What is IM @ transformation step

hi folks,
What is the interface mapping in the transformation step? is that same what is used for normal IM or we have to define separately.
The Data type used has 1...unbounded occurrence. In the transformation step it is N:1 mapping. and have to transform multiline interface to actual.
good links containing correlation or transformations will be appreciated.
thanks in advance,

Refer this blogs & help for better understanding
Might helps you..

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  • Error in Transformation step of BPM

    Hi all,
    In BPM, I have defined a transformation step. For this, I have specified the Interface mapping which is between 2 abstract asynchronous interfaces. The Message Mapping for this Interface mapping involves multi-mapping (1:n) of the messages used.
    Also, for naming convenience, I have kept the names of the abstract async interface and its message type same.
    I have created containers for the message types of the both interfaces. The container for target message is of type 'multi-line'.
    When I checked the integration process, errors (red boxes) appear for both - the source and target messages in the transformation step properties window. The error text says <b>"Expression must return the interface type < Name of abstract message interface >"</b>
    What could be the cause of this error ?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Shankar,
    Are you splitting the messages i.e 1 message into N messages ? If so, do  you have multiple message types in the Message Mapping in the target side ?
    Anyway, just recheck the Abstract Interfaces are activated. And reassign the container variables with Source message Absract Interfaces and Target message Abstract Interfaces.
    The error tells that, there is somewhere occurence problem.. So that is mismatch with the Message Interfaces..because you have selected the Multiline in the COntainers right ? Check without that..if it is ok, to narrow down the debugging..

  • Sync Send step after transformation step in BPM

    Hi Gurus,
    I have an interface where I am loading the data into an Oracle database and getting the response back (insertcount) from the database. Based on the response, I have to execute a stored procedure in another sync send step.
    I am doing perfectly alright until the transformation step. The sync send step after this step has the following entries.
    Sync interface: MI_LG_SP_INPUT_ABS
    Request Message: sp_lg_rec
    Response Message: sp_lg_snd
    While doing 'check(F7)', I am getting the following error.
    <b>Interface MI_LG_SP_INPUT_ABS for element sp_lg_poc_step2 is not abstract/asynchronous</b>
    The request message for this sync send step is the target message of the transformation step.
    This error is bugging me since 2 days. Please help me with this.

    I know what I did now. For my send sync interface which is MI_LG_SP_INPUT_ABS, I have unnecessarily created a container element and which caused this problem. From your post, I rechecked it and found that I don't need a container element for my abs/sync interface as I already have container elements for request and response which are abs/asynch.
    I gave you full points, thinking that you will come for my rescue in the future (just kidding!!!).
    Thanks again,

  • Transformation step trace

    Hi all.
       I have a problem with checking if my mapping(transformation step in BPM) works OK.
       When I'm in WF log for my BPM, I'm able to see details of incoming message but I can't see outcoming one;
       for outcoming message - when I'm in message monitor(by forward navigation from WF log) after clicking on the entry I get the message: "Selected message does not exist(any more)".
      Transformation step is the second one in the line, just afrer receiver step:
      1. Receiver step (start of the process)
      2. Transformation step
      ....rest of steps in process.... 
       I did even a small test - have created very simple mapping (1:1) and put it as another Transformation step - result of the test was exactly the same like with original/intended mapping.
      SXMB_ADM has logging switched on and even trace level set to highest value.
      In BPM all steps have the option "Create new transaction" switched on.
    Anyone has any idea what can be wrong?

    The whole process ends with success.
    I'm able to see all steps including steps containers in WF log. Problem is when I try to go deeper and see an outcome from the mapping - then I'm moved to the message monitor and there I receive error message like described in my first post here. 

  • ** Transformation step - 1:n mapping error - BPM

    Hi friends,
    In my BPM transformation step I am doing 1:n mapping. I created & tested the message mapping and Interface mapping for this. Its working fine there. But, while I put the payload, the message is not splitted. Instead only the first message is splitted.
    Source Payload
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:PurchaseOrder xmlns:ns0="http://www.XYZ.com/ABCD/SDFunctions">
    But, only the message is splitted comes in SXMB_MONI with the following error.
    HTTP response contains status code 500 with the description Timeout Error while sending by HTTP (error code: 500, error text: Timeout)</
    What could be the problem ? Why second message is not splitted. Is it required to add any Receiver Determination step in ID ?
    Kindly tell me, friends.
    Thanking you.
    Kind Regards,
    Jeg P.

