What happened to the security login section for one password which allows me to have passwords stored???

what happened to the security login section for one password which allows me to have passwords stored???

* Tools > Options > Security: Passwords: "Remember passwords for sites"
Make sure that you haven't saved Uppercase and Lowercase versions of that name and password.
Remove saved Password(s):
* [[Remembering passwords]]
* [[Protecting stored passwords using a master password]]

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  • What happened to the security symbol, an icon showing a lock, that indicated that you are on a secure connection to a website?

    What happened to the security symbol, an icon showing a lock, that indicated that you are on a secure connection to a website?
    It was present on the last version of Firefox but is not seen on the latest, version 4.0.
    How does one now know that he is using an encrypted transmission?

    The padlock has been replaced by the site identity button, for details on using it see https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Site+Identity+Button

  • What happened to the soft proof function for printing???

    What happened to the soft proof function for printing???

    Edward Sozinho wrote:
    Thanks Jim.  It's no longer located there.  I miss spoke I'm running Lightroom CC now.
    Then you must not be seeing the toolbar. Press the letter T to display the toolbar. I'm using Lightroom CC.

  • You guys know what happens to the money it paid for mobileme what happens when you pass the iclud?

    you guys know what happens to the money it paid for mobilemewhat happens when you pass the iclud?

    No. That is how Apple has it set up.

  • What happened to the security button to initiate actions to clear history, delete cookies etc?

    Security button to initiate actions to clear history, delete cookies etc was always at the top of the firefox window, but had disappeared when I opened firefix today. It was very convenient and useful, so would like to know what's happened to it?

    It was just a plain looking button marked security; don't know if it was added by an extension as it was always there. Clearing the recent history is just one action the security button performed, along with deleting cookies and a number of other security related deletions. So, just being able to clear recent history is only a small part of what the security button would do for me, with just 2 clicks, so much faster and easier.

  • What happened to the default folder set (for your own libraries) in Edit/Preferences, in Adobe Photoshop CC?

    Once again I come to my computer, and it's not the way I left it. While I love cloud, I think in some way, the concept of Customer Service i.e. Providing a Service to a Customer "Set Service, for a Set Price" has lost the value of "service"
    I find it extremely disheartening, to always be dealing with changes Adobe makes, it costs me an exorbitant amount of time. I don't work with a team, so it's just me. And every other week, there is some changes, when my 3D quite working in CS6 I had no forewarning, just woke up one morning and "Poof" no more 3D, the software turned off the feature in my CS6, however, it did work in CC.
    The things I find most disheartening
    features quit working with NO PRIOR WARNING.
    Plug-ins, libraries what, now have to be stored in the cloud in order for MY system to automatically see them?
    Again No Default Libraries on our machines ( unless you think I'm going to store 2 Terabytes of libraries on the cloud and/or in my AppData Directory *not*  Nothing but system/program files themselves go on my Primary drive, everything else is on external drives, this is a security issue and one I'm not about to change, nor should anyone have to change it, since it is a *best practices* standard.
    I still can't access items in (for instance: Color Themes created on Kuler, are available on my computer, but not for me to put them into a library on the cloud. I have over 100 color themes there I have created, on my Creative Cloud account, why can they not be imported or drag/drop into the library designated for it. When I log into my Cloud Account on My iPad it is the same cloud account as on my PC, yet it doesn't even see my previously created color scheme's? Why? Does anyone have any ideas?
    I use a font manager for Windows called High-Logic, a Font Manager, Creator and a Scanner for Hand Writing Fonts Great Program, I've had it for over a year, while there is no plugin for Photoshop there is for In-Design and for Photoshop, I use the Font Manager on my computer to activate the font I want and it shows up in the Character Tool Box automatically.  Yet, just in the last week, every time I try and create something in Photoshop, I'm fine, until I go to use a font, at which time, my working project goes "dark" ( no longer visible) until I click on another tool in Photoshop.
    I cannot keep having these issues, it's way too time consuming, it's exorbitantly time consumer attempting to get a response to questions in the forums (no one's fault, it's just the nature of the forums themselves)
    The true cost of a product is not only in it's subscription based fee, but also includes the time it takes to keep up with product changes, additional training, the cost of delivery (cable connections/provider).  So far since the first of the year I have logged over 100 hours to either 'fix something that quit working with no notice', time spent re-reading documentation seeking a solution, time spent perusing the forums for a solutions, or posting a question, time spent in additional training/books, etc."
    While I understand I'm relatively new, as I had a 5 years off from working, I went from Macromedia Suite 8 to CS5.5 -full suite  (heck-of a learning curve)
    Yet, I cannot believe I am the only person having these issues, otherwise the forums wouldn't be so full.
    I did try limiting the permissions to not allow Adobe to update the software automatically, however, the permissions I wrote, were in fact re-written by adobe's cloud synchronization, Which I did find disturbing on a few levels. None of which I'll go into, but it needed to be mentioned that *yes, I tried that too*.
    *I ended up re-configuring my machine AGAIN* and deleting CS6 altogether, The performance change after I deleted CS6, was/is the difference and why I am still with my cloud membership.
    **I have reconfigured my machine numerous times, to facilitate the cloud, I am on a PC, Adobe and Microsoft Development Environments do not play well together, I ended up removing them altogether and creating a vm for them and basically all my development work. And have twice since reconfigured it for various reasons.

