What is the field name for item serial number

hi all
i am doing dispatch report .... i need field name and table name for [item serial number (min) from batch number of that delivery material,item serial number (max) from batch number of that delivery material] ... actually this was the exact term given in the spec. can any one help me out

some more tables :
SER00 .. SER08 , or type SER* in SE11 and press F4, you will get some more.
and <a href="http://www.erpgenie.com/sap/sapfunc/serialnumbers.htm">Check this</a>

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  • What are the field names for below mentioned

    Hello Friends
    What are the fields names for below tables
    in EKKO
    Purchase Document Date
    Net Value of the purchase document.
    In EKPO
    Item Description
    From which place We bought it. (It means in Sales Items there we can know from which plant we sold the goods, like in EKPO, there is any field like this)
    Please let we are defining the report to find out the stock availability for perticular storage location using select Options plant, company code, material no.
    How many tables involve her to build this report. and also field names, they come under which table.
    Please send me this information ASAP. PLz Plz Plz..........

    You can check the fields of these tables via SE11
    Purchase Document Date  -  EKKO-BEDAT
    Item Description  -  EKPO-TXZ01
    Net price per item - EKPO-NETPR.
    Rich Heilman

  • What is the field name for logo and site from but000 table

    when i enter the logo , i should get all the sites of that logo,can u plz help me

    Hello Neeraja,
    You need the region for which entity - customer, vendor?
    Data element for region is REGIO.

  • What are the table names for CRM and APO?

    hi friends,
    what are the table names for CRM and APO?

    hi Suneel,
    check in crm forum
    Re: SAP-CRM Tables
    BUT051 BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship
    Similar to BUT050 , additionally contains Contact Person’s Address data
    BUT0BK Business Partner: Bank Data & Details
    BP Number, Bank Key, Bank Country Key, Bank Account Number
    BNKA Bank Master Data
    BUT100 BP: Roles
    ADR2 Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)
    ADR6 SMTP Numbers (Business Address Services)
    Contains Email – Id of the BP.
    ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services)
    BP’s Complete Address Details- City, Country, Post Code, District, Street, Title No Etc
    TSAD3T Table containing the Title text against a Title No.
    COMM_PRODUCT Master Table for Product
    CRMM_BUAG Master table for Business Agreement
    CRMM_BUAG_H Header Data for Business Agreement such as Tax Category, Tax Characteristic, Form key, Business Agreement Class. Data in this table correspond to ISU CRMD_ORDERADM_H Contains the Header Information for a Business Transaction.
    1. It doesn’t store the Business Partner
    responsible for the transaction. To
    get the Partner No, link it with
    2. This table can be used for search
    based on the Object Id(Business
    Transaction No).
    CRMD_CUSTOMER_H Additional Site Details at the Header Level of a Business Transaction
    CRMC_PROC_TYPE Master table Business Transaction Type
    CRMC_PARTNER_FCT Definition of Partner Functions
    SCPRIOT Priorities for Activities with priority text.
    CRMC_PROC_TYPE_T Text for a transaction type
    CRMC_ACT_OBJ_T Objective Number and Text for Activities
    TJ30T All the status code and text
    CRMC_PR_ASSIGN : Transaction Type and its Transaction Type Object.
    IBIB : Installed Base/Ibase
    IBIN : Installed Base Components
    COMM_PRODUCT : Products
    CRMC_T077D : customer account groups
    CRMD_ORDERADM_H (for header) CRMD_ORDERADM_I (Item data)
    CRMD_ORDERADM_H Business Transactions CRM
    CRMD_ACTIVITY_H Activity
    CRMD_OPPORT_H Opportunity
    BUTOO : Customer details
    BUT001 BP: General data II
    BUT100 BP: Roles
    BUT150 BP relationship: Attribute table (test
    BUT_HIER_TREE Business Partner Group Hierarchy
    CDBC_T_PRODUCTID Mapping: Product Id
    CDBD_ORGMAN Business transaction - organizational unit -
    COMC_PRODUCT General Product Settings
    COMC_R3_FIELDS Assignment of R/3 material master fields to
    COMM_CATEGORY Category
    COMM_CFGMAT Basic Data for Materials
    COMM_HIERARCHY Category Hierarchy
    COMP_TYPES Hierarchy Tool: Comparison Type Check
    CRMC_CPRICPROC Customer Pricing Procedures
    SMOKVBEZ15 Assignment employees to positions
    CRMMLSGUID: GUID entry (should match GUID in CRMPRLS)
    CRMM_BUT_CUSTNO : Also GUID table (GUID here should match GUID in R/3 table CRMKUNNR)
    SMOFSUBTAB : Mapping & Parameters
    SMOFDSTAT : Download Monitor (R4AM1)
    SMOFFILTAB : Filters (Should match filters in R3AC1 & R/3 Table CRMFILTAB)
    SMOFOBJECT Definition of Objects for Download
    SMOFOBJPAR Parent Objects of an Object in Table
    SMOFPARSFA Middleware Parameter
    SMOFQFIND Queue Finder Table for MW-Queue finder
    SMOFTABLES Definition of Tables for Download

  • What is the table name for getting Last Receipt  & issue date of material?

    Hi Friends,
    What is the table name for getting Last Receipt  & issue date of material?
    *Case 1:*
    Here, I am running report in May 2008. But, if there is no goods receipt for the respective material since last 13th March 2007.
    Then in this case Last goods receipt date should be 13th March 2007.
    Please guide me.

    I checked MSEG table. But, I didn't find any field for date.
    Can you tell me field name.

  • What is the table name for Workload analysis?

