync contacts and appointments. All my devices are up-to-date to the latest levels of firmware and software.
    I have a normal calendar in iCal and some subscribed calendars. Ther's no difference in both type of calendars.
    This is what's happening.....
    - Individual calendars are all looking perfect in List, Week and Month view.
    - All Calendar option is looking good in Week and Month view.
    - All Calendar option is bad in List view mode.
    When selecting the last option the Today date is changed a couple of days (Today = Wednesday 10-3), but also appointments are on different days. For example the soccer games on Saturday (6-3) and Sunday (7-3) are now changed to Tuesday (9-3) and Wednesday (10-3).
    I have the same calendar on my other iPhone and nothing weird going on over there?!?
    Does somebody have a clue?
    PS. The calendars for this (MobileMe) user are all correct on the other Apple devices.
    Arjon G. Stelinga

    Hi All,
    Got a message from cini007, but I get an error message when I want to reply to that message. I have copied the "solution" below.
    I have tried this, but it's not working. The only thing happening is it has changed the dates randomly.
    Although I have been looking for the auto shut-off option. I can't find that option only in the alarm clock options?
    cini007 posted "Re: iPhone calendar + List View All Calendars option (MobileMe)" in "iPhone calendar + List View All Calendars option (MobileMe)" on Mar 9, 2010 8:20:57 AM.
    I had Genius Bar visit with same issue—no go (was advised to reset to factory settings).
    BUT here is the SOLUTION as it happened again:
    1. set auto shut-off to never
    2. turn OFF MobileMe syncing for calendars on the iPhone (from Settings menu)
    3. wait for calendar entries to be removed—takes minutes if you have several calendars
    4. hard reset iPhone (press Home and On/Off at the same time for >5 seconds), and wait 2 minutes (about the time to reboot)
    5. restart iPhone
    6. turn ON MobileMe syncing for calendars on the iPhone (again, from Settings menu)
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  • What happened to Split View?

    I wanted to watch the Macword Keynote today to see what features Steve put out there that we don't currently have.
    One is "Split View" email:
    This allows us to see the email message in the current window with the email list at the top, and the mail message at the bottom.
    I also wanted to put out there that I can confirm there are 2 extra tabs at the top of iTunes that they previewed, the second to last on the right vaguely makes out "ringtones".
    Regardless, at the bottom there is an additional green color category that you cannot make out the text to.
    Back to the question... What happened to split view on email?!?!?

    It's just annoying, he really spent some time on it.
    Hopefully in an update.

  • What happens when an iPod is synchronized with an iTunes library that is bigger than the available space on the iPod?

    What happens when an iPod is synchronized with an iTunes library that is bigger than the available space on the iPod? I did this some time ago. On screen was shown available space somewhat less than 120 GB, but maybe somewhere between 10 and 20 GB more in the library. I had to get the iPod updated anyway, so I did proceed. However, afterwards the total content of the library was only about 110 GB. Now I wonder what did actually happen. Was the first sign only corrected for double copies of the same files or lost files or where files deleted from iTunes? And if files where deleted from iTunes, were they also deleted from my computer?

    Same as you would if you bought a pc; copy everything from your old computer to your new one.  Then you can just sync everything from the new computer, as you did with the old one.

  • Compound filtering xslt list view web part with _dopostback using javascript/jquery

    I am filtering list view web part as same as the below post,
    here I need to filter the web part with some another condition . I am trying to write another condition in filter attribute of _doPostback(), but it doesn't work.
    Please let me know is there any alternative to achieve compound filtering.
    Balakrishna M.

    Hi Balakrishna,
    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to filter the list view web part with more than one filters.
    I recommend to use the OOB Choice Filter web part to achieve this goal.
    Edit the page where the list view web part exists and then add the Choice Filter web parts to the page based on your need.
    More reference:
    Or you use the List Filter Plus Web Part to get the function.
    Here is the link to download the web part:
    Best regards.
    Victoria Xia
    TechNet Community Support

  • Podcast List view not updated with iTunes

    Podcast List view not updated with iTunes
    Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1 / Intel-i7 2.40 GHz / 8GB RAM / 64-bit
    After refreshing my Podcast list, some Podcasts with new episodes do not display the "Unplayed" blue dot.
    If the podcast "folder" is expanded by clicking the triangle, the new episodes are shown with a "Unplayed" blue dot.
    A new episode is shown in the My Podcast view, with the correct number of new episodes.
    The new episodes are displayed in the All Unplayed view.
    I've tried deleting all episodes and downloading new episodes from the iTunes Store.
    I've tried Unsubscribing and deleting the podcast, then Subscribing again from the iTunes Store.
    Neither attempt resolved the issue.
    I've seen this issue for a while, and was disappointed to find no change with the iTunes update.

    it finally worked; got my Rush 24/7 downloaded, and it finally found my iPhone after switching from the USB 4 port Hub to a dedicated USB 2.0 slot on my laptop.

  • What happened to sidebar view? Ever hear the concept if it's not broke, don't fix it?

    What happened to sidebar view? Ever hear the concept if it's not broke, don't fix it?

    There are many topics like this one. Why open a new one?

  • What happen when we connect Two PC with IP from Same subnets

    Scenario 2nd : What happen when we connect Two PC with IP from Same subnets. PC1 - PC2 - on a two different L2 Switch on different vlans which are connected via a LAN cable.
    All ports are access ports
    Interview Question : No More Info.
    Q.1 Will they communicate If yes what will be packet/frame flow.
    Q.2 If not where will be the packet/frame drop. ? Why.
    I need step by step if possible plz how the packet moves , vlan taggings n all internal works that happens behind .. plz 
    thnx in advnce ....

    Hi Abhishesk,
    The PCs should communicate each othet.
    Since there is no trunk port involved, there is not tagging involved.
    Since both the PCs are into the same subnet. PC1 will not need default gateway for the communication with PC2. So PC1 will start with sending ARP request for PC2 MAC address.
     Since all the ports in SW1 are in same VLAN, the ARP should reach all ports including the switchport where SW2 is connected to.
    Sw2 has got a complete different access port on ALL the switchports. Sw2 will receive the ARP from Sw1. Remember that there is no tagging for the frame. Hence Sw2 will again send the ARP packet to all the ports which belong to same VLAN wherein the packet is received. ie, Sw2 will send the ARP packet to all the ports in Sw2. PC2 will also get the the ARP.
    The ARP reply will make it way back using the same logic.
    Now both the PCs can start the actual packet exchange.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have imported a single .flv file into Captivate 4, which was created in Flash 8. It shows in preview mode, as well as when I preview in IE browser, but when I launch from my LMS, I get nothing on the page. I can embed an .swf  video file that was p

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