What is trade in value for model 9530 blackberry curve?

what is trade in value of model 9530 curve blackberry?

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    Hi Guys.
    What are the best values for "mac address-table aging-time" and "arp timeout" by following scenarios?:
    - single sg300-10 as layer3-switch with a maximum of 10 local (direct connected) hosts
    - and a 3750x-stack with 100 local hosts + hsrp with a other stack of the same sort
    or for asa 5520 as internet gateway for 500 clients?
    I use at the moment a mac aging-time from 300 seconds and a arp timeout from 3600 seconds.
    Is this o.k.?

    As far as enhancing the CLI, it will of course be enhanced when new firmware releases provide new features. As far as making it more IOS-like, best to my knowledge, no.  The only other supported CLI on the SB switches are on the SX500 series and SX200E series which the CLI are all consistent. If you bought a SX500 series the commands are nearly identical minus the different feature sets.
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    What are the possible values for the JOB status in the table TBTCP and significance for each?

    Have a look at include LBTCHDEF.
    The standard include from SAP.
    -> Definitions and Constants for Function group BTCH
    Kind Regards

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    hi ,
    i think the best way is to create java beans ,in that bean call your EJB ,
    and check the validation over there.
    and make that bean scope to session.
    in each and everypage try to check the session ,if it is not valid then forward to your login page...
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    What are required feilds values for creating a sales order using va01?
    Please give examples if possible.

    go through this URL:
    <a href="http://web.mit.edu/cao/www/SB2002/CR/VA01.htm">http://web.mit.edu/cao/www/SB2002/CR/VA01.htm</a>
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  • What is the initial value for a numeric field ??

    Can someone tell me what the INITIAL VALUE FOR A NUMERIC FIELD is ?? Thank you

    Using the following...
       class MyClass
         int myvar1;  // Default initial value
         int myvar2 = 3;  // Default initial value and default value
         MyOtherClass myclass1; // Default initial value
         void doit()
           int mylocal1;  // No value
           MyOtherClass myclass2; // No value
    All number member variables, like myvar1 start off with andefault initial value which is zero. For booleans this is false. Object reference variables, like myclass1, have a null value.
    All local numeric variables are considered undefined. So mylocal1 and myclass2 are undefined. Before you can use them you must explicitly provide a value.
    Finally note that myvar2 will have two values during class instantiation. Initially it will have a value of zero. Sometime later it will have the value of 3. (When that happens is very definitely outside the scope of what this forum covers. If you want to know then ask in the advanced forum.)

  • What are the default values for "default if unwired"?

    How do you know what the default value for an object will be...if using a "use default if unwired" with an event case?
    Is there a listing somewhere of what default values will be?
    Thank you,

    tst wrote:
    Personally, I would highly recommend disabling this on every single tunnel coming out of an event structure (with the possible exception of the tunnel going to the loop's stop terminal). If you use this option, you are almost guaranteed to forget to wire a required value into a tunnel at some point in the future when you add a new case.
    More generally, I think that this option should not be the default for these tunnels. You can see more about this here and I would suggest voting it up if you agree with it - http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Outp​ut-tunnels-from-event-structure-should-default-to-​...
    VERY much agreed!  Disabling the "default if unwired" option makes absolutely certain that you have considered the correct value for every case.
    (Mid-Level minion.)
    My support system ensures that I don't look totally incompetent.
    Proud to say that I've progressed beyond knowing just enough to be dangerous. I now know enough to know that I have no clue about anything at all.

  • How to determine the values for Model Parameters in Forecasting

    Hello Gurus,
          On basis we will determine the values  for the Model Parameter values (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma).

    Dear Siva,
    the values are dependent from the forecast stratey and forecast model.
    The forecast strategy determines the method or the techniques that are used to create the forecast. You set the forecast strategy in the forecast profile.
    There are some settings that you must make for certain forecast strategies. The table below shows you which settings these are. You make these settings either in the univariate forecast profile or under the Model and Parameters tabs of the Forecast view on the demand planning desktop.
    Model initialization is the process by which the system determines the necessary model parameters for the chosen forecast model. These parameters are in following link:
    I hope this helps you further.

  • HT1766 iCracked ipod 4g screen:(  Is there trade in value for a replacement?

    OUT OF WARRANTY iCracked ipod 4g screen. Is there trade in value towards a replacement?  THX!

    Apple will give you a 10% recycling discount if you turn in an old iPod when you purchase a new one.
    Apple - Recycling Program for iPod and Mobile Phones
    Apple will exchange your iPod for a refurbished one for t$199 for 64 GB 4G amnd $99 for the other 4Gs. They do not fix yours.
    Apple - iPod Repair price                       
    A third-party place like the following maybe less. Google for more.
    iPhone Repair, Service & Parts: iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro Screens         
    Replace the screen yourself if you are up to it
    iPod Touch Repair – iFixit                  

  • Bonus Trade-In Values for Games and Consoles

    I saw the bonus values on Saturday but went to trade in my games on Sunday, the bonus offers expired. Does anyone know how often these bonus offers occur? Is it every couple of weeks? The bonus trade in was for 50% extra, the customer service rep said there was also 100% bonus offers but wasnt sure how often they occured. I also tried to sell my xbox 360 and ps3 but she also mentioned there will be a bonus on those as well.

