What happened to my View Source menu item?

I'm pretty sure that I used to be able to view the coded contents of web pages in the past. I just tried to do this with a web page and my "View Source" selection item under the "View" menu is gone.
Am I mistaken that Firefox used to have this feature? I have used Firefox, exclusively, for about the last 3 to 4 years, now; haven't used IE in quite a while.
Maybe with my latest FF upgrade, that feature was deleted in the upgrade.

Thanks. Glad to find more than ONE solution (I code "no right click" on most of the web pages I do). Tools / Web developer / Page Source works for me!

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    What happened to the Page Setup menu item in the Grab Utility? It was there in Snow Leopard and gone in Mountain Lion?

    Send Apple feedback. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it may get the problem solved sooner.
    Or you can use your Apple ID to register with this site and go the Apple BugReporter. Supposedly you will get an answer if you submit feedback.
    Feedback via Apple Developer

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    In the Numbers 3.0 upgrade the Insert Date menu item is gone.  Where can I now find it?  Or is there now  shortcut?

    Wait a minute... I'm adding that one to my list.
    My workaround:
    Type =Today() Return, Return, Up-Arrow,  Command-C, Shift-Command-V
    This enters the date from a function then copies the cell and pastes the value back into the cell.
    Some shortcut, eh?

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    I can't understand why "Organize Bookmarks" was changed to "Show All Bookmarks", the former was obvious to its intent, the latter would imply that some bookmarks in the list were hidden!

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    This used to be in the View menu but vanished at some point (I'm using Safari 6.0, OS 10.7.4).
    Is there some way to do this, still? 

    It seems to have been moved to the Develop menu, which is an option to view in Safari Preferences.
    When you bring down the Develop menu, this is what you will see:

  • What happened to the 'TV Show' menu item.

    I just watched the One More Thing... event again, and noticed that when Steve shows off the iPod, there is option for 'TV Shows' in the Video menu next to 'Music Videos' and 'Video Podcasts'.
    Is it just my iPod that lacks this?

    Is it just my iPod that lacks this?
    If you are the only person not including the required data nodes which would allow the software to create a valid "path" between a particular TV show and a "TV Shows" video category then yes, you would be the only one having this problem. Unfortunately, neither is likely to be true here. Remember, the "Video Kind" (TV Show) merely tells the software how a particular file is to be handled while "TV Shows" is both a defined category and a path component (data node) just as much as the series title, season shown, and the episode identification/episode numerical index. Without these data nodes no path exists and no menu path can be displayed.
    ... noticed that when Steve shows off the iPod, there is option for 'TV Shows' in the Video menu next to 'Music Videos' and 'Video Podcasts'.
    Not sure how "hands on" Steve is when it comes to all of the nuances of the software applications he may demonstrate. Would assume, at least to some extent, he does not personally create many of the sample files used during the stage demonstrations. Therefore, he may, or may not, be fully cognizant of problems you are facing. And, even if he is, I doubt he would be willing to emphasize the attendant shortcomings or volunteer the fact that a third party application is needed to fully exploit Apple's own "Golden Goose" software in non-commercial areas (i.e., non-purchased TV shows).
    In short, Google "Lostify" and see if it helps.

  • What happened to date priority in menu listing?

    What happened to date priority in menu listing? I used to decide and select items via date in an "Open" menu, but now that function seems to have been removed in Mavericks.
    How do I get it back?

    Go to "Show All Bookmarks"

  • What happened to Split View?

    I wanted to watch the Macword Keynote today to see what features Steve put out there that we don't currently have.
    One is "Split View" email:
    This allows us to see the email message in the current window with the email list at the top, and the mail message at the bottom.
    I also wanted to put out there that I can confirm there are 2 extra tabs at the top of iTunes that they previewed, the second to last on the right vaguely makes out "ringtones".
    Regardless, at the bottom there is an additional green color category that you cannot make out the text to.
    Back to the question... What happened to split view on email?!?!?

    It's just annoying, he really spent some time on it.
    Hopefully in an update.

  • Discoverer Plus/Viewer from menu item in Oracle Applications errors.

