What happens when someone forwards photostream invite via email

What happens when someone forwards photostream invite via Email.
I would ultimately like to send directly to parents of my kid's sport team - however the manager says the distro changes alot and it would be best if I send her the invite and she forwards off. 
I'm sure there are a mix of IOS and Android users but I'd like the IOS users to benefit from having it in their iPhoto programs, and the others can opt to go to the URL provided in the invite.  Are there any issues with the manager forwarding the Photostream invite?  Any experiences to share when sharing photos taken at a game?
Thank you in advance.

You will need to create a Public Photo Stream since many of the parents will be on PCs. Here's how:
With that scenario the email will look like this:
The link at the bottom will take the user to the website.  Or you could go to the website yourself, copy its URL and incliude that in an email to the manager for forwarding on.

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    Platform is iMac OS X 10.8.5 and iPhoto 9.4.3, signed in to iCloud and selected Photo Stream. Got an invite via email to subscribe to a Photo Stream and when I click on Subscribe to this Photostream, it tells me that I need specs that I already have.

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    To subscribe to Pamela Mccormack’s “Baltimore Zoo” photo stream on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, open your invitation in the Mail app, and click the Subscribe button in the message. 
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    2. Do I have control over what backups get deleted?
    3. If lightning strikes twice, will I still be able to restore my Intel mac like my G5 mac, even if backups get deleted?
    4. Is there anyway to control what backups/backup files get deleted?
    5. Any other thoughts?

    maxseven wrote:
    i have deleted the time machine folders and they are now in my trash. when i try to secure empty my trash it will delete everything but the t/m folders. how do i delete them?
    Do you mean all of them? The entire Backups.backupdb folder?
    That's a large mess. First, even a normal delete will take a very long time, as there are probably hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of files. Your best bet by far is to simply erase them with Disk Utility -- that will only take a few moments. If your TM drive has a single partition, see #1 in [Formatting, Partitioning, Verifying, and Repairing Disks|http://web.me.com/pondini/AppleTips/DU.html]. If there are other partition(s) on the drive, see #2 there.
    If not, and you only deleted some of the folders, you have a different, worse problem. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't do a very good job of warning folks: +*Never move, change, or delete anything in your backups via the Finder or Terminal.+*
    You shouldn't have to delete backups at all, since Time Machine will do that automatically when the disk/partition gets full. But you can do it without harm via Time Machine. See #12 in [Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions|http://web.me.com/pondini/Time_Machine/FAQ.html] (or use the link in *User Tips* at the top of this forum).
    A normal delete will take a very long time, as there are probably tens or hundreds of thousands of items, each of which must be individually deleted. A secure delete will take much, much longer, as each deleted file must be overwritten with zeros.

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    A restore may help your iphone - it is one of the troubleshooting steps. Page 141 of the manual:
    "If you restore, the latest version of iPhone software is reinstalled, default settings are
    restored, and data stored on iPhone is deleted, including downloaded applications,
    songs, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information, and any other data. In iTunes,
    you can also restore from a backup without deleting data stored on iPhone.
    Deleted data is no longer accessible via the iPhone user interface, but is not
    permanently erased from your iPhone until it is overwritten by new data. For
    information about permanently erasing all content and settings, see “Resetting
    iPhone” on page 109. "
    I gave you the link to the Apple article to determine hardware failure earlier. If those steps or a reset, restore don't work then you need to call or visit Apple for a replacement.

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    Scenario 2nd : What happen when we connect Two PC with IP from Same subnets. PC1 - PC2 - on a two different L2 Switch on different vlans which are connected via a LAN cable.
    All ports are access ports
    Interview Question : No More Info.
    Q.1 Will they communicate If yes what will be packet/frame flow.
    Q.2 If not where will be the packet/frame drop. ? Why.
    I need step by step if possible plz how the packet moves , vlan taggings n all internal works that happens behind .. plz 
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    Hi Abhishesk,
    The PCs should communicate each othet.
    Since there is no trunk port involved, there is not tagging involved.
    Since both the PCs are into the same subnet. PC1 will not need default gateway for the communication with PC2. So PC1 will start with sending ARP request for PC2 MAC address.
     Since all the ports in SW1 are in same VLAN, the ARP should reach all ports including the switchport where SW2 is connected to.
    Sw2 has got a complete different access port on ALL the switchports. Sw2 will receive the ARP from Sw1. Remember that there is no tagging for the frame. Hence Sw2 will again send the ARP packet to all the ports which belong to same VLAN wherein the packet is received. ie, Sw2 will send the ARP packet to all the ports in Sw2. PC2 will also get the the ARP.
    The ARP reply will make it way back using the same logic.
    Now both the PCs can start the actual packet exchange.

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  • What happens when Hyper-V replication is paused

    Could someone please point me in the direction of detailed technical information regarding what happens when replication is paused for a Hyper-V VM?   I've had a dig around but not found anything..
    Does the source system still generate delta's which accumulate on disk somewhere, ready to be sent to the target once replication is resumed in a similar way to SQL log shipping, or is the whole processes paused and a new replication cycle started?
    I need to asses the impact of pausing replication on a number of VM's for an extended period (probably in the region of 4-6 hours) for maintenance on a host, where there is fairly limited replication bandwidth.
    Many thanks.

    Hi EntArch2012,
    You can pause the replication between primary and replica server .
    There will be a .HRL file beside the VHD file of the VM which enabled replica .
    After you enabled replica successfully , the changes of the VHD will be stored in the HRL file then send to the replica server regularly  to achieve synchronization .
    Hope this article is helpful :
    Best Regards
    Elton Ji
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  • What happens when an iPod is synchronized with an iTunes library that is bigger than the available space on the iPod?

    What happens when an iPod is synchronized with an iTunes library that is bigger than the available space on the iPod? I did this some time ago. On screen was shown available space somewhat less than 120 GB, but maybe somewhere between 10 and 20 GB more in the library. I had to get the iPod updated anyway, so I did proceed. However, afterwards the total content of the library was only about 110 GB. Now I wonder what did actually happen. Was the first sign only corrected for double copies of the same files or lost files or where files deleted from iTunes? And if files where deleted from iTunes, were they also deleted from my computer?

    Same as you would if you bought a pc; copy everything from your old computer to your new one.  Then you can just sync everything from the new computer, as you did with the old one.

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