    I can't say how often trade bonuses occur. Sometimes the bonuses could occur for consecutive weeks or have a number of weeks in between occurrences. These bonuses start on Sunday and last for the week til Saturday.
    Since the time until the next trade-in bonus is unknown, it may be possible for the trade-in values to decrease between now and later.
    First, I suggest to sign up for Best Buy's Gamer's Club (the free one) if you haven't already. That way you can get more points towards a reward certificate from video game related trade-ins. 250 points can get you 5 dollars off the subtotal of a purchase.
    Second, here is a disclaimer on how much to expect with bonuses. Do not assume that the base trade-in value you see during a normal week will be the same during a bonus week. MOST games tend to get their base value cut. Most of the time with games that got their value cut, you will get the same or slightly more value during a bonus week than you would a normal week. However, it may not be the same case for members of Gamer's Club Unlocked. Also remember that the points you get for trade-ins are based off the base trade-in value and not the total with bonuses.

  • What are the valid values for CPU in conditional disable structure config?

    After diggin' around for some time (but to no avail)...
    Does somebody know the valid values for the CPU (symbol) in the conditional disable structure configuration or where I can find this information?
    Best regards,

    Not sure but you can try this:
    Adnan Zafar
    Certified LabVIEW Architect
    Coleman Technologies

  • What are the possible values for a check box?

    I'm trying to fill a pdf with a asp.net web form. I'm getting the text boxes filled ok, but I'm having trouble setting the check boxes. I am testing to see if a web form check box is checked. if it is, I tried to set the pdf checkbox value to "on". But this doesn't seem to be right.
    My asp.net code is like:
    If CheckBox1.Checked Then
             af.SetField("pdfbox1", "On")
    End If
    Any suggestions?

    The value is the value entered into the "Export Value" option when the form is created. You can use the Acrobat JavaScript "exportValues" property to get the array of values for the same named check boxes. And if you know the 'widget' of the check box, you can use 'isBoxChecked' method to check if a given 'widget' is checked. More information is contained in the Acrobat JavaScript doucmentation.

  • What are the accepted values for each Maps parameter in the Apple URL Scheme?

    I'm interested in a complete enumerated list of the acceptable VALUES (as in KEY=VALUE) for the URL Scheme defined https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/featuredarticles/iPhoneURLScheme_Referen ce/MapLinks/MapLinks.html
    Obviously some of those parameters have an enumerated list, some are freeform. I'm just interested in the enumerated ones.

    Have a look at include LBTCHDEF.
    The standard include from SAP.
    -> Definitions and Constants for Function group BTCH
    Kind Regards

  • What are the default values for the NetStream.multicast***** properties

    I read the api document about NetStream.multicast**** properties, but found no default values were given. Will the default values be changed when FP10.1 release?? Or, the values are always changing at runtime?
    I have a web-tv application, it broadcast some live videos created by my friends, I think that the latency and lag-time can be bigger in my app, I want to know the recommended default values for the multicast*** properties.
    I think the multicastWindowDuration and liveDelay are the keys. And I am confused between NetStreammulticastWindowDuration and NetStream.bufferTime..they like the same...
    Sorry for my poor english, Thanks.

    the publisher can set the multicast properties you listed to be the defaults for all of the subscribers of the stream.  in addition, the publisher can select whether or not "push" mode is used by changing NetStream.multicastPushNeighborLimit.  setting the limit to 0 disables push, setting it to non-zero enables push in the mesh, but only changes the actual push neighbor limit for the publisher.  if push is enabled for the stream, each peer will use push mode, but will start out with the global default limit (which is currently 4).  this is for safety.  we recommend you always leave push enabled.
    each peer (including the publisher) can change the multicast stream parameters dynamically.  changes are local to that peer.
    for the publisher to set the initial parameters for the stream that all peers will inherit as the default, the parameters must be changed on a new NetStream *before* NetStream.publish() is called.  example:
       var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(netConnection, groupSpecification);
       ns.multicastWindowDuration = 10; // change default for everybody
       ns.multicastWindowDuration = 15; // change window duration just for publisher, everybody else will start with 10 for this stream
    each subscriber can override the multicast stream properties locally, but the overrides must be set on the NetStream *after* receiving a NetStream.MulticastStream.Reset NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS event in order for the override to stick.  overrides must be reapplied each time the NetStream.MulticastStream.Reset event is received.

  • What is the Parameter values for passing a password to open a pdf

    I need help in finding the Parameter values for passing a password to open a pdf(s)? The software is written in Delphi.

    The Copy Protection only protects our Disk from being duplicated and also protects our Software from being copied and used locally.
    As far as the password encryption, that is why I created the Post. I was hoping that the password can be coded in our Software to open the password protect PDF that we create. This option would of gave us the security for when the customer copies the pdf to there local drive they would be required to input the password which they would not have access to.

Maybe you are looking for