What happened to the soft proof function for printing???

What happened to the soft proof function for printing???

Edward Sozinho wrote:
Thanks Jim.  It's no longer located there.  I miss spoke I'm running Lightroom CC now.
Then you must not be seeing the toolbar. Press the letter T to display the toolbar. I'm using Lightroom CC.

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    What happened to the "street view" function in the maps app of iOS6?

    Gary ~ It's now available via a browser:
    Street View for Google Maps web app goes live

  • On Lightroom 2.5 - What happened to the Softness Brush?

    What happened to the Softness Brush on 2.5?

    I got these instructions from others;
    If you open the Preset Tab of Preferences, you should see a button near the
    bottom that says Restore Local Adjustment Presets. Try clicking  that.  
    Installing 2.5 should not affect your presets. I still have mine. That 
    said, Soften Skin is simply a preset that comes installed by default. 
    The settings are:
    Clarity = -100
    Sharpness = 25
    Everything else  set to 0
    If you have presets that are not showing you can check Edit > 
    Preferences > Presets and see if Store Presets with Catalog is checked. 
    If it is, uncheck and restart Lightroom to see if that brings them back. 
    Otherwise you can just create a new preset with the above  settings.
    In a message dated 9/18/2009 5:05:34 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, 
    [email protected] writes:
    Thanks  for the note, but what occurred that resolved this for you? 
    You may be better off with a new  subject/thread.

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    What happened to the keyboard search function on the remote app? Was the only thing that really made it useful.

    I am having the same issue. I can see a dimmed keyboard icon on the top right of screen, but cannot access the keyboard to enter information for Apple TV 2. Is anyone else having the same issue and are there any solutions to fix the problem?

  • I use lightroom with the soft proofing feature for my printing. I used to make a copy proof, but all of the sudden something changed, and even if I'm on the copy in the developing mode it prints the original. Also, If i chose a file that was already in li

    I use lightroom with the soft proofing feature for my printing. I used to make a copy proof, but all of the sudden something changed, and even if I'm on the copy in the developing mode it prints the original. Also, If i chose a file that was already in light room to print, even though I have the chosen file up in the developing mode, it will instead print the most recent file that I added to lightroom. If found a way to work around these problems, (check make this the copy in the soft proofing, and copy my settings and delete and reload the old files) but it's a slight hassle and it didn't use to do this. Not sure why it changed. Could I have accidentally changed a setting?

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    - I would start with
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    However, after your remove the Apple software components also remove the iCloud Control Panel via Windows Programs and Features app in the Window Control Panel. Then reinstall all the Apple software components
    - Then do the other actions of:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    paying special attention to item #5
    - New cable and different USB port
    - Run this and see if the results help with determine the cause
    iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests
    Also see:
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    Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates
    - Try on another computer to help determine if computer or iPod problem

  • You guys know what happens to the money it paid for mobileme what happens when you pass the iclud?

    you guys know what happens to the money it paid for mobilemewhat happens when you pass the iclud?

    No. That is how Apple has it set up.

  • What happened to the security login section for one password which allows me to have passwords stored???

    what happened to the security login section for one password which allows me to have passwords stored???

    * Tools > Options > Security: Passwords: "Remember passwords for sites"
    Make sure that you haven't saved Uppercase and Lowercase versions of that name and password.
    Remove saved Password(s):
    * [[Remembering passwords]]
    * [[Protecting stored passwords using a master password]]

  • How do I get an SVG file to the same color profile as my illustrator file (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 and what would be the correct color profile for printing on a shirt?

    How do I get an SVG file to the same color profile as my illustrator file (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 and what would be the correct color profile for printing on a shirt?
    Thank you.

    dadanas wrote:
    Hi Simcah, I have a similar problem. Have you found out any solution?
    thanks, dan
    You need to ask the printing service provider. Dealing with color totally depends on the printing process involved and of course the machines used.

