What is the best resolution for E540 Edge?

Hi !
Someone can tell me what is the best resolution for E540 windows 7? (The recomended is 1920x1080, But I don't like it...).
any recommendations?

1920x1080 but you have to enable Windows scaling features and set it to 125%
In linux... well... don't use linux with full hd 15' displays for atleast 2 or 3 more years... hahaha theyr support for high resolutions is just... *rap...

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  • What is the best resolution for pics in the drop zones of idvd?

    What is the best resolution for pics in the drop zones of iDVD?
    Also: iDVD always seems to align a pic to the left, can I change this anywhere?

    Hello, Hans.
    Re: drop zone pic resolution - I generally don't go below 1000 pixels wide (iDVD will resize these images to a slightly smaller format, but I've controlled the largest part of the downsizing in Photoshop Elements).
    The alignment in iDVD is goofy.  The best I've achieved is trial and error -- adding blank background or cropping my image in the downsizing process (see above) to position my image.

  • What is the best resolution for adding and viewing pictures/images in ibooks?

    I'm trying to add pictures/images and I was wondering what the best resolution is for viewing?  Any help would be great.

    iBook Author seems to scale the images automagically during the book generation, so targeting iPad's native resolution should be fine.
    Havign said that, I'm currently creating art based on the assumption the next generation of the device will have double resolution screen, so a photograph should be scaled to 2048x1536 pixels if you want it to be full screen at 1:1 pixel mapping.
    If you're creating widgets, the art (probably) won't be scaled, and you'll need to use the pixel dimensions you want the art to appear on screen.

  • What's the best resolution for album art?

    I have encountered some 500x500 album art images that don't fill the album art box, and some 200x200 album art image that do completely fill the box. So I assume that there's more to importing album art than just pixel counts.
    That leaves pixel density, or resolution. What should the proper resolution be for a 500x500 pixel album art image? Anything else I'm missing?
    Thanks. WeedMonkey

    72 pixels per inch is usually the default and I find this works reasonably well, although if you want high-detailed covers I'd go for something like 144 or even 200PPI. I get all of my album art from www.7digital.com and save the 350x350 images. I find they are just the right size for Cover Flow and on my iPod.

  • Hi guys I'm wondering what's the best resolutions for the case ?

    I have my iPod and I put it on charge battery the night before.
    On the morning I'm checking it I fund it been turned off and it haven't turn on at all its unbelievable my mate see it u told me its power issue and say's to me could be cost repairing as you buying new one its iPod 4 generations what's the best resolving do u think guys thanks?

    Very hard to read.
    Please repost using sentence structure and punctuation.

  • What is the Best Resolution for TV?

    I have been putting movies I've created via Final Cut / iMovie onto my TV. I'm using VideoMonkey to convert the files to MP4 format. I want to create the highest resolution possible and space/file size is no concern. But I don't want to create a resolution that is too high for TV.
    VideoMonkey's default format for TV is 1024x720 @ 24fps H.264 Video. But I can set the quality to low, standard or high. And encoding options are from fast to high quality (2 pass). I can set everything to the best but I want to make sure the TV can even utilize it.
    I can create these movies as high as 1080p that is 4GB. But again, is it worth creating that file size so large if TV can only play an HD 720 version?
    I hope this is clear.

    for the original appletv you should be looking at either 1280x720 @ 24pfs or 960x540 @ 30fps.
    the adverised bitrate limitation for the original appletv is 5000kbit/s.

  • What is the best Resolution for this Error: Failed to execute IS server package because of error 0x80131904. Server:

    Dear Forum Members,
    I have an SSIS running perfectly when i run it in Visual Studio Shell. I have organized it into a job which runs well on SQL Server agent at intervals. 
    However, suddenly, i started having this error as stated in the title. Please find details of the error below and kindly help resolve it ASAP.
    Error Details:
    Date 1/27/2015 11:24:00 AM
    Log Job History (FmdqSync)
    Step ID 1
    Job Name FmdqSync
    Step Name S1
    Duration 00:00:30
    Sql Severity 0
    Sql Message ID 0
    Operator Emailed
    Operator Net sent
    Operator Paged
    Retries Attempted 0
    Executed as user: NT Service\SQLSERVERAGENT. Microsoft (R) SQL Server Execute Package Utility  Version 11.0.2100.60 for 64-bit  Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.    Started:  11:24:00 AM  Failed to execute
    IS server package because of error 0x80131904. Server: ., Package path: \SSISDB\FMDQSync\FMDQServerDataSync\FMDQServerDataSync1.dtsx, Environment reference Id: NULL.  Description: Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of
    the operation or the server is not responding.  The statement has been terminated.  Source: .Net SqlClient Data Provider  Started:  11:24:00 AM  Finished: 11:24:30 AM  Elapsed:  30.187 seconds.  The package execution
    failed.  The step failed.