    Starting Discoverer Plus/Viewer from menu item in Oracle Applications R12 errors.
    Here is some general config information that is suspected to be the issue.
    1. Running Oracle Applications R12 over HTTPS.
    2. Running Discoverer Plus/Viewer over HTTP.
    3. Calling menu item that calls a function to start Plus/Viewer.
    Function Definition called by the menu item is listed blow.
    Properties Tab: Type=SSWA jsp function Context Dependence=Responsibility
    Form Tab: Parameters="mode=DISCO"
    Web HTML Tab: HTML Call=OracleOasis.jsp
    Fact: Starting Discoverer Plus using a URL works fine in the browser. The login page comes up and I can look in to Plus.
    The page that dose a redirection to start the Plus applet or Viewer web page fails with this error in IE 7.
    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
    Most likely causes:
    You are not connected to the Internet.
    The website is encountering problems.
    There might be a typing error in the address.
    Thank you for your time.

    Check that the ICX system profiles are set correctly for your Discoverer configuration. In particular the ICX: Discoverer Launcher and ICX: Discoverer Viewer Launcher system profiles.
    When IE displays an error is the URL displayed in the browser a correct Disco URL?
    Rod West

  • What happened to sidebar view? Ever hear the concept if it's not broke, don't fix it?

    What happened to sidebar view? Ever hear the concept if it's not broke, don't fix it?

    There are many topics like this one. Why open a new one?

  • R4 EA - Source menu item suggestion

    In version 4 EA1, the Source menu item has been moved from the Edit sub-menu to the main menu_bar. However, it only is available when editing a cataloged PLSQL object (procedure, package, et cetera). I would suggest that it also be available when using the WorkSheet, as the functions in its sub menu (toggling comments, et altera) are useful when editing SQL or anonymous blocks in the Worksheet.

    Agreed, that's a bug. Noted and logged as such.

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    As I'm redesigning this site (MUCH work to do), I've inserted
    a DW pop-up menu for the "Competitions in Review" link. It worked
    before I did a slight page redesign... Any clues as to what

    This file isn't on your server. Or at least not where it's
    supposed to be,
    apparently. Make sure you upload this file to the proper
    This image is distorted because the code size doesn't match
    the actual size.
    this image has a discrepancy between it's actual size and
    it's coded size.
    The distortion is less noticeable here than the logo image
    because the text
    in the logo is more vulnerable to such distortion.
    The text in these two images is fuzzy because it's fuzzy. You
    might do
    better with some anti-aliasing in your graphics app and
    saving at a bit
    higher resolution.

  • What happened to the finder sidebar menu?

    I have had to spend sooooo much time trying to locate files that I just closed! What happened to the Finder menu that listed TODAY, PAST WEEK, etc?  It's nervewracking!  I don't want to open the files but upload them.  I don't like that I can't just find them easilyl in the menu format before...... I'm not sure I like this so-called upgrade.... on the iphone it's cool, but on the MAC.. not so sure I like it.

    Under your stuff, you can click on Profile and it'll show your equipment - you can change it there.
    Now, as for the Finder Sidebar, if you go to Finder Preferences and click on Sidebar, it will show everything that can be shown there. Some changes were made in Lion - one of them is "all my files" - I don't need that, so I unchecked it, but you may want to try it to see if that can be useful for you. And, under the Go Menu, you can use Go To Folder. I never used any of the options you've used simply because I've never needed that. Maybe you can arrange/file your stuff by name so it'll be easier to find?

  • What happened to "me View" and "personalize"?

    I've just spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what happened to my very carefully constructed and personalized "My View" page. I'm either exceptionally dense this morning or it has vanished.
    I had spent a good amount of time on setting up a few "watch this user" - they seem to be gone as well.
    Could someone either help me bang my head against the wall or confirm that those features are gone?

    Hi, babowa -
    My personalized Your View is present, and its Watch A User (me) works just fine.
    When you go to the ASC homepage -
    - be sure you click the Your View tab - it may have drifted back to the default All Content tab, which won't show any of the personalizations. If it has, switch to the Your View tab and click the "set as default" link next to that tab.

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    Click on the Magnifying Glass in the Search box and select Date:
    Look familiar?

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