  • What happened to the default folder set (for your own libraries) in Edit/Preferences, in Adobe Photoshop CC?

    Once again I come to my computer, and it's not the way I left it. While I love cloud, I think in some way, the concept of Customer Service i.e. Providing a Service to a Customer "Set Service, for a Set Price" has lost the value of "service"
    I find it extremely disheartening, to always be dealing with changes Adobe makes, it costs me an exorbitant amount of time. I don't work with a team, so it's just me. And every other week, there is some changes, when my 3D quite working in CS6 I had no forewarning, just woke up one morning and "Poof" no more 3D, the software turned off the feature in my CS6, however, it did work in CC.
    The things I find most disheartening
    features quit working with NO PRIOR WARNING.
    Plug-ins, libraries what, now have to be stored in the cloud in order for MY system to automatically see them?
    Again No Default Libraries on our machines ( unless you think I'm going to store 2 Terabytes of libraries on the cloud and/or in my AppData Directory *not*  Nothing but system/program files themselves go on my Primary drive, everything else is on external drives, this is a security issue and one I'm not about to change, nor should anyone have to change it, since it is a *best practices* standard.
    I still can't access items in (for instance: Color Themes created on Kuler, are available on my computer, but not for me to put them into a library on the cloud. I have over 100 color themes there I have created, on my Creative Cloud account, why can they not be imported or drag/drop into the library designated for it. When I log into my Cloud Account on My iPad it is the same cloud account as on my PC, yet it doesn't even see my previously created color scheme's? Why? Does anyone have any ideas?
    I use a font manager for Windows called High-Logic, a Font Manager, Creator and a Scanner for Hand Writing Fonts Great Program, I've had it for over a year, while there is no plugin for Photoshop there is for In-Design and for Photoshop, I use the Font Manager on my computer to activate the font I want and it shows up in the Character Tool Box automatically.  Yet, just in the last week, every time I try and create something in Photoshop, I'm fine, until I go to use a font, at which time, my working project goes "dark" ( no longer visible) until I click on another tool in Photoshop.
    I cannot keep having these issues, it's way too time consuming, it's exorbitantly time consumer attempting to get a response to questions in the forums (no one's fault, it's just the nature of the forums themselves)
    The true cost of a product is not only in it's subscription based fee, but also includes the time it takes to keep up with product changes, additional training, the cost of delivery (cable connections/provider).  So far since the first of the year I have logged over 100 hours to either 'fix something that quit working with no notice', time spent re-reading documentation seeking a solution, time spent perusing the forums for a solutions, or posting a question, time spent in additional training/books, etc."
    While I understand I'm relatively new, as I had a 5 years off from working, I went from Macromedia Suite 8 to CS5.5 -full suite  (heck-of a learning curve)
    Yet, I cannot believe I am the only person having these issues, otherwise the forums wouldn't be so full.
    I did try limiting the permissions to not allow Adobe to update the software automatically, however, the permissions I wrote, were in fact re-written by adobe's cloud synchronization, Which I did find disturbing on a few levels. None of which I'll go into, but it needed to be mentioned that *yes, I tried that too*.
    *I ended up re-configuring my machine AGAIN* and deleting CS6 altogether, The performance change after I deleted CS6, was/is the difference and why I am still with my cloud membership.
    **I have reconfigured my machine numerous times, to facilitate the cloud, I am on a PC, Adobe and Microsoft Development Environments do not play well together, I ended up removing them altogether and creating a vm for them and basically all my development work. And have twice since reconfigured it for various reasons.

    One of the reasons that Edge fonts and web fonts are though to be preferable to the old font stacks was because of Android tablets/smartphones only having the Droid font family available, (Android 4.3 added the Roboto font family also).
    This meant that Android device users defaulted to the 'Droid' font or a user installed font. The default font if the user had installed a custom font and set it as default, could be anything, (even a comic script font) thus possibly destroying your text and/or layout completely.
    If you are not using an Edge font or a downloadable font do not forget to set the last three fonts in your font stack to -
    '...., Roboto variant, Droid variant, default font'

  • What happened to the Fill Light function in the Develop Module?