    Hi All TechGurus,
    We need to create an ABAP program in which it displays some information of Transaction (STO3n), Report for the same (SAPWL_ST03N)
    We want  to create an ABAP program to get the output in excel format?
    What is the table name for Workload analysis?
    Many thanks in advance!!

    Hi  Keshav,
    Thank you for your reply.
    As per my requirement, i want to create an ABAP program in which it displays some information of Transaction (STO3n) and want to send the output in excel format. however I don't understand how to start with it.
    Below are the conditions -
    1. display data for today's date
    2 .In transaction profile,  task should be Dialogue.
    from where should i fetch data which is getting displyed after executing t.code ST03n?
    Please help me with your suggessions...

  • How to add get the field name for a newly added site column.

    I have the following:-
    Enterprise wiki site collection inside SharePoint server 2013.
    I added a new site column of type managed metadata.
    I opened the enterprisewiki.aspx page layout using the SP designer, to add the newly added site column to it.
    But I have noted that to add any site column I need to know the field name , for example the default wiki category column is referenced inside the page layout as follow:-
    <Taxonomy:TaxonomyFieldControl FieldName="Wiki_x0020_Page_x0020_Categories" EmptyValueDescriptionForTargetTemplate="<%$Resources:cms,enterwiki_nocategories_assigned%>" DisableInputFieldLabel="true" runat="server"/>
    So my question is how I can know the field name for my newly added site column?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    The “FieldName” should be the internal name of the column, you will find it at the address bar at the “Site Columns”->”Edit Column” page:
    Best regards,
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • What is the schema name for service part planning module

    Hi Experts,
    i need the following info
    1. what is the schema name for SPP module
    say for example we call ASCP as MSC, in similar passion what is the name given to SPP.
    2. I have searched for the table details in etrm site ( in R12.1.1 ) but it is not available, can anyone help me out to get the table details in SPP ?
    Thanks for your valuable time.

    Thanks Bob for your clarification.
    Do you have any idea, which are all the table that got linked with SPP in the MSC schema ?
    If we have any separate link in metalink, pls share that link.
    Thanks again for your valuable time.
    Babu Ji

  • What is the constant name for Change layout Button in ALV Grid ABAP Objects

    Dear All,
    I have one query please help me.
    what is the constant name for Change layout Button in ALV Grid ABAP Objects.
    With Rgds,

    Halo Vinod,
    The consant name is cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_fc_current_variant.

  • What is the right name for Apple Maps.

    What is the exact name for Apple Maps. I cannot find on in the app store written by Apple. I want to make sure i get the real thing or else I guess its Google!

    Thanks Andy I did not know that. But how can I get it on an i-phone 5S. Turn by turn directions on a desktop of lap top are no good when you are driving.

  • What does the "R" stand for in part number WS-C2924-XL-R

    What does the "R" stand for in part number WS-C2924-XL-R?

    Oh they would be boulders not stones.....
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  • What is the table name for structure field MUEBS???

        How can I know the table for a screen-field if i get structure from it F1 Technical settings....
    Ex: Here MUEBS is the screen field (Char. Display) in one of the subscreens of VA41. And it is from
          RV45A structure...
    Now how can I know the table name for this field MUEBS.
    I know some methods but they r not help ful.. please try it and get back to me.

    Table field                    Short Description                                                                               
    VBMUE            Sales Document: Characteristic Overview           
    MUEBS                          Characteristic display                                                                               
    VBMUEZ           Sales Document: Characteristic Overview Assignments
    MUEBS                          Characteristic display                                                                               
    VBMUET           Sales Document: Characteristic Overview Description
    MUEBS                          Characteristic display
    You can find same by SE15>Abap dictonary>fields>table fields.

  • Urgent please help: what is the table name for cash management reports?

    I am wondering what the table name for cash management reports is. I am trying to figure out then if I have any missing.
    Please help.

    I checked MSEG table. But, I didn't find any field for date.
    Can you tell me field name.

  • WebApp search by ItemID - where to find the field name for this?

    We want to search against the unique key that is the ItemID on WebApp items. We cannot find any information on what this field name or item ID might be called (beyond the obvious ItemID which does not work when we've tried it) and therefore we cannot search WebApps using the most important field in the WebApp! I've chatted to two different support agents both of whom said they don;t know nor do they think it can be done because the system auto-assigns CAT_custom ID on this. Either the guys do not know what the system can actually do but I cannot believe that we cannot search against the WebApp Item IDs?
    Does anyone know the answer?
    As a matter of interest I note that ItemName and ItemDescription fields are called exacty that, and thus we can search against ItemName

    Yeah, I know it's not quite as versatile as a search, but generally if you are searching by ID you would know the ID and you would only want the one result, so it can be made to work relatively easily.
    I'm using it as an ajax call - seems to be a bit tricky as there's no way to stop BC adding the <head> element etc. I'm using a javascript text search to locate the script tag -  Unless you know of a way to call this as a JSON file? (clutching at straws here)

  • What is the "correct"  name for the new iPad?  Is it also called the 3rd Generation?

    I have the latest iPad, purchased Mar '12.  But when I read Apple News it is referred to as the "new ipad" & somtimed the 3rd Generation.  What is the "correct name & will "SIRI" be available with this Fall latest update?  Thanks!!!

    Yes, it is somewhat confusing isn't it. Almost like, the iPad is having an identity crisis. I believe the official Apple line would be that it is the "New iPad" but I see it referred to the 3rd generation just as frequently as the new iPad.
    Siri will be available for the "new iPad/3rd Gen when iOS 6 is released this fall.

Maybe you are looking for

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