    Hi Sadeeq,
    Based on your description and the error message, it should be a timeout issue when the ADO .NET Source connects to the source database. So, please refer to the following two suggestions:
    Double click on the ADO .NET Connection Manager, click the All tab, and set the “Connect Timeout” property to a bigger value. By default, it is 15 seconds.
    Increase the DefaultBufferSize value of the Data Flow Task. By default, the DefaultBufferSize is 10 (MB), you can increase it to a value that is less than 100 (MB).
    Katherine Xiong
    Katherine Xiong
    TechNet Community Support

  • What is the best resolution for a video to instert in Captivate 6 ?

    Quelle est selon votre expérience la meilleure résolution et taille pour insérer une vidéo (MP4) dans captivate 6?
    je cherche le meilleur compromis pour éviter un temps de chargement trop lent et une modification des pixels si je redimensionne la vidéo.
    Merci de votre aide

    if you're displaying video in flash, you should use flv or f4v files.

  • What is the best laptop for Photoshop Elements 10 ?

    I have HP Pavilion g6 Notebook,i5-245M 2.5GHZ, 4 GB mwmory, 64-bit Operating system window 7, Radeon Graphics, Eidtior not working , I get error message ( Unable to continue because of hardware or system error,Sorry,but this error in unercoverable).
    So I want to give this one to my son, and I want to bay new One for me,
    but i do not want to have same Error with my new Laptop,
    So any one know what is the best Laptop for PhotoShop Elements 10 ?
    Thanks for Helping me .

    I would suggest a machine with a multi-core processor and plenty of storage as photo files take up quite a lot of room over time. Many laptops have a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and whilst elements will run OK some menu functionality will be missing if the display is not at least 800 pixels in height. A resolution of 1600 x 900 would be much better.
    Independent advice is best, such as Which, UK. You can get a trial membership for as little as £1 to access their recommendations.

  • What is the ideal resolution for photos when creating a photo book in iphoto?

    Can you tell me what is the ideal resolution for photos I use to create a photo book from my iphoto library? 

    The DPI depends on the size of the image to be printed by the image file.  A 639 x 960 image could print a 3.5  x  5 photo at 180 DPI.  This website explains it further: The Myth of DPI.  
    So use the smaller photos only in the smaller frames on multiple photo layouts for best results.

  • What are the best practices for generating an EPS logo from InDesign?

    Our costomer is running into technical issues with the logo we sent them, which was exported from Indesign. Images were not embedded and fonts missing. I was able to embed the images and fonts. However, we DO NOT want them to be able to make any text changes. So after exporting an eps, I opened the file in Adobe Illustrator and made all the text outlines. I hope this works. But I just wanted to post the question on what are the best practices for doing this?
    The client needs the logo with transparent background, images emebdded and type in outlines. Also, they need some space around the text. When I exported the eps, the file is right up on the edge of the type.

    It sounds like you are pretty far from "best practice" with regard to logo design and delivery.
    These days, the very use of the EPS format should be considered bad practice, and some other terms in your post, (i.e., 'images,' 'missing fonts'), make it sound like there is not a seasoned logo designer involved.
    That said, you probably already got the advice you need to get out of the immediate jam. However, without proper logo design, you and the client will soon be facing other problems. You should be delivering a 100% vector graphic in single-color (black) and corporate-color(s) versions, with no live font data, that has been test-scaled to very small and very large sizes; ensuring it will work at postage-stamp size and on the side of a truck or building, with specific spot color(s) and proportions that will enable it to be offset printed, embroidered and screen-printed on apparel, and cut into signage materials and decals.

