What is the default key command for the COMMAND key?I seem to have changed it somehow along the way and now when I push the command key it hides all windows or shows desk top I need to correct this as soon as possible-.any ideas?

What is the default key command for THE COMMAND (apple) key? I seem to have changed it somehow along the way and now when I push the command key (only) it hides all open windows and shows the desk top and when I push it again it shows all windows again...I need to return to default A.S.A.P. just this one key...Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

Go to
 > System Preferences > Keyboard
Click on the 'Keyboard' tab and hit the 'modifier keys...' button. You can see and change the defaults there.
As I'm not sure if all the labels are the same in Lion, he's a screenshot from Snow Leopard. It should be similar enough:

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