    One of the reasons that Edge fonts and web fonts are though to be preferable to the old font stacks was because of Android tablets/smartphones only having the Droid font family available, (Android 4.3 added the Roboto font family also).
    This meant that Android device users defaulted to the 'Droid' font or a user installed font. The default font if the user had installed a custom font and set it as default, could be anything, (even a comic script font) thus possibly destroying your text and/or layout completely.
    If you are not using an Edge font or a downloadable font do not forget to set the last three fonts in your font stack to -
    '...., Roboto variant, Droid variant, default font'

  • When I am due to upgrade and decide to go with a different carrier, since i am the account holder what happens to the 4 people on my plan with me? do they have to pay cancellation fee?

    when i am due to upgrade and i decide to go with a different carrier, since i am account holder what happens to other people on my plan, due they have to pay cancellation fee?

    Just your line that is ported gets the Early Termination Fee if you are still in contract.
    If you keep the other lines active you are still responsible for them.
    Good Luck

  • Do you know what happened to the Notes i made on ipad 'Notes'? They seem to have been deleted. How do I get them back??

    Do you know what happened to some Notes i made on ipad 'Notes'? I turned on the ipad and they have been deleted. I am not connected to the cloud? How do I get them back??

    What exactly did your friend do ? Did you or he take a backup of your iTunes library before updating your computer ? Have you checked to see if your music is still on your computer ? By default your iTunes library is stored under :
    Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\
    Windows Vista: \Users\username\Music\iTunes
    Windows 7 and Windows 8: \Users\username\My Music\iTunes
    If it's there then you can add it to your iTunes library via File > Add To Library.
    If not then do you have a copy of your library on a backup ? If you do then use File > Add To Library to add it back.
    If you haven't got a backup then you might, depending upon what country that you are in and if the music is still in your country's store, be able to redownload your iTunes purchases via the Purchased link under Quicklinks on the right-hand side of the iTunes store homepage.

  • What happened to the "Security Update for Microsoft Word 2010 (KB2899519) 32-Bit Edition" software update?

    When I deployed my software updates this particular one shows that there is some hash mismatch. So I deleted it from the package, the software update group, and the data library in the content library on my DP. 
    Then I wanted to re-download it and re-deploy it, but it does not show up at all in the "All Software Updates" section. 
    Am I missing something here?

    I did click that bar, Peter, and it still does not show that update. 
    Is this just me, or is this really odd?
    I was able to successfully re-deploy this update by going into the update group created by the ADR and downloading that update in my 2014 package that it needed it to go into (the ADR that I currently have is for my 2015 package that will start running in
    January, but when I ran it, it went into the 2015 package). Then I right clicked on the software update and added it to my DEC 2014 update group by selecting the "Edit Membership" option and then I checked on the "DEC 2014" box. 
    After that, I just updated the DP and then ran the necessary client actions from the Right-Click Tools from Now Micro on my collection and it installed just fine.
    The only update that shows up in the "All Software Updates" section is the 64-bit version of KB2899519, not the 32-bit that I am looking for. 
    But, I would really LOVE to know why this update is not showing up in the "All Software Updates" section. 