    Hi friends,
    I have corrected Message Mapping and Interface Mapping. If I send 2 message (source), I will get only 1 message in the target side. (after transformation)
    In my BPM design, after 'Transformation' step, one block is there, I set property Mode as 'For Each', and I set Multiline Element.
    Now, the 500 Internal Server problem has gone. But, why the 2nd message is not entered into block ?

  • Error in transformation step

    Hi all,
    In my requirement i have a BPM with the following steps
    first send step is synchronous and it is sending req to a website and receiving response through http receiver channel.
    second send step is asynchronous , sending response received from website to a file server through file receiver channel.
    i have a transformation step ,where i am doing transformation between the structure in receive step and the structure in second send step,
    can i do that?
    can we do transformation between any async abstract structures that we define for BPM?
    BPM is showing error in transformation step, i dont know whats the error is and how to see the error and rectify the problem
    plz help

    <b>-Check the Transformation Step in BPM, weather it has correct source and target abstract interfaces or not.
    - Check the Message Mapping and interface Mapping manually from the Test Tab in IR.
    -Check the status of the Error of BPM in SXI_CACHEIntegration ProcessyourBPM. Code should be 0..if something else it is showming means it has an Error.
    -Check the Test data you are using to test your interface.
    - Check Webservice sending the correct response or it is failing at the time of response..may be because of WS is not running properly or server is down.</b>

  • Alert for BPM Transformation Step

    Hi I am trying to think of a way to get the information from my alert transformation step into my Alert Message.
    The scenario is a multiline container called XML_Collect mapping to XML_Output a single container with the XML messages merged.
    If I encounter an error with mapping, currently I am raising an Alert with Process <Process ID> and Long Text Transformation Failure.
    I have the Transform step in a Block and an exception branch for the Alert. I am going to instigate a Container Operation step to fill my Container variables with information about the error.
    In the BPM Workflow Log I can see the Transformation1 Container Instance with variables such a MAPPING and MESSAGES_IN and _EXCEPTIONS in it.
    Can I reference this container in my Container Operation.
    Ideally I would like to know which XML message from the multiline container generated the mapping error. This would help in correcting.
    I have read some information on a UDF calling Alerts but I am not sure if this is the method to use.

    We have
    MAPPING MAPPING http://<company>.com/msghdr IM_T_MSGHDR_V3_to_T_MSGHDR_V3_Multi-<...>-1-
    TRACE <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <MappingTrace><Trace level="1" type="T">Mapping-Namespace:http://company.com/msghdr </Trace>
    <Trace level="1" type="T">Mapping-Name:IM_T_MSGHDR_V3_to_T_MSGHDR_V3_Multi </Trace>
    <Trace level="1" type="T">Mapping- ...
    This trace is what appears in the XML trace also
      MESSAGES_IN[1] MESSAGES_IN[1] 0000000001-<...>
        NUMB Parameter ID 0000000001
        MESSAGES MESSAGES < 3 Entries >
    XC     ZXI_PROXY_MI_MSGHDR_V3_0001     E0630F307D7B11DCA23700145E6916E5
    XC     ZXI_PROXY_MI_MSGHDR_V3_0001     E035BDA07D7B11DCB90500145E6916E5
    XC     ZXI_PROXY_MI_MSGHDR_V3_0001     BA2A92307D7511DCB09900145E6916E5
    then the XML Header and Payload.
    _EXCEPTIONS[1] EXCEPTIONS[1] Component MAPPING has reported an error-The exception occurred (program: CLSW..
    _EXCEPTIONS[2] EXCEPTIONS[2] com/sap/xi/tf/MM_T_MSGHDR_V3_to_T_MSGHDR_V3_Mult~com.sap.aii.utilxi.misc.api...
    I have just tried the variable &_WORKITEM.WORKITEMID& and this gives the work item ID of the starting step for the Process.
    My MESSAGE_ID variable that I am updating with the container variable straight after the Transformation step has the first message id from the multiline container but I know this isn't my incorrect message.

  • Accessing Transformation Step Input in a BPM from SXMB_MONI

    <u><b>Environment : PI - SPS 09</b></u>
    I am trying to access the Inbound Payload of my Transformation step of BPM. I am able to navigate to the "MESSAGESIN" container , but, when I try to access the same, I get the message "Nested Table can be accessed from the Context Menu".
    I have perviously been able to access the payload from MONI as shown in Michal's blog <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/09/16/xi-how-to-test-your-mapping-in-real-life-scenarios">How to test your mapping (in real life scenarios)</a> , but the navigation window and display seem to have changed from PI SP 9. Any idea as to what I am missing here and how I can view the payload?