  • What is the best practice for localization?One .rpt for all/each language?

    Hi All,
    I have a question :
    What is the best practice for localization?One .rpt for all language or one for each language? I
    Thanks for your response,

    Well, speaking of best practices, see the [Rules of Engagement|https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/wiki?path=/display/home/rulesofEngagement]
    Step 2 Asking Your Question; Provide Enough Information
    Next, make sure you search these forums before posting. Your question may just be already answered, thus giving you quicker resolution. For example, these threads come up just searching for "localization":
    Multiple language support
    Crystal Reports localization issue
    English resource files
    Next, (assuming you are working with CR 2008), see the developer help files:
    In the Crystal Reports 2008 .NET SDK developer Help file, search for "Localization".

  • What is the best resolution to set my display on.

    What is the best resolution to use for my IMac display?

    Robert Bauermeister wrote:
    What is the best resolution to use for my IMac display?
    The native resolution of the display, of course.  You have no reason to change it.

  • What is the best Monitor for Video editing & Graphic Design?

    Hi every one,
    I would like to find out what is the best monitor for video editing and graphic design that you recomend, I am trying to buy one but not sure which one is good and not expansive.
    Thanks very much

    I don't want 2 monitors, so a single 27inch model just what I need... plenty of room for PPro, or I can have a Word document and a Text file open and side by side
    That is personal taste and there is no discussing taste. However, from my perspective, and that is personal, I prefer 3840 x 1080 resolution with dual monitors over 1920 x 1080 with a single monitor, but that is because I very often have Firefox, Filezilla, Dreamweaver and some other applications open at the same time, switching between the Adobe forums, Gmail accounts, Notebook results from the PPBM5 data submissions, PPBM5 form submissions, MySQL access, phpadmin pages to update the database, the PPBM5 results pages and various DW .php pages for the maintenance of our database and switching back and forth between various versions of PR. I occasionally really run out of real estate with all these applications and could not consider a single monitor with only 1920 x 1080 resolution, even if it were a 105" screen. In the future I would even like to have a four monitor setup (with MPE hardware support) in a two by two configuration, so that I can freely move my application screens around.
    If that happens, notice I say if and not when, my preference for a monitor would be something like 4 Samsung F2380 monitors. Small bezel, great display and panel, affordable.

  • What's the best format for archiving for future hi res?

    I've got FCP 6 running on OS X 10.6.8.
    If I upgrade the system I'll have to upgrade FCP and will lose a lot of my old video files in the process (at least it'll take a LOT of work to get them back to the way they were.)
    So I'd like to save my videos in the best resolution for future use. At this point I've only got copies for hi res YouTube and standard res DVDs.
    In the future I might want to go to Blu Ray or whatever else is current. What's the best file type to save them out as?
    Also, should I do this through Compressor or straight from FCP 6?
    I know hard drives fail, so what would also be the best way to store them? Thumb drives? Data DVDs?

    Neal Fox wrote:
    ...  I know hard drives fail, so what would also be the best way to store them? Thumb drives? Data DVDs?
    All media can fail ... my first home-made DVDs were killed just by letting them lay in the bright sunlight for 20 minutes ...
    So, aside 'future-proof codecs', for long-term strorage a smart back-up-strategy is essential.
    And here come hard-drives back again into the game:
    to copy/clone a hard-drive, you simply drag the content from Drive#A to Drive#B - done. (no need to watch the time-bar grow...)
    to copy 'disks' ... that is a more complex procedure... not to mention, a disk doesn't fit as much data as a drive, so you have to repeat that steps multiple times.
    There are no numbers avail about non-mechanical storage media (sticks, SDcrads, SSDs) on the log run...I 'killed' several sticks and SDcards, just by using them.-
    Magnetic media ... hmmm, older audio-tapes got rust; a German manufacturer (BASF) got 'famous' in the late 60ies for using the wrong 'glue', so the iron particles felt off from the plastics after some decades of storage..
    Finally, 'hardware' - anybody remembering SCSI? 5 1/4" floppies?? MO-drives? ................. (firewire < chuckle> )
    You can actually read a 500y old Gutenberg Bible, but in 50y, most of our 'data' is gone, poof, nirvana....
    (no, I'm not grumpy )

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