What is the functional difference between the /Shared Items and the /Users/Shared folders?

Can someone shed some light on the difference, intended functionality between the /Shared Items and the /Users/Shared folders?

do any/all network services use the Shared Items folder?
Not all services use it. Time Machine Server does, and I'm not sure which others. FTP is not controlled by Server.app.

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    Hi LCD777,
    Forecasting at DP & CRM are altogether at different entities.  CRM involves webbased data transfer mechanism tool whereas DP is database/livecache driven tool.
    In CRM, you dont get optimised solution of forecasting out of it whereas in DP you can get as much as
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    R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

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    For one, their form factors are slightly different as the iPhone has a bit more squarish body whereas the iPod Touch has a tapered back to it. 
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    A small query regarding UME (User Management Engine) and CUA ( Central User Administration). Whats the functional difference between these two. I read in help documents that UME will be used for SAP WebAS Java server. But I read that it can be used for ABAP engine as well. Then why do we need to use CUA when we have user friendly interface tool like UME. According to my knowledge from help documentation, UME comes pre installed. so we dont need to install it as we have to do for CUA.
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    Indeed good question.
    It depends on installation type you selected. But are responsible for user administration in terms of creating, deleting, updating and role assignment tasks to users and groups.
    --CUA is meant for ABAP Installation. CUA is responsible for entire landscape user administration works with RFC connection talking to all ABAP systems
    --UME is meant for Java installations, plus UME is responsible for handling communication between ABAP users and java users.
    For more details see below links all advantages and disadvantages of both systems and comparisons deliberately.
    Amit Lal
    P.S Please don't forget to reward pts.

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    Hi Farooq,
    There are three user IDs in various SAP clients.
    1. SAP* (Client 000 and 001)
    SAP* denotes the default super user and has all administrative powers.
    2. DDIC (Client 000 and 001)
    DDIC user is responsible for the maintenance of the ABAP/4 Dictionary and the software logistics.
    3. EarlyWatch (Client 066)
    The EarlyWatch user has access only to monitoring and performance data.
    Please check this link for more information on data dictionary objects.
    Hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto

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    Voice Over doesn't need someone to type in the text first. Voice Over works with specific screen displayed information so that a blind person can know where his/her cursor is or what is being displayed. Although it is an application of text to talk it's more than the text to talk feature.

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    the repository owner has full rights to do every thing in the repository. There is only one repository owner.
    There may be multiple repository user for one of the following two purposes:
    1. When working in a team, each team member can be added as a different repository user and can have different grants assigned. That way you can also see who has deployed what objects or who has run a mapping.
    2. To be able to deploy into a database schema, that db user user has to be added as repository user as well. Make sure the "user is target schema" checkbox is checked.

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    27.     What is the difference between SAP Software Kernel and the files in Kernel Directory

    well... the OS kernel is for the... "OS" and the SAP Kernel is for.... "SAP"
    A kernel is the core of any application, basically is a set of programs and parameters that tell the system how to behave.

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    I downloaded Mavericks and it won't install. I did re-set my password and when I click on Install for Mavericks, I still get a box for "administrator password" and it still won't accept my new password. Is there a difference between my Apple ID and the administrator password they're asking for? I never had an administrator password-- I just hit enter and have never had a problem before with previous installations. I'm on an iMac, from 2007, running Mt. Lion (version 10.8.5). I've been looking for other's posts who may be having the same problem, but haven't found any. Can anyone help?

    Ugh. The 'no password, no work' thing is a recent Apple development. I ran into it on my system and ended up having to do a clean install on a partition I fully erased.
    I suppose, if you have the ability to, go online and look up how to burn a bootable DVD image. Download the 10.8.4 image then use the Disk Utility to make a boot image of it. You'll need a dual-layer DVD or a USB drive (or memory stick at least 8GB) If you've got an optical drive, burn the disk, if you've a USB device, use that.
    Then get a pocket drive and copy your important files off the system or let Time Machine do a full backup.
    When the backup is done, insert the disk and hold down the C key until the machine boots off of the DVD. At the point you get to the start window, go to the menu and choose the Disk Utility.
    In the Disk Utility, reformat the drive. You go to the actual DRIVE (not the Macintosh HD, but the root above it that is the actual hard drive device)
    I always do this and *partition* it into several volumes, the benefit being, you can store all of your music, documents and importans stuff on that secondary storage volume you make - it will have it's own index and then the first volume is where you put the OS and it will have it's own index as well. That way, if the OS throws a wobbler and you need to reinstall, you don't lose your data.
    Depending on the size of your hard drive, it is good to give your OS partition at least 60GB and optimally 100GB, and the rest for storage.
    Name your volumes, use the little box sliders to manually size them or put that number in the size window, select for the format, Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and hit Apply and then the Disk Utility will quickly create your new partitions.
    Once finished, quit the Utility and it will return you to the OS installer. Select the volume you want to install to and it should start up and install.
    Once the installation is done, you'll get the new machine startup then you MUST put in a password for the computer. Once you're in, and to the desktop, don't bother with any Mountain Lion updates, go right to the App Store and get the Mavericks update and let it install the app to your Applicaitons folder, then do that install.
    On a side note, there MAY be a way to make a disk image from the Mavericks application and avoid the entire Mountain Lion step.. I honestly do not know, but a bit of hitting the search engines may find out if there is. I think that if you looked for "make Mavericks boot disk or boot image' you may find something.
    Good luck!

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    I want to create an app.  Can you tell me the difference between iOS developer program and the mac developer program?
    Is the difference the device you're creating your app on, or for?

    iOS Developer Program is only for those who wish to develop iDevice apps. Mac program is for those only developing Mac applications. If you wish to do both, then you need to enroll in both programs.

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    Textbooks are educational books for use in schools and universities and the like. They are currently avaiable for purchase only in the USA. Textbooks have different contract clauses applied to them. Among them is an obligation on the publisher to offer textbooks that are sold in electronic form via other distributors in the iBookstore as well. Textbooks also have different (much lower) pricing tiers, and they must be made available via the bulk purchasing program. Textbooks must be authored with IBA (they cannot be ePub). I believe that textbooks also undergo a more stringent review process.
    Normal eBooks (not in the textbook category) can currently be sold in 32 territories (US, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe), and their pricing tiers provide for much higher prices.
    There is no difference in the widgets you can use in normal books and textbooks. The same widget set that is provided by IBA applies to both. In addition, a normal eBook can be published in ePub format and, therefore, authored with software other than IBA.
    Books can contain audio and video and, yes, iBooks Author allows you to create such books.

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    Duplicate posts.  :P
    Go here:  https://supportforums.cisco.com/discussion/12137156/what-are-major-differences-between-access-switch-and-aggregation-switch-wrt

  • What is the major difference between AS 9.02 and AS 9.03, from a portal per

    I am interested to know about the major difference between 9.02 and 9.03 from a portal perspective. What portal features in 9.03 are not in 9.02 and vice versa? Also, are they backward and forward compatible? Or simply backward compatible.

    AS 9.0.3 is only a core version. There is no Portal included. It is only a J2EE version.
    For 9.0.2 there is an upgrade available to Portal which is quite the same version like in AS 10g (9.0.4).
    See PortalStudio -> Support and Upgrade http://portalstudio.oracle.com/servlet/page?_pageid=1787&_dad=ops&_schema=OPSTUDIO

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