    Issue resolved.
    Double Click on the step type,Right Click on the "Message"  Button in the Display Work Item Window --> Container --> and then you can access the payload as shown in Michal's blog.

  • BPM Idoc collection without transformation step

    I have a simple scenario of outbound invoice idocs. The tricky thing now is that I want to collect them within a BPM process.
    The BPM is basically working as long as I have a transformation step before the sending wich transforms from a multiline idoc to a "non-multiline" file.
    My problem is that I don't want to put a mapping in the BPM, because depending on the values in the idoc I need to run different mappings.
    What I really want to do is to send back the collected files to the IE and process them with separate receiver determination per receiver.
    In this way I would only need 1 BPM and the configuration is done in the directory.
    Problem is already that I can't specify a multiline message in the sending step - not allowed.
    Anyone with a similar scenario who can help? I'm not sure what the receiverDetermination step does in a BPM, could this solve my issue?

    I tried the ForEach block, but now the BPM is first collecting the idocs and sends them out individually in the send step.
    I've never used the forEach before, so the chance is good I made something wrong.
    After collecting I'm running
    1. Block - forEach
    - MultiLineElement = collected idocs
    - CurrentLine = wasn't sure, used abstract interface of the single idoc
    - local correlation = same correlation than in the collecting step
    2. Sending (inside block)
    - message = single idoc
    - Receiver from = send context
    - Conversation ID = I've choosen an Xpath expression
    - correlation = same than for collecting
    What I'm missing here as well is how to diferenciate the idocs I send back to the IE in the receiver determination since all come from the same service with the same interface? That's why I tried to set te Conversation ID, but it didn't appear anywhere in the XML trace.
    any idea?

  • Not able to give multiline container variable in transformation step.

    I'm doing a simple collect pattern in BPM.
    I have three container variables, one- the source interface, second the multiline of source interface and third-the target interface.
    Now, i have block in which i have the exception and deadline steps and then a loop in which i have my receiver which collects the message and gives it to the container to keep it to the list. Outside the block i have my transformation step which takes the relevant interface mapping. When i try to give the multiline container variable the box turns red, but of give the normal source container variable it accepts it.
    If i do a check by F7, Expression must not return a multiline value.
    The scope of the container variables is maintained as Process.
    What could be wrong, please help.
    Thanks and regards,

    hi akhil,
    think in transformation it sees source messages and target messages.
    if u have n:1 scenario then n interfaces to one interface right
    thats is each interface will have one message type
    so if u are using interace mapping in transformation it is expecting n interface variables to one interface variable.
    it will display n source messages to one source message jsut check.
    so transformation step is expecting one n sub message types to be embedded in one message type
    <message 1>
    <meessage n>
    this one is mapped with one XML target messgae
    so if u have n different messages see that u compress them in to one message type like the above and give it in trasnformation step.
    if you have n different messages then u can alwasy go for n different interfaces to one single interface
    then u can see in tranformation step n diff source messages and one target message
    was just confused with reciever step which allows multiline receivers
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rama Krishna
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    Edited by: rama krishna talluri on Mar 6, 2008 1:49 PM

  • BPM - 2 Transformation Steps

    I have created a BPM which is very similar to the BPMPatternCollectTime design. The only difference is that I have 2 Transformation Steps. Now I gave one step in the Interface Determination Step of the IP->Receiver Config. What should I do with the next Transformation step? If I give the Operation Mapping in the second line of Interface Determination Step it gave me an error when I executed the scenario. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

    Hi All,
    My issues is resolved.

  • Sync send step after transformation step

    Hi Gurus,
    The send step I have after transformation step is not getting the input message. I am splitting the message into 2 messages in the trans step and using one of them as input message in send step. I am getting 'empty container is send to the send step' error.
    Please help me with this problem. I am not sure what I am missing.

    Just adding to the disucussion, you might have  specified a source and 2 target msgs in the transformation step.
    Make sure it is one of the 2 target msgs that you have specified for the send step.
    You can view the 2 target msgs in SXMB_MONI.
    Use Michal's blog for reference.
    Jai Shankar

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    Please don't tell me to google the question, or point me to a link. I tried all those steps, and I could not find the answer.
    If you can't tell me precisely what happens after each step of a sync, please don't reply.

    You can find more info on error -50 here... http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275

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