What is the best way to 'clean up" a Mac that has been going for about 2 years.  I reset safari frequently but need to be sure stuff I don't want is gone.

What is the best way to 'clean up" a Mac that has been going for about 2 years.  I reset safari frequently but need to be sure stuff I don't want is gone.

I'd gather by your "reset Safari"  and "clean up" you mean by sites you rather not have your mom see.
Hidden Flash cookies are stored in "Macromedia" Folders on your computer, can delete using the free Easy Find first, but need to reinstall Flash again here
OnyX run All the cleaning and maintenance steps followed by a reboot, followed by a Disk Utility erase free space.
CCleaner is in beta for OS X, can combine the cleaning and secure erase in the same steps if properly configured.
Every web site knows your apx location.
To be sure to have a clean machine, a
Restoring OS X - 10.6  "fresh install method"
Restoring OS X - 10.7 - wipe and install
is the only way as you only bring files back to the machine that you know what they are, everything else is removed.

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  • What is the best way to clean up your mac and make it faster and run to an optimum level?

    Hi Everyone, Hope all is well
    Iv been running my mac pro for a long time now, its a Mac pro, 2x 2.26 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon. 12 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 Ram
    Over time now it has become slower, at the moment its still running fine but im sure over time it has probabally collected unwanted data etc. i just dont want it to become a problem as its only going to be used more and more... i now notice that some of the regular programs which i open do take a little while longer to open and i sometimes see that little round Mac loading the sign (the round multicolor wheel).., is there a way to clean the mac up? so that it can run more smoothly and just a better over all feel.,,, the machine is still running beautifully but its time i give it more care and revive it a little more..
    What are the best ways to do this, i dont trust any of these non apple based products which claim they can clean ur Mac etc.
    Any solutaion and advice that u guys can give would be great and i would be very thankful
    Thanks in advance

    For immediate speed improvements, upgrade to a Solid State Drive and upgrade your conventional hard drives to new ones, because the newer ones are faster at reading and writing than the ones from 5 years ago.
    By Re-installing your OS onto a solid state drive, the system will boot much faster, and your programs will launch much faster.
    I use a small SSD (only 60GB) which contains only OS X and all my apps.  All of my personal files are on the large mechanical hard drive.  If you still use the drive that shipped with the Mac, then it might be a good idea to replace it.
    Depending on what kind of work you do, then additional RAM will help.  Swapping CPUs should only be done if you are really in need of the improvements they would bring. 
    You appear to have the 2009 dual-CPU Mac Pro, which is the most challenging model to swap CPUs into.

  • What is the best way to shut down an iMac that has frozen during a data transfer? The disk I was writing to will not eject. Stopping "copy items to" doesn't work either_ it is frozen as well. Is there a way to force eject the disk so I can shut down?

    Some more information on the above: OS: 7.2
    1. None of the shutdown commands would work so I held the power button down and received a prompt that asked if I wished to force eject the drive, I selected
    the force eject and then shut down.
    2. Just recently I installed an eSATA _ Thunderbolt_ port multiplier compliant PCIe card (Seritek Q6G) into a thunderbolt external chassis (OWC Helios) (seritek Q6G).
    This freeze data transfer also happened when I connected a Firmtek 5PM external tower to the iMac via thunderbolt cable.
    The driver for the seritek Q6G was installed in the iMac previous to connection of any of the devices.
    Both external towers mount ok on the iMac but have frozen during data transfer.
    The initial freeze was with the Firmtek 5PM which is (JBOD)_ I thought that might have had something to do with the freeze_ it being JBOD_ so next I tried the Mercury Elite AL Pro Q2- which is formated in RAID 5. But then froze too.
    Anybody have any experience with this?
    Maybe I need another driver?
    Or maybe some update to my OS?
    Any suggestions welcomed.
    Thank you

    Hello BDAqua, thanx for the suggestions. Before I saw this reply I tried to first quit the finder and then to relaunch the Finder but that resulted was a blank gray screen.
    In the end I ended up having to power down the iMac.
    Fortunately the RAID array that was "active" seems to be fine and also has a firewire 800 connection so I can use it_ just not with thunderbolt until this issue is solved.
    I'm going to check in the Applications>Utilities>system log to see if any clues are evident_ thank you for the suggestion.
    PS: Nothing of note was obvious as a root cause in the Activity Monitor though.
    hmmm....I was told that the Helios and seritek card were compatable and that the Helios didn't require any drivers..it will be a drag if there isn't an easy fix for this since this new PCIe card from seritek is the first to offer port multiplier compatibility for eSATA to thunderbolt...since they are both new I'm hoping that an OS upgrade will be the fix (presently7.2)...we shall see.

  • What is the best way to clean a white Apple keyboard?

    What is the best way to clean a white Apple keyboard?