  • I just upgraded to Firefox 4--what happened to the secure site icon at bottom of page?

    I just upgraded from Firefox 3.6 to 4. There used to be a secure site icon at bottom right of secure pages. Clicking on the icon opened a window with all security info for that page. Now there is no icon. To get the same info I now have to click on the button in the address bar and then click again on the "more information" button. This is not intuitive and seems like a step backward. Is there a way to bring back the old secure site icon?

    The padlock is no longer a part of Firefox; it can give users a false sense that a site is secure by not supplying all of the information about a site. Familiarize yourself with the '''''Site Identity Button''''' in Firefox:
    You can install an add-on to show a padlock in the URL/Location/Address bar:
    <br />
    <br />
    '''You need to update the following.''' The Plugin version(s) shown below was/were submitted with your question and is/are out of date. You should update to avoid known security issues with the version(s) you have installed. Click on "More system info..." to the right of your question to see what was included with your question.
    *Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape "9.4.2"
    *Shockwave Flash 10.2 r159 ('''''new security update released 2011-05-12''''')
    #'''''Check your plugin versions''''' on either of the following links':
    #*'''Note: plugin check page does not have information on all plugin versions'''
    #*There are plugin specific testing links available from this page:
    #'''Update Adobe Reader (PDF plugin):'''
    #*From within your existing Adobe Reader ('''<u>if you have it already installed</u>'''):
    #**Open the Adobe Reader program from your Programs list
    #**Click Help > Check for Updates
    #**Follow the prompts for updating
    #**If this method works for you, skip the "Download complete installer" section below and proceed to "After the installation" below
    #*Download complete installer ('''if you do <u>NOT</u> have Adobe Reader installed'''):
    #**SAVE the installer to your hard drive (save to your Desktop so that you can find it after the download). Exit/Close Firefox. Run the installer you just downloaded.
    #**Use either of the links below:
    #***https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Using+the+Adobe+Reader+plugin+with+Firefox ''(click on "Installing and updating Adobe Reader")''
    #***''<u>Also see Download link</u>''': http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/
    #*After the installation, start Firefox and check your version again.
    #'''Update the [[Managing the Flash plugin|Flash]] plugin''' to the latest version.
    #*Download and SAVE to your Desktop so you can find the installer later
    #*If you do not have the current version, click on the "Player Download Center" link on the "'''Download and information'''" or "'''Download Manual installers'''" below
    #*After download is complete, exit Firefox
    #*Click on the installer you just downloaded and install
    #**Windows 7 and Vista: may need to right-click the installer and choose "Run as Administrator"
    #*Start Firefox and check your version again or test the installation by going back to the download link below
    #*'''Download and information''': http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/
    #**Use Firefox to go to the above site to update the Firefox plugin (will also install plugin for most other browsers; except IE)
    #**Use IE to go to the above site to update the IE ActiveX
    #*'''Download Manual installers'''.
    #**Note separate links for:
    #***Plugin for Firefox and most other browsers
    #***ActiveX for IE

  • What happened to the outlook calendar option for syncing?

    I have downloaded the 6.0.1 iOS and now my outlook calendar is not syncing to my phone.  When I have my phone connected to iTunes and look under Info it says that my calendars are being synced iwth my iPhone ovver the air from iCloud.  I thought I had an option to select Outlook like I do for mail accounts.  What do I do?

    On your phone, go to Settings>iCloud, and turn off iCloud for anything you want to sync with Outlook.

