What is the best way to edit photos and save changes across devices (without using iphoto)

So I took allot of vacation photos with my iphone and created a photo stream so they can be viewed across devices. Some are dark and I would like to lighten them up and have the changes saved across devices. What is the best way? I originally tried saving all photos to my pc, editing them them, then syncing to all devices via my pc but, this creates 2 folders on my phone, the actual folder with said vacation name and a folder titled "photo gallery" with the exact same photo's. Not sure why it does that.
Any suggestions?

All photos transferred from your computer are saved in the iPhone's Photo Library. The photos in the album or albums below include a pointer only to the original photos stored in the Photo Library. The photos are not duplicated as in taking double the storage space.
This way you can view the photos in an album only by selecting the album, or all photos in all albums by selecting Photo Library. The same applies if you transfer multiple albums or folders of photos, or a single album or folder.
Similar to an iTunes playlist on your iPhone. You can listen to a playlist only by selecting the playlist, or listen to all songs by selecting Music. A song placed in a playlist is not duplicated as in taking up double the storage space.
You can place the edits in the photo stream on your computer, or in the photo stream on your iPhone or other iOS device, and delete the originals in the photo stream prior to the editing.  

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    With supervised ipads, what is the best way to transfer photos and videos to the PC? Wireless transfer is not an option in our circumstances.

    There are only two ways of transfering things on the iPad.
      - via WiFi
      - via usb cable
    From what I have read, you need to connect to iTunes on the supervising PC.

  • What's the best way to move photo folders from internal to external HD using LR to track change?

    I am trying to move my photo folders from Pictures on an iMac running Mavericks to an external HD as my main photo storage and to do so with LR 5.6 keeping track of the folders. I have 20K plus photos in the Catalog in the iMac's HD and wouldn't want LR to loose track of the photos. I am not creating duplicates but moving all the files w/original photos and edits.
    Is there a good and safe method to use LR to perform this task?

    In your operating system, move the photos to the external HD, keeping the folder structure unchanged, and then in Lightroom reconnect using these instructions: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders

  • What is the best way to burn to disk in Encore?? (without using the Blu-ray option)

    I am trying to put together a video for my sister (who lives in the UK) of her wedding, that she can watch on her dvd/blu-ray player as a movie with scenes and menus. So, initally, I am using Encore to create menus/scenes and prior to this, used premiere pro to edit sequences and chop up/edit the video. I realise that while i am in premiere pro, I can queue it up and have the option to change the format of my files to AVI, MPEG, H.264 etc to maximise the best quality. I then take that file (or files) and bring them into encore and begin creating my scenes and menus.
    Once i am happy with the final result, I then aim to burn this to a disc where i can then send it to her so that she and her newly wed hubby can invite their friends/family around to their place and remember that fabulous day together. Where i am getting stuck is when it comes to burning that file using encore as it only offers to build the project for DVD or Blu-ray. Since i dont have a blu-ray burner, it seems that my only option is to select DVD. Obviously DVD is SD and the resolution for this is 720*480. This doesnt work for me, because once i burn it to dvd, i lose almost half the quality of the original video. I have a few questions here that hopefuly someone can help me with:
    1. Whats the point of encoding the timeline in premiere pro to a really high quality file such as H.264 if encore only offers DVD, Blu-ray or Flash? (I mean, why have this if you only have a dvd burner?)
    2. Since i dont have a blu-ray burner, is there another way around taking my high res movie and putting it onto a DVD without loss of quality? 
    3. Is there any other possible way (or settings to use) before burning it to a dvd that i could tweak to avaoid loss of quality?
    4. Should i perhaps be using some other way, rather than trying to create an ISO file in encore that will allow me to put this file on a dvd, which will still have a scenes and menu titles? (Meaning, so that it is just not an avi file sitting on a dvd, but rather it actually looks like a movie, with scenes, music in the background etc)?
    Feel free to check out the orginial movie i cut up in post production at the link belwo. i did not shoot this vidoe so i am unsure as to what video camera was being used. All i was told, is that it was a fairly modern one (2012 i think). My sister merely sent me all the video and pictures and i just edited it in premiere pro, and now want to send it back to her in a format/way that she can watch it on her television with options to jump to scenes, just like when you watch a dvd movie at home.
    Here is the link - https://vimeo.com/71008272
    Thanks for your help guys. 

    No, you can't burn a DVD with HD resolution files and have DVD or similar style navigation.
    The solution is to buy a bluray burner.
    The workaround is to create an HD version of the files in Premiere, but for the future. In the meantime, export MPEG2-DVD from Premiere, and use those in Encore for this project. During the export from Premiere is where you downrez and lose quality. Your sister should play this back on a player that supports upscaling.