    Take the batteries out if applicable, and use a very slightly damped lint-free cloth. Be very careful not to get any actual liquid into it. A brush would also be useful for cleaning between the keys: if you want to get fancy you can buy mini-vacuum cleaners for this, such as this one.

  • What is the best way to clean a soft screen on a laptop

    what is the best way to clean a soft screen on a laptop

    i dont know what you mean by "a soft screen", but read this: To clean the screen on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, first shut down the computer and unplug the power adapter. Dampen the included cleaning cloth with just water and wipe the screen. Do not spray liquid directly onto the screen.

  • What's the best way to cleanly stop Goldengate?

    For routine maintenance/upgrades what's the best way to cleanly stop GoldenGate? I don't want to wait endlessly. I use this currently and seen no issues :-
    stop er *!
    kill er *!
    stop manager!

    shiyer wrote:
    For routine maintenance/upgrades what's the best way to cleanly stop GoldenGate? I don't want to wait endlessly. I use this currently and seen no issues :-
    stop er *!
    kill er *!
    stop manager!
    For routine maintenance/upgrades, just {noformat} "stop er *" {noformat} should be preferred; and when all processes are stopped, mgr can (optionally) be stopped. If you really are waiting endlessly for this to return, the real question is "why": then, perhaps there are other parameters that can be adjusted to make GG stop more quickly. (On the other hand, {noformat} "stop mgr!" {noformat} is harmless, the "!" simply prevents it from asking "are you sure?" before stopping the process.)
    I really wouldn't use "kill" unless you really have a good reason to (and the reason itself requiring the process to be killed should be analyzed & resolved). To "kill" a process shouldn't cause data loss (GG always maintains checkpoints to prevent this) -- but still it seems unnecessary, unless there really is something that should be killed. (Aside: I mean, I can kill -9 / "force quit" my browser and/or 'halt' my laptop every time as well, and it would probably be "faster" to -- but it can cause issues (and wasted time) upon restart: i.e., fsck, recover sessions, whatever. Same basic idea, imo.)
    There's a reason there are different commands to 'stop' processes (stop vs. stop! vs. kill). Just for example, "stop replicat !" causes current transactions to be rolled back; there typically is no reason for this, you'll just restart that txn when the process is restarted; might as well let the current one finish. And "kill extract" (I believe) will not warn about potentially "long running transactions" that can cause (painful) issues at startup (missing old archive logs, etc). There are probably other examples, as well.
    So if this really is "routine", then "stop", don't "stop!" or "kill". If there are long delays, see why first & see if they can be addressed independently. (This really is just a stock answer for a generic question, it would be irresponsible for me to answer otherwise :-) )

  • What is the best way to clean a Macbook anti glare screen

    What is the best way to clean my Macbook Pro anti glare screen

    I have used WINDEX ELECTRONICS for about the past 6+ months:
    I apply it with a small damp microfiber cloth and wipe the excess off with a large microfiber cloth.  The display looks the same when it came out of the box.

  • What is the best way to clean the exterior of the Macbook Pro

    The exterior of the my MacBook Pro appears to be an aluminum or silver metal. What is the best way to clean this surface? It seems to become easily smudged.

    it's not or silver metal it is aluminum. Follow the guidelines by Apple in the MacBook Pro Users Guide.pdf
    "Cleaning your MacBook Pro When cleaning the outside of your MacBook Pro and its components, first shut down your MacBook Pro and unplug the power adapter. Then use a damp, soft, lint-free cloth to clean the computer’s exterior. Avoid getting moisture in any openings. Do not spray liquid directly on the computer. Do not use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives that might damage the finish.
    Cleaning your MacBook Pro screen To clean your MacBook Pro screen, first shut down your MacBook Pro and unplug the power adapter. Then dampen the included cleaning cloth with just water and wipe the screen. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen."

  • What is the best way to clean the aluminum unibody of the rMBP?

    What is the best way to clean the aluminum of the rMBP?


  • What's the best way to clean the DVD player in a 2007 Macbook Pro?

    Hello All.
    Our older MacBook Pro from mid 2007 has not had its DVD Player cleaned.
    Now our Redbook DVD'S are "skipping over damaged areas"
    What's the best way to clean it?
    Thanx for your advice.

    take the files from the dvds and back them up as iso or just the files onto your computer. this way you wont have to rely on the optical drive.
    the safest way is to take it into the apple store to clean,
    but if there are danages on the DVD, you'll have to somewhere for them to buff it out. some gaming store will do this for you for a charge. You are better off taking the media off of the disks and saving them on your computer or usb stick, so on.
    hope this helps ;-)

  • What's the best way to clean a sticky home key?

    I just purchased a brand new iPhone, and much to my dismay, something is causing the home key to stick. What's the best way to clean such an area? Can I do it myself, or is it best left to professionals? Thanks for your help.

    Not if the device is in warranty and the issue is a defect not caused by your negligence. Take it in and let Apple take a look at it. If you fool around with it yourself and really cause some damage, then your warranty will not cover the repair. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • What's the best way to completely wipe my Mac?