  • What happened to the Miss Kitty Game for the iPhone

    I saw that the Miss Kitty Game was available on August 31st for the IPHONE and then zip it wasn't..  The wicked winnings game is still available.  I heard the
    Miss Kitty Game now isn't available in the U.S.??  Does anyone know how I can get it and/or if it isn't going to be available.
    Thank you

    When that pop-up was there originally, you could delete it or keep it and it would be marked as "watched" so iTunes would get rid of it if you had a playlist set up that way, then in one of the later releases of iTunes there was a bug where if you deleted it, it wouldn't get marked as watched when you sync so it would get re-loaded if you had a playlist set to load unwatched videos.
    It looks as if their answer to the bug is to allow for a manual delete for videos rather than that pop-up at the end. Also, if the video is watched close to the very end, it also gets marked as "watched".
    So, although the keep/delete pop-up thing is gone, you can still free up space by swiping the video and pushing "delete" and now it syncs properly to boot.
    So, they decided to use different functionality to address the bug -- maybe they got a lot of feedback wherein people didn't like the keep/delete pop-up.

  • HT201342 What happens to the apps I paid for  because I did restore and backup iPad and now they have gone

    My I pad did a system restore last nite and now I carnt recover some of the things I have paid for how do I get them back

    Nope, the apps stay there until you delete them.
    I currently sync 2 iPhones and 2 iPod Touch units all to one iTunes store account, and per the Apple licensing, they all can run apps I have purchased. I had a similar question as you when I first started using multiple devices, so I sent an email to the app author for the app I wanted most to do this with. His response was that this is Apple's terms, so if I didn't want to purchase a second license to use his app on a second device, then I didn't need to (but he wouldn't stop me if I wanted to either). In the end, I found this app author to be very dedicated to his app, and very responsive to my comments/requests, so I did purchase a second copy of his app (yes, I had my wife create an iTunes account and purchase it under her account).

  • HT201303 What happened to the music I paid for and downloaded to my Ipod?

    I downloaded a new album to my older ipod where I had credit of $29.99   I hasn't downloaded onto the ipod which was connected to mycomputer

    If I am coming into a previous thread apologies.
    Open iTunes and sign in to the iTunes store with the same credentials that you purchased the music with.
    Select the purchased icon or word and iTunes will list all your previous music purchases and allow you to download them again.
    If you have not deleted the music it must be on the computer but redownloading may be easier than finding them.

  • HT201303 What happened to the music I paid for and downloaded to my ID

    I can't find the album I dpwnloaded today onto my older nano ipod from my computer I had credit of $29.99 It downloaded it to somewhere as it showed it downloading?

    If I am coming into a previous thread apologies.
    Open iTunes and sign in to the iTunes store with the same credentials that you purchased the music with.
    Select the purchased icon or word and iTunes will list all your previous music purchases and allow you to download them again.
    If you have not deleted the music it must be on the computer but redownloading may be easier than finding them.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to use BootCamp if there are allready few partitions

    Hello! I've been using my iMac for about a year now. And I do need 3 partitions on my HDD. I cannot work with only one. Now i have to install Windows on my machine I've tried to do it with BootCamp, but it says, that i have to have only one partition

  • Can you set an image at run time?  Does it really work?

    I have read that others have been able to set an image at run time, but I cannot seem to get it to work (the image I set does not load). What I do is have a page, call it page2, that has two image components on it. In the constructor for page2 I do t

  • Updater Won't Recognize iPod nano.

    I made the mistake of unplugging my nano when it told me not to (Updater locking up problem). Now I can't get Windows to recognize the iPod and when I try to restore it with iPod Updater, it freezes the program. I got it to work one time and it said

  • Have LV 7.0 and 7.1.1. When I start LV 7.0 it wants to install it every time.

    I have both LV 7.0 and 7.1 installed on my system.  Every time I start LV 7.0, it wants to "install" something from the CD.  Of course it doesn't say what it wants, just that the feature I want is on the CD. If I double-click on a vi this doesn't hap

  • Audio Skipping Through Ram Preview

    Hi I am currently using After Effects CS6, and I am editing a video. I have added a song, and everytime I try to ram preview the video the audio is very skippy, as in at one part it will play then go away, then play. This problem has not happened unt