What is the latest version of adobe livecycle designer for mac?

Hello Guys,
I am new for Adobe LiveCycle Designer.
Can some one guide me what is the latest version for Mac.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, that short video is demonstrating LC Designer (albeit an earlier version).
The video is showing how to create a dynamic form, where you can add and remove items at runtime and have other dynamic features. Do develop this type of form you will need LC Designer ES2 (current version 9). As I said this runs on Windows, so you would need a virtual machine on the Mac to run Windows.
LC Designer comes with Acrobat X Pro for Windows (Note it does NOT come with Acrobat X Pro for Mac). See http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/matrix.html.
You also need to consider what your users will have to fill in the forms: Acrobat OR Reader. There are some features that will not be available in Reader unless you Reader enable the form. For example users with Reader will not be able to save their data in a form that has not been Reader enabled.
More info on that here: http://assure.ly/gYyYc2
You can also see some short sample forms here, which will give you an idea on some of the dynamic features: http://assure.ly/eEPuCM. All of these were created with LC Designer.
Forms that are created in LC Designer are in accordance with the XFA specification. They are wrapped in a PDF wrapper that allows then to be opened in Acrobat/Reader. However they are not like a standard/native PDF and some standard Acrobat features, like commenting may not be available.
You can also create forms directly in Acrobat, these are called AcroForms. They can be used to collect data, but generally don't have the same level of dynamic behaviour that you saw in the video.
There are plenty of examples on the forums, so I would recommend that you explore these before you make any purchase. There can be a learning curve, depending on whether you have scripted before. 
Hope that helps,

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