What happened to Split View?

I wanted to watch the Macword Keynote today to see what features Steve put out there that we don't currently have.
One is "Split View" email:
This allows us to see the email message in the current window with the email list at the top, and the mail message at the bottom.
I also wanted to put out there that I can confirm there are 2 extra tabs at the top of iTunes that they previewed, the second to last on the right vaguely makes out "ringtones".
Regardless, at the bottom there is an additional green color category that you cannot make out the text to.
Back to the question... What happened to split view on email?!?!?

It's just annoying, he really spent some time on it.
Hopefully in an update.

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    What happened to sidebar view? Ever hear the concept if it's not broke, don't fix it?

    There are many topics like this one. Why open a new one?

  • What happened to "me View" and "personalize"?

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    Could someone either help me bang my head against the wall or confirm that those features are gone?

    Hi, babowa -
    My personalized Your View is present, and its Watch A User (me) works just fine.
    When you go to the ASC homepage -
    - be sure you click the Your View tab - it may have drifted back to the default All Content tab, which won't show any of the personalizations. If it has, switch to the Your View tab and click the "set as default" link next to that tab.

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    Click on the Magnifying Glass in the Search box and select Date:
    Look familiar?

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    In the iTunes store it seems that Quick View is no longer available. Also, when you check out any album in the Just Added area, when you are finished and exit out of that particular album it will not take you back to the exact page where you started. In other words, you have to start your next search all over from the very beginning. What has happened to the great and easy-to-use navigation feature iTunes once had? Searching for music has become very difficult.

    It's just annoying, he really spent some time on it.
    Hopefully in an update.

  • Safari 6: What happened to "Activity" view? Also Web Inspector Network view doesn't work.

    Hi all,
    I "upgraded" to Safari 6 and while it's super-fast and snappy as ****, I'm missing two features:
    1) Activity view is gone! It was the easiest way to see what kind of crap websites are loading and you could double click on files and view them. Now  that's gone.
    2) I then tried using Web Inspector to try to track down a FLV file that was being loaded (something that worked with old Safari) and I couldn't do it anymore... Flash loading is not visible in Safari 6 and yet it was in previous Safari.
    Ugh... new Safari is a great but they took two of my favorite options
    Is there something I'm missing or are these features really gone?

    Ugh... new Safari is a great but they took two of my favorite options
    Send feedback >  Apple - Safari - Feedback
    If you have the ClickToFlash extension installed, that can prevent Flash based video from streaming. It can also be installed as a plugin in /Library/Internet-Plug-Ins.
    Check to see if Safari is running in 32 bit mode. Right or control click the Safari icon in your Applications folder then click Get Info. If the box next to:  Open in 32 bit mode  is selected, deselect, quit then relaunch Safari.
    And try uninstalling the currently installed Flash plugin then reinstall new >  Troubleshoot Flash Player | Mac OS
    Open System Preferences > Flash Player then select the Storage tab. Click: Delete All

  • What happened to list view in iCal? Sync broken?

    Since turning on iCloud I can't find list view in iCal. Also, repeated sync with iTunes did not move new events from Mac iCal to iPhone.

    The only way I have found to deal with the calendar is to click the search icon in the corner of the calendar window and you get a list view of each day. It's better than nothing

  • Maps--what happened to street view?

    I don't see how Maps in iOS 6 is an improvement. Any way to go back to Google on this?

    Sterno wrote:
    Sorry, but Streetview is not available using maps.google.com using Safari. That is one more feature that you can kiss goodbye forever now that you have upgraded to iOS6 Maps. That is, unless Google somehow gets Apple to approve a new Maps app.
    No — Street View is now available via a browser:
    Street View for Google Maps web app goes live

  • HT5429 What happened to street view?

    Is street view not available in maps with iOS6?

    Street View is only supported with Google Maps, which as replaced with Apple Maps in iOS 6.
    Apple is constantly working on improving their new Maps service, but until it reaches the level of finesse necessary to be usable, take a look at some alternatives.
    Bing Maps offers a very good maps service with Bird's Eye, a feature similar to Flyover. It's arguably better than Google Maps.
    You can use Google Maps by creating a shortcut to the Home Screen with help from the article below.
    MapQuest also has a very nice app available.
    Nokia Maps is another great service that you can add to your Home Screen via a web shortcut.
    Waze is another very well reviewed app.
    Here's an article detailing how to receive Public Transport directions.
    If you want a YouTube app, Google has made a very improved version available on the App Store.
    If you would like to send a suggestion to Apple, please go to http://www.apple.com/feedback or you can Report a Problem via the Maps app by tapping the bottom right.

  • What happened to my View Source menu item?

    I'm pretty sure that I used to be able to view the coded contents of web pages in the past. I just tried to do this with a web page and my "View Source" selection item under the "View" menu is gone.
    Am I mistaken that Firefox used to have this feature? I have used Firefox, exclusively, for about the last 3 to 4 years, now; haven't used IE in quite a while.
    Maybe with my latest FF upgrade, that feature was deleted in the upgrade.

    Thanks. Glad to find more than ONE solution (I code "no right click" on most of the web pages I do). Tools / Web developer / Page Source works for me!

  • What happened to cover view? It doesn't seem to be available in the latest version.

    I really liked the cover view. Now since the latest download, it seems to be awol.

    Roboform have made a marketing decision to only make version 7 of their toolbar compatible with Firefox 4, and you need to pay to get the upgrade.
    A free alternative is the LastPass Password Manager - https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/lastpass-password-manager

  • What happened to list view?

    The new iTunes doesn't give me list view anymore without album covers. I know have to scroll about ten times more screen space to get through my track list. Arrrgh! How do I get it back to the normal list view?

    In the list view, the first column is the artwork that you can either show or hide by clicking on the little triangle in the leftmost column heading to expand or close it. Also achieved by selecting "Show Artwork Column" or "Hide Artwork Column" in the "View" menu (or pressing ctrl-g).

  • What happened to list view in calendar with iOS 7

    It seems like my favorite view is now longer there. Am I missing something?

    The only way I have found to deal with the calendar is to click the search icon in the corner of the calendar window and you get a list view of each day. It's better than nothing

  • What happen to this view V$STANDBY_APPLY_SNAPSHOT ?

    I first saw reference to this view in Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook on Page 121.
    "This view provides the current redo apply rate in KB/second:"
    We are running 11g R2 so I am wondering WHY would Oracle remove this view?
    Edited by: user10260925 on Jul 27, 2010 12:50 PM

    Dear user10260925,
    Here is an example of the V$STANDBY_APPLY_SNAPSHOT fixed view on 10gR2;
    SQL> select * from V$STANDBY_APPLY_SNAPSHOT;
    28-07-2010                     1       678952114       6149     402060   388317213 27-07-2010              678952114                 6148 27-07-2010   411711488            6149       1024       4564By the way i saw that handbook page 121 :)
    Hope That Helps.

  • What happened to Group View?

    You can see it referred to here:
    It is extremely useful. Are there any alternatives to this?

    When performing a search or viewing a smart folder, the Column view button in the toolbar *changes into a Group view button*. Since smart folders group together items from multiple locations in the filesystem, Column view navigation could be confusing to the user (since the hierarchy shown would change as you selected different items). Files will be grouped by kind and sorted within their groups alphabetically by default (you can change these behaviors in the folder's View Options). Unfortunately, Group view is restricted to searches and smart folders only - _you cannot switch to Group view in regular folders_.

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