    That was one of my most used functions in Develop. Why would you remove that function in the LR4 beta? Seems an odd choice.

    The set-up of the tonality controls has been changed completely, and you need to relearn everything at this point. This is the price to pay for better image corrections.
    Always set the Exposure / Contrast sliders first and, if necessary, touch-up the lighter and darker tones with the Highlights and/or Shadows sliders.
    If you need to go further or to fine tune the extreme values, then go to the Whites & Blacks sliders.
    Rgds, Gilles.

  • What happened to the audio out function in the Music app?

    I have had pretty good luck with iOS 7, but the one thing that really bugs me is that they took out the audio out function in the Music app.
    In iOS 6.X's Music app the Now Playing screen had an Audio Out option at the bottom of the screen.  I am sure it was called something else, but you could tap it and choose the audio out channel you wanted to use, iPhone speakers, earphones, bluetooth and I think AirPlay.
    Why would they remove this option?
    I was just wondering if there is another music player that still includes this option. I use Stezza for in the car (Big buttons) and Lagu when I want the old iOS music player interface.  But neither of them include the audio select option.
    I will submit this as feedback on the feedback page to see if they will consider putting it back in.

    Gary ~ It's now available via a browser:
    Street View for Google Maps web app goes live

  • What happened to the ColorSync option in my print dialog box?

    I am using a Canon Selphy CP 740 for photo printing with my Alu iMac, and since new, I noticed most / all of the photos came out too dark. However I discovered the ColorSync option to lighten the image, and this fixed the problem. Since upgrading to Leopard (10.5.1), this option no longer appears in my print dialog box. I have looked at the ColorSync utility in the Utilities folder, but this printer doesn't appear in the devices listed there. Is there any answer to my problem?

    Found out Color Sync was left up to the individual manufacturers to use or not use in their drivers.

  • What happened to the Miss Kitty Game for the iPhone

    I saw that the Miss Kitty Game was available on August 31st for the IPHONE and then zip it wasn't..  The wicked winnings game is still available.  I heard the
    Miss Kitty Game now isn't available in the U.S.??  Does anyone know how I can get it and/or if it isn't going to be available.
    Thank you

    When that pop-up was there originally, you could delete it or keep it and it would be marked as "watched" so iTunes would get rid of it if you had a playlist set up that way, then in one of the later releases of iTunes there was a bug where if you deleted it, it wouldn't get marked as watched when you sync so it would get re-loaded if you had a playlist set to load unwatched videos.
    It looks as if their answer to the bug is to allow for a manual delete for videos rather than that pop-up at the end. Also, if the video is watched close to the very end, it also gets marked as "watched".
    So, although the keep/delete pop-up thing is gone, you can still free up space by swiping the video and pushing "delete" and now it syncs properly to boot.
    So, they decided to use different functionality to address the bug -- maybe they got a lot of feedback wherein people didn't like the keep/delete pop-up.

  • What happened to the outlook calendar option for syncing?

    I have downloaded the 6.0.1 iOS and now my outlook calendar is not syncing to my phone.  When I have my phone connected to iTunes and look under Info it says that my calendars are being synced iwth my iPhone ovver the air from iCloud.  I thought I had an option to select Outlook like I do for mail accounts.  What do I do?

    On your phone, go to Settings>iCloud, and turn off iCloud for anything you want to sync with Outlook.

  • IOS 7.0.4    What happened to the search app function when I slide left?

    I Cant slide left to find the search function to search for apps.  It won't allow me to slide left.  Any clues?  This iOS is not that friendly...

    To activate the search function swipe down on any app page.

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    Hello All, First of all, thanks a lot for your time. We're being asked by the Audit Team to remove tcode SM37 from our Job Roles. Although I agree with them that users should not have "change" or broad display access for the tcode, some of them need

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