  • What is the best way to edit meta data..

    What is the best way to edit meta data and tag photos, faces, places etc. and have the data saved to the original photo.
    On a PC I would just use Windows Gallery. iPhoto on the Mac allows for some tagging, but it doesn't save to the original file.
    I like to have my photos in a folder, edit them and save the changes.
    What software would work best on a MAC to accomplish this?
    Thanks for any help,

    iPhoto is a database and any metadata you add or edit is available in any app - if you learn how to use it.
    iPhoto is a non-destructive processor. It never touches the original file - it treats it like a film shooter treats the negative.
    If you want a copy of the original file with the metadata included simply export a copy.
    This User Tip
    has details of the options in the Export dialogue.
    As an FYI:
    For help accessing your photos in iPhoto see this user tip:

  • What is the best way to import photos from aperture to my new Lightroom

    What is the best way to import photos from aperture to my new Lightroom ?

    See if this helps
    http://lightroomsolutions.com/articles/migrating-from-aperture-to-lightroom-where-do-i-beg in/

  • HT3275 what is the best way to retreive photos that were in the trash & it was emptied

    What is the best way to retreive photos that were in the trash & were emptied

    Look to the right on this page under 'More like this'.

  • What are the best ways to share photos from iPhoto?

    What are the best ways to share photos from iPhoto?

    If you use Adobe Photoshop, or even Adobe Photoshop Elements, stay as far away from iPhoto as possible.
    iPhoto does not play nice with Adobe software or with software from any other third party developer.
    iPhoto will hide your image files in a library paradigm where you have no access to them other than through iPhoto.

  • What is the best way to EDIT a voice narration in Premiere Elements 11?

    What is the best way to EDIT a voice narration in Premiere Elements 11 when words or paragraphs have to be repeated?

    The rough description of Preview Window trimming..
    a. double click clip in Project Assets to bring up Preview Window
    b. move Timeline indicator to beginning of section, hit Set In; move Timeline indictor to end of section, hit Set Out.
    c. next you can drag the segment from the Windows to the Timeline audio track and/or drag the segment from the Preview Window to Project Assets to become part of the project's media.
    The following should give you some thoughts on the above.
    Although more from a video trimming perspective, the principles apply to an audio clip as well.
    Now "delete and close gap" can be interesting depending on what is around the area involved.
    Please check out the details on that in the following.
    Not sure I am clear on
    The “delete and close gap” option in the edit menu does not work. Do I have to move the file to the Narration Track on the Timeline to do the actual trimming?
    You should be able to trim the narration in the Preview Window opened by right clicking the narration clip in Project Assets and then drag the segment to an audio track or narration track or dragging the trim to Project Assets for source media.
    Please check out the above and then let me know if you are OK with the information. If not, let me know where I need to clarify what I have written.

  • What is the best way to manage photo's with multiple login accounts?

    There are three people in my household and each has their own login into the computer. I also have and external drive.  Space is becoming short on the computer, so I want to move all my photos and music to the external drive.  I have moved all the music files and folders to the external drive and then each user has just updated their individual iTunes folders, pointing to the external drive.
    However, what is the best way to manage photo's? Do I do this same process or is there another way? I don't want any music or photo files on the computer's hard drive at all if it can be avoided.

    I am presuming that we cannot share downloaded apps and music between accounts because of the copyright issue,
    Though I'm no copyright lawyer, as long as it's within a household, you can share content among users. Such sharing is, absent specific language preventing it not present in the iTunes Store terms of use, generally considered to be "personal use". So you can share apps and music amongst your users on your computer and with their devices. You just can't give any of that content to friends or relatives who don't live with you.
    What I am not clear on, it making sure that this appears in each itunes account - is it easy to find the file storage folders that match the itunes accounts and what would these be?
    The iTunes library and files are by default in a user's Home/Music folder. But you don't have to find the folder; in fact putting a file into the folder yourself won't add the file to iTunes. Just drag the file into the iTunes window. iTunes will copy it to the correct location.

  • What's the best way to share photos?