    I'm selling my 17" iMac G5 as I've just replaced it with a shiny new 24" Intel iMac [droool!]. Anyway, I want to know what software or what's the best way to wipe/clear my Mac and start from scratch so the person buying it doesn't have all my rubbish on there - plus can't retrieve any of my private files.
    What have you guys done in the past in situations like this? I know you can do a clean install off the original installations CD's but will this be enough to get ride of all preferene files and folders etc etc?

    The easiest way is to put a new installation of your OS onto the Mac.
    Insert your Install disk 1 into to the drive and then Restart, and hold down the C key to take you to the installation windows.
    Select your language, the start up Volume and choose Erase and Install.
    At the point your registration process starts, abandon the registration, quit and eject the disk and switch of the computer.
    This will allow the new user a freshly installed system, whereby they can complete the registration process themselves. Make sure you hand on the disks.
    If you want to be extra thorough, you can, booted from your Install disk use Disk Utility to Zero All Data, before doing the Erase and Install described above, and if you want to be paranoid thorough, you can choose to overwrite the disk with several passes before doing the installation described first. Note this latter process can take from several hours to several days depending on the selection and the size of your internal hard drive.
    regards roam

  • What is the best software to clean up your mac?

    What is the best software to clean up your Mac?

    Kappy's Personal Suggestions for OS X Maintenance
    For disk repairs use Disk Utility.  For situations DU cannot handle the best third-party utilities are: Disk Warrior;  DW only fixes problems with the disk directory, but most disk problems are caused by directory corruption; Disk Warrior 4.x is now Intel Mac compatible. Drive Genius provides additional tools not found in Disk Warrior.  Versions 1.5.1 and later are Intel Mac compatible.
    OS X performs certain maintenance functions that are scheduled to occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly period. The maintenance scripts run in the early AM only if the computer is turned on 24/7 (no sleep.) If this isn't the case, then an excellent solution is to download and install a shareware utility such as Macaroni, JAW PseudoAnacron, or Anacron that will automate the maintenance activity regardless of whether the computer is turned off or asleep.  Dependence upon third-party utilities to run the periodic maintenance scripts was significantly reduced since Tiger.  These utilities have limited or no functionality with Snow Leopard or Lion and should not be installed.
    OS X automatically defragments files less than 20 MBs in size, so unless you have a disk full of very large files there's little need for defragmenting the hard drive. As for virus protection there are few if any such animals affecting OS X. You can protect the computer easily using the freeware Open Source virus protection software ClamXAV. Personally I would avoid most commercial anti-virus software because of their potential for causing problems. For more about malware see Macintosh Virus Guide.
    I would also recommend downloading a utility such as TinkerTool System, OnyX 2.4.3, or Cocktail 5.1.1 that you can use for periodic maintenance such as removing old log files and archives, clearing caches, etc.
    For emergency repairs install the freeware utility Applejack.  If you cannot start up in OS X, you may be able to start in single-user mode from which you can run Applejack to do a whole set of repair and maintenance routines from the command line.  Note that AppleJack 1.5 is required for Leopard. AppleJack 1.6 is compatible with Snow Leopard. There is no confirmation that this version also works with Lion.
    When you install any new system software or updates be sure to repair the hard drive and permissions beforehand. I also recommend booting into safe mode before doing system software updates.
    Get an external Firewire drive at least equal in size to the internal hard drive and make (and maintain) a bootable clone/backup. You can make a bootable clone using the Restore option of Disk Utility. You can also make and maintain clones with good backup software. My personal recommendations are (order is not significant):
    Carbon Copy Cloner
    Data Backup
    Deja Vu
    Synk Pro
    Synk Standard
    Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQs on maintenance, optimization, virus protection, and backup and restore.
    Additional suggestions will be found in Mac Maintenance Quick Assist.
    Referenced software can be found at CNet Downloads or MacUpdate.
    Be sure you have an adequate amount of RAM installed for the number of applications you run concurrently. Be sure you leave a minimum of 10% of the hard drive's capacity as free space.

  • What is the best way to hook up my mac mini to my LED flatscreen

    I have a Samsung LED flatscrren - what is the best way to hook up a mac mini to it

    HDMI cable. Works great no problems so far.

  • I have Lookout 6.5 running with Windows 7, the process has been running for about 2 months with no problems, but today the Citadel stopped working! I am having a hard time getting it started again, need help!

    I have Lookout 6.5 running with Windows 7, the process has been running for about 2 months with no problems, but today the Citadel stopped working!
    How could this have happened and what can I do to get it running again? 

    Didnt realize there was a response, late getting back to you.
    Save your process files outside of the NI progam directory (you should have external backups already right ).  THey should not be deleted.
    Any customizations to the lookout.ini and lookout.sec file may be lost.  
    Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.

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