    Now that MobileMe Gallery is gone, what's the best way to share photos over the internet?
    Is there some simple method where I can upload an entire album from iPhoto and then send a link to others so they can view them?
    I've tried both Flickr and Shutterfly and did not like either.

    buttermaker wrote:
    Thanks for the idea, but it still seems kinda kludgy.
    I find it best to focus on solutions.
    Why can't iPhoto just pull the images from a media browser or something over the network?
    I don't know. Part of the issue has to be that iPhoto is not a HD browser. Another part is what you mean by " ... just pull the images".
    Any tips on creating a locally hosted web gallery?
    My greatest single tip of all time: try it! The tools available to use for just a few hundred dollars are astoundingly powerful.
    Or... does anyone have any Automator magic they'd like to share?
    No need. Web galleries are built into Aperture 3. Put the images you want to be in the gallery in one Album (Smart or otherwise). Select all the images. Click "New→Web Page". Select a theme. Change some of the text. Make some other changes. Click "Export Web Pages ... ". Make some more decisions. Give the folder a name. Save it somewhere with access to those whom you wish to see it. Select "Tell me when done". Check your email (have a coffee). Click "Show in Finder". Open the folder. Double-click the file "index.html". Brilliant! Enjoy.
    The trick to sharing this is to make the folder available. The index file will always open the web site pages in a web browser.

  • What is the best way to transfer photos from old laptop to new laptop?

    What is the best way to transfer photos from old Macbook Pro to new Macbook Pro?

    If you only need to transfer photos, connect the two Macs to the same network. Enable file sharing on both, and copy the iPhoto folder from your old Mac to the new one. Put it in your Pictures folder. This assumes you have no photos on your new MacBook Pro you wish to keep. If you do then let me know.
    The first time you launch the new version of iPhoto with a Library created by an older version, it will most likely want to "upgrade your iPhoto Library". This is normal.

  • HT5225 what is the best way to share photos now?

    Now that the gallery is shut down and kodak gallery is shut down, what is the best way to share photos?

    See iCloud for PC's for instructions on setting it up.

  • What is the best way to sync iCal, AdressBook, etc on several devices? (iMac, MacBook, iPad and iPhone)

    I have several Apple devices (iMac, MacBook and iPhone) and I was wondering what is the best way to sync iCal, AdressBook, etc on these devices?
    I have an iCloud acount as well, but how to sync without seeing enteries double (iCal)?
    Many thanks!

    iCloud should not cause duplicate entries in Calendars unless you are syncing using iTunes as well as Wi-Fi. No need for both.
    iCloud backs up:
    Purchased music, TV shows, apps, and books
    Photos and video in the Camera Roll
    Device Settings
    App data
    Home screen and app organization
    Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS)
    From here > Apple - iCloud - Store and back up your content in iCloud.
    Instructions here >  Learn how to set up iCloud on all your devices

  • HT1473 What is the best way to covert Cassettes and LPs to CD so it will be recognized on iTunes?

    What is the best way to convert cassettes and records to digital so it can be recognized on iTunes?

    I think hhgttg27 has made a couple of very good points. Perhaps it's worth expanding the discussion.
    hhgttg27 wrote:
    I'd be tempted to say that unless you already have audiophile equipment and/or the LPs and tapes involved are not available in digital format you'd spend a lot less time and get better results just re-buying the music on CD or in a downloadable format.  Trying to deal with defects in the source (particularly the pops and clicks that are present in a lot of LPs) can be incredibly time consuming, and any of the tools that claim to clean up such sources automatically generally do so to the detriment of the overall audio quality.
    I have made these conversions myself in the past, and I can confirm, it is a very time consuming process. I usually clean my audio of the clicks and pops manually, which makes the process even longer. As also stated, if the music is available in digital form, it is probably easier to simply buy the digital file. Consider the benefits:
    Since you are creating digital files, ignore the cost of a CD and consider the cost of ready made digital files. Digital albums usually cost less than a CD, and if you don't want a complete album, it's possible (with most albums) to buy only the songs you want, which reduces unnecessary costs
    It will be much less work. (In many countries, the cost of one digital version of a song is probably equivalent to about six minutes of paid employment. When I first started creating digital versions of my vinyl, it was taking me up to four-and-a-half hours to turn one album {of 60 minutes} into digital files. So to create a decent quality file of a four minute song could take me 10 minutes or longer. I could probably do it in less time now, but I'm experienced.)
    Higher Bit Rate songs are available for some music, if 256Kbps (as supplied by iTunes and Amazon, among others) isn't good enough for you
    The time taken to create a decent digital version of a song includes:
    The time to record it (real time, so a four minute song takes four minutes)
    Editing the start and finish times, so that you have a clean start and finish to the song
    Editing out faults, such as clicks and pops (this is probably the most time consuming task)
    Typing in the song information
    song title
    album title
    track number
    extra information for compilation (various artist) albums
    Saving the file - giving it a filename
    Finding the artwork for the song/album and adding that to the digital file

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